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2013-03-24 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Compile fixes for 64-bit Cygwin.
It uses LP64 model instead of LLP64 (64-bit MSVC, MinGW).
2013-03-16 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.1
2013-03-15 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Support device names /dev/sd[a-z][a-z] (ticket #240).
Enhance DEVICESCAN to 128 drives. Add '-d [TYPE,]pd' option., Document these enhancements.
2013-03-14 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14: Fix regex for new firmware version.
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Prolific PL3507 (0x067b:0x3507): works with '-d usbjmicron,p'
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
Create branch RELEASE_6_0_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 6.0.
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Fix format of attribute 198 (ticket #258).
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Corsair Force GS
- Indilinx Barefoot_2/Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX PLUS R2
- Samsung/Seagate SpinPoint M8: 320GB, 640GB
- Seagate Momentus Thin
- Quantum Fireball EX: 10.2GB
2013-03-07 Christian Franke <>
ataidentify.cpp, ataprint.cpp: ACS-3 updates.
ataprint.cpp: Improve device statistics error messages.
2013-03-06 Christian Franke <> Support BSD variant of 'hostname' command
which prints FQDN. Add Windows domain name (Cygwin).
2013-03-01 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp:
- for SCSI disks prefer READ DEFECT(12) for finding the
grown defect list length (previously used READ DEFECT(10)
2013-03-01 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Transcend SSD320
- Intel 520 Series SSDs: OEM variant
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend SSD25 IDE
- HGST Travelstar 7K1000
- Seagate Desktop HDD.15
- Seagate LD25.2
- Western Digital RE4 (SATA 6Gb/s)
- USB: Fujitsu/Zalman ZM-VE300 (0x04c5:0x2028)
2013-02-23 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300: Remove bogus trailing '|' from
regex (Regression from r3772).
2013-02-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.h, scsiprint.cpp:
- for SCSI disks, in 'smartctl --info' report physical
block size and lowest LBA alignement (if PB size
different from LB size); logical block provisioning
status (if any); and disk protection (a.k.a. DIF) type
2013-02-19 Alex Samorukov <>
atacmds.cpp: fixed scttemphist on LE machines, including PPC. Patch
and report provided by Roger Roehrig.
2013-02-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.h, scsiprint.cpp:
- SCSI VPD work; improve rotation rate reporting and add form factor
2013-02-14 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston V+ 200, Mushkin Chronos deluxe,
OCZ Talos 2
- Plextor M3 (Pro) Series SSDs
2013-02-13 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300: new separate entry
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD m4/C400: firmware bug warning
2013-02-10 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: adding device type fix for devices on MPT controllers.
2013-02-06 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M8U (USB)
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z5K500
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar 5K750
- Hitachi/HGST Deskstar 7K4000
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..37GSX
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..65GSX: GSXN variant
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABD...
- Seagate Momentus 7200.5
- Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s): 2TB
- USB: Samsung M3 Portable USB 3.0 (0x04e8:0x61b6)
- USB: LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 (0x059f:0x1051)
- Change short attribute names required before r3343.
2013-02-05 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Fix allocation of buffer passed to putenv().
Using putenv("NAME") to unset NAME is not portable.
2013-02-05 Christian Franke <>
do_release: New Signing Key.
2013-01-31 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.h: Use the C++ way to specify unused arguments.
This silences -Wself-assign warning from clang++.
2013-01-30 Christian Franke <> Use AC_CHECK_TOOL for winmc and windres.
2013-01-30 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Install service with delayed auto start enabled.
2013-01-26 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Add eventlog MESSAGETABLE resource.
Install/remove smartd.exe as event message file.
Remove syslogevt.exe tool.
2013-01-26 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add required string CompanyName to VERSIONINFO.
2013-01-23 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add VERSIONINFO resource to exe files.
2013-01-23 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/C400/m4: m4 mSATA variant
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs
- Intel DC S3700 Series SSDs
- Samsung based SSD: Samsung SSD 840 Series
2013-01-18 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Convert to UTF-8. Sort names. Replace tabs.
2013-01-18 Christian Franke <>
Rename to to silence warning from
new automake. automake 1.12.5 is OK.
2013-01-16 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Fix assignment of BYTEORDER from -v option
(Regression from r3719).
