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2018-12-30 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.0
2018-12-29 Christian Franke <> Remove extra quote.
INSTALL: Update or remove various outdated info.
2018-12-28 Christian Franke <> Set drivedb.h branch to 7.0. Update public key block. Update key ID.
Create new branch RELEASE_7_0_DRIVEDB.
Sign drivedb.h using new key ID 721042C5.
2018-12-27 Christian Franke <>
do_release: Add quotes to AC_INIT regex. Update PACKAGE_HOMEPAGE. Set release number to 7.0
smartctl.cpp: Set JSON format version to 1.0 (#766).
scsiprint.cpp: Omit JSON values for unavailable counters from
Format Status log page. This ensures that each JSON value always
has the same type.
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston E50 (#756)
- WDC HGST Ultrastar He10 (#959, #997, #1093, #1111)
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ04UBF... (USB 3.0) (#937)
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.10: HP OEM 160GB (#1037)
- Seagate Constellation ES.3: HP OEM 4TB
- Seagate Exos 5E8 (#1058)
- Seagate IronWolf Pro (#1076, GH issues/10, GH issues/14)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: Rename, add Green (#980, #1073)
2018-12-20 Donald Pierce <...>
- Dell Certified Intel S3520 Series SSDs (#1147)
- Dell Certified Intel S4x00/D3-S4x10 Series SSDs (#1148)
2018-12-20 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston HyperX Fury (#805)
- Phison Driven SSDs: PNY CS2211 (#992)
- JMicron based SSDs: ADATA SX390 (#818),
KingSpec KDM-SA.51-008GMJ (#741)
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: KingSpec KSD, KingSpec T60,
Team Group L5Lite 3D (#1144), Transcend ESD400
- USB: Transcend ESD400 (0x2174:0x2000)
smartd.cpp: Remove unneeded '.c_str()' call. Update a comment. Use AS_HELP_STRING instead of AC_HELP_STRING
as suggested by autoupdate. Add missing check for 'enableval'.
2018-12-16 Christian Franke <> Don't use empty lines before '.SH' macros.
smartd.cpp: [_WIN32] Remove check for '-m [sys]msgbox'.
nvmeprint.cpp: Don't print NSID in SMART/Health Information title
line. This log is always read with broadcast NSID.
2018-12-16 Giuseppe Iuculano <>
cciss.cpp: Fix kFreeBSD build (Debian kfreebsd.patch). Declaring is unnecessary by
now because syslog is socket-activated and will therefore be started
when needed (Debian removesyslogtarget.patch).
2018-12-11 Christian Franke <> Update DEVICESCAN info and move it up to a
new section. Add section header for DEFAULT SETTINGS.,, Remove EXPERIMENTAL
notes for features added before 6.5.
os_linux.cpp: Call realpath() with full /sys/* path instead of
device name (GH pull/23). This fixes detection of hpsa devices
(regression from r4603).
2018-12-11 Harry Mallon <>
scsinvme.cpp: Fix debug message.
2018-12-05 Christian Franke <>, Mark '-d sntjmicron' as
drivedb.h: Enable JMicron JMS583 entry, use an internal -d option.
scsinvme.cpp: Detect this internal -d option and ask user to test
'-d sntjmicron'.
scsinvme.cpp: Add missing include of config.h.
2018-12-05 Harry Mallon <>
Add '-d sntjmicron[,NSID]' device type for NVMe drives behind
JMicron USB to NVMe bridges (JMS583).
2018-12-04 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Add '-d by-id' option to device scanning.
If specified, scan '/dev/disk/by-id/*' for symlinks to '/dev/sdX'
and remove duplicates.
2018-12-02 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung based SSDs: CM851 (#1109), SM863a (#1140)
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: Transcend 420K (GH issues/20),
Transcend 630 (#1038)
- Western Digital Gold: Re-add 8TB *2 variant
- USB: Buffalo HD-PNTU3 (0x0411:0x01e7), HD-LC3 (0x0411:0x027e)
- USB: ADATA NH13 (0x125f:0xa13a), HD710P (0x125f:0xa75a)
- USB: Verbatim External Hard Drive (0x18a5:0x0408) (#1107)
AUTHORS: Add Harry Mallon.
2018-12-02 Harry Mallon <>
drivedb.h: USB: LaCie Rugged Mini HDD (0x059f:0x106b)
Fix many typos.
ataprint.cpp: Fix Form Factor string with bits set in reserved area
- Happens with APPLE SSD SD0256F
2018-11-27 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Add USB ID detection for '/dev/sgN'. Fix typo (#1138).
2018-11-27 Harry Mallon <> allow automake 1.16 and 1.16.1.
2018-11-25 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs: Micron 1100
alternative ID string (#1131)
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Comay BladeDrive E28 (#823),
MX-DS FUSION (#900), OCZ Deneva 2 *.C (#1119), OCZ-VERTEX3 LT
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston A400 with extra space in ID (#801)
- Samsung based SSDs: SM951 *HDGM variant (patch from #1113)
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: KingDian S400 (#1116)
- Western Digital Gold: 1TB, 2TB (#1035, #1047), 8TB (#1033),
12TB, attribute 22 "Helium_Level" (patch from #1115)
2018-11-25 Cameron Costa <>
drivedb.h: Intel S4510 M.2 (#1121, #1122, #1123, #1133)
2018-11-13 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Drop device scan support for obsolete devfs.
Implement new version of scan_smart_devices(). This avoids
duplicates if multiple '-d TYPE' options are specified.
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add default implementation for
old version of scan_smart_devices().
2018-11-02 Oleksii Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp, os_freebsd.cpp: fix return value in error paths
patch provided by rikard.falkeborn (github)
2018-11-02 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp: Allow UTF-8 characters in strings.
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l defects'.
Add numeric values to JSON 'interface_speed' info.
Replace local 'le*_to_uint()' with 'sg_get_unaligned_le*()'.
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h: Remove request to send '-l defects' output.
Remove 'pending_defects_info' flag.
smartctl.cpp, Add '-l defects' to '-x' output.
2018-10-25 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp, json.h: Add 'pretty' print option.
smartctl.cpp, Add '--json=c' option to disable
ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp, smartctl.cpp: Use const references
for json::ref function parameters.
json.cpp, json.h: Clean up usage of 'int64_t' and 'long long'.
Use PRI?64 instead of "ll?" in printf() format strings.
This re-enables build on older versions of MinGW.
2018-10-23 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp: Remove extra space after JSON key names.
json.cpp, json.h: Remove return of self reference from operator=().
json.cpp, json.h: Change handling of unsafe and 128-bit integers:
Output as string 'KEY_s' and LE byte array 'KEY_le' if range exceeded
or verbose mode enabled.
smartctl.cpp, Add '--json=v' option.
2018-10-17 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/popen_win32.cpp, os_win32/popen.h: New popen()/pclose()
for Windows. Unlike MSVCRT _popen(), it does not open a new console.
os_win32.cpp: Remove run_cmd(), use popen() instead.
os_win32/daemon_win32.cpp, os_win32/daemon_win32.h: Remove
smartd.cpp: Remove _WIN32 specific usage of daemon_spawn(),
use generic code with popen() also on Windows.
Place quotes around warning script path on Windows., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new files.
2018-10-17 Rick Chen <>
scsiprint.cpp: Add SCSI information to JSON output as below:
- Drive trip temperature (#1079)
- Error counter log read/write/verify (#1079)
- Grown defect list (#1082)
- Percentage used endurance indicator (#1083)
2018-10-14 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs: MX500 M.2
- Samsung based SSDs: Samsung SM841 (#1043), PM841 (#1052),
Samsung 860 EVO (#1034, #1040, #1051, #1059),
Samsung 860 PRO (#1010, #1068, #1102, #1103, #1104),
Samsung Portable SSD T5 (#1050)
- USB: Samsung Portable SSD T5 (0x04e8:0x61f5) (#1050)
os_darwin.cpp: Add missing braces to SMART RETURN STATUS LBA register
setting. Detected by g++ 7.3 -Wmisleading-indentation.
2018-10-11 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1809 and Server 2019 build number.
Move "(64)" to end of version info.
os_linux.cpp: Fix '-d megaraid' open crash on missing /proc/devices.
There is no /proc/devices on ESXi (see #800) and WSL.
2018-10-09 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Move code for '--capabilities' to separate functions.
smartd.cpp: Rework main loop.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp, os_linux.cpp, os_solaris.cpp:
Replace all uses of EXIT() macro. Use early return where possible,
use throw otherwise.
utility.h: Remove EXIT() macro.
utility.cpp: Detect more C++ language versions for -V option.
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs: Rename,
BX500 (#1095)
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint F4 EG (AF) (#1090)
- Seagate Momentus 5400.6: Add '-F xerrorlba' (#1094)
- USB: JMicron JM562 (0x152d:0x0562) (IDENTIFY only, see #966)
- USB: VIA VL715 (0x2109:0x0715) (#1098)
2018-10-09 Anthony D'Atri <>
drivedb.h: (#1096)
- Samsung based SSDs: Samsung PM863a (#951, #952, #961, #962, #972)
- Intel 730 and DC S35x0/3610/3700 Series SSDs: Dell-flavor S3500
2018-10-09 Thomas Niedermeier <>
drivedb.h: Samsung PM883 and SM883 (GH pull/19)
2018-09-27 Christian Franke <>
INSTALL: Update list of default ./configure options.
utility.cpp: Add check of sg_get_unaligned_[bl]e16() and *32 to
utility.cpp, utility.h: Optionally use C++11 'std::regex' instead of
POSIX regex(3). Add option '--with-cxx11-regex'.
utility.cpp, utility.h: Simplify 'class regular_expression', remove
unneeded flag parameters, remove unused function.
atacmds.cpp, knowndrives.cpp, os_win32.cpp, smartd.cpp: Adjust usage
accordingly., utility.cpp, utility.h: Remove replacement for missing
'strtoull()'. Change default for '--with-nvme-devicescan' to 'yes'
on Linux and Windows. Keep 'no' on FreeBSD, NetBSD and Darwin.
2018-09-26 Christian Franke <> Print warning if systemd(1) is present but
libsystemd-dev package is missing.
smartd.cpp: Notify READY=1 to systemd just before first sleep() to
ensure that the signal handlers are set.
smartd.cpp: Always ignore failure of ATA SMART ENABLE command if
'-T permissive' is specified. Useful for testing on virtual
2018-09-21 Christian Franke <>, os_linux.cpp: Remove redundant define WITH_SELINUX. Check for 'libcap-ng' only on Linux.
Rework __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO test for MinGW runtime.
Print 'deprecated' warning for '--without-working-snprintf'.
Add systemd(1) notify support to smartd (#1081): Add option '--with-libsystemd'. Add linker flag and man page conditional.
smartd.cpp: If environment variable NOTIFY_SOCKET is set, use
sd_notify(3) to inform the service manager about state changes. Set 'Type=notify'. Document new functionality.
2018-09-16 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Avoid possible virtual call in dtor
(cppcheck 1.84: virtualCallInConstructor).
os_win32.cpp: Use unsigned int for bit shifts
(cppcheck 1.84: shiftTooManyBitsSigned). Set HAVE_WORKING_SNPRINTF also in VC14 config.h.
os_netbsd.cpp: Add spaces between string literals and macros for
C++11 (g++ -Wliteral-suffix).
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l selective'.
drivedb.h: Update or remove links in warning messages.
drivedb.h: Crucial/Micron BX300, MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs:
- Rename,
- Crucial BX300 (GH pull/16, #963),
- Crucial MX300 750GB,
- Crucial MX500 (#977, #994, #995, #1004, #1024),
- Micron M500IT (#958),
- Micron 1100 OEM (GH pull/17),
- fix name of attribute 202 and 248.
2018-09-12 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Get JSON values 'temperature.op_limit_min/max' from
Device Statistics.
atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp: Print ACS-4 max operating temperature
from SCT Status. Remove define of 'HAVE_GETOPT_LONG'.
os*.cpp: Remove remaining checks for 'HAVE_GETOPT_LONG'. Remove check for 'uname()'.
os_generic.cpp, os_qnxnto.cpp: Remove function 'unsupported()'.
