Merge branch 'bp/git-gui-bind-kp-enter'

"git gui" performs commit upon CTRL/CMD+ENTER but the
CTRL/CMD+KP_ENTER (i.e. enter key on the numpad) did not have the
same key binding.  It now does.

* bp/git-gui-bind-kp-enter:
  git-gui: bind CTRL/CMD+numpad ENTER to do_commit
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Junio C Hamano 2018-04-25 13:28:48 +09:00
commit b1218e46a6
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@ -3867,6 +3867,7 @@ bind . <$M1B-Key-equal> {show_more_context;break}
bind . <$M1B-Key-plus> {show_more_context;break}
bind . <$M1B-Key-KP_Add> {show_more_context;break}
bind . <$M1B-Key-Return> do_commit
bind . <$M1B-Key-KP_Enter> do_commit
foreach i [list $ui_index $ui_workdir] {
bind $i <Button-1> { toggle_or_diff click %W %x %y; break }
bind $i <$M1B-Button-1> { add_one_to_selection %W %x %y; break }