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Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 3d97ea479f *.h: move some *_INIT to designated initializers 1 year ago
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón bb98765769 credential: correct order of parameters for credential_match 2 years ago
Carlo Marcelo Arenas Belón 7f53583834 credential: update description for credential_from_url_gently 2 years ago
Johannes Schindelin 21920cbd9a credential: fix grammar 2 years ago
Jeff King c716fe4bd9 credential: detect unrepresentable values when parsing urls 3 years ago
brian m. carlson 82eb249853 credential: use the last matching username in the config 3 years ago
Jeff King cc4f2eb828 doc: move credential helper info into gitcredentials(7) 3 years ago
Heba Waly f3b9055624 credential: move doc to credential.h 3 years ago
Jeff King 59b386526a credential: let helpers tell us to quit 8 years ago
Matthieu Moy 2d6dc182b8 git credential fill: output the whole 'struct credential' 10 years ago
Jeff King a78fbb4fb6 credential: make relevance of http path configurable 11 years ago
Jeff King 118250728e credential: apply helper config 11 years ago
Jeff King d3e847c107 credential: add function for parsing url components 11 years ago
Jeff King abca927dbe introduce credentials API 11 years ago