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#ifndef CONFIG_H
#define CONFIG_H
#include "hashmap.h"
#include "string-list.h"
struct object_id;
/* git_config_parse_key() returns these negated: */
/* git_config_set_gently(), git_config_set_multivar_gently() return the above or these: */
#define CONFIG_NO_LOCK -1
#define CONFIG_REGEX_NONE ((void *)1)
struct git_config_source {
unsigned int use_stdin:1;
const char *file;
const char *blob;
enum config_origin_type {
enum config_event_t {
* The parser event function (if not NULL) is called with the event type and
* the begin/end offsets of the parsed elements.
* Note: for CONFIG_EVENT_ENTRY (i.e. config variables), the trailing newline
* character is considered part of the element.
typedef int (*config_parser_event_fn_t)(enum config_event_t type,
size_t begin_offset, size_t end_offset,
void *event_fn_data);
struct config_options {
unsigned int respect_includes : 1;
const char *commondir;
const char *git_dir;
config_parser_event_fn_t event_fn;
void *event_fn_data;
enum config_error_action {
CONFIG_ERROR_UNSET = 0, /* use source-specific default */
CONFIG_ERROR_DIE, /* die() on error */
CONFIG_ERROR_ERROR, /* error() on error, return -1 */
CONFIG_ERROR_SILENT, /* return -1 */
} error_action;
typedef int (*config_fn_t)(const char *, const char *, void *);
int git_default_config(const char *, const char *, void *);
int git_config_from_file(config_fn_t fn, const char *, void *);
int git_config_from_file_with_options(config_fn_t fn, const char *,
void *,
const struct config_options *);
int git_config_from_mem(config_fn_t fn,
const enum config_origin_type,
const char *name,
const char *buf, size_t len,
void *data, const struct config_options *opts);
int git_config_from_blob_oid(config_fn_t fn, const char *name,
const struct object_id *oid, void *data);
void git_config_push_parameter(const char *text);
int git_config_from_parameters(config_fn_t fn, void *data);
void read_early_config(config_fn_t cb, void *data);
void git_config(config_fn_t fn, void *);
int config_with_options(config_fn_t fn, void *,
struct git_config_source *config_source,
const struct config_options *opts);
int git_parse_ssize_t(const char *, ssize_t *);
int git_parse_ulong(const char *, unsigned long *);
int git_parse_maybe_bool(const char *);
int git_config_int(const char *, const char *);
int64_t git_config_int64(const char *, const char *);
unsigned long git_config_ulong(const char *, const char *);
ssize_t git_config_ssize_t(const char *, const char *);
int git_config_bool_or_int(const char *, const char *, int *);
int git_config_bool(const char *, const char *);
int git_config_string(const char **, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_pathname(const char **, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_expiry_date(timestamp_t *, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_color(char *, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_set_in_file_gently(const char *, const char *, const char *);
void git_config_set_in_file(const char *, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_set_gently(const char *, const char *);
void git_config_set(const char *, const char *);
int git_config_parse_key(const char *, char **, int *);
int git_config_key_is_valid(const char *key);
int git_config_set_multivar_gently(const char *, const char *, const char *, int);
void git_config_set_multivar(const char *, const char *, const char *, int);
int git_config_set_multivar_in_file_gently(const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *, int);
void git_config_set_multivar_in_file(const char *, const char *, const char *, const char *, int);
int git_config_rename_section(const char *, const char *);
int git_config_rename_section_in_file(const char *, const char *, const char *);
int git_config_copy_section(const char *, const char *);
int git_config_copy_section_in_file(const char *, const char *, const char *);
const char *git_etc_gitconfig(void);
int git_env_bool(const char *, int);
unsigned long git_env_ulong(const char *, unsigned long);
int git_config_system(void);
int config_error_nonbool(const char *);
#if defined(__GNUC__)
#define config_error_nonbool(s) (config_error_nonbool(s), const_error())
int git_config_parse_parameter(const char *, config_fn_t fn, void *data);
enum config_scope {
enum config_scope current_config_scope(void);
const char *current_config_origin_type(void);
const char *current_config_name(void);
struct config_include_data {
int depth;
config_fn_t fn;
void *data;
const struct config_options *opts;
int git_config_include(const char *name, const char *value, void *data);
* Match and parse a config key of the form:
* section.(subsection.)?key
* (i.e., what gets handed to a config_fn_t). The caller provides the section;
* we return -1 if it does not match, 0 otherwise. The subsection and key
* out-parameters are filled by the function (and *subsection is NULL if it is
* missing).