- HGST Deskstar NAS: *6040ALE614 (#935, #1089)
- HGST Ultrastar DC HC520 (He12) (#1086)
2018-09-12 Anthony D'Atri <>
drivedb.h: Micron 5100 Pro / 5200 SSDs (#1071)
2018-09-11 Oleksii Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Fix build on FreeBSD 12, patch by fernape@
2018-09-10 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD: V5.1 (#1087)
- Seagate Exos X12 HDD (#1042, #1046)
- Western Digital VelociRaptor (AF): WD5000BHTZ (patch from #1041)
2018-09-10 David Purdy <>
drivedb.h: Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston A400 (#801)
2018-09-02 Christian Franke <>
dev_intelliprop.h: Fix copyright info.
ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp: Change JSON value 'power_on_hours'
to 'power_on_time.hours'. Add '.minutes' if available.
scsiprint.cpp: Add JSON values 'power_on_time.hours/minutes' from
Seagate factory lpage or from background scan lpage.
2018-08-20 Christian Franke <>
Add missing license headers to some source files.
2018-08-19 Christian Franke <>
Add SPDX-License-Identifier to all files with GPL header (#919).
Remove GPL headers. Remove outdated info about smartsuite.
getopt/*, regex/*: Replace with current version from glibc 2.28
(2018-08-01). Add _GETOPT/REGEX*_STANDALONE configurations., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Set *_STANDALONE.
Add new files.
examplescripts/README: Update mailing list address.
os_solaris_ata.s: Remove old mailing list address.
os_win32/wbemcli_small.h: Remove this file.
The file <wbemcli.h> is usually provided by recent MinGW packages. Remove check for <wbemcli.h>., os_win32/wmiquery.h, os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*:
Remove usage of 'wbemcli_small.h'.
ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp: Add JSON values 'power_cycle_count'
and 'power_on_hours'.
json.cpp, json.h: Add 'set_if_safe_*' member functions.
2018-08-13 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l devstat'.
Add JSON support also for old SCT Status format.
2018-08-10 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp, os_win32/wmiquery.h: Add missing printf() format checks.
This also silences -Wformat-nonliteral warnings from clang++ 5.0.
os_win32.cpp: Increase IOCTL_ATA_PASS_THROUGH timeout to 60 seconds.
2018-08-10 Zhdan Bybin <>
- Intel S3520 Series SSDs (#985)
- Intel S4510/S4610/S4500/S4600 Series SSDs (#912, #928, #1000)
2018-08-04 Christian Franke <>
Remove int64.h, use <inttypes.h> or <stdint.h> instead., utility.cpp, utility.h: Add 128-bit unsigned integer
to string conversion. Provides full integer precision if compiler
supports '__int128' (e.g. x86_64 GCC and CLang).
json.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp: Use these new functions. Adjust config-vc14 target.
2018-08-02 Christian Franke <>
scsicmds.h, scsiprint.cpp: Add support for SAS host managed drives
(patch from #1045).
2018-08-01 Christian Franke <>
dev_interface.cpp, scsiata.cpp,,
Add option '-d scsi+TYPE' to disable SAT auto detection.
Useful in conjunction with TYPEs 'aacraid' and 'cciss' (#871).
2018-07-31 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston DC400 (#933, #1011), move GOODRAM to ...
- Phison Driven OEM SSDs: ... here, PC Engines msata16d (#967),
- USB: Iomega MDHD500-U (0x059b:0x0274) (#1003)
- USB: Freecom (0x07ab:0xfc17) (#1049)
- USB: JMicron JMS539 (0x152d:0x0539/0x2801) (patch from #970)
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x0561) (#945)
- USB: JMicron JMS567 (0x152d:0x2567) (#948)
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x578e) (#987)
json.cpp: Add missing ';' to '--json=g' output of 128-bit values.
2018-07-29 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows Server 1803 build number.
Improve search for actual CSMI port number.
2018-06-21 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Rework handling of glob() return code.
Don't abort device scan on missing '/dev/discs' (#1036).
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1803 build number.
Silence g++ 7.3 -Wformat-truncation warning.
2018-04-19 Christian Franke <>
utility.cpp, utility.h: Use array reference for buffer parameter
of dateandtimezoneepoch(). Remove no longer used dateandtimezone().
utility.cpp: Add check of sg_get_unaligned_[bl]e64() to
2018-04-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
switch usage of unaligned.h to sg_unaligned.h which is functionally
the same. sg_unaligned.h is the same header used by libsgutils which
is the basis of the sg3_utils, sdparm and ddpt packages available on
many of the same architectures as smartmontools is. This change
introduces a "sg_" prefix on the inline functions defined
sg_unaligned.h . The new header has specializations for big and little
endian machines that depends on the non-standard bswap_16(), bswap_32()
and bswap_64() calls. They are defined in the byteswap.h header which is
a GNU extension. According to the 'net both gcc and clang use intrinsics
{assembler ?} to implement these calls. If the byteswap.h header is not
present on the build machine, the generic implementations will be
used for the "unaligned" family of functions. Additionally the generic
implementations can be imposed with './configure --disable-fast-lebe'.
Developers may need to use './' prior to their normal build
sequence. Please report any problems to the author.
2018-03-28 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp, scsiprint.cpp:
Output JSON 'user_capacity' as 'blocks' and 'bytes'.
Handle both as unsafe ints.
smartd.cpp: Ignore remaining percentage in initial check of
self-test execution status.
scsiata.cpp: Fix device type info for 'usbcypress'.
os_linux.cpp: Fix device scan crash on missing /proc/devices.,
Add option '-u github'.
2018-03-20 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Add initial JSON support for '-i', '-H' and '-A'.
json.cpp, json.h: Add support for 64 and 128 bit unsigned
integers. Add 'set_unsafe_*()' member functions to print unsigned
integers >= 53 bit as JSON number and string.
2018-03-07 Douglas Gilbert <>
- continue to use READ CAPACITY(10) first on unseen
SCSI devices but once we discover the need for
READ CAPACITY(16) use it for subsequent accesses
- struct scsi_device: add set_rcap16_first() and
use_rcap16() const methods
- use scsi_device::set_rcap16_first() when READ
CAPACITY(10) reports 32 bits can't represent the
number of blocks
2018-03-06 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Transcend PSD SSD family (#979)
- add Toshiba HK4R Series SSD (#898)
- extend Western Digital Re regexp (#896)
- extend Wester Digital Se regexp (#953)
- add Smartbuy ignition plus (#976)
2018-03-05 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Add Seagate IronWolf 12TB ST12000VN0007-2GS116 (#988)
2018-03-05 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add Seagate Barracuda Pro family (#981)
2018-03-01 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Fix build under -CURRENT (patch by cy@)
2018-02-28 Alex Samorukov <>
- Add SanDisk SDSSDH2128G (#982)
2018-02-27 Alex Samorukov <>
- extend PLEXTOR PX regexp (#934)
- add Seagate Enterprise NAS HDD family (#946)
- add SanDisk SDSA6MM-* family (#965)
- fix Seagate Laptop HDD regexp (#955)
- add Seagate Barracuda Compute series (#927)
- extend Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD regexp (#956)
2018-02-26 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Seagate XF1230 SSD (GH: issues/4)
- add Intel SSD Pro 5400s Series (GH: pull/5)
- add SanDisk-SD8SN8U-256G-1006 (GH: pull/3)
- add Toshiba Q300 SSD series (#932)
- extend HGST Deskstar NAS regexp (#975)
- add KINGSTON SNS4151S316GD SSD (#902)
2018-02-20 Christian Franke <>
os_netbsd.cpp: Apply patch-os_netbsd.cpp 1.1 (2017-12-15) from Add missing <sys/stat.h>., int64.h: Remove support for pre-C99 environments without
<inttypes.h> and <stdint.h>. Add '-Wformat=2 -fstack-protector-strong' unless
CXXFLAGS include other '-W' or '-f' options.
2018-02-16 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Default to '-d sat' for Toshiba (0x0480), Seagate (0x0bc2),
Western Digital (0x1058), Initio (0x13fd), ASMedia (0x174c).
Keep known exceptions. Merge some entries.
2018-02-08 Douglas Gilbert <>
nvme on windows: just some code comments. Seems as though
W10 tries to completely neuter the idea of a pass-through.
2018-01-06 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsi subsystem: improve dStrHex() signature, adjust
invocations. Adjust scsi_format_id_string() signature.
Add smartctl support for Pending Defects (sub-)log page;
seems similar to 'smartctl -l defects' but that is ATA
only. Needs to be generalized (as it will probably appear
in NVMe also).
2018-01-04 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsi subsystem: preparation for decoding more log pages.
2018-01-01 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: fix build with CLANG/6. Patch provided by
Dimitry Andric, PR 224826
2018-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2017-12-30 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsi subsystem: add code to check for both log pages
and subpages, subpages were not checked for previously.
Add decoding for Format Status log page. Associated
cleanups. Tighten checking for Seagate and Hitachi
vendor specific log pages; '-T permissive' will relax
checks back to the situation before this patch
2017-12-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
unaligned.h: fix inconsistency in function argument
of get_unaligned_be24()
2017-12-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
Add --enable-scsi-cdb-check option to ./configure that
results in a SCSI cdb sanity check prior to SCSI generic
pass-through in Linux. [So it does not sanity check
Megaraid and 3ware (etc) pass-throughs (but could).] When
selected defines SCSI_CDB_CHECK in config.h . This may be
temporary. This patch is an attempt to catch strange
frames (perhaps SATA FIS) being sent to the SCSI
2017-12-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
Rework scsiGetSize() and remove scsiGetProtPBInfo().
Convert scsicmds.cpp to use unaligned.h get and put.
2017-12-27 Alex Samorukov <>
Add unaligned.h header file to the
2017-12-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
Add unaligned.h header file; has get and put variants of
unaligned be16,24,32,48,64 and le16,24,32,48,64 copies
plus all_zeros() and all_ffs() helpers. All inline.
2017-12-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
Remove UINT8, INT8, UINT32 and INT32 typedefs in favour
of the types from <stdint.h>; for example uint8_t
2017-12-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
nvmecmds.cpp: according to NVMe 1.3a spec, the SMART/
health information log page is global and should take
the global nsid (all ff_s). It also says the Error
info lpage is "global. Broke WD Black PCIe (NVMe)
SSD but worked on Intel SSDs. Fix; could break others.
2017-12-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
os_freebsd.cpp: on error was setting set_nvme_err() to 1,
not the actual NVMe status value; fix.
2017-12-24 Alex Samorukov <>
CircleCI: add FreeBSD cross compilation
2017-12-22 Alex Samorukov <> add -lsbuf to FreeBSD libs to fix static builds.
2017-12-21 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: Start some JSON work. Other cleanups and helper
functions; potentially new header for those helpers.
2017-12-17 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-g all', '-l scterc' and
'-l scttemp'.
ataprint.cpp: Don't print obsolete SCT Support Level (#940).
2017-12-14 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: JSON '-A' output: Add booleans and string for attribute
flags. Remove string array. Rename table.
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l [x]error'.
2017-12-13 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp, Rename '--json=a' to '--json=o'.
smartctl.cpp: Show command line error messages in JSON output.
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l [x]selftest' and
'-l directory'.
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h: Move self-test print functions to ...
ataprint.cpp: ... here.
smartd.cpp: Rework self-test error counting.
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-c'.
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h: Change return type of capability checks to
bool. Declare simple checks inline.
2017-12-07 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp: Avoid 'cbegin()' and 'cend()' to fix build with older
json.cpp, json.h, smartctl.cpp, Add '--json=s' option.
Outputs JSON object elements sorted by key.
Add '--json=g' option. Outputs JSON structure suitable for grep.
2017-12-05 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Add JSON support for '-l sataphy'.
smartctl.cpp: Add JSON support for '--scan'.
