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René Scharfe 8bcda98da5 oidtree: avoid unaligned access to crit-bit tree
The flexible array member "k" of struct cb_node is used to store the key
of the crit-bit tree node.  It offers no alignment guarantees -- in fact
the current struct layout puts it one byte after a 4-byte aligned
address, i.e. guaranteed to be misaligned.

oidtree uses a struct object_id as cb_node key.  Since cf0983213c (hash:
add an algo member to struct object_id, 2021-04-26) it requires 4-byte
alignment.  The mismatch is reported by UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer at
runtime like this:

hash.h:277:2: runtime error: member access within misaligned address 0x00015000802d for type 'struct object_id', which requires 4 byte alignment
0x00015000802d: note: pointer points here
 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  00
SUMMARY: UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer: undefined-behavior hash.h:277:2 in

We can fix that by:

1. eliminating the alignment requirement of struct object_id,
2. providing the alignment in struct cb_node, or
3. avoiding the issue by only using memcpy to access "k".

Currently we only store one of two values in "algo" in struct object_id.
We could use a uint8_t for that instead and widen it only once we add
support for our twohundredth algorithm or so.  That would not only avoid
alignment issues, but also reduce the memory requirements for each
instance of struct object_id by ca. 9%.

Supporting keys with alignment requirements might be useful to spread
the use of crit-bit trees.  It can be achieved by using a wider type for
"k" (e.g. uintmax_t), using different types for the members "byte" and
"otherbits" (e.g. uint16_t or uint32_t for each), or by avoiding the use
of flexible arrays like khash.h does.

This patch implements the third option, though, because it has the least
potential for causing side-effects and we're close to the next release.
If one of the other options is implemented later as well to get their
additional benefits we can get rid of the extra copies introduced here.

Reported-by: Andrzej Hunt <>
Signed-off-by: René Scharfe <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-15 13:13:50 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 5d213e46bb Git 2.33-rc2
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-11 12:36:18 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 4c90d8908a Merge branch 'jn/log-m-does-not-imply-p'
Earlier "git log -m" was changed to always produce patch output,
which would break existing scripts, which has been reverted.

* jn/log-m-does-not-imply-p:
  Revert 'diff-merges: let "-m" imply "-p"'
2021-08-11 12:36:18 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 7cfaa86fe6 Merge branch 'cb/many-alternate-optim-fixup'
Build fix.

* cb/many-alternate-optim-fixup:
  object-file: use unsigned arithmetic with bit mask
  object-store: avoid extra ';' from KHASH_INIT
  oidtree: avoid nested struct oidtree_node
2021-08-11 12:36:17 -07:00
René Scharfe 581a3bb155 object-file: use unsigned arithmetic with bit mask
33f379eee6 (make object_directory.loose_objects_subdir_seen a bitmap,
2021-07-07) replaced a wasteful 256-byte array with a 32-byte array
and bit operations.  The mask calculation shifts a literal 1 of type
int left by anything between 0 and 31.  UndefinedBehaviorSanitizer
doesn't like that and reports:

object-file.c:2477:18: runtime error: left shift of 1 by 31 places cannot be represented in type 'int'

Make sure to use an unsigned 1 instead to avoid the issue.

Signed-off-by: René Scharfe <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-11 10:19:56 -07:00
Jonathan Nieder 6a38e33331 Revert 'diff-merges: let "-m" imply "-p"'
This reverts commit f5bfcc823b, which
made "git log -m" imply "--patch" by default.  The logic was that
"-m", which makes diff generation for merges perform a diff against
each parent, has no use unless I am viewing the diff, so we could save
the user some typing by turning on display of the resulting diff
automatically.  That wasn't expected to adversely affect scripts
because scripts would either be using a command like "git diff-tree"
that already emits diffs by default or would be combining -m with a
diff generation option such as --name-status.  By saving typing for
interactive use without adversely affecting scripts in the wild, it
would be a pure improvement.