* If the subsection pointer-to-pointer passed in is NULL, returns 0 only if
* there is no subsection at all.
int parse_config_key(const char *var,
const char *section,
const char **subsection, int *subsection_len,
const char **key);
struct config_set_element {
struct hashmap_entry ent;
char *key;
struct string_list value_list;
struct configset_list_item {
struct config_set_element *e;
int value_index;
* the contents of the list are ordered according to their
* position in the config files and order of parsing the files.
* (i.e. key-value pair at the last position of .git/config will
* be at the last item of the list)
struct configset_list {
struct configset_list_item *items;
unsigned int nr, alloc;
struct config_set {
struct hashmap config_hash;
int hash_initialized;
struct configset_list list;
void git_configset_init(struct config_set *cs);
int git_configset_add_file(struct config_set *cs, const char *filename);
const struct string_list *git_configset_get_value_multi(struct config_set *cs, const char *key);
void git_configset_clear(struct config_set *cs);
* These functions return 1 if not found, and 0 if found, leaving the found
* value in the 'dest' pointer.
int git_configset_get_value(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, const char **dest);
int git_configset_get_string_const(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, const char **dest);
int git_configset_get_string(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, char **dest);
int git_configset_get_int(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, int *dest);
int git_configset_get_ulong(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, unsigned long *dest);
int git_configset_get_bool(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, int *dest);
int git_configset_get_bool_or_int(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, int *is_bool, int *dest);
int git_configset_get_maybe_bool(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, int *dest);
int git_configset_get_pathname(struct config_set *cs, const char *key, const char **dest);
/* Functions for reading a repository's config */
struct repository;
void repo_config(struct repository *repo, config_fn_t fn, void *data);
int repo_config_get_value(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, const char **value);
const struct string_list *repo_config_get_value_multi(struct repository *repo,
const char *key);
int repo_config_get_string_const(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, const char **dest);
int repo_config_get_string(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, char **dest);
int repo_config_get_int(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, int *dest);
int repo_config_get_ulong(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, unsigned long *dest);
int repo_config_get_bool(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, int *dest);
int repo_config_get_bool_or_int(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, int *is_bool, int *dest);
int repo_config_get_maybe_bool(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, int *dest);
int repo_config_get_pathname(struct repository *repo,
const char *key, const char **dest);
int git_config_get_value(const char *key, const char **value);
const struct string_list *git_config_get_value_multi(const char *key);
void git_config_clear(void);
int git_config_get_string_const(const char *key, const char **dest);
int git_config_get_string(const char *key, char **dest);
int git_config_get_int(const char *key, int *dest);
int git_config_get_ulong(const char *key, unsigned long *dest);
int git_config_get_bool(const char *key, int *dest);
int git_config_get_bool_or_int(const char *key, int *is_bool, int *dest);
int git_config_get_maybe_bool(const char *key, int *dest);
int git_config_get_pathname(const char *key, const char **dest);
int git_config_get_index_threads(int *dest);
int git_config_get_untracked_cache(void);
int git_config_get_split_index(void);
int git_config_get_max_percent_split_change(void);
int git_config_get_fsmonitor(void);
/* This dies if the configured or default date is in the future */
int git_config_get_expiry(const char *key, const char **output);
/* parse either "this many days" integer, or "5.days.ago" approxidate */
int git_config_get_expiry_in_days(const char *key, timestamp_t *, timestamp_t now);
struct key_value_info {
const char *filename;
int linenr;
enum config_origin_type origin_type;
enum config_scope scope;
NORETURN void git_die_config(const char *key, const char *err, ...) __attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)));
NORETURN void git_die_config_linenr(const char *key, const char *filename, int linenr);
#define LOOKUP_CONFIG(mapping, var) \
lookup_config(mapping, ARRAY_SIZE(mapping), var)
int lookup_config(const char **mapping, int nr_mapping, const char *var);
#endif /* CONFIG_H */