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Shaoxuan Yuan 5efd533ed8 advice.h: add advise_on_moving_dirty_path() 2 months ago
Tao Klerks e4921d877a tracking branches: add advice to ambiguous refspec error 6 months ago
Victoria Dye 9396251b37 reset: replace '--quiet' with '--no-refresh' in performance advice 7 months ago
Alex Henrie 808213ba36 switch: mention the --detach option when dying due to lack of a branch 7 months ago
Glen Choo 961b130d20 branch: add --recurse-submodules option for branch creation 8 months ago
Derrick Stolee 6579e788c0 advice: update message to suggest '--sparse' 1 year ago
Josh Steadmon 767a4ca648 sequencer: advise if skipping cherry-picked commit 1 year ago
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason ab628588f8 advice: move advice.graftFileDeprecated squashing to commit.[ch] 1 year ago
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason c2a4b6d4ee advice: remove use of global advice_add_embedded_repo 1 year ago
Ben Boeckel ed9bff0817 advice: remove read uses of most global `advice_` variables 1 year ago
Ben Boeckel 69290551b9 advice: add enum variants for missing advice variables 1 year ago
Alex Henrie 3d5fc24dae pull: abort if --ff-only is given and fast-forwarding is impossible 1 year ago
Matheus Tavares a20f70478f add: warn when asked to update SKIP_WORKTREE entries 2 years ago
Srinidhi Kaushik 3b990aa645 push: parse and set flag for "--force-if-includes" 2 years ago
Heba Waly f665d63a91 tag: use new advice API to check visibility 3 years ago
Heba Waly b3b18d1621 advice: revamp advise API 3 years ago
Heba Waly fef0c76f18 advice: change "setupStreamFailure" to "setUpstreamFailure" 3 years ago
Heba Waly 06ac2b3b6e advice: extract vadvise() from advise() 3 years ago
Heba Waly 887a0fd573 add: change advice config variables used by the add API 3 years ago
Heba Waly bf66db37f1 add: use advise function to display hints 3 years ago
Jonathan Tan 4f3e57ef13 submodule--helper: advise on fatal alternate error 3 years ago
Rohit Ashiwal 6a1f9046a4 sequencer: add advice for revert 3 years ago
Derrick Stolee 377444b440 fetch: warn about forced updates in branch listing 3 years ago
Jeff Hostetler 0a53561a62 status: warn when a/b calculation takes too long 3 years ago
Denton Liu eea9c1e78f tag: advise on nested tags 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 328c6cb853 doc: promote "git switch" 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy af9ded5b70 checkout: advice how to get out of detached HEAD mode 4 years ago
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason dd8dd300c6 push: add an advice on unqualified <dst> push 4 years ago
Ben Peart 649bf3a42f reset: warn when refresh_index() takes more than 2 seconds 4 years ago
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason ad8d5104b4 checkout: add advice for ambiguous "checkout <branch>" 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 431bb23a27 am: move advice.amWorkDir parsing back to advice.c 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy fb6fbffbda advice: keep config name in camelCase in advice_config[] 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 3ac68a93fd help: add --config to list all available config 4 years ago
Johannes Schindelin f9f99b3f7d Deprecate support for .git/info/grafts 4 years ago
Ryan Dammrose 960786e761 push: colorize errors 5 years ago
Lars Schneider abfb04d0c7 launch_editor(): indicate that Git waits for user input 5 years ago
Damien Marié f805a00a39 run-command: add hint when a hook is ignored 5 years ago
Brandon Williams b2141fc1d2 config: don't include config.h by default 5 years ago
Jeff King 532139940c add: warn when adding an embedded repository 5 years ago
Vasco Almeida 8785c42532 i18n: advice: internationalize message for conflicts 6 years ago
Vasco Almeida e9f3cec494 i18n: advice: mark string about detached head for translation 6 years ago
Alex Henrie b7447679e8 merge: grammofix in please-commit-before-merge message 7 years ago
Paul Tan 4a4cf9e821 pull: check if in unresolved merge state 7 years ago
Alex Henrie 9c9b4f2f8b standardize usage info string format 8 years ago
Matthieu Moy 91e70e00ac merge, pull: stop advising 'commit -a' in case of conflict 8 years ago
Jeff King cf4fff579e refactor skip_prefix to return a boolean 8 years ago
Jeff King d795216ac3 error_resolve_conflict: drop quotations around operation 8 years ago
Jeff King c057b2424a error_resolve_conflict: rewrap advice message 8 years ago
Junio C Hamano 11037ee7e3 push: switch default from "matching" to "simple" 9 years ago
Thomas Rast 8dc84fdc48 Rename advice.object_name_warning to objectNameWarning 9 years ago