The problem is that although diff generation options are only relevant
for the displayed diff, a script author can imagine them affecting
path limiting.  For example, I might run

	git log -w --format=%H -- README

hoping to list commits that edited README, excluding whitespace-only
changes.  In fact, a whitespace-only change is not TREESAME so the use
of -w here has no effect (since we don't apply these diff generation
flags to the diff_options struct rev_info::pruning used for this
purpose), but the documentation suggests that it should work

	Suppose you specified foo as the <paths>. We shall call
	commits that modify foo !TREESAME, and the rest TREESAME. (In
	a diff filtered for foo, they look different and equal,

and a script author who has not tested whitespace-only changes
wouldn't notice.

Similarly, a script author could include

	git log -m --first-parent --format=%H -- README

to filter the first-parent history for commits that modified README.
The -m is a no-op but it reflects the script author's intent.  For
example, until 1e20a407fe (stash list: stop passing "-m" to "git
log", 2021-05-21), "git stash list" did this.

As a result, we can't safely change "-m" to imply "-p" without fear of
breaking such scripts.  Restore the previous behavior.

Noticed because Rust's src/bootstrap/ made use of this
same construct:  That
script has been updated to omit the unnecessary "-m" option, but we
can expect other scripts in the wild to have similar expectations.

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-09 13:52:01 -07:00
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón dd3c8a72a2 object-store: avoid extra ';' from KHASH_INIT
cf2dc1c238 (speed up alt_odb_usable() with many alternates, 2021-07-07)
introduces a KHASH_INIT invocation with a trailing ';', which while
commonly expected will trigger warnings with pedantic on both
clang[-Wextra-semi] and gcc[-Wpedantic], because that macro has already
a semicolon and is meant to be invoked without one.

while fixing the macro would be a worthy solution (specially considering
this is a common recurring problem), remove the extra ';' for now to
minimize churn.

Signed-off-by: Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-09 09:01:30 -07:00
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón 14825944d7 oidtree: avoid nested struct oidtree_node
92d8ed8ac1 (oidtree: a crit-bit tree for odb_loose_cache, 2021-07-07)
adds a struct oidtree_node that contains only an n field with a
struct cb_node.

unfortunately, while building in pedantic mode witch clang 12 (as well
as a similar error from gcc 11) it will show:

  oidtree.c:11:17: error: 'n' may not be nested in a struct due to flexible array member [-Werror,-Wflexible-array-extensions]
          struct cb_node n;

because of a constrain coded in ISO C 11¶3 that forbids using
structs that contain a flexible array as part of another struct.

use a strict cb_node directly instead.

Signed-off-by: Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-09 09:01:30 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 2d755dfac9 Git 2.33-rc1
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-06 12:53:06 -07:00
Junio C Hamano aa7d2fe355 Merge branch 'cb/t7508-regexp-fix'
* cb/t7508-regexp-fix:
  t7508: avoid non POSIX BRE
2021-08-06 12:52:22 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 55194925e6 Merge branch 'ab/pickaxe-pcre2'
* ab/pickaxe-pcre2:
  diff: --pickaxe-all typofix
2021-08-06 12:52:15 -07:00
Junio C Hamano c87977a0c5 Merge branch 'fc/disable-checkwinsize'
* fc/disable-checkwinsize:
  test: fix for COLUMNS and bash 5
2021-08-06 12:50:26 -07:00
Felipe Contreras 390b44eb2b test: fix for COLUMNS and bash 5
Since c49a177bec ( set COLUMNS=80 for --verbose
repeatability, 2021-06-29) multiple tests have been failing when using
bash 5 because checkwinsize is enabled by default, therefore COLUMNS is
reset using TIOCGWINSZ even for non-interactive shells.

It's debatable whether or not bash should even be doing that, but for
now we can avoid this undesirable behavior by disabling this option.

