Mount a directory elsewhere with changed permissions.
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Major (i.e. probably not very soon):
- Applying options to a subset of all files;
something like --if-file-matches '*.md5' { -u checksummer -p u+rw }
- This would make for some new useful options like --hide or --deny
- We could also have special xattrs like 'bindfs:perms' that
don't get propagated to the base directory but control bindfs behaviour
- All this leads to the thought of an integrated minilanguage.
Taken to the extreme, would this make bindfs almost yet another scripting
language binding for FUSE?
- Stackable/pluggable scripts? Any benefit over a remount?
- Decide what to do with the fuse options uid=N and gid=N, or at least
mention them in the docs.
- Look at capabilities instead of uid==0 when checking for special privileges.
Do this in a portable way and fall back to uid==0 if not available.