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Junio C Hamano 33e8fc8740 usage: do not insist that standard input must come from a file 7 years ago
Jeff King ad3967a5a2 doc: fix unmatched code fences in git-stripspace 8 years ago
Slavomir Vlcek 608758d5ce Documentation/git-stripspace: add synopsis for --comment-lines 8 years ago
Thomas Ackermann 2de9b71138 Documentation: the name of the system is 'Git', not 'git' 10 years ago
Junio C Hamano eff80a9fd9 Allow custom "comment char" 10 years ago
Conrad Irwin 497215d881 Update documentation for stripspace 11 years ago
Martin von Zweigbergk 7791a1d9b9 Documentation: use [verse] for SYNOPSIS sections 12 years ago
Jeff King 48bb914ed6 doc: drop author/documentation sections from most pages 12 years ago
Jonathan Nieder b1889c36d8 Documentation: be consistent about "git-" versus "git " 15 years ago
Stephan Beyer 3240240ff4 Docs: Use "-l::\n--long\n" format in OPTIONS sections 15 years ago
Christian Couder 9e1f0a85c6 documentation: move git(7) to git(1) 15 years ago
Dan McGee 5162e69732 Documentation: rename gitlink macro to linkgit 15 years ago
Jonas Fonseca 7b55eee77e Remove escaping of '|' in manpage option sections 15 years ago
Johannes Schindelin f653aee5a3 Teach "git stripspace" the --strip-comments option 16 years ago
Junio C Hamano a6080a0a44 War on whitespace 16 years ago
Fredrik Kuivinen 7bd7f2804d Remove trailing dot after short description 17 years ago
Sergey Vlasov a7154e916c [PATCH] Documentation: Update all files to use the new gitlink: macro 17 years ago
Junio C Hamano 35ef3a4c63 Documentation updates. 17 years ago
A Large Angry SCM f58b7432d2 [PATCH] Add some documentation. 17 years ago
Junio C Hamano 7fc9d69fca Add placeholders for missing documents. 18 years ago