Reported-by: Fabian Stelzer <>
Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>
[jc: with SZEDER Gábor's suggestion to do this before setting COLUMNS]
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-06 09:59:55 -07:00
Junio C Hamano e5a14ddd2d The eighth batch
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-04 13:28:56 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 099a64aa39 Merge branch 'tb/mingw-rmdir-symlink-to-directory'
Windows rmdir() equivalent behaves differently from POSIX ones in
that when used on a symbolic link that points at a directory, the
target directory gets removed, which has been corrected.

* tb/mingw-rmdir-symlink-to-directory:
  mingw: align symlinks-related rmdir() behavior with Linux
2021-08-04 13:28:56 -07:00
Junio C Hamano dfbbe8bd49 Merge branch 'ar/doc-markup-fix'
Doc mark-up fix.

* ar/doc-markup-fix:
  Documentation: render special characters correctly
2021-08-04 13:28:55 -07:00
Junio C Hamano fea3738ac5 Merge branch 'ab/getcwd-test'
Portability test update.

* ab/getcwd-test:
  t0001: fix broken not-quite getcwd(3) test in bed67874e2
2021-08-04 13:28:55 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 4dc964691f Merge branch 'rs/use-fspathhash'
Code simplification.

* rs/use-fspathhash:
  use fspathhash() everywhere
2021-08-04 13:28:54 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 5fef3b15db Merge branch 'pb/merge-autostash-more'
The local changes stashed by "git merge --autostash" were lost when
the merge failed in certain ways, which has been corrected.

* pb/merge-autostash-more:
  merge: apply autostash if merge strategy fails
  merge: apply autostash if fast-forward fails
  Documentation: define 'MERGE_AUTOSTASH'
  merge: add missing word "strategy" to a message
2021-08-04 13:28:54 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 1a6fb019d6 Merge branch 'en/ort-perf-batch-14'
Further optimization on "merge -sort" backend.

* en/ort-perf-batch-14:
  merge-ort: restart merge with cached renames to reduce process entry cost
  merge-ort: avoid recursing into directories when we don't need to
  merge-ort: defer recursing into directories when merge base is matched
  merge-ort: add a handle_deferred_entries() helper function
  merge-ort: add data structures for allowable trivial directory resolves
  merge-ort: add some more explanations in collect_merge_info_callback()
  merge-ort: resolve paths early when we have sufficient information
2021-08-04 13:28:54 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 506d2a354a Merge branch 'ds/commit-and-checkout-with-sparse-index'
"git checkout" and "git commit" learn to work without unnecessarily
expanding sparse indexes.

* ds/commit-and-checkout-with-sparse-index:
  unpack-trees: resolve sparse-directory/file conflicts
  t1092: document bad 'git checkout' behavior
  checkout: stop expanding sparse indexes
  sparse-index: recompute cache-tree
  commit: integrate with sparse-index
  p2000: compress repo names
  p2000: add 'git checkout -' test and decrease depth
2021-08-04 13:28:53 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 58705b4903 Merge branch 'ab/update-submitting-patches'
Reorganize and update the SubmitingPatches document.

* ab/update-submitting-patches:
  SubmittingPatches: replace discussion of Travis with GitHub Actions
  SubmittingPatches: move discussion of Signed-off-by above "send"
2021-08-04 13:28:53 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 31f9acf9ce Merge branch 'ah/plugleaks'
Leak plugging.

* ah/plugleaks:
  reset: clear_unpack_trees_porcelain to plug leak
  builtin/rebase: fix options.strategy memory lifecycle
  builtin/merge: free found_ref when done
  builtin/mv: free or UNLEAK multiple pointers at end of cmd_mv
  convert: release strbuf to avoid leak
  read-cache: call diff_setup_done to avoid leak
  ref-filter: also free head for ATOM_HEAD to avoid leak
  diffcore-rename: move old_dir/new_dir definition to plug leak
  builtin/for-each-repo: remove unnecessary argv copy to plug leak
  builtin/submodule--helper: release unused strbuf to avoid leak
  environment: move strbuf into block to plug leak
  fmt-merge-msg: free newly allocated temporary strings when done
2021-08-04 13:28:52 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 10f57e0eb9 Merge branch 'ar/submodule-add'
Rewrite of "git submodule" in C continues.

