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Jeff King 8380dcd700 oid_pos(): access table through const pointers 2 years ago
Jeff King 45ee13b942 hash_pos(): convert to oid_pos() 2 years ago
Martin Ågren bc62692757 hash-lookup: rename from sha1-lookup 2 years ago
Martin Ågren 7a7d992d0d sha1-lookup: rename `sha1_pos()` as `hash_pos()` 2 years ago
Johannes Schindelin c097b95a26 msvc: avoid using minus operator on unsigned types 3 years ago
brian m. carlson e84f3572bd sha1-lookup: switch hard-coded constants to the_hash_algo 3 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 033abf97fc Replace all die("BUG: ...") calls by BUG() ones 4 years ago
Jonathan Tan b4e00f7306 packfile: refactor hash search with fanout table 5 years ago
Derrick Stolee 19716b21a4 cleanup: fix possible overflow errors in binary search 5 years ago
Jeff King f1068efefe sha1_file: drop experimental GIT_USE_LOOKUP search 5 years ago
René Scharfe 0eb0fb889e sha1-lookup: handle duplicates in sha1_pos() 8 years ago
Jeff King 171bdaca69 sha1-lookup: handle duplicate keys with GIT_USE_LOOKUP 9 years ago
Junio C Hamano 1a7b1f6b9c sha1-lookup: fix up the assertion message 14 years ago
Christian Couder 96beef8c2e sha1-lookup: add new "sha1_pos" function to efficiently lookup sha1 14 years ago
Junio C Hamano 12ecb01107 sha1-lookup: make selection of 'middle' less aggressive 15 years ago
Junio C Hamano 628522ec14 sha1-lookup: more memory efficient search in sorted list of SHA-1 15 years ago