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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 4e168333a8 shortlog: remove unused(?) "repo-abbrev" feature 2 years ago
Jeff King 63d24fa0b0 shortlog: allow multiple groups to be specified 2 years ago
Jeff King 47beb37bc6 shortlog: match commit trailers with --group 2 years ago
Jeff King 92338c450b shortlog: add grouping option 2 years ago
Elijah Newren ef3ca95475 Add missing includes and forward declarations 4 years ago
Linus Torvalds fbfda15fb8 shortlog: group by committer information 6 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 0a7b357737 shortlog: support outputting to streams other than stdout 6 years ago
Will Palmer c197702156 pretty: Respect --abbrev option 13 years ago
Johannes Schindelin c455c87c5c Rename path_list to string_list 14 years ago
Johannes Schindelin b526f8ed4d shortlog: support --pretty=format: option 14 years ago
Daniel Barkalow 552bcac3f9 Add API access to shortlog 15 years ago