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test_description='basic clone options'
. ./
test_expect_success 'setup' '
mkdir parent &&
(cd parent && git init &&
echo one >file && git add file &&
git commit -m one)
test_expect_success 'clone -o' '
git clone -o foo parent clone-o &&
git -C clone-o rev-parse --verify refs/remotes/foo/master
test_expect_success 'rejects invalid -o/--origin' '
test_must_fail git clone -o "" parent clone-bad-name 2>err &&
test_i18ngrep "'\'''\'' is not a valid remote name" err
test_expect_success 'disallows --bare with --origin' '
test_must_fail git clone -o foo --bare parent clone-bare-o 2>err &&
test_debug "cat err" &&
test_i18ngrep -e "--bare and --origin foo options are incompatible" err
test_expect_success 'disallows --bare with --separate-git-dir' '
test_must_fail git clone --bare --separate-git-dir dot-git-destiation parent clone-bare-sgd 2>err &&
test_debug "cat err" &&
test_i18ngrep -e "--bare and --separate-git-dir are incompatible" err
test_expect_success 'uses "origin" for default remote name' '
git clone parent clone-default-origin &&
git -C clone-default-origin rev-parse --verify refs/remotes/origin/master
test_expect_success 'prefers --template config over normal config' '
template="$TRASH_DIRECTORY/template-with-config" &&
mkdir "$template" &&
git config --file "$template/config" from_template &&
test_config_global from_global &&
git clone "--template=$template" parent clone-template-config &&
test "$(git -C clone-template-config config --local" = "from_template"
test_expect_success 'prefers -c config over --template config' '
template="$TRASH_DIRECTORY/template-with-ignored-config" &&
mkdir "$template" &&
git config --file "$template/config" from_template &&
git clone "--template=$template" -c parent clone-template-inline-config &&
test "$(git -C clone-template-inline-config config --local" = "inline"
test_expect_success 'prefers config "clone.defaultRemoteName" over default' '
test_config_global clone.defaultRemoteName from_config &&
git clone parent clone-config-origin &&
git -C clone-config-origin rev-parse --verify refs/remotes/from_config/master
test_expect_success 'prefers --origin over -c config' '
git clone -c clone.defaultRemoteName=inline --origin from_option parent clone-o-and-inline-config &&
git -C clone-o-and-inline-config rev-parse --verify refs/remotes/from_option/master
test_expect_success 'redirected clone does not show progress' '
git clone "file://$(pwd)/parent" clone-redirected >out 2>err &&
! grep % err &&
test_i18ngrep ! "Checking connectivity" err
test_expect_success 'redirected clone -v does show progress' '
git clone --progress "file://$(pwd)/parent" clone-redirected-progress \
>out 2>err &&
grep % err
test_expect_success 'chooses correct default initial branch name' '
git init --bare empty &&
git -c init.defaultBranch=up clone empty whats-up &&
test refs/heads/up = $(git -C whats-up symbolic-ref HEAD) &&
test refs/heads/up = $(git -C whats-up config branch.up.merge)
test_expect_success 'guesses initial branch name correctly' '
git init --initial-branch=guess initial-branch &&
test_commit -C initial-branch no-spoilers &&
git -C initial-branch branch abc guess &&
git clone initial-branch is-it &&
test refs/heads/guess = $(git -C is-it symbolic-ref HEAD) &&
git -c init.defaultBranch=none init --bare no-head &&
git -C initial-branch push ../no-head guess abc &&
git clone no-head is-it2 &&
test_must_fail git -C is-it2 symbolic-ref refs/remotes/origin/HEAD &&
git -C no-head update-ref --no-deref HEAD refs/heads/guess &&
git -c init.defaultBranch=guess clone no-head is-it3 &&
test refs/remotes/origin/guess = \
$(git -C is-it3 symbolic-ref refs/remotes/origin/HEAD)