Add similar device info to regular JSON output.
ataprint.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: Remove now duplicate "protocol" element.
smartctl.cpp: Silence false positive warnings from clang analyzer.
2017-12-02 Christian Franke <>
Add initial support for smartctl JSON output mode (#766):
json.cpp, json.h: New files with JSON support class., os_win32/vc14/smartctl.vcxproj*: Add new files.
ataprint.cpp: Add initial JSON support for -i, -H, -A and -l [x]error.
scsiprint.cpp: Add initial JSON support for -i and -H.
smartctl.cpp, smartctl.h: Add '-j, --json' option, global JSON object
and new print functions. Document new functionality.
atacmds.cpp: Remove no longer needed variable 'must_swap'.
os_win32.cpp: Remove include of smartctl.h, add extern declaration.
Decode Windows Server 1709 build number., os_linux.cpp: Always include <sys/sysmacros.h> if available.
This silences a 'deprecated' warning from glibc 2.25 headers.
2017-11-20 Alex Samorukov <>
os_netbsd.cpp (fix regressions in smartmontools 6.6)
- fix BE platforms support, tested on sparc64 (#943)
- fix name based device type detection (#943)
- Add byte-swapping for IDENTIFY command and remove related hacks from the
atacmds.cpp (#117)
2017-11-18 Alex Samorukov <>
- Add Swissbit C440 industrial cf card series (#942)
- Fix Innolite Satadom D150QV entry (#939)
2017-11-16 Christian Franke <> Remove FreeBSD section.
os_linux.cpp: Add missing braces to 3ware SELinux code.
This possibly harmless bug was introduced ~10 years ago in r2510.
It is now detected by g++ 6.3 -Wmisleading-indentation warning. Include configured PATH in help and
error messages. Allow digits in SVN Id user name. Prepend '/usr/local/bin' to default for
'--with-scriptpath' (#941).
2017-11-15 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Use 'sigaction()' instead of deprecated 'sigset()'
or 'signal()'. Add '--with-signal-func' to select old function
if needed. Remove '-with-initscriptdir=[auto|yes]' heuristics.
The default init script is no longer useful on most platforms.
INSTALL: Update related documentation., Use on Cygwin. New file. Remove Cygwin section. Make some header checks platform specific.
Print '--with-nvme-devicescan' warning also on FreeBSD.
Remove '--with-solaris-sparc-ata' warning.
examplescripts/Example6: Add enhancements from Fedora package.
2017-11-13 Christian Franke <>
- Western Digital Red: WD80EZZX
- USB: WD My Book (0x1058:0x25ee) (Red Hat Bugzilla 1446533)
2017-11-13 Matt Coates <>
drivedb.h: USB: Seagate Backup Plus 4TB (0x0bc2:0xab43) (#926)
2017-11-10 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add SanDisk iSSD SDIS6BM (#923)
2017-11-08 Christian Franke <>, os_win32/installer.nsi: Add VERSIONINFO resource to
os_win32/installer.nsi: Remove get/set of old 'Install_Dir' registry
entry. No longer needed for recent versions of GSmartControl.
Remove deletion of old .exe.manifest files.
Search also for 64-bit version of Notepad++.
ataprint.cpp: Fix detection of Device Statistics log with
256 sectors (#922).
os_linux.cpp: Use 'realpath()' (BSD, POSIX) instead of
'canonicalize_file_name()' (GNU extension).
This fixes build on systems with musl libc (#921).
2017-11-06 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: implement NVMe device scan (#687)
os_freebsd.cpp: show hint if /dev/nvd* is specified as device name
2017-11-05 Christian Franke <> Add separate version number for drivedb.h branch.
2017-11-05 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.6
2017-11-04 Christian Franke <>
- Apple SD/SM/TS...E/F/G SSDs: Rename, add 1TB
- Innodisk 3IE3/3ME3/3ME4 SSDs: Rename, add 3ME4
- Intel 730 and DC S35x0/3610/3700 Series SSDs: 150GB, *G7
(ticket #750)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio (0x0480:0xa202, 0xa207)
- USB: Seagate Expansion Desktop (0x0bc2:0x3330)
- USB: Maxtor D3 Station 3TB (0x0bc2:0x6123)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus 4TB (0x0bc2:0xab1e)
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x0579)
- USB: Hitachi Touro Mobile (0x4971:0x1023)
- USB: JMicron JMS566 (0xa152:0xb566)
- USB: LogiLink PCCloneEX Lite (0xabcd:0x6104) Fix conditionals of platform specific samples., Shorten or remove info about
very old 3ware controllers. Add '-g' to '-x' documentation.
Avoid a very long line.
smartctl.cpp: Improve help text formatting.
2017-11-03 Christian Franke <> Update mailing list link. Update mailing list comment.
utility.cpp: Silence g++ 7.1 -Wformat-truncation warning.
atacmds.cpp, dev_areca.cpp, os_linux.cpp: Add comments to silence
g++ 7.1 -Wimplicit-fallthrough=[1-4] warnings.
os_linux.cpp: Fix indentation (g++ 6.3: -Wmisleading-indentation).
nvmeprint.cpp: Print IEEE EUI-64 of namespace.
2017-10-29 Christian Franke <> Add notes about SMART commands obsoleted in ACS-4.
Remove some outdated info.,, Enable NVMe sections
for Darwin.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Update links.
Remove outdated uninstall commands.
INSTALL: Update ./configure description and OS info.
ataidentify.cpp, ataprint.cpp: Minor ACS-4 additions.
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Add option '-l defects'
to print ATA ACS-4 Pending Defects log (ticket #909). Document '-l defects'.
2017-10-25 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung based SSDs: PM871b (tickets #895, #903)
- Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD: 4TB (fix for #913)
- Western Digital Red Pro: 6TB (ticket #785)
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Add ability to run PowerShell scripts
with '-M exec'. Document new functionality. Fix typo.
2017-10-25 Alex Samorukov <>
- add SATA Voyager GTX (#893)
2017-10-24 Christian Franke <>
do_release: Update code signing key id. Add new mailing list address to database
signing key.
2017-10-24 Alex Samorukov <>
- add USB Voyager GTX (#893)
- add Phison based OEM SSD based on the firmware name (#853, #831)
- add Ultrastar 7K2 series (#892)
- add LITEON ZETA (LMH-*V2M-*) (#794)
2017-10-22 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1709 build number. Fail instead of warn if no compiler option to accept
C++11 found and '--with-cxx11-option' is not specified.
2017-10-19 Alex Samorukov <>
scsicmds.h: increase SCSI_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT to 1 minute to work on the
big JBOD arrays (#917)
2017-10-15 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Use also device identify information to detect for
duplicate devices (ticket #313).
atacmds.cpp: Don't pass possibly unaligned pointers to swapx().
This silences '-Waddress-of-packed-member' warning from clang++ 4.0
(ticket #915).
2017-10-12 Alex Samorukov <>
os_linux.cpp: implemented support for the SG_IO V4 API. This should
fix kernel warnings and other issues on the /dev/bsg SCSI devices.
Based on the patch created by Circuitsoft (#782)
2017-10-11 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp: fix crash on --scan (regression from r4549)
2017-10-10 Christian Franke <>, os_darwin.cpp: Align Darwin NVMe device scanning with
other platforms: Disable unless '--with-nvme-devicescan' or '-d nvme'
is specified. Print related configure warning.
2017-10-09 Alex Samorukov <>
- Extend Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 regexp (#910)
- Extend Seagate NAS HDD regexp (#778)
- Extend Seagate Surveillance regexp (#807)
- Extend Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD regexp (#864, #913)
- Fix Seagate Barracuda 2.5 5400 regexp to add new models and
avoid false matches (#796)
- Add Seagate IronWolf HDD series (#760)
- Fix attribute 183 for the Seagate Barracuda 2.5 5400 HDD (#816)
- Added Mushkin Triactor series (#905)
- Extend Samsung PM830 regexp (#897)
2017-10-08 Alex Samorukov <>
- Add TOSHIBA MQ03UBB... series (#901)
- extend TOSHIBA THNSF regexp (#790)
2017-10-08 Christian Franke <> Check for compiler option to accept C++11.
If none found, print warning and ask user to provide info.
Add '--with-cxx11-option' to suppress this warning.
This is intended to check whether C++11 could be used in some
future smartmontools release. The current build is not affected., Add Windows VERSIONINFO resource also to
runcmd*.exe and wtssendmsg.exe. Include application manifests if
needed. This also fixes manifests with older MinGW binutils which
do not support more than one resource objects.
os_win32/smart* Replace by os_win32/
2017-10-06 Christian Franke <> Add PDF man page formatting.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Add PDF man pages, remove TXT man pages.
- SMART Modular Technologies mSATA XL+ SSDs (patch from ticket #802)
- StorFly CFast SATA: Add missing space.
- Fix regexp from tickets #882, #885.
2017-10-05 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add StorFly CFast SATA 6Gbps SSDs (#911)
2017-10-05 Christian Franke <>
- Western Digital Red: WD80EFAX (tickets #857, #899)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio (0x0480:0xb207)
- USB: Apple/TOSHIBA MQ01UBB200 (0x05ac:0x8406)
- USB: Seagate Expansion Portable 2TB (0x0bc2:0x231a)
- USB: Maxtor M3 Portable 4TB (0x0bc2:0x61b7) (ticket #875)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport (0x1058:0x259f) (ticket #833)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport (0x1058:0x25e2)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport (0x1058:0x25fa) (ticket #840)
- USB: WD My Book / Easystore (0x1058:0x1230) (ticket #835)
- USB: WD My Book / Easystore (0x1058:0x25fb) (tickets #857, #899)
- USB: JMicron JMS561U (0x152d:0x8561) (ticket #860)
- USB: Innostor IS888 (0x1f75:0x0888): -d sat works (ticket #827)
2017-10-04 Alex Samorukov <> update information about NVMe in Darwin and OS/2 support
smartd.cpp, utility.cpp: fix compiler warnings related to vprintf
2017-10-03 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Print new NVMe 1.3 feature flags.
2017-10-02 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add strict tests of /dev/null redirection and chdir("/"). Use '-fstack-protector' if '-strong' is not supported.
2017-10-01 Christian Franke <> Set default LDFLAGS for MinGW only if LDFLAGS is unset.
Add '-Wformat=2 -fstack-protector-strong' if supported and CXXFLAGS
is unset.
- Fix regexp from tickets #714, #721, #759, #789, #797, #798, #806,
#824, #825, #866, #872, #880.
- SK hynix SATA SSDs (based on patch from ticket #874)
2017-09-25 Alex Samorukov <>
- extend controller and smart log page structures to match 1.3 specification.
- Print thermal temperature transition statistic
- Added support for more LaCie and Freecom devices (patch from #891)
2017-09-24 Alex Samorukov <>
- Added Toshiba MK..34GSX series (#886) and MK..32GSX series (#887)
- Added GOODRAM CX200 SSD (#838)
- Added Mushkin SSD family (#797)
- Added Samsung PM871 to the Samsung SSD family (#798)
- Added PNY CS1311 family (#890)
- Added 0x152d:0x0578 Jmicron USB->SATA
- Added Transcend MTS800 drives (#787)
- Added Transcend MSA 630 series (#759)
- Extended Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000 regexp (#858)
2017-09-23 Alex Samorukov <>
- Fix HGST HDS724040ALE640 (#885)
- Add Toshiba MQ03ABB300 (#884)
- Fixed Hitachi 7K1000 (#883)
- Added Seagate Barracuda 2.5 5400 series (#882)
- Added new Seagate Barracuda 3.5 7200 series (#880)
- Added Toshiba P300 series (#881)
- Added SK hynix SSD SC300 series (#699)
- Added Toshiba HG6 Series SSD (#721)
- Added Hynix SSD series
- Added AMD Radeon Solid State Drives (#762)
- Added USB Bridge 0x3538:0x0064 (#855)
- Added Seagate ST4000NM0085 to the Capacity family
- Added Sandisk SATA Cloudspeed Max and GEN2 ESS SSDs and Sandisk SATA CS1K
GEN1 ESS SSDs (#846)
- Added Seagate FireCuda drives (#825)
- Added Transcend MTS400 drives (#847)
- Added Transcend MTS420 drives (#869)
- Added Transcend SSD230 drives (#879)
- Added Transcend SSD220S drives (#821)
- Added Intel 540 Series SSDs (#803)
- Added Intel 3710 Series SSDs (#824)
- Added Micron 5100 ECO, PRO, and MAX Models (#861)
- Added Samsung EVO SSD series - make regexp match less strict (#806)
- Added Hitachi CinemaStar 5K1000 series (#758)
- Added WDC WD4004FZWX disk to the Digital Black family (#765)
- Added Samsung SSD 845DC EVO series (#866)
- Added SK hynix SL308 family (#808)
- Added WD Blue PC SSD family (#767)
- Corrected Crucial M4 drivedb entry to include 32Gb model (#844)
2017-09-20 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd: use /dev/nvme/nvme.h on the recent versions
- initial NVMe support for the darwin platform.
