Makefile: stop hardcoding {command,config}-list.h

Change various places that hardcode the names of these two files to
refer to either $(GENERATED_H), or to a new generated-hdrs
target. That target is consistent with the *-objs targets I recently
added in 029bac01a8 (Makefile: add {program,xdiff,test,git,fuzz}-objs
& objects targets, 2021-02-23).

A subsequent commit will add a new generated hook-list.h. By doing
this refactoring we'll only need to add the new file to the
GENERATED_H variable, not EXCEPT_HDRS, the vcbuild/README etc.

Hardcoding command-list.h there seems to have been a case of
copy/paste programming in 976aaedca0 (msvc: add a Makefile target to
pre-generate the Visual Studio solution, 2019-07-29). The
config-list.h was added later in 709df95b78 (help: move
list_config_help to builtin/help, 2020-04-16).

Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason 1 year ago committed by Junio C Hamano
parent ea47e59fe3
commit 7c3c0a99cc
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@ -817,6 +817,8 @@ XDIFF_LIB = xdiff/lib.a
GENERATED_H += command-list.h
GENERATED_H += config-list.h
.PHONY: generated-hdrs
generated-hdrs: $(GENERATED_H)
LIB_H := $(sort $(patsubst ./%,%,$(shell git ls-files '*.h' ':!t/' ':!Documentation/' 2>/dev/null || \
$(FIND) . \
@ -2903,7 +2905,7 @@ $(SP_OBJ): %.sp: %.c GIT-CFLAGS FORCE
.PHONY: sparse $(SP_OBJ)
sparse: $(SP_OBJ)
EXCEPT_HDRS := command-list.h config-list.h unicode-width.h compat/% xdiff/%
EXCEPT_HDRS := $(GENERATED_H) unicode-width.h compat/% xdiff/%
ifndef GCRYPT_SHA256
EXCEPT_HDRS += sha256/gcrypt.h
@ -2926,7 +2928,7 @@ style:
git clang-format --style file --diff --extensions c,h
.PHONY: check
check: config-list.h command-list.h
check: $(GENERATED_H)
@if sparse; \
then \
echo >&2 "Use 'make sparse' instead"; \

@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ The Steps of Build Git with VS2008
the git operations.
3. Inside Git's directory run the command:
make command-list.h config-list.h
make generated-hdrs
to generate the header file needed to compile git.
4. Then either build Git with the GNU Make Makefile in the Git projects

@ -735,9 +735,9 @@ vcxproj:
echo '</Project>') >git-remote-http/LinkOrCopyRemoteHttp.targets
git add -f git/LinkOrCopyBuiltins.targets git-remote-http/LinkOrCopyRemoteHttp.targets
# Add command-list.h and config-list.h
$(MAKE) MSVC=1 SKIP_VCPKG=1 prefix=/mingw64 config-list.h command-list.h
git add -f config-list.h command-list.h
# Add generated headers
$(MAKE) MSVC=1 SKIP_VCPKG=1 prefix=/mingw64 $(GENERATED_H)
git add -f $(GENERATED_H)
# Add scripts
rm -f perl/perl.mak