* ar/submodule-add:
  submodule: drop unused sm_name parameter from show_fetch_remotes()
  submodule--helper: introduce add-clone subcommand
  submodule--helper: refactor module_clone()
  submodule: prefix die messages with 'fatal'
  t7400: test failure to add submodule in tracked path
2021-08-04 13:28:52 -07:00
Bagas Sanjaya 11c649b891 diff: --pickaxe-all typofix
When I was fixing fuzzies as I updating po/id.po for 2.33.0 l10n round,
I noticed a triple-dash typo (--pickaxe-all) at diff.c, which according
to git-diff(1) manpage, the correct option name should be --pickaxe-all.

Fix the typo.

Signed-off-by: Bagas Sanjaya <>
Acked-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-04 10:34:47 -07:00
Thomas Bétous 3e7d4888e5 mingw: align symlinks-related rmdir() behavior with Linux
When performing a rebase, rmdir() is called on the folder .git/logs. On
Unix rmdir() exits without deleting anything in case .git/logs is a
symbolic link but the equivalent functions on Windows (_rmdir, _wrmdir
and RemoveDirectoryW) do not behave the same and remove the folder if it
is symlinked even if it is not empty.

This creates issues when folders in .git/ are symlinks which is
especially the case when git-repo[1] is used: It replaces `.git/logs/`
with a symlink.

One such issue is that the _target_ of that symlink is removed e.g.
during a `git rebase`, where `delete_reflog("REBASE_HEAD")` will not
only try to remove `.git/logs/REBASE_HEAD` but then recursively try to
remove the parent directories until an error occurs, a technique that
obviously relies on `rmdir()` refusing to remove a symlink.

This was reported in

This commit updates mingw_rmdir() so that its behavior is the same as
Linux rmdir() in case of symbolic links.

To verify that Git does not regress on the reported issue, this patch
adds a regression test for the `git rebase` symptom, even if the same
`rmdir()` behavior is quite likely to cause potential problems in other
Git commands as well.

[1]: git-repo is a python tool built on top of Git which helps manage
many Git repositories. It stores all the .git/ folders in a central
place by taking advantage of symbolic links.
More information:

Signed-off-by: Thomas Bétous <>
Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-02 15:10:58 -07:00
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón 4da8b2fcd4 t7508: avoid non POSIX BRE
24c30e0b6 (wt-status: tolerate dangling marks, 2020-09-01) adds a test
that uses a BRE which breaks at least with OpenBSD's grep.

switch to an ERE as it is done for similar checks and while at it, remove
the now obsolete test_i18ngrep call.

Signed-off-by: Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-02 15:05:23 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 66262451ec Git 2.33-rc0
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-08-02 14:06:43 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 9bcdaab13e Merge branch 'jk/check-pack-valid-before-opening-bitmap'
A race between repacking and using pack bitmaps has been corrected.

* jk/check-pack-valid-before-opening-bitmap:
  pack-bitmap: check pack validity when opening bitmap
2021-08-02 14:06:43 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 8230107f33 Merge branch 'jt/bulk-prefetch'
"git read-tree" had a codepath where blobs are fetched one-by-one
from the promisor remote, which has been corrected to fetch in bulk.

* jt/bulk-prefetch:
  cache-tree: prefetch in partial clone read-tree
  unpack-trees: refactor prefetching code
2021-08-02 14:06:42 -07:00
Junio C Hamano e9fe413fc2 Merge branch 'fc/pull-no-rebase-merges-theirs-into-ours'
Documentation fix for "git pull --rebase=no".