- NVMe device scan support
- Add device type autodetection
2017-08-08 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Fix ATA Security Level check. Detect MinGW libstdc++ problems with high
Update smartmontools-support mailing list address.
Remove old mailing list address from all source files.
2017-05-03 Christian Franke <>,,,
Rework vertical space and '' (no-fill) sections
for better formatting with various tools (groff, mandoc,
man2html) and output formats (text, pdf, html).
Use default vertical space instead of an empty line
between paragraphs.
Use '.br' instead of '' where applicable.
Use CW font in remaining no-fill sections. Replace UTF-8 quotes.
2017-05-02 Christian Franke <>,,,
Various man/groff syntax fixes (ticket #656):
Split long lines.
Insert two spaces or newline between sentences.
Use ' for apostrophes.
Use groff extension \(aq (apostrophe quote, ASCII 0x27)
or ' for quotes.
Use \- (minus sign) for options and examples.
Use \(en (en-dash) for numeric ranges.
Protect . with \& if not at end of sentence.
2017-04-24 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: remove duplicated code which checks ATA SMART
status (#746)
2017-04-23 Alex Samorukov <>
- code cleanup
- add os2ahci driver initial support
- fix selftest command
- add device scan support
2017-04-19 Alex Samorukov <>
OS/2 - many fixes:
- autodetect and build os_os2.o on OS/2
- fix os_os2.cpp/os_os2.h compilation (thanks to franke@)
- get rid from the os_os/hdreg.h - use constants from the atacmd.h
- remove most of the dead code and unused functions
2017-04-17 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1703 build number.
atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp: Use STANDBY instead of IDLE command if
'-s standby,[N|off]' and '-s standby,now' are both specified. Document new behaviour of '-s standby,*'.
2017-04-01 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp: Print minimum supported ERC
Time Limit from SCT Status.
ataidentify.cpp, ataprint.cpp: Add ACS-4 and SATA 3.3 major
versions, log pages, device statistic values and feature bits.
2017-03-27 Christian Franke <>
scsiprint.cpp: Suppress "SAS address" if '-q noserial' is
specified (ticket #822).
scsicmds.cpp: Remove useless variable
(cppcheck 1.77: knownConditionTrueFalse).
smartd.cpp: Always suppress "failed to read Temperature" message
if SCSI device does not support temperature (ticket #817).
Fix initial check for SCSI temperature support.
Log SCSI temperature regardless of its origin.
2017-03-11 Christian Franke <>,,, Update EXPERIMENTAL notes.
Update links. Update or remove various outdated info. Fix documentation of the '-g all' option.
smartctl.cpp: Add '-g dsn' to '-x' output.
2017-03-11 Jonghwan Choi <>
ataprint.cpp: Fix false positive DSN support detection.
2017-03-09 Jean Delvare <...> Fix documentation of the '-q' option.
2017-03-09 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Add Jonghwan Choi.
2017-03-09 Jonghwan Choi <>
Add options to get/set ATA DSN (Device Statistics Notification)
feature (ticket #815):
atacmds.h: Add DSN feature subcommand code.
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Add '-g/s dsn' options.
smartd.cpp: Add '-e dsn' directive., Document the new options.
2017-03-04 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Fix help text for '-B' option.
smartd.cpp: Unify indent style, replace tabs.
Move ATA/SCSI/NVMe device open to new common function.
Suppress warning emails and repeated log messages on open error if
'-d removable' is specified (Debian Bug 770872, Ubuntu Bug 1451572). Document new behaviour of '-d removable'.
2017-03-02 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Move single device registration to new function.
Exit smartd on device open error unless '-q never' or '-d removable'
is specified (regression from r2602).
Prevent retry if registration failed and '-q never' is specified.
Add enum for '-q, --quit' option.
2017-02-27 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/P300: Rename, add P300, remove M500
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD m4/C400/P400: P400e micro SATA
- Crucial/Micron MX1/2/300, M5/600, 1100 Client SSDs: Rename,
add MX300 (tickets #763, #791), M550 M.2 (ticket #810),
1100 (ticket #783)
2017-02-22 Christian Franke <> Set various default LDFLAGS for MinGW builds:
Link statically, indicate DEP and TS compatibility, enable ASLR.
Add '--with-mingw-aslr' option.
2017-02-20 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows Server 2016 build number.
os_win32.cpp: Rework CSMI port mapping. This fixes access to
ports != 0 behind IRST driver 15.2 (ticket #804).
2017-01-30 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: unblock 48bit ATACAM commands for the legacy controllers
if FreeBSD version is >= 9.2-RELEASE, tested on FreeBSD 10.3
2017-01-28 Christian Franke <>
ataidentify.cpp: Don't shift negative values
(g++ 6.3: -Wshift-negative-value, cppcheck 1.77: shiftNegativeLHS).
os_win32.cpp, scsiata.cpp, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: Fix 'if'
and 'else' clause indentations (g++ 6.3: -Wmisleading-indentation).
Add indent style configuration for EditorConfig
.editorconfig: New file. Add new file to source tarball.
2017-01-21 Christian Franke <>
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: X300 OEM (ticket #747),
X400 (ticket #715), Ultra II (ticket #744)
- USB: Renesas uPD720231A (0x045b:0x0229)
- USB: Maxtor D3 Station 5TB (0x0bc2:0x6126)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus 8TB (0x0bc2:0xab38) (ticket #786)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport (0x1058:0x107d) (ticket #772)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport (0x1058:0x25a1) (ticket #773)
- USB: WD My Book 4TB (0x1058:0x25a3) (ticket #784)
- USB: WD Elements / My Passport: Merge entries
- USB: WD My Book: Merge entries
2017-01-14 Christian Franke <>
scsiata.cpp: Remove redundant assignment
(cppcheck: redundantAssignment).
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp,
Add STATUS parameter to '-n POWERMODE' option (ticket #697).
2017-01-13 Christian Franke <> Rework CXXFLAGS settings, use shell intrinsics.
os_win32.cpp: Fix harmless buffer overflow bug
(found by VC14 code analyser).
2017-01-12 Christian Franke <>
- Innodisk 1ME3/3ME/3SE SSDs: Rename, add 1ME3 (ticket #713), 3SE
- Innodisk 3IE2/3ME2/3MG2/3SE2 SSDs: Rename, add 3ME2
- Samsung based SSDs: 750 EVO, PM810(470), 840, PM830, PM851,
CM871 (ticket #754), CM871a, PM871a (tickets #745, #775),
SM951 (ticket #704)
2017-01-11 Christian Franke <> Make '-d intelliprop' visible on all platforms.
Add warning. Document '-d intelliprop'.
os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new files.
AUTHORS: Add Casey Biemiller
2017-01-11 Casey Biemiller <>
Add '-d intelliprop' device type for drives behind IntelliProp
RAID controllers (ticket #730):
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h: Add function ataWriteLogExt().
dev_intelliprop.cpp, dev_intelliprop.h: New files.
dev_interface.cpp: Add '-d intelliprop,N[+TYPE]' option. Add new files., Document it.
2017-01-09 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: fix panic on INVARIANTS enabled kernel, patch
provided (#780) by Oliver Pinter <>
2017-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2016-11-12 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.h, freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h: Apply patch-atacmds.h 1.1
and patch-freebsd_nvme_ioctl.h 1.1 (2016-11-04) from
Build fix for FreeBSD-11 and newer. Don't redefine now
existing things, ATA_SET_FEATURES and nvme_command.
2016-11-10 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Don't detect devices behind hpsa driver as regular
SCSI devices. Suggest to use '-d cciss,N' instead.
Based on patch provided by Stanislav Brabec.
2016-11-05 Christian Franke <> Fix 'mv' error on first update with new
script., Add '--with-gnupg' option. Add '--with-update-smart-drivedb=X.Y' option to
backport drive database update script and man page to older
version X.Y. Remove checks for no longer supported options
--disable-drivedb, --enable-savestates and --enable-attributelog.
2016-11-04 Christian Franke <>
Add authentication to update-smart-drivedb (ticket #751):
Create missing branches RELEASE_6_5_DRIVEDB and RELEASE_6_6_DRIVEDB.
Add signature files drivedb.h.raw.asc to each maintained branch. Include new public key block ID DFD22559.
Download also drivedb.h.raw.asc.
Do no longer download from trunk if branch does not exist.
Create drivedb.h.raw. Verify signature.
Add options '--trunk', '--no-verify' and '--export-key'. Document new behaviour and options.
2016-10-23 Christian Franke <> Document Windows PARAMCHANGE service control command.,, Enable NVMe sections
for NetBSD., os_netbsd.cpp: Add --with-nvme-devicescan for NetBSD.
- Toshiba 3.5" MG04ACA... Enterprise HDD (ticket #732)
- Toshiba X300 (ticket #716)
- Seagate Laptop HDD: Rename, add 3/4TB (ticket #738)
- Seagate Constellation ES: HP OEM
- Western Digital RE4: *ABYZ variant
- Western Digital Re: Add attribute 16 (ticket #742)
- Western Digital Black: Remove *BEK[TX] variants
- Western Digital Black Mobile: 1TB, *BEKT, *LPLX variants
- Western Digital Elements / My Passport (USB, AF): 4TB
- USB: Neodio Technologies (0x0aec:0x3050)
- USB: Dura Micro (0x0c0b:0xb136)
- USB: My Passport Ultra 4TB (0x1058:0x2599)
2016-10-17 Christian Franke <> Add --with-scriptpath option., Set PATH variable.
2016-10-03 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/vc14/*.vcxproj: Add platform x64.
os_win32.cpp: Use new enhanced version of IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY
to access NVMe info. This works with Windows 10 NVMe driver
(stornvme.sys) (ticket #691)., Document device names.
2016-09-28 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Buffalo MiniStation HD-PZU3 (0x0411:0x01f9) (ticket #739)
- USB: Iomega Prestige (0x059b:0x0571)
- USB: LaCie P9223 (0x059f:0x1070)
- USB: Seagate Expansion Desktop (0x0bc2:0x331a) (ticket #725)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus (0x0bc2:0xab28) (ticket #738)
- USB: WD My Passport Ultra (0x1058:0x259d) (ticket #736)
- USB: ASMedia ASM1351 (0x174c:0x1351)
2016-09-25 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Add Kimihiro Nonaka.
2016-09-25 Kimihiro Nonaka <...>
os_netbsd.cpp: Migrate to new dev_interface (ticket #101).
Add NVMe support (ticket #728).
Implement netbsd_ata_device::ata_pass_through().
netbsd_nvme_ioctl.h: New file based on "sys/dev/ic/nvmeio.h" from
NetBSD kernel sources. Add new file.
2016-09-07 Christian Franke <> clean-vc14 targets.
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 build number.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Use delayed variable expansion.
os_win32/smartd_mailer.ps1: Use domainname for default sender address.
os_win32/smartd_mailer.conf.sample.ps1: Update related comment.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Remove trailing '\r' from USERDNSDOMAIN.
