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2019-08-04 Christian Franke <>
linux_nvme_ioctl.h: Replace with current version from Linux kernel
sources (include/uapi/linux/nvme_ioctl.h fadccd8 2019-02-20).
This version adds Linux-syscall-note to its GPL-2.0 (only) license.
This should fix the GPL-2.0-or-later licensing problem (#1226).
2019-07-01 Christian Franke <>
Replace all ASSERT_*() macros with STATIC_ASSERT().
static_assert.h: New file with STATIC_ASSERT() macro using C++11
static_assert() if available., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new file.
os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add missing scsinvme.cpp.
2019-06-28 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Reset scheduled_test_next_check time if system clock
has been adjusted to the past.
Use LOG_INFO instead of LOG_CRIT for related message.
examplescripts/Example6: Update from Fedora package 7.0-5.fc31.
examplescripts/Example[78]: New scripts using /usr/sbin/sendmail
to send email (Ubuntu Bug 1833331)., examplescripts/README: Add new scripts.
2019-06-19 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1903 and Server 1903 build number.
Allow drive letters as device names for Windows 10 NVMe driver.
Check for unsupported nonzero NVMe CDW11..15. Fix typo introduced 15 years ago in r1789.
- Unify some 'Host_Reads/Writes_*' attribute names
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend SSD340K, SSD740
- Samsung based SSDs: PM863a Dell OEM (#1200)
- Toshiba MG06ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD (#1023, #1099)
- Toshiba MG07ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD (#1023, #1175)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: Variants without trailing -* (#1198)
- USB: JMicron JMS583 [NVMe] (0x152d:0x0583): Remove '#please_try'
- USB: Transcend (0x8564:0x7000) (GH issues/32)
2019-06-17 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Clear ProtocolDataRequestSubValue for NVMe Get Log Page
commands because newer drivers pass this value as CDW12 (LPOL) to the
drive. This fixes log page access for NVMe 1.2.1+ drives (#1201).
Thanks to Vikram Manja for bug report and testing.
2019-06-12 Christian Franke <>
os_netbsd.cpp: Fix device scan crash on empty name list.
Fix a memory leak introduced 15 years ago in r1434.
Thanks to Alexander Nasonov for bug report and testing.
2019-05-21 Christian Franke <> Update list of directives which affect '-m'.
This also fixes a typo introduced 15 years ago in r1658
(GH issues/24).
- Intel 53x and Pro 1500/2500 Series SSDs: Rename, add Pro 1500 *A4H
variant (#1194)
- Western Digital Red: WD100EFAX (#986, #1029)
- Western Digital Red Pro: *003* and *FFBX variants (#1085, #1192),
WD101KFBX (#1030, #1189)
2019-05-21 Erwan Velu <>
drivedb.h: Intel DC S3110 Series SSDs (GH pull/35)
2019-04-30 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix '/dev/megaraid_sas_ioctl_node' open check
(cppcheck 1.85: resourceLeak).
Reduce variable scope (cppcheck 1.85: variableScope).
Remove unused variable (cppcheck 1.85: unreadVariable). New script to run cppcheck with predefined settings. Add new script to tarball. Add 'cppcheck' target.
2019-04-22 Christian Franke <>
- Apacer SDM... Series SSD Module: Rename, split into separate entries
for SDM4 and SMD5*, add SMD5A-M variant (based on patch from #1183)
- Intel 545s Series SSDs: *2KW* variant (#1185)
- SK hynix SATA SSDs: *G39MND* variant, *G39TND* variant (#1146),
*G3[2E]FEH* variant (based on patch from #1181)
- USB: JMicron JMS578 (0x0080:0x0578)
- USB: Unknown (0x0080:0xa0001) (#852)
2019-03-31 Christian Franke <>
- Swissbit X-600m Series Industrial mSATA SSD (patch from #1177)
- Samsung based SSDs: SM863a *JP variant (#1105), SM863a Dell OEM (#1151)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Ultra 3D (#1091, #1166, #1173)
- WDC HGST Ultrastar He10: WD100EMAZ (#1152)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: Blue 3D NAND (#1162, #1169)
- USB: VIA VL716 (0x2109:0x0716)
2019-03-18 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Intel 545s Series SSDs (PR #26)
2019-03-13 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Seagate Nytro SATA SSD and Seagate IronWolf 110 SATA SSD (PR #25)
2019-03-10 Christian Franke <> Pass '-pie' option directly to MinGW linker.
This adds relocation info which is needed for ASLR (#1170).
Document ASLR related issues of MinGW-w64 toolchain. Remove 'Type=notify' from smartd.service if
libsystemd-dev is not available.
2019-01-11 Christian Franke <> Add missing definition of '.Sp' macro.
json.cpp, json.h: Add extra setter for char pointers.
Prevent nullptr exceptions if JSON mode is not enabled.
ataprint.cpp: Fix bogus exception on unknown form factor value
(#1154, regression from r4640).
2019-01-01 Alex Samorukov <>
FreeBSD: use "fetch" as default download tool
os_freebsd.cpp: fix build on FreeBSD 12, fix nvme on Big Endian hosts
(patch from the bugtracker)
2019-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2018-12-30 Christian Franke <>
Rename old ChangeLog to ChangeLog-6.0-7.0.
Remove ChangeLog-5.0-6.0 from DOCDIR but keep in tarball.
Start new ChangeLog.
2018-12-30 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.0