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Include 'Documentation/technical/scalar.txt' alongside the other HTML
technical docs when installing them.

Now that the document is intended as a widely-accessible reference, remove
the internal work-in-progress roadmap from the document. Those details
should no longer be needed to guide Scalar's development and, if they were
left, they could fall out-of-date and be misleading to readers.

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TECH_DOCS += technical/partial-clone
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@ -64,64 +64,3 @@ some "global" `git` options (e.g., `-c` and `-C`).
Because `scalar` is not invoked as a Git subcommand (like `git scalar`), it is
built and installed as its own executable in the `bin/` directory, alongside
`git`, `git-gui`, etc.
NOTE: this section will be removed once the remaining tasks outlined in this
roadmap are complete.
Scalar is a large enough project that it is being upstreamed incrementally,
living in `contrib/` until it is feature-complete. So far, the following patch
series have been accepted:
- `scalar-the-beginning`: The initial patch series which sets up
`contrib/scalar/` and populates it with a minimal `scalar` command that
demonstrates the fundamental ideas.
- `scalar-c-and-C`: The `scalar` command learns about two options that can be
specified before the command, `-c <key>=<value>` and `-C <directory>`.
- `scalar-diagnose`: The `scalar` command is taught the `diagnose` subcommand.
- `scalar-generalize-diagnose`: Move the functionality of `scalar diagnose`
into `git diagnose` and `git bugreport --diagnose`.
- 'scalar-add-fsmonitor: Enable the built-in FSMonitor in Scalar
enlistments. At the end of this series, Scalar should be feature-complete
from the perspective of a user.
Roughly speaking (and subject to change), the following series are needed to
"finish" this initial version of Scalar:
- Move Scalar to toplevel: Move Scalar out of `contrib/` and into the root of
`git`. This includes a variety of related updates, including:
- building & installing Scalar in the Git root-level 'make [install]'.
- builing & testing Scalar as part of CI.
- moving and expanding test coverage of Scalar (including perf tests).
- implementing 'scalar help'/'git help scalar' to display scalar
Finally, there are two additional patch series that exist in Microsoft's fork of
Git, but there is no current plan to upstream them. There are some interesting
ideas there, but the implementation is too specific to Azure Repos and/or VFS
for Git to be of much help in general.
These still exist mainly because the GVFS protocol is what Azure Repos has
instead of partial clone, while Git is focused on improving partial clone:
- `scalar-with-gvfs`: The primary purpose of this patch series is to support
existing Scalar users whose repositories are hosted in Azure Repos (which does
not support Git's partial clones, but supports its predecessor, the GVFS
protocol, which is used by Scalar to emulate the partial clone).
Since the GVFS protocol will never be supported by core Git, this patch series
will remain in Microsoft's fork of Git.
- `run-scalar-functional-tests`: The Scalar project developed a quite
comprehensive set of integration tests (or, "Functional Tests"). They are the
sole remaining part of the original C#-based Scalar project, and this patch
adds a GitHub workflow that runs them all.
Since the tests partially depend on features that are only provided in the
`scalar-with-gvfs` patch series, this patch cannot be upstreamed.