2016-08-28 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/installer.nsi: Fix quoting of EDITOR shortcuts.
Send warning mails via PowerShell script on Windows (ticket #731):, os_win32/installer.nsi: Add new files.
os_win32/smartd_mailer.ps1: New PowerShell script using Send-MailMessage
cmdlet to send mail.
os_win32/smartd_mailer.conf.sample.ps1: New sample config file.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Call new script if configured.
Improve error handling. Add setlocal. Document it.
2016-08-17 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Add Song Liu.
smartctl.cpp: Reduce scope of 'persistent' flag
(cppcheck: variableScope).
2016-08-17 Song Liu <>
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp,
Add persistent option ',p' to '-s wcreorder,on|off' (ticket #726).
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp, Add ability to control ATA drive write cache through
SCT Feature control. The new smartctl options are
'-s wcache-sct,ata|on|off[,p]' and '-g wcache-sct' (ticket #723).
2016-08-06 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add Windows 10 build number to get_os_version_str().
Update MSVC10 (VS2010) for VC14 (VS2015):
os_win32/vc14/*: Move from os_win32/vc10/*.
os_win32/vc14/*.vcxproj: Update for VC14.
Remove '__func__' workaround (revert r4225). Rename and update config-vc14 target.
utility.cpp: Add workaround for missing 'tzname'.
- OCZ/Toshiba Trion SSDs: Rename, add TOSHIBA-TR150 (ticket #722)
- HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 (ticket #708)
- HGST Ultrastar He10
- Seagate Desktop HDD.15: 6TB, 8TB
- Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD: 8TB, 10TB (ticket #717),
attribute 240
- Seagate SV35: 4TB
- Western Digital Gold (ticket #711)
- USB: LaCie (0x059f:0x1075) (ticket #718)
- USB: Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3322) (ticket #706)
- USB: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (0x0bc2:0x5030) (ticket #720)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus Desktop (0x0bc2:0xab34) (ticket #700)
2016-05-31 Christian Franke <>
- Intel 311/313 Series SSDs: mSATA, *H (HP) variant
- Intel 520 Series SSDs: *L (Lenovo) variant
- HGST Ultrastar He6/He8: attribute 22 "Helium_Level"
- Western Digital Red: 8TB, attribute 22 "Helium_Level"
- USB: WD My Passport Ultra (0x1058:0x0837) (ticket #696)
- USB: WD My Passport (0x1058:0x083a)
- USB: WD My Book (0x1058:0x111d)
2016-05-10 Christian Franke <>
os_openbsd.cpp: Compile fix (regression from r4156).
os_netbsd.cpp: Apply patch-os__netbsd.cpp 1.3 (2016-05-08) from
- Compile fix (regression from r4156).
- Use a raw disk device file on NetBSD.
2016-05-07 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.5
2016-05-06 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung SpinPoint P80 SD: *J/P variant
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M7E
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z5K500: *E680 variant
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K500: HITACHI variant
- Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000: *A641 variant
- HGST Ultrastar He8
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABD...: *V variant
- Seagate Desktop HDD.15: 5TB
- Seagate SV35.3
- Seagate SV35: *0001 variant
- Seagate DB35: SATA variant
- Western Digital Blue: 2-6TB, *Z variant
- Western Digital RE4-GP: *2003* variant
- Western Digital Re: Rename, 2-6TB
- Western Digital Caviar Green: SATA 6Gb/s variant
- Western Digital Caviar Black: *7501AAES*
- Western Digital Blue Mobile: 2TB
- Western Digital Elements / My Passport (USB, AF): *7500B*, 3TB
2016-05-01 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung based SSDs: 840 EVO 750GB (ticket #692), 850 EVO M.2,
SM843T *HCFV* variant
- USB: WD My Passport (0x1058:0x07ae) (ticket #686)
- USB: JMicron JMS561 (0x152d:0x9561)
nvmecmds.cpp: Enhance debug hex dump to sizeof Identify structs.
Do not dump trailing zero bytes.
2016-04-27 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h, smartctl.cpp,
Add NVMe support for 'smartctl -c'. Print various drive and
namespace capabilities. Remove related info from '-i' output.
2016-04-24 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Fix formatting of error log with unset LBA fields.
utility.cpp, utility.h: Skip leading blanks in format_char_array().
Some NVMe devices return right aligned text fields., smartd.cpp: Remove include of netdb.h.
No longer needed since r3712.
smartd.cpp, Remove support for '-m [sys]msgbox'.
2016-04-23 Christian Franke <>
- Innodisk 3ME SSDs
- Innodisk 3IE2/3MG2/3SE2-P SSDs: Rename, add 3SE2-P
- Innodisk 3IE3/3ME3 SSDs: Rename, add 3IE3
- USB: Buffalo MiniStation HD-PNFU3 (0x0411:0x0251) (ticket #683)
- USB: Renesas uPD720231A (0x045b:0x022a)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio (0x0480:0x0210, 0x0480:0xa20c)
- USB: Samsung G2 Portable (0x04e8:0x6032): 2nd entry with -d sat
- USB: Iomega LDHD-UPS (0x059b:0x0278)
- USB: Iomega LPHD-UP (0x059b:0x0470)
- USB: LaCie Desktop Hard Drive (0x059f:0x1016)
- USB: SanDisk SDCZ80 Flash Drive (0x0781:0x5588)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0xab2[05])
- USB: WD My Passport Ultra (0x1058:0x0822)
- USB: WD Elements (0x1058:0x25a2)
- USB: JMicron JMS561 (0x152d:0x1561)
- USB: VIA VL711 (0x2109:0x0711): change to -d sat (ticket #594)
- USB: Sharkoon QuickPort XT USB 3.0 (0x357d:0x7788)
2016-04-16 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp: Allow NVMe debug messages during --scan.
Suppress "Device open changed type ..." message unless debug
mode is enabled.
atacmds.cpp: Remove duplicate POWER MODE error message.
smartd.cpp: Remove dead increment (cppcheck: unreadVariable).
Do not write localized decimal point to syslog()., Add '--with-update-smart-drivedb=no'
option to disable drive database update script. Useful if
maintainers do not want the script due to security concerns
and/or want to provide database updates as a separate package
(Debian bug 804299, FreeBSD Bugzilla 208398)., Hide references to script if disabled.
nvmeprint.cpp: Add Power State and Namespace info to '-i' output.
Do not print unset or duplicate info unless debug mode is enabled.
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h: Add Identify Namespace support.
2016-04-15 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix harmless bug in errno check of HPTIO_CTL ioctl()
calls. Bug was introduced 10 years ago in r2237.
2016-04-15 Yuriy M. Kaminskiy <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix harmless bug in errno check of HDIO_DRIVE_TASK*
ioctl() calls. Bug was introduced 12 years ago in r1609, the fix
in r4003 was incomplete.
2016-04-14 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Fix size factor of Data Units Read/Written counters.
os_win32.cpp: Fix device count in win_nvme_device::open().
Thanks to Oliver Bruchmann for bug reports and testing.
2016-04-12 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: improve handling when no tape cartridge is
in the tape drive.
2016-04-12 Alex Samorukov <>
scsiprint.cpp, smartd.cpp: workaround for the buggy ST8000NM0075/E001,
request log page list with a fixed length (ticket #678).
2016-04-11 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add Samsung SM863 series, ticket #681
2016-04-10 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Include also unknown and unsupported USB devices
in device scan result. Move USB device handling to new function.
Add Windows Server 2016 to get_os_version_str().
AUTHORS: Add Thomas Gatterweh.
smartd.cpp: Check is_powered_down() also with '-n sleep'.
2016-04-10 Thomas Gatterweh <>
Prevent drive spin up by '-n standby' check on Windows (ticket #677):
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h:
Add smart_device::is_powered_down().
os_win32.cpp: Add win_ata_device::is_powered_down(). Open device
without READ or WRITE access to prevent spin up.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Add check for is_powered_down().
2016-04-09 Christian Franke <>, os_win32.cpp, Add NVMe DEVICESCAN
support for Windows.,, Document NVMe
support for Windows.
nvmecmds.cpp, os_win32.cpp: Use NSID=0 for Identify Controller
command. This fixes NVMe access via Samsung driver on Windows.
2016-04-08 Christian Franke <>
os_win.cpp: Add initial NVMe support for Windows.
Successfully tested with Intel driver.
Does not work with Samsung driver.
Thanks to Minkyu Kim for testing.
2016-04-02 Christian Franke <>
Fix memory leak if get_sat_device() is called with unknown 'type':
scsiata.cpp: get_sat_device(): Delete 'scsidev' on error.
dev_interface.h: Update documentation of get_sat_device().
dev_interface.cpp: Fix use of get_sat_device().
(All other uses of get_sat_device() are already sane).
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add counter for objects derived
from 'smart_device'.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Print error message if any objects remain
on exit.
os_linux.cpp: linux_megaraid_device: Remove unused member variable
'm_busnum' (clang++: -Wunused-private-field) and the related ctor
os_linux.cpp: Fixes suggested by clang analyser:
Add or remove inconsistent nullptr checks.
Remove dead increments.
2016-04-01 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: add missing commas in peripheral_dt_arr and
add number of elements (2**5) so that won't happen again.
2016-03-31 Alex Samorukov <>
- add samsung SAMSUNG-MZ7PC series (ticket #679)
- add KINGSTON SKC400S37128G (SSDNow KC400) (ticket #673, patch provided
by the reporter)
- add SanDisk SSD Plus series (ticket #674)
- add XceedIOPS SSD series (ticket #672)
- add Crucial BX200 SSD (ticket #643)
2016-03-30 Christian Franke <>
Add support for multiple '-d TYPE' options for device scanning:
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.cpp: Add new version of
scan_smart_devices() which accepts list of types.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Allow multiple '-d TYPE' options.
Use new scan_smart_devices()., Document it. Add man page support for --with-nvme-devicescan. Document NVMe DEVICESCAN for Linux. Use `...` instead of $(...) due to possible parsing
problems since r4260. Remove workaround for related bash bug.
2016-03-28 Christian Franke <>
Add NVMe DEVICESCAN support for Linux: Add --with-nvme-devicescan option.
os_linux.cpp: Scan for '/dev/nvme[0-99]' if '-d nvme' is specified
or --with-nvme-devicescan is set.
smartctl.cpp: Add "NVMe" to --scan info.,, Enable NVMe
sections also for FreeBSD. Write configuration summary also to config.log.
2016-03-28 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Add initial FreeBSD NVMe support (ticket #657)
2016-03-27 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Support POWER MODE values introduced in ATA ACS-2
(ticket #184, smartctl only).
2016-03-27 Thomas Gatterweh <>
atacmds.cpp, smartd.cpp: Support POWER MODE values introduced
in ATA ACS-2 (ticket #184, smartd only).
2016-03-26 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Rearrange code such that no forward declarations
are needed.
os_freebsd.cpp, os_netbsd.cpp, os_openbsd.cpp, os_solaris.cpp,
utility.cpp: Remove variable 'bytes'. Only used for a memory
leak check which was removed in r2629 (2008-08-29).
os_solaris.cpp, utility.cpp, utility.h:
Remove CustomStrDup(), use strdup() instead.
dev_legacy.cpp, utility.cpp, utility.h:
Remove FreeNonZero(), use free() instead.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp, utility.cpp, utility.h:
Remove split_report_arg(), use sscanf() instead.
Add basic NVMe support for smartd (-H -l error -W):, os_win32/vc10/smartd.vcxproj: Add nvmecmds.cpp to smartd.
smartd.cpp: Add NVMeDeviceScan() and NVMeCheckDevice()., Document NVMe support.
nvmeprint.cpp: Remove ary_to_str().
utility.cpp, utility.h: Add format_char_array().
2016-03-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_interface.cpp: Add missing 'usbprolific' to help text.
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp: Add support for '-q noserial'.
smartd.cpp: Remove outdated declaration of getdomainname().
utility.cpp: Add C++ language version to output of -V option.
