Merge branch 'py/call-do-quit-before-exit' of into py/git-gui-do-quit

* 'py/call-do-quit-before-exit' of
  git-gui: call do_quit before destroying the main window
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Junio C Hamano 2019-08-07 13:26:06 -07:00
commit 0d88f3d2c5
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@ -3030,8 +3030,23 @@ unset doc_path doc_url
wm protocol . WM_DELETE_WINDOW do_quit
bind all <$M1B-Key-q> do_quit
bind all <$M1B-Key-Q> do_quit
bind all <$M1B-Key-w> {destroy [winfo toplevel %W]}
bind all <$M1B-Key-W> {destroy [winfo toplevel %W]}
set m1b_w_script {
set toplvl_win [winfo toplevel %W]
# If we are destroying the main window, we should call do_quit to take
# care of cleanup before exiting the program.
if {$toplvl_win eq "."} {
} else {
destroy $toplvl_win
bind all <$M1B-Key-w> $m1b_w_script
bind all <$M1B-Key-W> $m1b_w_script
unset m1b_w_script
set subcommand_args {}
proc usage {} {