Merge branch 'rs/use-modern-git-merge-syntax' of git-gui into rs/git-gui-use-modern-git-merge-syntax

* 'rs/use-modern-git-merge-syntax' of git-gui:
  git-gui: stop using deprecated merge syntax
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Junio C Hamano 2016-09-26 07:16:29 -07:00
commit ff65e796f0
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@ -112,12 +112,7 @@ method _start {} {
close $fh
set _last_merged_branch $branch
set cmd [list git]
lappend cmd merge
lappend cmd --strategy=recursive
lappend cmd [git fmt-merge-msg <[gitdir FETCH_HEAD]]
lappend cmd HEAD
lappend cmd $name
set cmd [list git merge --strategy=recursive FETCH_HEAD]
ui_status [mc "Merging %s and %s..." $current_branch $stitle]
set cons [console::new [mc "Merge"] "merge $stitle"]