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Patrick Steinhardt 262a4d28fe update-ref: allow creation of multiple transactions 2 years ago
Han-Wen Nienhuys 09743417a2 Modify pseudo refs through ref backend storage 2 years ago
Patrick Steinhardt e48cf33b61 update-ref: implement interactive transaction handling 3 years ago
Patrick Steinhardt faa35eec4d git-update-ref.txt: add missing word 3 years ago
Andreas Heiduk 081d91618b doc: fix formatting in git-update-ref 4 years ago
Elijah Newren d345e9fbe7 update-ref: allow --no-deref with --stdin 4 years ago
Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy 76a8788c14 doc: keep first level section header in upper case 5 years ago
David Turner 144c76fa39 update-ref and tag: add --create-reflog arg 7 years ago
Michael Haggerty 1fbd504942 update-ref --stdin -z: deprecate interpreting the empty string as zeros 9 years ago
Brad King c750ba9519 update-ref: support multiple simultaneous updates 9 years ago
Thomas Ackermann 48a8c26c62 Documentation: avoid poor-man's small caps GIT 10 years ago
Bert Wesarg cd8e3711bf Documentation: clearly specify what refs are honored by core.logAllRefUpdates 12 years ago
Martin von Zweigbergk 7791a1d9b9 Documentation: use [verse] for SYNOPSIS sections 12 years ago
Jeff King 48bb914ed6 doc: drop author/documentation sections from most pages 12 years ago
Jonathan Nieder b1889c36d8 Documentation: be consistent about "git-" versus "git " 15 years ago
Christian Couder 9e1f0a85c6 documentation: move git(7) to git(1) 15 years ago
Karl Hasselström 3fe8dce6fc Make old sha1 optional with git update-ref -d 15 years ago
Dan McGee 5162e69732 Documentation: rename gitlink macro to linkgit 15 years ago
Sven Verdoolaege 68db31cc28 git-update-ref: add --no-deref option for overwriting/detaching ref 16 years ago
Junio C Hamano c3f0baacad Documentation: sync git.txt command list and manual page title 16 years ago
Junio C Hamano ac5409e420 update-ref: -d flag and ref creation safety. 16 years ago
Shawn Pearce 7792cc2fa1 Change order of -m option to update-ref. 17 years ago
Shawn Pearce 6de08ae688 Log ref updates to logs/refs/<ref> 17 years ago
Shawn Pearce 5b16b09021 Convert update-ref to use ref_lock API. 17 years ago
Dmitry V. Levin bd494fc76b git/Documentation: fix SYNOPSIS style bugs 17 years ago
Junio C Hamano 129056370a Add missing documentation. 17 years ago