2013-01-13 Ole Jørgen Legård <>
os_qnxnto.cpp: Fix include of errno.h.
2013-01-12 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Mushkin Callisto deluxe, SuperSSpeed S301
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: 'B' (7mm) variant (ticket #257)
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F1 EG
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint P80: SP0401N/TJ100-30
- Western Digital Caviar Black: 4TB
- Western Digital Caviar Black (AF): Remove non-AF models
- Western Digital My Passport (USB, AF): 5000L, 10J variants
- USB: WD My Passport USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x07a8)
- USB: WD My Book Studio II (0x1058:0x1105)
2013-01-02 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA S396, Kingston 3K, V+
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX PLUS
- Samsung based SSD: Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series
2013-01-02 Christian Franke <>
Add '-d usbjmicron,p' device type for Prolific USB bridges.
Based on patch provided by Edward Sheldrake.
2013-01-01 Christian Franke <>
smartd: Use Attribute 190 for temperature (-W) if 194 is not present.
2013-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2012-12-16 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: WRITE LOG on LSI/Megaraid should work fine, disable
check, problem was linux related.
os_linux.cpp: Implemented autoscan for the megaraid SAS controolers.
os_linux.cpp: fix WRITE LOG command in SAT layer for -d megaraid.
Reason was direction flag always set to READ.
os_linux.cpp: unblock autodetection for the SAT drives in -d megaraid.
2012-12-14 Christian Franke <>
man pages: Fix usage of Hyphen (-) and Minus sign (\-).
2012-12-13 Christian Franke <>
man pages: Update EXPERIMENTAL notes.
Fix spelling (Red Hat Bugzilla 665028).
2012-12-13 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print Additional Product Identifier (OEM Id).
2012-12-13 Stanislav Brabec <>
Update FSF postal address in all files.
2012-12-12 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp: Remove include <new> for QNXNTO.
Should only be needed if placement new is used.
smartd.cpp: Remove very old _GNU_SOURCE define.
It was added 10 years ago in r147. It is not (or no longer) needed
and has an unwanted side effect (__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO) on MinGW.
2012-12-11 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add '-w PATH, --warnexec=PATH' option. Document this option.
2012-12-11 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add '-d ignore' directive. Document '-d ignore'. Add DEVICESCAN example.
Remove duplicate and outdated info about device scanning. Add notes about RAID controllers to device scanning info.
2012-12-11 Stanislav Brabec <>
* SUSE: Added sysconfig options to disable
persistent state writes, attribute log and set arbitrary smartd
2012-12-03 Christian Franke <>
Avoid usage of strcpy(), strcat(), sprintf().
Use snprintf() instead or change type to std::string.
Use array references instead of char pointers for parameters.
2012-12-03 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Ignore a device from DEVICESCAN if a preceding smartd.conf
entry for the same device exists.
2012-11-28 Christian Franke <> Document scripts and
the new environment variables. Replace smartd_warning.* paths on man pages.
Reformat long sed commands.
2012-11-27 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Remove trailing newlines from some MailWarning() strings.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Fix SMARTD_MESSAGE with parentheses.
2012-11-25 Alex Samorukov <>
OpenBSD: remove dummy functions
2012-11-24 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add tool wtssendmsg.exe based on no longer
used module os_win32/wtssendmsg.cpp.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Fix wtssendmsg call.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Install smartd_warning.cmd
and wtssendmsg.exe. Fix uninstall of old ChangeLog.
2012-11-23 Christian Franke <>
Move MSVC10 project files to new directory os_win32/vc10.
2012-11-22 Christian Franke <>
smartd: Move warning message formatting and mailer/command
startup to new script SYSCONFDIR/
(Windows: smartd_warning.cmd).
Add environment variables SMARTD_PREVCNT and SMARTD_NEXTDAYS.
Remove host/domainname related code from smartd.cpp
2012-11-22 Alex Samorukov <>
smartctl: implemeted support for -g/-s rcache and -g/-s wcache for SCSI
devices to control read/write device cache.
