Fourteenth batch

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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Junio C Hamano 2020-09-09 13:52:54 -07:00
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@ -55,6 +55,15 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
object names of blobs involved in the patch, but its length was not
affected by the --abbrev option. Now it is.
* "git worktree" gained a "repair" subcommand to help users recover
after moving the worktrees or repository manually without telling
Git. Also, "git init --separate-git-dir" no longer corrupts
administrative data related to linked worktrees.
* The "--format=" option to the "for-each-ref" command and friends
learned a few more tricks, e.g. the ":short" suffix that applies to
"objectname" now also can be used for "parent", "tree", etc.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@ -128,6 +137,14 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
execute the git subcommands, especially built-ins, in "git-foo"
form, which have been corrected.
* When a packfile is removed by "git repack", multi-pack-index gets
cleared; the code was taught to do so less aggressively by first
checking if the midx actually refers to a pack that no longer
* Internal API clean-up to handle two options "diff-index" and "log"
have, which happen to share the same short form, more sensibly.
Fixes since v2.28
@ -286,6 +303,16 @@ Fixes since v2.28
been freed, which has been fixed.
(merge 6479ea4a8a jk/xrealloc-avoid-use-after-free later to maint).
* "git status" has trouble showing where it came from by interpreting
reflog entries that recordcertain events, e.g. "checkout @{u}", and
gives a hard/fatal error. Even though it inherently is impossible
to give a correct answer because the reflog entries lose some
information (e.g. "@{u}" does not record what branch the user was
on hence which branch 'the upstream' needs to be computed, and even
if the record were available, the relationship between branches may
have changed), at least hide the error to allow "status" show its
* Other code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 84544f2ea3 sk/typofixes later to maint).
(merge b17f411ab5 ar/help-guides-doc later to maint).
@ -311,3 +338,4 @@ Fixes since v2.28
(merge ee22a29215 so/pretty-abbrev-doc later to maint).
(merge 3100fd5588 jc/post-checkout-doc later to maint).
(merge 17bae89476 pb/doc-external-diff-env later to maint).
(merge 27ed6ccc12 jk/worktree-check-clean-leakfix later to maint).