credential: avoid writing values with newlines

The credential protocol that we use to speak to helpers can't represent
values with newlines in them. This was an intentional design choice to
keep the protocol simple, since none of the values we pass should
generally have newlines.

However, if we _do_ encounter a newline in a value, we blindly transmit
it in credential_write(). Such values may break the protocol syntax, or
worse, inject new valid lines into the protocol stream.

The most likely way for a newline to end up in a credential struct is by
decoding a URL with a percent-encoded newline. However, since the bug
occurs at the moment we write the value to the protocol, we'll catch it
there. That should leave no possibility of accidentally missing a code
path that can trigger the problem.

At this level of the code we have little choice but to die(). However,
since we'd not ever expect to see this case outside of a malicious URL,
that's an acceptable outcome.

Reported-by: Felix Wilhelm <>
This commit is contained in:
Jeff King 2020-03-11 17:53:41 -04:00
parent a5ab8d0317
commit 9a6bbee800
2 changed files with 8 additions and 0 deletions

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@ -194,6 +194,8 @@ static void credential_write_item(FILE *fp, const char *key, const char *value)
if (!value)
if (strchr(value, '\n'))
die("credential value for %s contains newline", key);
fprintf(fp, "%s=%s\n", key, value);

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@ -309,4 +309,10 @@ test_expect_success 'empty helper spec resets helper list' '
test_expect_success 'url parser rejects embedded newlines' '
test_must_fail git credential fill <<-\EOF