2016-03-20 Christian Franke <>
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h, smartctl.cpp:
Add options '-l error[,NUM]' and '-l nvmelog,PAGE,SIZE' for NVMe
scsicmds.cpp: dStrHex(): Don't print trailing spaces. Document '-l error[,NUM]', '-l nvmelog,PAGE,SIZE'
and '-r nvmeioctl'.
2016-03-18 Christian Franke <>
Add basic NVMe support for smartctl (-i -H -A) on Linux: Add new files.
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add class nvme_device.
linux_nvme_ioctl.h: New file imported from Linux kernel sources
(include/uapi/linux/nvme_ioctl.h 9d99a8d 2015-10-09).
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h: New module with NVMe command wrapper
functions for smartctl and smartd.
nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h: New module with nvmePrintMain().
smartctl.cpp: Add nvmePrintMain() support.
os_linux.cpp: Add class linux_nvme_device.
os_win32/vc10/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new files. Document NVMe support.
2016-03-14 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: work on LB provisioning corner cases; LBPRZ now
3 bits wide (in response to ticket #664)
2016-03-14 Alex Samorukov <>
- extend Apple SSD regexp (ticket #668)
- Add OCZ VeloDrive R (ticket #667)
2016-03-12 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Add Phison Driven SSDs:
- Kingston UV300 SSD series (ticket #663)
- Kingston SSDNow KC310/V310
- HyperX Savage
2016-03-11 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Add Kingston UV300 SSD series
2016-03-06 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Samsung based SSDs: Fix PM863 regexp, attribute IDs and
name length (regression from r4227).
2016-03-03 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Adata HD710 1TB USB3 (ticket #662)
2016-02-29 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: PM863 Series (ticket #661)
2016-02-28 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: OWC Aura Pro 480 GB (ticket #660)
2016-02-26 Christian Franke <> Use HTTPS for '-u sf' (ticket #659).
Improve file modification check. Document changed URL.
os_win32/vc10/smartctl.vcxproj: Workaround for missing support of
'__func__' (included in C99 and C++11, but not in C++03).
2016-02-15 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: APPLE SSD TS064E (ticket #655)
2016-02-02 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: output unavailable rather than 255C for Drive
Trip temperature; skip background scan lpage for tape drives
2016-02-02 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX100/MX200/M5x0/M600 Client SSDs: 250GB MX200
(ticket #644), M500 mSATA and M.2
- OCZ Trion SSDs: Rename, add Trion 150
- Innodisk 3ME3 SSDs: SATADOM-SL 3IE3
2016-01-25 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin: add launchctl script for the smartd and remove deprecated one.
"On current systems there is only one recommend way: launchd"
2016-01-24 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: fix possible reallocf with 0 bytes arg (ticket #640)
drivedb.h: add Corsair Extreme SSD (ticket #642)
os_darwin.cpp: fix error reporting if open fails
2016-01-23 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp: do not print bogus memory allocation error message if
there are no devices found
2016-01-22 Christian Franke <>
Various fixes suggested by clang analyser (ticket #640):
dev_areca.cpp: Fix check of ARCMSR_READ_RQBUFFER result.
knowndrives.cpp: Add missing member initialization.
smartd.cpp: Fix crash on missing argument to '-s' directive.
Add missing variable initialization. Remove redundant assignment.
2016-01-21 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Added ADATA SP550 SSD (ticket #638)
os_freebsd.cpp: Reduce variable scope where possible (cppcheck: variableScope)
os_openbsd/os_netbsd - removed never used warning code defines (cppcheck)
2016-01-21 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp, smartd.cpp: Don't issue SCT commands if ATA Security
is locked (ticket #637).
2016-01-19 Alex Samorukov <>
- Samsung PM871 SSD family (ticket #636)
- Fixed detection for Samsung SSD 850 EVO mSATA 120GB (ticket #635)
- Fixed Western Digital Caviar Black regexp, extended WD Black (ticket #631)
2016-01-06 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Extra warning entry for buggy Corsair Force LS
(ticket #628)
- Innodisk 3MG2-P SSDs: 1.8" variant
- Innodisk 3ME3 SSDs
- USB: Seagate Expansion Portable (0x0bc2:0x2322) (ticket #627)
- USB: Jess-Link (0x0dbf:0x9001)
2016-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2015-12-19 Christian Franke <> Fix path of 'smart-pkg-uninstall' (Regression from r4190). Fix platform specific formatting.
2015-12-18 Alex Samorukov <>
os_netbsd.cpp, os_openbsd.cpp: fix ioctl returtn value check
os_darwin.cpp: fix error handling
os_darwin: use /usr/local/ prefix to install on 10.11 (El Capitan)
2015-12-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: stop tape drive looking for Solid State media
log page (ticket #314).
2015-12-14 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: fix compiler warning for is_tape. Clean code around
handling of tape drives.
2015-12-14 Christian Franke <>
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: 1.8" microSATA
- Intel 53x and Pro 2500 Series SSDs: Rename, add 535 (ticket #625),
add Pro 2500
- Intel 730 and DC S35x0/3610/3700 Series SSDs: Rename,
add S3510/3610, 1.2TB, 1.6TB
- USB: LaCie (0x059f:0x106f) (ticket #624)
- USB: WD My Passport (0x1058:0x071a, 0x1058:0x0816)
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x1650)
- USB: Unknown (0xabcd:0x6103) Add '-s SMARTCTL' option. Document it.
2015-12-07 Christian Franke <> Append 'svn' to list of download tools. Use HTTPS download by default.
Add options '-t TOOL', '-u LOCATION', '--cacert FILE',
'--capath DIR', '--insecure' and '--dryrun'.
Add 'svn' as new download tool.
Ignore differences in SVN Id string (re-added).
Remove usage of 'which' command. Document the new options.
2015-11-23 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: parse_attribute_def(): Init buffers before sscanf() call
(cppcheck-1.71: uninitvar).
scsiprint.cpp: Fix GLTSD bit set/cleared info messages (ticket #621).
2015-11-22 Christian Franke <> Add NEWS file to svnversion.h target.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Select 64-bit version on 64-bit Windows.
Fix installation of runcmda.exe. Update links.
2015-11-15 Christian Franke <> Check whether MinGW adds an application manifest. Add default manifest for MinGW builds.
os_win32/default.manifest: New default application manifest.
Remove external application manifests.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Use macros from 'LogicLib.nsh' where possible.
Add missing MessageBox /SD options.
Remove external application manifests.
2015-11-07 Christian Franke <>
- Micron M500DC/M510DC Enterprise SSDs: Rename, add M510DC
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Mushkin Chronos 7mm/MX/G2, Enhanced ECO2
- Innodisk 3MG2-P SSDs
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: Crucial BX100 (ticket #597)
2015-10-31 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, knowndrives.cpp, knowndrives.h:
Read default SMART attribute settings from drivedb.h (ticket #465).
Remove hard-coded attribute names and format settings.
drivedb.h: Uncomment default settings to create the "DEFAULT" entry.
Add ",HDD" or ",SSD" to HDD/SSD specific settings.
smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Use new database initialization function.
Create branch RELEASE_6_4_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 6.4.
2015-10-22 Paul Grabinar <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: OCZ RevoDrive 350, Z-Drive 4500
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs: Add attributes,
OCZ ARC 100, Saber 1000, Vector 180, Vertex 460A
- OCZ Intrepid 3000 SSDs: Intrepid 3700
- OCZ Trion
2015-10-20 Christian Franke <>
Reduce variable scope where possible (cppcheck: variableScope). Remove *.s from files used to generate svnversion.h.
2015-10-18 Alex Samorukov <>
fixes suggested by cppcheck:
Check realloc result to avoid memory leak (memleakOnRealloc)
Fix printf() signednsess (invalidPrintfArgType_sint)
2015-10-17 Christian Franke <>
Various fixes suggested by cppcheck:
Close FILE pointer before reopening it (cppcheck: publicAllocationError).
Add missing member initializations to ctors (cppcheck: uninitMemberVar).
Remove redundant nullptr check (cppcheck: nullPointerRedundantCheck).
Remove redundant assignments (cppcheck: redundantAssignment).
Clarify calculation precedence (cppcheck: clarifyCalculation).
Use C++-style casts for pointer types (cppcheck: cstyleCast).
Remove duplicate on both sides of '||' (cppcheck: duplicateExpression).
Declare ctors with one argument as 'explicit'
(cppcheck: noExplicitConstructor).
Remove unread variables and assignments (cppcheck: unreadVariable).
Fix signedness of sscanf() formats strings
(cppcheck: invalidScanfArgType_int).
2015-10-14 Christian Franke <> Disable os_solaris_ata.o by default.
Add --with-solaris-sparc-ata option to enable. Exclude os_solaris_ata.s from source tarball
(Debian bug 729842).
os_solaris.cpp: Check for WITH_SOLARIS_SPARC_ATA instead of __sparc.
2015-10-13 Christian Franke <> Fix error handling in various shell scripts.
2015-10-13 Casper Dik <...>
os_solaris.cpp: Detect SATA devices as SCSI devices. This adds
support for auto detection of SATA devices behind SAT layer.
Set USCSI_SILENT flag to suppress /dev/console messages on command
2015-10-11 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: SiliconMotion based SSDs: Transcend SSD370S, SSD420,
update attribute 245 (ticket #595, ticket #602).
2015-10-10 Christian Franke <> Use MKDIR_P to create directories
(available since automake 1.10).
os_win32.cpp: Detect USB ID if WMI reports type name "SCSI" instead
Detect USB ID also if drive letter is specified as device name.
2015-10-04 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Genesys Logic (0x05e3:0x0735)
- USB: Addonics (0x0bf6:0x1001): unsupported (ticket #609)
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x3920)
- USB: JMicron JMS539 (0x152d:0x0539, 0x0100): Set from -d usbjmicron to
unsupported because some devices may require -d sat instead (ticket #552).
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x0565) (ticket #607)
- USB: VIA VL711 (0x2109:0x0711): unsupported (ticket #594)
- USB: Hitachi Touro Mobile (0x4971:0x1024)
2015-09-25 Christian Franke <>
scsiata.cpp: Ignore SAT ATA PASS-THROUGH fixed format sense data if no
ATA status bit is set (ticket #612).
2015-09-23 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Innostor USB3.0 to SATAIII bridge (#611)
2015-09-21 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: decode 188 attribute for the "Seagate Enterprise Capacity
3.5 HDD" drives family, (see #551).
2015-09-04 Alex Samorukov <> integrate darwin dmg build process to the Makefile
2015-09-03 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin: Initial import of the files required to build
OSX/smartmontools native package (see #555).
2015-08-27 Alex Samorukov <>
Homepage URL updated from the sourceforge to (r4120)
2015-08-26 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp: Implement get_os_version_str() for the darwin.
2015-08-17 Christian Franke <>
scsiata.cpp: Ignore bogus SCSI sense_key if ATA status in
SAT ATA Return Descriptor indicates success (ticket #548).
2015-08-08 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Fix get_os_version_str() for Windows >= 8.1.
Add Windows 10 Final.
2015-08-02 Christian Franke <> Remove '--disable-drivedb',
'--enable-savestates', '--enable-attributelog'.
Print error message if used.
2015-07-15 Christian Franke <> Drop support for automake 1.7 - 1.9.x.
Rework search for automake-VERSION. Drop support for autoconf 2.5x.
Drop support for automake 1.7 - 1.9.x.
Remove --with-docdir option.
2015-06-24 Alex Samorukov <>
- USB: SimpleTech 3.0 bridge (0x4971:0x8017), reported in #554
2015-06-04 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.4
2015-06-03 Christian Franke <>
- InnoDisk iCF 9000 CompactFlash Cards
- SanDisk based SSDs: ReadyCache SSD
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (AF): Apple OEM
- USB: Toshiba Canvio Basics (0x0480:0xa200)
ataprint.cpp: Read General Purpose Log Directory only if GPL
feature set is supported. Improve support check of old logs
for older drives which return empty SMART Log Directory.