* fc/pull-no-rebase-merges-theirs-into-ours:
  doc: pull: fix rebase=false documentation
2021-08-02 14:06:42 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 107687b5af Merge branch 'ab/bundle-tests'
"git bundle" gained more test coverage.

* ab/bundle-tests:
  bundle tests: use test_cmp instead of grep
  bundle tests: use ">file" not ": >file"
2021-08-02 14:06:41 -07:00
Junio C Hamano e163f73b7b Merge branch 'ps/perf-with-separate-output-directory'
Test update.

* ps/perf-with-separate-output-directory:
  perf: fix when running with TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY
2021-08-02 14:06:41 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 8a49dfacd6 Merge branch 'js/ci-check-whitespace-updates'
CI update.

* js/ci-check-whitespace-updates:
  ci(check-whitespace): restrict to the intended commits
  ci(check-whitespace): stop requiring a read/write token
2021-08-02 14:06:40 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 5a9b455146 Merge branch 'jk/config-env-doc'
Documentation around GIT_CONFIG has been updated.

* jk/config-env-doc:
  doc/git-config: simplify "override" advice for FILES section
  doc/git-config: clarify GIT_CONFIG environment variable
  doc/git-config: explain --file instead of referring to GIT_CONFIG
2021-08-02 14:06:40 -07:00
Junio C Hamano c01881845c Merge branch 'pb/submodule-recurse-doc'
Doc update.

* pb/submodule-recurse-doc:
  doc: clarify description of 'submodule.recurse'
2021-08-02 14:06:39 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 9556aadd63 Merge branch 'tb/bitmap-type-filter-comment-fix'
In-code comment update.

* tb/bitmap-type-filter-comment-fix:
  pack-bitmap: clarify comment in filter_bitmap_exclude_type()
2021-08-02 14:06:38 -07:00
René Scharfe 7431842325 use fspathhash() everywhere
cf2dc1c238 (speed up alt_odb_usable() with many alternates, 2021-07-07)
introduced the function fspathhash() for calculating path hashes while
respecting the configuration option core.ignorecase.  Call it instead of
open-coding it; the resulting code is shorter and less repetitive.

Signed-off-by: René Scharfe <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-07-30 12:14:27 -07:00
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 482e1488a9 t0001: fix broken not-quite getcwd(3) test in bed67874e2
With a54e938e5b (strbuf: support long paths w/o read rights in
strbuf_getcwd() on FreeBSD, 2017-03-26) we had t0001 break on systems
like OpenBSD and AIX whose getcwd(3) has standard (but not like glibc
et al) behavior.

This was partially fixed in bed67874e2 (t0001: skip test with
restrictive permissions if getpwd(3) respects them, 2017-08-07).

The problem with that fix is that while its analysis of the problem is
correct, it doesn't actually call getcwd(3), instead it invokes "pwd
-P". There is no guarantee that "pwd -P" is going to call getcwd(3),
as opposed to e.g. being a shell built-in.

On AIX under both bash and ksh this test breaks because "pwd -P" will
happily display the current working directory, but getcwd(3) called by
the "git init" we're testing here will fail to get it.

I checked whether clobbering the $PWD environment variable would
affect it, and it didn't. Presumably these shells keep track of their
working directory internally.

There's possible follow-up work here in teaching strbuf_getcwd() to
get the working directory with whatever method "pwd" uses on these
platforms. See [1] for a discussion of that, but let's take the easy
way out here and just skip these tests by fixing the
GETCWD_IGNORES_PERMS prerequisite to match the limitations of


Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-07-30 10:18:27 -07:00
Andrei Rybak f0b922473e Documentation: render special characters correctly
Three hyphens are rendered verbatim, so "--" has to be used to produce a
dash.  There is no double arrow ("<->" is rendered as "<→"), so a left
and right arrow "<-->" have to be combined for that.

