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* knowndrives.h
* Home page of code is:
* Copyright (C) 2003-11 Philip Williams, Bruce Allen
* Copyright (C) 2008-21 Christian Franke
* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
#define KNOWNDRIVES_H_CVSID "$Id$\n"
// Structure to store drive database entries, see drivedb.h for a description.
struct drive_settings {
const char * modelfamily;
const char * modelregexp;
const char * firmwareregexp;
const char * warningmsg;
const char * presets;
// info returned by lookup_usb_device()
struct usb_dev_info
std::string usb_device; // Device name, empty if unknown
std::string usb_bridge; // USB bridge name, empty if unknown
std::string usb_type; // Type string ('-d' option).
// Search drivedb for USB device with vendor:product ID.
int lookup_usb_device(int vendor_id, int product_id, int bcd_device,
usb_dev_info & info, usb_dev_info & info2);
// Shows the presets (if any) that are available for the given drive.
void show_presets(const ata_identify_device * drive);
// Shows all presets for drives in knowndrives[].
// Returns #syntax errors.
int showallpresets();
// Shows all matching presets for a drive in knowndrives[].
// Returns # matching entries.
int showmatchingpresets(const char *model, const char *firmware);
// Searches drive database and sets preset vendor attribute
// options in defs and firmwarebugs.
// Values that have already been set will not be changed.
// Returns pointer to database entry or nullptr if none found.
const drive_settings * lookup_drive_apply_presets(
const ata_identify_device * drive, ata_vendor_attr_defs & defs,
firmwarebug_defs & firmwarebugs, std::string & dbversion);
// Get path for additional database file
const char * get_drivedb_path_add();
// Get path for default database file
const char * get_drivedb_path_default();
// Read drive database from file.
bool read_drive_database(const char * path);
// Init default db entry and optionally read drive databases from standard places.
bool init_drive_database(bool use_default_db);
// Get vendor attribute options from default db entry.
const ata_vendor_attr_defs & get_default_attr_defs();