Make git-archimport log entries more consistent

When appending the "git-archimport-id:" line to the end of log entries,
git-archimport would use two blank lines as a separator when there was no
body in the arch log (only a Summary: line), and zero blank lines when there
was a body (making it hard to see the break between the actual log message
and the git-archimport-id: line).

This patch makes git-archimport generate one blank line as a separator in all

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Miles Bader 15 years ago committed by Junio C Hamano
parent 9e2d57a04a
commit 608403d7a5
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@ -595,7 +595,11 @@ foreach my $ps (@psets) {
my $pid = open2(*READER, *WRITER,'git-commit-tree',$tree,@par)
or die $!;
print WRITER $ps->{summary},"\n\n";
print WRITER $ps->{message},"\n";
# only print message if it's not empty, to avoid a spurious blank line;
# also append an extra newline, so there's a blank line before the
# following "git-archimport-id:" line.
print WRITER $ps->{message},"\n\n" if ($ps->{message} ne "");
# make it easy to backtrack and figure out which Arch revision this was:
print WRITER 'git-archimport-id: ',$ps->{id},"\n";