2012-11-19 Alex Samorukov <>
smartctl: supports progress indicator on selftests
smartctl: prints rotation speed for SCSI drives, if supported
smartctl: add headers to SCSI output, fix data blocks formatting,
trim identification data
os_linux.cpp: add autodetection for PERC H700 array
smartd: trim SCSI vendor/model/serial before creating state files
2012-11-18 Alex Samorukov <>
smartd.cpp: implement error counters and temperature saving to the
attrlog file for SCSI devices.
smartd.cpp: added reset_warning_mail() if device is working for SCSI
2012-11-18 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Western Digital Caviar Green: Add -F xerrorlba
2012-11-17 Alex Samorukov <>
smartd.cpp: print lu_id for SPC devices, it is supported by standard
smartd.cpp: added initial state file support for the SCSI devices
smartd.cpp: add S/N to SCSI device identifier, lu_id is not available
on some drives.
smartd.cpp: fix warning for SCSI drives with self test in progress (#249)
drivedb.h: added -F xerrorlba flag Seagate Barracuda LP/CC32
2012-11-09 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Allow quoting of '-M exec' argument
to support path names with spaces.
2012-11-09 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Rework smartctl -l directory output.
Add R/W, R/O info. Report identical logs in one line.
2012-11-09 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: adding handling of SCSI devices exported with mfip
driver. FreeBSD changing PDT code to 0x1f and we are changing it back
to 0x00 (direct-access block device).
os_freebsd.cpp: improved error handling for the ATA devices
2012-11-04 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Mushkin Chronos
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ AGILITY4
- Intel 710 Series SSDs: Add attribute 174
- JMicron based SSDs: KINGSTON SSDNOW 30GB
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C: *CLA330
- Seagate DiamondMax 23, Barracuda 7200.12, 7200.14 (AF),
LP, Green (AF): no warnings for newer firmware versions
- Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s): rename, add 1TB
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E (0x0930:0x0b1[9a])
- USB: Verbatim Store'n'Go (0x18a5:0x022b)
2012-11-02 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: disabling 48bit commands on legacy ATA controllers
in ATACAM mode because of kernel bug.
2012-10-31 Christian Franke <>
atacmdnames.cpp: Update for ATA-8-ACS, ACS-2, ACS-3.
ataidentify.cpp: Mark retired/obsolete values.
ataprint.cpp: Add new ACS-3 logs, mark obsolete logs.
2012-10-27 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Have smartd prefer real device names over passN.
Patch provided by dnelson, see ticket #21
os_freebsd.cpp: fix 48-bit support for ATA legacy controllers in
ATACAM mode, patch provided by Alexander Motin
2012-10-25 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Return error for get SCT ERC if ATA registers are
unchanged after SMART_WRITE_LOG command (see ticket #245).
2012-10-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.cpp: Add missing parameter check to ata_pass_through().
Update Areca info on man pages.
2012-10-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_interface: Rework ATA parameter checks, use new flags
ata_device::supports_* for new ata_cmd_is_supported().
Replace ata_cmd_is_ok() by ata_cmd_is_supported() in scsiata.cpp
and os_win32.cpp.
2012-10-19 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp - fixed 3ware twe controller support broken
by inerface migration.
2012-10-18 Christian Franke <>
utility.cpp: Add missing errno clear in split_selective_arg()
(Debian bug 690108).
Remove unused function split_report_arg2().
2012-10-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: define _WIN32. This fixes build on
Cygwin with new w32api-headers.
2012-10-18 Alex Samorukov <>
Compile fixes for Areca patch on FreeBSD.
Added support for the /dev/twsX (3ware 9750) controller on FreeBSD.
Manual pages updated with /dev/twsX device
FreeBSD: Migrate 3ware interface to ata_pass_through()
FreeBSD: fix missing drives detection on -d 3ware
FreeBSD: 3ware - do not pass buffers direcly, use memcpy() instead
FreeBSD: improved detection of 3ware/LSI controllers
2012-10-16 Christian Franke <>
Compile fixes for Areca patch:
Add missing includes. Add GPL header.
Add dev_areca.* to and
2012-10-16 Hank Wu <>
Move common Areca code from os_freebsd.cpp, os_linux.cpp, os_win32.cpp
to new files dev_areca.h, dev_areca.cpp.
Add SAS support for FreeBSD and Linux.
2012-10-10 Christian Franke <>
Rename old CHANGELOG to ChangeLog-5.0-6.0.
Start new ChangeLog.
2012-10-10 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.0