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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 974c919d36 date API: add and use a date_mode_release()
Fix a memory leak in the parse_date_format() function by providing a
new date_mode_release() companion function.

By using this in "t/helper/test-date.c" we can mark the
"" test as passing when git is compiled with
SANITIZE=leak, and whitelist it to run under
"TEST_PASSES_SANITIZE_LEAK=true" to the test itself.

The other tests that expose this memory leak (i.e. take the
"mode->type == DATE_STRFTIME" branch in parse_date_format()) are
"" and "". The former is due to an
easily fixed leak in "ref-filter.c", and brings the failures in
"" down from 51 to 48.

Fixing the remaining leaks will have to wait until there's a
release_revisions() in "revision.c", as they have to do with leaks via
"struct rev_info".

There is also a leak in "builtin/blame.c" due to its call to
parse_date_format() to parse the "" configuration. However
as it declares a file-level "static struct date_mode blame_date_mode"
to track the data, LSAN will not report it as a leak. It's possible to
get valgrind(1) to complain about it with e.g.:

    valgrind --leak-check=full --show-leak-kinds=all ./git -P -c blame

But let's focus on things LSAN complains about, and are thus
observable with "TEST_PASSES_SANITIZE_LEAK=true". We should get to
fixing memory leaks in "builtin/blame.c", but as doing so would
require some re-arrangement of cmd_blame() let's leave it for some
other time.

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-16 09:40:00 -08:00
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 2bacb83466 date API: add basic API docs
Add basic API doc comments to date.h, and while doing so move the the
parse_date_format() function adjacent to show_date(). This way all the
"struct date_mode" functions are grouped together. Documenting the
rest is one of our #leftoverbits.

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-16 09:40:00 -08:00
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason f184289832 date API: provide and use a DATE_MODE_INIT
Provide and use a DATE_MODE_INIT macro. Most of the users of struct
date_mode" use it via pretty.h's "struct pretty_print_context" which
doesn't have an initialization macro, so we're still bound to being
initialized to "{ 0 }" by default.

But we can change the couple of callers that directly declared a
variable on the stack to instead use the initializer, and thus do away
with the "mode.local = 0" added in add00ba2de (date: make "local"
orthogonal to date format, 2015-09-03).

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-16 09:40:00 -08:00
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 88c7b4c3c8 date API: create a date.h, split from cache.h
Move the declaration of the date.c functions from cache.h, and adjust
the relevant users to include the new date.h header.

The show_ident_date() function belonged in pretty.h (it's defined in
pretty.c), its two users outside of pretty.c didn't strictly need to
include pretty.h, as they get it indirectly, but let's add it to them

Similarly, the change to "builtin/{fast-import,show-branch,tag}.c"
isn't needed as far as the compiler is concerned, but since they all
use the "DATE_MODE()" macro we now define in date.h, let's have them
include it.

We could simply include this new header in "cache.h", but as this
change shows these functions weren't common enough to warrant
including in it in the first place. By moving them out of cache.h
changes to this API will no longer cause a (mostly) full re-build of
the project when "make" is run.

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-16 09:40:00 -08:00
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason f6c71f81f9 cache.h: remove always unused show_date_human() declaration
There has never been a show_date_human() function on the "master"
branch in git.git. This declaration was added in b841d4ff43 (Add
`human` format to test-tool, 2019-01-28).

A look at the ML history reveals that it was leftover cruft from an
earlier version of that commit[1].


Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-16 09:40:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano b80121027d The third batch
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-11 16:56:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano acd920a0ee Merge branch 'sy/diff-usage-typofix'

* sy/diff-usage-typofix:
  builtin/diff.c: fix "git-diff" usage string typo
2022-02-11 16:56:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano c73d46b3a8 Merge branch 'tg/fetch-prune-exit-code-fix'
When "git fetch --prune" failed to prune the refs it wanted to
prune, the command issued error messages but exited with exit
status 0, which has been corrected.

* tg/fetch-prune-exit-code-fix:
  fetch --prune: exit with error if pruning fails
2022-02-11 16:56:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 9210a00d65 Merge branch 'en/sparse-checkout-leakfix'

* en/sparse-checkout-leakfix:
  sparse-checkout: fix a couple minor memory leaks
2022-02-11 16:56:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano b855f5045e Merge branch 'rc/negotiate-only-typofix'

* rc/negotiate-only-typofix:
  fetch: fix negotiate-only error message
2022-02-11 16:55:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 83760938bd Merge branch 'jc/doc-log-messages'
Update the contributor-facing documents on proposed log messages.

