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Derrick Stolee dce241b020 sparse-index: create expand_index() 4 months ago
Victoria Dye cfde4cd6ff sparse-index: expose 'is_sparse_index_allowed()' 5 months ago
Elijah Newren af6a51875a repo_read_index: clear SKIP_WORKTREE bit from files present in worktree 9 months ago
Victoria Dye b93fea08d2 sparse-index: add ensure_correct_sparsity function 10 months ago
Derrick Stolee ce7a9f0141 sparse-index: add SPARSE_INDEX_MEMORY_ONLY flag 1 year ago
Derrick Stolee 71f82d032f sparse-index: expand_to_path() 1 year ago
Derrick Stolee 118a2e8bde cache: move ensure_full_index() to cache.h 1 year ago
Derrick Stolee 122ba1f7b5 sparse-checkout: toggle sparse index from builtin 2 years ago
Derrick Stolee 6e773527b6 sparse-index: convert from full to sparse 2 years ago
Derrick Stolee 3964fc2aae sparse-index: add guard to ensure full index 2 years ago