So fix asciidoc output for special characters.  This is similar to fixes
in commit de82095a95 (doc hash-function-transition: fix asciidoc output,

Signed-off-by: Andrei Rybak <>
Acked-by: Jeff King <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-07-30 09:08:12 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 940fe202ad The seventh batch
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
2021-07-28 13:18:05 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 1d07640b65 Merge branch 'ps/t0000-output-directory-fix'
"TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=there make test" failed to work, which has
been corrected.

* ps/t0000-output-directory-fix:
  t0000: fix test if run with TEST_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY
2021-07-28 13:18:05 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 7f554a4f69 Merge branch 'tb/reverse-midx'
The code that gives an error message in "git multi-pack-index" when
no subcommand is given tried to print a NULL pointer as a strong,
which has been corrected.

* tb/reverse-midx:
  multi-pack-index: fix potential segfault without sub-command
2021-07-28 13:18:04 -07:00
Junio C Hamano aaf113ed95 Merge branch 'hn/refs-debug-empty-prefix'
Debugging aid.

* hn/refs-debug-empty-prefix:
  refs/debug: quote prefix
2021-07-28 13:18:04 -07:00
Junio C Hamano fa8b225d86 Merge branch 'pb/dont-complete-aliased-options'
The completion support used to offer alternate spelling of options
that exist only for compatibility, which has been corrected.

* pb/dont-complete-aliased-options:
  parse-options: don't complete option aliases by default
2021-07-28 13:18:03 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 268055bfde Merge branch 'en/rename-limits-doc'
Documentation on "git diff -l<n>" and diff.renameLimit have been
updated, and the defaults for these limits have been raised.

* en/rename-limits-doc:
  rename: bump limit defaults yet again
  diffcore-rename: treat a rename_limit of 0 as unlimited
  doc: clarify documentation for rename/copy limits
  diff: correct warning message when renameLimit exceeded
2021-07-28 13:18:03 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 546adc4950 Merge branch 'ds/gender-neutral-doc-guidelines'
A guideline for gender neutral documentation has been added.

* ds/gender-neutral-doc-guidelines:
  CodingGuidelines: recommend gender-neutral description
2021-07-28 13:18:02 -07:00
Junio C Hamano b271a3034f Merge branch 'ds/status-with-sparse-index'
"git status" codepath learned to work with sparsely populated index
without hydrating it fully.

* ds/status-with-sparse-index:
  t1092: document bad sparse-checkout behavior
  fsmonitor: integrate with sparse index
  wt-status: expand added sparse directory entries
  status: use sparse-index throughout
  status: skip sparse-checkout percentage with sparse-index
  diff-lib: handle index diffs with sparse dirs
  dir.c: accept a directory as part of cone-mode patterns
  unpack-trees: unpack sparse directory entries
  unpack-trees: rename unpack_nondirectories()
  unpack-trees: compare sparse directories correctly
  unpack-trees: preserve cache_bottom
  t1092: add tests for status/add and sparse files
  t1092: expand repository data shape
  t1092: replace incorrect 'echo' with 'cat'
  sparse-index: include EXTENDED flag when expanding
  sparse-index: skip indexes with unmerged entries
2021-07-28 13:18:02 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 6d56fb28fb Merge branch 'js/ci-make-sparse'
The CI gained a new job to run "make sparse" check.

* js/ci-make-sparse:
  ci/install-dependencies: handle "sparse" job package installs
  ci: run "apt-get update" before "apt-get install"
  ci: run `make sparse` as part of the GitHub workflow
2021-07-28 13:18:01 -07:00
Junio C Hamano 5bae927222 Merge branch 'ab/pkt-line-tests'
Tests that cover protocol bits have been updated and helpers
used there have been consolidated.

* ab/pkt-line-tests:
  test-lib-functions: use test-tool for [de]packetize()
2021-07-28 13:18:00 -07:00