2015-06-01 Christian Franke <>, Hide initscript documentation if
initscriptdir is not configured. Remove outdated info about default shell.
2015-05-30 Christian Franke <>
Fixes for aacraid patch:
aacraid.h: Fix _WIN32/_WIN64 checks.
os_win32.cpp: Clarify copyright info in GPL header.
Improve source code formatting.
Fix build on Cygwin. Fix HKEY leak.
Fix member initialization order.
Fix info_name and dev_type parameter order.
Improve error handling. Avoid unsafe sprintf().
Remove unused variables. Add help text.
Use 0 as number of first aacraid controller as on Linux., Update '-d aacraid' documentation.
AUTHORS: Add Nidhi Malhotra.
2015-05-30 Nidhi Malhotra <>
aacraid.h, os_win32.cpp:
Add aacraid support for Windows (ticket #496).
2015-05-27 Christian Franke <>
INSTALL: Update ./configure description.
Remove info about old Linux kernel series.
Update Windows info.
2015-05-19 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print the Additional Product Identifier (OEM Id)
regardless of '-q noserial' option., Clarify '-H' option and directive.
2015-05-17 Christian Franke <>
- USB: ViPowER USB3.0 Storage (0x0350:0x0038)
- USB: Buffalo DriveStation HD-LBU2 (0x0411:0x01ea)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E Basics; (0x0480:0xa00e)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio Desktop (0x0480:0xd011)
- USB: Samsung M3 Portable USB 3.0 (0x04e8:0x61b3)
- USB: Iomega (0x059b:0x0575)
- USB: Genesys Logic GL3310 (0x05e3:0x0731)
- USB: Freecom HD (0x07ab:0xfcd6)
- USB: Apricorn SATA Wire (0x0984:0x0040)
- USB: WD My Passport (0x1058:0x0830)
- USB: WD My Book: Merge entries, add 0x1058:0x0900, 0x1058:0x1104
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x3940)
- USB: Super Top (0x14cd:0x6116): change to -d sat
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x2590) (ticket #550)
- USB: ASMedia ASM1053/1153 (0x174c:0x1[01]53)
- USB: Verbatim Pocket Hard Drive (0x18a5:0x0237)
- USB: Verbatim External Hard Drive (0x18a5:0x0400)
- USB: VIA VL701 (0x2109:0x0701)
- USB: Unknown (0x2537:0x106[68])
- USB: Hitachi Touro Mobile (0x4971:0x1020)
2015-05-16 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung SpinPoint T166: 250GB
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M8 (AF): Rename, add Apple OEM
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M9T
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M9TU (USB)
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z5K320
- HGST Travelstar Z5K1000
- HGST Deskstar NAS: 128MB cache variants
- HGST Ultrastar He6
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..51GSY
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..61GSY[N]: -v 9,minutes
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..61GSYB
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..75GSX
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABB...
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABC...
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABF...
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01UBB... (USB 3.0)
- Toshiba 3.5" MD04ACA... Enterprise HDD
- Toshiba 3.5" DT01ABA... Desktop HDD
- Seagate Laptop Thin HDD: 7200 rpm variants
- Seagate Constellation ES.2 (SATA 6Gb/s): HP OEM
- Seagate Constellation.2 (SATA): HP OEM
- Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD
- Seagate Archive HDD
- Western Digital AV-GP (AF): 500MB, EURX variants
- Western Digital Red Pro
- Western Digital Purple
2015-05-14 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX100/MX200/M5x0/M600 Client SSDs:
MX200 *00 sizes (ticket #545)
- Samsung based SSDs: PM851, SM841N, 850 EVO
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Extreme Pro, Ultra II (ticket #544)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: X110 mSATA, X300
- SanDisk based SSDs: pSSD (USB), U110
- USB: Samsung D3 Station 4TB (0x04e8:0x6125) (ticket #549)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0xa003)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus Desktop USB 3.0 5TB (0x0bc2:0xab31)
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x3569) (ticket #546)
2015-05-10 Christian Franke <>
scsicmds.cpp, scsicmds.h: Remove unused functions
scsiReceiveDiagnostic() and scsiSmartIBMOfflineTest().
Found by cppcheck.
2015-05-05 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print ACS-3 device statistics DSN flags.
Print device statistics page numbers in hex.
smartctl.cpp: Allow hex argument for '-l devstat,PAGE'.
2015-05-02 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print Transport Type for PATA and PCIe.
Print diagnostic values if SATA version or speed is unknown., Add Volker Kuhlmann to AUTHORS section.
2015-05-01 Christian Franke <>
ataidentify.cpp: ACS-3/4 updates.
ataprint.cpp: Add recent ACS-3/4 minor revisions.
Add ACS-4 log 0x0f. Add ACS-4 device statistics values and
vendor specific statistics page.
2015-04-28 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/installer.nsi: Fix possible loss of user PATH environment
variable with length greater than NSIS max string length.
2015-04-26 Christian Franke <>
do_release: New Signing Key. Use make variables instead of autoconf variables
if possible.
2015-04-24 Christian Franke <>, Rework AUTHORS section.
INSTALL,, os_win32/installer.nsi:
Remove WARNINGS file.
WARNINGS: Remove this file.
2015-04-23 Christian Franke <> Add '--with-systemdenvfile=auto' option as new default.
Remove no longer needed ENABLE_CAPABILITIES conditional. Silence build of smartd.service file.
Integrate all ENABLE_* conditionals in MAN_FILTER script.
2015-04-21 Christian Franke <> Print 'deprecated' warning for '--disable-drivedb',
'--enable-savestates', '--enable-attributelog' options.
Add 'yes|no' support to corresponding '--with-...' options.
2015-04-19 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Remove smartmontools-support list address.
Remove defunct mail addresses. Update smartsuite info.
Add recent contributors.
2015-04-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add SAT autodetection based on vendor string from
smartd.cpp: If SMART ENABLE command failed, continue if SMART is
already enabled.
2015-04-17 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Detect SAT layer of certain Intel AHCI drivers.
2015-04-15 Christian Franke <>,,
Add REPORTING BUGS section.,
Rename RETURN VALUE section to EXIT STATUS. Remove no longer used exit status 9.
2015-04-14 Christian Franke <> automake 1.15 works.
Print 'deprecated' warning if automake < 1.10 is used.
2015-04-08 Christian Franke <> Print 'deprecated' warning if autoconf 2.5x or
--with-docdir option is used.
Add comments to fix vim syntax coloring.,,
Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features added before 6.3.
2015-03-29 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Read only required log pages of Extended Comprehensive
Error log. This adds support for logs with many pages (ticket #498).
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, smartd.cpp: Add 'page' parameter to function
2015-03-22 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp,,, smartd.conf,,
smartd.cpp: Remove old Linux IDE device names (/dev/hdX) in man pages
and help texts.
2015-03-21 Christian Franke <>, smartd.cpp: Clarify smartd '--capabilities' option
(ticket #523).
2015-03-20 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX100/MX200/M5x0/M600 Client SSDs: Rename, add MX200
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: ATP Velocity MIV, Mushkin Chronos Enhanced
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX 460, OCZ AMD Radeon R7
- Intel 530 Series SSDs: mSATA variant
- JMicron based SSDs: ADATA SP310
- Plextor M3/M5/M6 Series SSDs: Rename, add M6M, M6S
2015-03-13 Douglas Gilbert <>
- SCSI to ATA translation: from SAT-2 and later a SAT layer may
return ATA registers via fixed format sense data. Change to
additionally accept (partial) fixed format sense. In response
to ticket #296 and FreeBSD Bug 191717.
2015-03-10 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp
- SCSI: when READ DEFECT yields sense of "... defect list not found"
bypass the corresponding report quietly. (ticket #343)
2015-02-08 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Buffalo Drivestation Duo (0x0411:0x01ce)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio Basics (0x0480:0x0201, 0xa00d)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E Basics (0x0480:0xa00c)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio ALU (0x0480:0xa100)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio Desktop (0x0480:0xd000)
- USB: Samsung S2 Portable (0x04e8:0x1f0a)
- USB: Samsung S3 Portable (0x04e8:0x61c8)
- USB: LaCie Rugged Triple Interface (0x059f:0x100c)
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x3910)
- USB: ASMedia (0x174c:0x5516)
- USB: Innostor IS611 (0x1f75:0x0611)
2015-02-02 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Seagate FreeAgent XTreme (0x0bc2:0x3101)
- USB: Seagate Expansion Portable (0x0bc2:0x232[01])
- USB: Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3321)
- USB: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (0x0bc2:0x5070, 0x50a7, 0x6121)
- USB: Seagate Slim Portable Drive (0x0bc2:0xab00) (ticket #517)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus Slim (0x0bc2:0xab21)
- USB: ADATA HD650 (0x125f:0xa35a)
- USB: JMicron JMS567 (0x152d:0x3562) (ticket #508)
- USB: Innostor IS621 (0x1f75:0x0621) (ticket #517)
2015-01-25 Christian Franke <>
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend SSD340 (ticket #348)
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: Transcend SSD370 (ticket #468)
2015-01-24 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add Windows 10 to get_os_version_str().
2015-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2014-12-13 Christian Franke <>
- USB: SanDisk SDCZ80 Flash Drive (0x0781:0x5580)
- USB: WD My Passport: Merge entries, add 0x1058:0x0810
- USB: WD Elements Desktop: Merge entries, add 0x1058:0x107c
- USB: WD Elements: Merge entries
- USB: JMicron JMS539 (0x152d:0x0539): 2.06 and 28.03 support SAT
(ticket #504)
- USB: JMicron JMS567 (0x152d:0x0567) (ticket #504)
- USB: JMicron JMS566 (0x152d:0x2566)
- USB: Hitachi Touro (0x4971:0x1014)
2014-12-13 Christian Franke <>
utility.cpp, utility.h: Remove unused functions Calloc() and
2014-12-10 Christian Franke <>
- Western Digital Blue: Rename, *AZLX variant
- Western Digital RE4: *FBYZ variant
- Western Digital Green: Rename, add 5TB, 6TB
- Western Digital AV: Rename, add 1TB, *BUCT variant
- Western Digital Red: Rename, add 750GB, 5TB, 6TB
- Western Digital Black Mobile
2014-12-08 Christian Franke <>
- Hitachi Travelstar 5K500.B: *SA00 variant
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z5K500: Hitachi variant, Apple OEM
- HGST Travelstar 5K1000
- HGST Travelstar 5K1500
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K500: *A360 variant
- Hitachi CinemaStar 5K320
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C: SATA 6Gb/s variants
- HGST Deskstar NAS
- Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 7K4000: Rename, add HGST
- HGST MegaScale 4000
2014-12-07 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix fd leak in megasas_dcmd_cmd(). Found by cppcheck.
2014-12-07 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX100/M500/M510/M550/M600 Client SSDs: M600 EE variant
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston KC300 180GB
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs: OCZ Vector 150
- JMicron based SSDs: Kingston SSDNow V+
- Plextor M3/M5 (Pro) Series SSDs: M5P
- Samsung based SSDs: 850 PRO, SM853T Series
2014-12-06 Christian Franke <> Add quotes to parameters of INSTALL commands to allow path
names with spaces (this is supported since automake 1.8). Add quotes to SMARTCTL variable (ticket #502).
2014-11-30 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD m4/C400/P400: C400 *MAM variant
- Crucial/Micron MX100/M500/M510/M550/M600 Client SSDs: Rename,
add Crucial M500/M550, Micron M600
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA SX900 (ticket #490), Mushkin Atlas
- Intel 311/313 Series SSDs: Rename, add 311 Series
2014-11-30 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: USB: Prolific PL2571, PL2771, PL2775 (0x067b:0x2.7.)
(ticket #499)., Update '-d usbprolific' documentation.
2014-11-29 Christian Franke <>,,,
Add package title to page header. Move PACKAGE VERSION section to bottom
of page. Remove SVN ID section header.
2014-11-29 Tommy Vestermark <>
scsiata.cpp: Add DATA OUT support for Prolific (ticket #482).