* jc/doc-log-messages:
  SubmittingPatches: explain why we care about log messages
  CodingGuidelines: hint why we value clearly written log messages
  SubmittingPatches: write problem statement in the log in the present tense
2022-02-11 16:55:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 03bdcfcc78 Merge branch 'ab/no-errno-from-resolve-ref-unsafe'
Remaining code-clean-up.

* ab/no-errno-from-resolve-ref-unsafe:
  refs API: remove "failure_errno" from refs_resolve_ref_unsafe()
  sequencer: don't use die_errno() on refs_resolve_ref_unsafe() failure
2022-02-11 16:55:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano c46452eb98 Merge branch 'gh/doc-typos'

* gh/doc-typos:
  Documentation/config/pgp.txt: add missing apostrophe
  Documentation/config/pgp.txt: replace stray <TAB> character with <SPC>
2022-02-11 16:55:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano e66e9906e6 Merge branch 'rs/parse-options-lithelp-help'
Comment update.

* rs/parse-options-lithelp-help:
  parse-options: document bracketing of argh
2022-02-11 16:55:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano d073bdc6a0 Merge branch 'bc/csprng-mktemps'
Pick a better random number generator and use it when we prepare
temporary filenames.

* bc/csprng-mktemps:
  wrapper: use a CSPRNG to generate random file names
  wrapper: add a helper to generate numbers from a CSPRNG
2022-02-11 16:55:57 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 8db2f665e1 Merge branch 'bc/clarify-eol-attr'
Doc and test update around the eol attribute.

* bc/clarify-eol-attr:
  docs: correct documentation about eol attribute
  t0027: add tests for eol without text in .gitattributes
2022-02-11 16:55:57 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 2b9c120970 The second batch for 2.36
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-09 14:21:18 -08:00
Junio C Hamano c7a42644b0 Merge branch 'jc/mem-pool-alignment'
Update the logic to compute alignment requirement for our mem-pool.

* jc/mem-pool-alignment:
  mem-pool: don't assume uintmax_t is aligned enough for all types
2022-02-09 14:21:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 1b82b936e3 Merge branch 'js/sparse-vs-split-index'
Mark in various places in the code that the sparse index and the
split index features are mutually incompatible.

* js/sparse-vs-split-index:
  split-index: it really is incompatible with the sparse index
  t1091: disable split index
  sparse-index: sparse index is disallowed when split index is active
2022-02-09 14:21:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano d991df4bf6 Merge branch 'jt/clone-not-quite-empty'
Cloning from a repository that does not yet have any branches or
tags but has other refs resulted in a "remote transport reported
error", which has been corrected.

* jt/clone-not-quite-empty:
  clone: support unusual remote ref configurations
2022-02-09 14:21:01 -08:00
Junio C Hamano bb754fe0b8 Merge branch 'jt/sparse-checkout-leading-dir-fix'
"git sparse-checkout init" failed to write into $GIT_DIR/info
directory when the repository was created without one, which has
been corrected to auto-create it.

* jt/sparse-checkout-leading-dir-fix:
  sparse-checkout: create leading directory
2022-02-09 14:21:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano c70b5e7187 Merge branch 'en/plug-leaks-in-merge'

* en/plug-leaks-in-merge:
  merge: fix memory leaks in cmd_merge()
  merge-ort: fix memory leak in merge_ort_internal()
2022-02-09 14:21:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano c70bc338e9 Merge branch 'ab/config-based-hooks-2'
More "config-based hooks".

* ab/config-based-hooks-2:
  run-command: remove old run_hook_{le,ve}() hook API
  receive-pack: convert push-to-checkout hook to hook.h
  read-cache: convert post-index-change to use hook.h
  commit: convert {pre-commit,prepare-commit-msg} hook to hook.h
  git-p4: use 'git hook' to run hooks
  send-email: use 'git hook run' for 'sendemail-validate'
  git hook run: add an --ignore-missing flag
  hooks: convert worktree 'post-checkout' hook to hook library
  hooks: convert non-worktree 'post-checkout' hook to hook library
  merge: convert post-merge to use hook.h
  am: convert applypatch-msg to use hook.h
  rebase: convert pre-rebase to use hook.h
  hook API: add a run_hooks_l() wrapper
  am: convert {pre,post}-applypatch to use hook.h
  gc: use hook library for pre-auto-gc hook
  hook API: add a run_hooks() wrapper
  hook: add 'run' subcommand
2022-02-09 14:21:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano bd75856ef7 Merge branch 'fs/ssh-signing-crlf'
The code path that verifies signatures made with ssh were made to
work better on a system with CRLF line endings.

