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git-mailsplit - Simple UNIX mbox splitter program
'git mailsplit' [-b] [-f<nn>] [-d<prec>] [--keep-cr] [--mboxrd]
-o<directory> [--] [(<mbox>|<Maildir>)...]
Splits a mbox file or a Maildir into a list of files: "0001" "0002" .. in the
specified directory so you can process them further from there.
IMPORTANT: Maildir splitting relies upon filenames being sorted to output
patches in the correct order.
Mbox file to split. If not given, the mbox is read from
the standard input.
Root of the Maildir to split. This directory should contain the cur, tmp
and new subdirectories.
Directory in which to place the individual messages.
If any file doesn't begin with a From line, assume it is a
single mail message instead of signaling error.
Instead of the default 4 digits with leading zeros,
different precision can be specified for the generated
Skip the first <nn> numbers, for example if -f3 is specified,
start the numbering with 0004.
Do not remove `\r` from lines ending with `\r\n`.
Input is of the "mboxrd" format and "^>+From " line escaping is
Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite