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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note */
* Definitions for the NVM Express ioctl interface
* Copyright (c) 2011-2014, Intel Corporation.
#include <linux/types.h>
struct nvme_user_io {
__u8 opcode;
__u8 flags;
__u16 control;
__u16 nblocks;
__u16 rsvd;
__u64 metadata;
__u64 addr;
__u64 slba;
__u32 dsmgmt;
__u32 reftag;
__u16 apptag;
__u16 appmask;
struct nvme_passthru_cmd {
__u8 opcode;
__u8 flags;
__u16 rsvd1;
__u32 nsid;
__u32 cdw2;
__u32 cdw3;
__u64 metadata;
__u64 addr;
__u32 metadata_len;
__u32 data_len;
__u32 cdw10;
__u32 cdw11;
__u32 cdw12;
__u32 cdw13;
__u32 cdw14;
__u32 cdw15;
__u32 timeout_ms;
__u32 result;
#define nvme_admin_cmd nvme_passthru_cmd
#define NVME_IOCTL_ID _IO('N', 0x40)
#define NVME_IOCTL_ADMIN_CMD _IOWR('N', 0x41, struct nvme_admin_cmd)
#define NVME_IOCTL_SUBMIT_IO _IOW('N', 0x42, struct nvme_user_io)
#define NVME_IOCTL_IO_CMD _IOWR('N', 0x43, struct nvme_passthru_cmd)
#define NVME_IOCTL_RESET _IO('N', 0x44)
#define NVME_IOCTL_SUBSYS_RESET _IO('N', 0x45)
#define NVME_IOCTL_RESCAN _IO('N', 0x46)