* fs/ssh-signing-crlf:
  gpg-interface: trim CR from ssh-keygen
2022-02-09 14:21:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano d9976b1845 Merge branch 'jc/name-rev-stdin'
"git name-rev --stdin" does not behave like usual "--stdin" at
all.  Start the process of renaming it to "--annotate-stdin".

* jc/name-rev-stdin:
  name-rev.c: use strbuf_getline instead of limited size buffer
  name-rev: deprecate --stdin in favor of --annotate-stdin
2022-02-09 14:21:00 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 472a219f8d Merge branch 'gc/fetch-negotiate-only-early-return'
"git fetch --negotiate-only" is an internal command used by "git
push" to figure out which part of our history is missing from the
other side.  It should never recurse into submodules even when
fetch.recursesubmodules configuration variable is set, nor it
should trigger "gc".  The code has been tightened up to ensure it
only does common ancestry discovery and nothing else.

* gc/fetch-negotiate-only-early-return:
  fetch: help translators by reusing the same message template
  fetch --negotiate-only: do not update submodules
  fetch: skip tasks related to fetching objects
  fetch: use goto cleanup in cmd_fetch()
2022-02-09 14:20:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano ec4f70e647 Merge branch 'pw/add-p-hunk-split-fix'
"git add -p" rewritten in C regressed hunk splitting in some cases,
which has been corrected.

* pw/add-p-hunk-split-fix:
  builtin add -p: fix hunk splitting
  t3701: clean up hunk splitting tests
2022-02-09 14:20:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano e704a4486e Merge branch 'tl/doc-cli-options-first'
We explain that revs come first before the pathspec among command
line arguments, but did not spell out that dashed options come
before other args, which has been corrected.

* tl/doc-cli-options-first:
  git-cli.txt: clarify "options first and then args"
2022-02-09 14:20:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 2981dbea78 Merge branch 'po/readme-mention-contributor-hints'
Doc update.

* po/readme-mention-contributor-hints: add CodingGuidelines and a link for Translators
2022-02-09 14:20:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 13ce8f9f14 Merge branch 'jt/conditional-config-on-remote-url'
The conditional inclusion mechanism of configuration files using
"[includeIf <condition>]" learns to base its decision on the
URL of the remote repository the repository interacts with.

* jt/conditional-config-on-remote-url:
  config: include file if remote URL matches a glob
  config: make git_config_include() static
2022-02-09 14:20:59 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 87bfbd52e2 Merge branch 'en/merge-ort-restart-optim-fix'
The merge-ort misbehaved when merge.renameLimit configuration is
set too low and failed to find all renames.

* en/merge-ort-restart-optim-fix:
  merge-ort: avoid assuming all renames detected
2022-02-09 14:20:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano e1c192d387 Merge branch 'js/test-unset-trace2-parents'
Avoid tests that are run under GIT_TRACE2 set from failing

* js/test-unset-trace2-parents:
  test-lib: unset trace2 parent envvars
2022-02-09 14:20:58 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 38062e73e0 The first batch
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-05 09:43:36 -08:00
Junio C Hamano ee52b35e50 Merge branch 'ms/update-index-racy'
"git update-index --refresh" has been taught to deal better with
racy timestamps (just like "git status" already does).

* ms/update-index-racy:
  update-index: refresh should rewrite index in case of racy timestamps
  t7508: add tests capturing racy timestamp handling
  t7508: fix bogus mtime verification
  test-lib: introduce API for verifying file mtime
2022-02-05 09:42:32 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 1b4d9b4512 Merge branch 'jc/reflog-parse-options'
Use the parse-options API in "git reflog" command.

* jc/reflog-parse-options:
  builtin/reflog.c: use parse-options api for expire, delete subcommands
2022-02-05 09:42:32 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 008028a910 Merge branch 'ab/cat-file'
Assorted updates to "git cat-file", especially "-h".

* ab/cat-file:
  cat-file: s/_/-/ in typo'd usage_msg_optf() message
  cat-file: don't whitespace-pad "(...)" in SYNOPSIS and usage output
  cat-file: use GET_OID_ONLY_TO_DIE in --(textconv|filters)
  object-name.c: don't have GET_OID_ONLY_TO_DIE imply *_QUIETLY
  cat-file: correct and improve usage information
  cat-file: fix remaining usage bugs
  cat-file: make --batch-all-objects a CMDMODE
  cat-file: move "usage" variable to cmd_cat_file()
  cat-file docs: fix SYNOPSIS and "-h" output
  parse-options API: add a usage_msg_optf()
  cat-file tests: test messaging on bad objects/paths
  cat-file tests: test bad usage
2022-02-05 09:42:31 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 66775d2109 Merge branch 'jc/qsort-s-alignment-fix'
Fix a hand-rolled alloca() imitation that may have violated
alignment requirement of data being sorted in compatibility
implementation of qsort_s() and stable qsort().

