config: unify code paths to get global config paths

There's two callsites which assemble global config paths, once in the
config loading code and once in the git-config(1) builtin. We're about
to implement a way to override global config paths via an environment
variable which would require us to adjust both sites.

Unify both code paths into a single `git_global_config()` function which
returns both paths for `~/.gitconfig` and the XDG config file. This will
make the subsequent patch which introduces the new envvar easier to

No functional changes are expected from this patch.

Signed-off-by: Patrick Steinhardt <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Patrick Steinhardt 2021-04-19 14:31:12 +02:00 committed by Junio C Hamano
parent c62a999c6e
commit 1e06eb9b5d
3 changed files with 13 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -671,9 +671,9 @@ int cmd_config(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
if (use_global_config) {
char *user_config = expand_user_path("~/.gitconfig", 0);
char *xdg_config = xdg_config_home("config");
char *user_config, *xdg_config;
git_global_config(&user_config, &xdg_config);
if (!user_config)
* It is unknown if HOME/.gitconfig exists, so

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@ -1849,6 +1849,12 @@ char *git_system_config(void)
return system_path(ETC_GITCONFIG);
void git_global_config(char **user_config, char **xdg_config)
*user_config = expand_user_path("~/.gitconfig", 0);
*xdg_config = xdg_config_home("config");
* Parse environment variable 'k' as a boolean (in various
* possible spellings); if missing, use the default value 'def'.
@ -1881,8 +1887,8 @@ static int do_git_config_sequence(const struct config_options *opts,
int ret = 0;
char *system_config = git_system_config();
char *xdg_config = xdg_config_home("config");
char *user_config = expand_user_path("~/.gitconfig", 0);
char *xdg_config = NULL;
char *user_config = NULL;
char *repo_config;
enum config_scope prev_parsing_scope = current_parsing_scope;
@ -1900,6 +1906,8 @@ static int do_git_config_sequence(const struct config_options *opts,
ret += git_config_from_file(fn, system_config, data);
current_parsing_scope = CONFIG_SCOPE_GLOBAL;
git_global_config(&user_config, &xdg_config);
if (xdg_config && !access_or_die(xdg_config, R_OK, ACCESS_EACCES_OK))
ret += git_config_from_file(fn, xdg_config, data);

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@ -327,6 +327,7 @@ int config_error_nonbool(const char *);
char *git_system_config(void);
void git_global_config(char **user, char **xdg);
int git_config_parse_parameter(const char *, config_fn_t fn, void *data);