* jc/qsort-s-alignment-fix:
  stable-qsort: avoid using potentially unaligned access
  compat/qsort_s.c: avoid using potentially unaligned access
2022-02-05 09:42:31 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 4bb003d539 Merge branch 'rs/apply-symlinks-use-strset'
"git apply" (ab)used the util pointer of the string-list to keep
track of how each symbolic link needs to be handled, which has been
simplified by using strset.

* rs/apply-symlinks-use-strset:
  apply: use strsets to track symlinks
2022-02-05 09:42:30 -08:00
Junio C Hamano d0bb19cbf7 Merge branch 'rs/grep-expr-cleanup'
Code clean-up.

* rs/grep-expr-cleanup:
  grep: use grep_and_expr() in compile_pattern_and()
  grep: extract grep_binexp() from grep_or_expr()
  grep: use grep_not_expr() in compile_pattern_not()
  grep: use grep_or_expr() in compile_pattern_or()
2022-02-05 09:42:30 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 391d85d78d Merge branch 'jh/p4-spawning-external-commands-cleanup'
* jh/p4-spawning-external-commands-cleanup:
  git-p4: don't print shell commands as python lists
  git-p4: pass command arguments as lists instead of using shell
  git-p4: don't select shell mode using the type of the command argument
2022-02-05 09:42:30 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 8b9c425629 Merge branch 'jh/p4-fix-use-of-process-error-exception'
* jh/p4-fix-use-of-process-error-exception:
  git-p4: fix instantiation of CalledProcessError
2022-02-05 09:42:29 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 492261a6de Merge branch 'jc/find-header'
Code clean-up.

* jc/find-header:
  receive-pack.c: consolidate find header logic
2022-02-05 09:42:29 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 7a9ae6d0d9 Merge branch 'pb/pull-rebase-autostash-fix'
"git pull --rebase" ignored the rebase.autostash configuration
variable when the remote history is a descendant of our history,
which has been corrected.

* pb/pull-rebase-autostash-fix:
  pull --rebase: honor rebase.autostash when fast-forwarding
2022-02-05 09:42:28 -08:00
Shaoxuan Yuan 74f3390dde builtin/diff.c: fix "git-diff" usage string typo
Remove mistaken right square brackets from "git-diff"
usage string. Make the usage string conform to "git-diff"
documentation (Documentation/git-diff.txt).

Signed-off-by: Shaoxuan Yuan <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-02-02 11:30:53 -08:00
Thomas Gummerer c9e04d905e fetch --prune: exit with error if pruning fails
When pruning refs fails, we print an error to stderr, but still
exit 0 from 'git fetch'.  Since this is a genuine error, fetch
should be exiting with some non-zero exit code.  Make it so.

The --prune option was introduced in f360d844de ("builtin-fetch: add
--prune option", 2009-11-10).  Unfortunately it's unclear from that
commit whether ignoring the exit code was an oversight or
intentional, but it feels like an oversight.

Helped-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: Thomas Gummerer <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-01-31 11:18:37 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 5d01301f2b Git 2.35.1

Sync with Git 2.35.1
2022-01-28 16:58:04 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 90fb70e458 Name the next one 2.36 to prepare for 2.35.1
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-01-28 16:57:10 -08:00
Junio C Hamano 4c53a8c20f Git 2.35.1
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-01-28 16:48:42 -08:00
Junio C Hamano f120b65cd4 Merge branch 'en/keep-cwd' into maint
Fix a regression in 2.35 that roke the use of "rebase" and "stash"
in a secondary worktree.

* en/keep-cwd:
  sequencer, stash: fix running from worktree subdir
2022-01-28 16:45:52 -08:00
Robert Coup 2826ffad8c fetch: fix negotiate-only error message
The error message when invoking a negotiate-only fetch without providing
any tips incorrectly refers to a --negotiate-tip=* argument. Fix this to
use the actual argument, --negotiation-tip=*.

Signed-off-by: Robert Coup <>
Reviewed-by: Jonathan Tan <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2022-01-28 15:02:04 -08:00