Add more ATA output registers. SCT commands are now supported.
2014-11-29 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add strnicmp() compatibility macro for newer Cygwin
2014-11-16 Tommy Vestermark <>
drivedb.h: USB: Prolific PL2773 (0x067b:0x2773) (ticket #482).
2014-11-16 Christian Franke <>
Create branches RELEASE_6_[1-3]_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 6.[1-3].
2014-11-10 Tommy Vestermark <>
scsiata.cpp: Add class usbprolific_device to support Prolific PL2773
USB bridges (ticket #482)., Document '-d usbprolific'.
2014-11-09 Roger Willcocks <>
os_linux.cpp: linux_aacraid_device: Fix ioctl data count
if dxfer_len == 0. Return scsi sense data. Together these
allow the SMART STATUS command to operate correctly.
Improve SRB status checks.
linux_ata_device: Fix very old bug in the error handling
2014-10-07 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Added more attributes for SanDisk based SSDs based on SSD
Dashboard tool data (#463)
2014-10-06 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Add form factors from ACS-4.
Add ACS-2 and ACS-3 minor versions.
Update SATA log names. Add SATA 3.2.
Avoid crash on device statistics page 0xff if SMART READ LOG is used.
Print vendor specific bytes from SCT Status.
atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp: Print SMART STATUS info
from SCT Status.
2014-10-06 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Extended regexp for SanDisk X300s (#463)
2014-09-29 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Added Seagate Backup Plus Slim Portable USB 3.0 drive
2014-08-29 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Fix regex syntax error (regression from r3988).
2014-08-22 Alex Samorukov <>
- fixed SanDisk X210 regular expression
2014-08-21 Alex Samorukov <>
- added SanDisk X300s SSD
- extended Apacer SSD support based on APSDM004G13AN-AT user report
2014-08-16 Alex Samorukov <>
ataprint.cpp: '-l devstat' - workaround for buggy firmware by provided
Christian Franke
2014-08-15 Alex Samorukov <>
ataprint.cpp: device statistic - use smart log if GP log is not available
2014-08-15 Alex Samorukov <>
- Migrated to the new interface
- Added multisector support
- Fixed smart autosave processing
2014-07-26 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.3
2014-07-25 Christian Franke <>
- Apple SD/SM/TS...E/F SSDs: Rename, add TS*[EF]
- JMicron based SSDs: Fix regex for Apple TS*C
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: X210
2014-07-25 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Apple SM* SSD - add attribute 173 description (guessed)
2014-07-23 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print SCT Status regardless of SCT Data Table support.
atacmds.cpp: ataReadSCTTempHist(): Do not reread initial SCT Status. Fix typo in help text. Add MinGW comment.
2014-07-22 Christian Franke <>
- Apple SD/SM...E/F SSDs (ticket #342)
- Apple SSD SM128, Asus-Phison SSD: Remove (missing attribute info)
2014-07-20 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Rework heuristics for 'tempminmax' format.
Now supports negative values (ticket #291) and WDC over temperature
Change default for Head_Flying_Hours to 'raw24(raw8)'. This provides
more reasonable output for Seagate HDDs missing in drivedb.h.
drivedb.h: Comment new default for Head_Flying_Hours.,,
Fix usage of line breaks and empty lines.
2014-07-19 Christian Franke <>,,,
Add FILES section. Move FULL PATH info to FILES section.
Rename REFERENCES section. Move HOME PAGE info to REFERENCES section.
Remove AUTHORS section from smartd.conf man page.
Update or remove various outdated info.
2014-07-18 Christian Franke <> Use 'email' instead of 'mail' on Cygwin.
Remove outdated '-mno-cygwin' error check., Replace 'mail' by actual platform
specific mailer.
examplescripts/README, examplescripts/Example[123]: Remove bashisms.
Use '/usr/bin/mail' instead of '/bin/mail'.
os_win32/daemon_win32.cpp: Support older MinGW headers with missing
2014-07-17 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX100/M500/M510/M550 Client SSDs: Rename, add MX100,
update MX510/550
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: OCZ Vertex 1.10
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: 'L' variant
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend *18M-M variant
- Plextor M3/M5 (Pro) Series SSDs: M5M (mSATA) variant
- Samsung based SSDs: 840 EVO
2014-07-16 Christian Franke <>
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Extreme II (ticket #334), others
- SanDisk based SSDs: iSSD P4 (ticket #272), U100 (ticket #337), others
- USB: Iomega (0x059b:0x047a)
- USB: WD My Passport: Merge entries
- USB: WD My Passport USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x074a, 0x1058:0x0820)
- USB: ADATA (0x125f:0xa[13]1a)
- USB: JMicron JMS539 (0x152d:0x0539): New FW supports SAT (ticket #338)
- USB: TrekStor Datastation (0x1e68:0x0050) (Red Hat Bugzilla 954162)
2014-07-13 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Add missing const and initialization.
Don't print extra '\n' if self-test log is empty.
ataprint.cpp: Add new ACS-4 log.
cciss.cpp: Fix C++11 builds on Linux. GCC and CLang do not
predefine 'linux' when in '-std=c++11' mode.
smartd.cpp: Update description of Windows smartd service.
README: Update license info. Remove outdated ATA references.
2014-07-10 Christian Franke <> Rework build of Solaris specific man pages.
This fixes some bogus and some missing replacements.,, Minor typo and syntax
2014-07-09 Christian Franke <>,, Avoid '.SH' macros with no
argument. Remove colons from section names.
Update SEE ALSO sections.
2014-07-05 Christian Franke <> Remove snprintf() compile time test.
Add '--with-working-snprintf' configure option.
utility.cpp: Add snprintf() runtime test.
Add GCC version to output of -V option. Add update-smart-drivedb.1m for Solaris.
2014-06-30 Christian Franke <> Update macros as suggested by 'autoconf --warnings=obsolete'. Add creation of empty directories to install targets.
2014-06-29 Christian Franke <>,, smartd.cpp,
Add '--with-smartdscriptdir' configure option to change location of (Debian bug 710815).
Add '--with-smartdplugindir' configure option to change (or disable) plugin location. Optionally hide the plugin documentation.
2014-06-27 Christian Franke <> Add update-smart-drivedb.8 target. Add copyright and version info.
Adjust path names for make target.
Add FreeBSD/OpenBSD specific info.
2014-06-27 Hannes von Haugwitz <> New man page (Debian bug 708433).
2014-06-27 Christian Franke <> Suppress pkg-config warnings about missing 'systemd.pc'. Silence build of man pages and svnversion.h.
This makes '--enable-silent-rules' or 'make V=0' more effective
(available since automake 1.13).
2014-06-27 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/M500: New attributes (ticket #326)
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA XM11, Corsair Force LS, OWC Aura Pro 6G
OWC Mercury Electra Pro 3G, PNY Prevail Elite, Transcend SSD320/720
2014-06-25 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Fix calculation of SCSI resid.
2014-06-23 Christian Franke <>
scsiata.cpp: usbjmicron_device: Fix SMART Status check for USB bridges
which always return 0x01. Add JMicron specific error messages.
2014-06-22 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp, ataprint.cpp: Improve messages for unsupported SMART Status
ataprint.cpp: Print form factor.
2014-06-21 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron M500/M510/M550 Client SSDs
- Micron M500DC Enterprise SSDs
Based on patch provided by Clayton Hawkings from Micron.
2014-06-20 Christian Franke <> automake 1.14.1 works.
2014-06-20 Christian Franke <>
scsiata.cpp: usbjmicron_device: Check SCSI resid for SMART STATUS.
Some (Prolific) USB bridges do not transfer a status byte.
os_win32.cpp: Include SCSI resid in debug output.
2014-06-19 Douglas Gilbert <>
- minor comment clean-up
2014-06-19 Christian Franke <>
- Intel 730 and DC S3500/S3700 Series SSDs: rename, add 730 and S3700.
Remove extra S3700 entry. Based on patch provided by Tim Small.
2014-06-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Fix CSMI support for older Intel RST drivers which set
bPortIdentifier=0xff (regression from r3888).
os_win32/installer.nsi: Create standard InstallLocation registry entry.
Keep old Install_Dir entry if needed for GSmartControl.
Update links in registry and shortcuts.
2014-06-18 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Buffalo MiniStationHD-PCFU3 (0x0411:0x0240)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E Plus (0x0480:0xa00a) (Debian bug 734395)
- USB: Samsung D3 Station (0x04e8:0x6124) (ticket #332)
- USB: Samsung M3 Portable (0x04e8:0x61b[45])
- USB: Seagate Expansion Portable (0x0bc2:0x2312)
- USB: Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3312) (ticket #320)
- USB: WD Elements (0x1058:0x10[ab]8) (ticket #331)
- USB: ASMedia AS2105 (0x174c:0x5136)
2014-06-16 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Laptop Thin HDD
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (AF): *DM000 variant
- Seagate Barracuda Green (AF): no warnings for newer firmware versions
- Seagate Constellation.2 (SATA)
- Seagate NAS HDD
- Seagate Video 3.5 HDD
2014-06-15 Christian Franke <>
Fix old Trac links.
2014-05-23 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: fixed #321 (compiler warning on 32 bit architectures),
patch provided by tijl
2014-05-01 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Clarify copyright info in GPL header., Update '-d aacraid' info.
2014-04-30 Douglas Gilbert <>
- Lowest aligned LBA > 0 not common so only output in that case
2014-04-28 Christian Franke <> Allow automake 1.14, suppress 'subdir-objects' warning. Add new 'compile' script to target 'maintainer-clean'.
2014-04-28 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.h:
- improve handling of modern SCSI disks (SAS SSDs)
show compliance (SCSI version), show 12 Gbps SAS-3
speed, and flag ZBC presence
2014-04-27 Alex Samorukov <>
- Toshiba 3.5" MG03ACAxxx(Y) Enterprise HDD
2014-04-27 Christian Franke <>
Fixes for aacraid patch:
aacraid.h: Fix typo which breaks 32-bit build.
os_linux.cpp: Remove useless member variable afd.
Fix error handling of /proc/devices parsing.
Avoid unsafe sprintf(). Fix help text.
2014-04-27 Raghava Aditya <>
- Added support for aacraid drivers
- Created a new interface for aacraid
smartctl -d aacraid,H,L,ID /dev/sdx
2014-04-18 Douglas Gilbert <>
- supported_vpd_pages(): lower response length to stop sense data
noise on old disks (pre SPC-3)
2014-04-17 Christian Franke <>
- Western Digital RE4 (SATA 6Gb/s): WD2000FYYX
- Western Digital Se
- Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s): 4TB
- Western Digital Black: Rename, add 3TB, AF, remove extra AF entry
- Western Digital Red: 4TB (ticket #322)
- Western Digital Blue Mobile
2014-04-10 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Rework CSMI port scanning.
Use bPortIdentifier instead of Phy array index for addressing.
Ignore possibly bogus bNumberOfPhys (ticket #325).
2014-04-09 Douglas Gilbert <>
- add guard to scsiPrintSasPhy() invocation; resolve ticket #204
2014-04-06 Christian Franke <>
WARNINGS: Remove all entries. Add link to Warnings page in Wiki.
2014-03-13 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/M500: *SSD1 variant
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA SP300, ADATA SP800, ADATA SP900 DL2,
Corsair Force SSD, Kingston SE50S3, Kingston SKC380S3,
Smart Storage XceedIOPS2, VisionTek GoDrive
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX 450
- JMicron based SSDs: ADATA SP600
- Plextor M3/M5 (Pro) Series SSDs: Rename, add M5S (ticket #297), M5Pro
2014-03-06 Christian Franke <>
- OCZ Intrepid 3000 SSDs
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: 'D' variant (ticket #315)
- Intel DC S3500 Series SSDs: 'T' variant (ticket #315)
2014-03-05 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Check SCT Feature Control support bit for '-g/-s wcreorder'.
This prevents bogus error messages if SCT support excludes SCT Feature
Control command.
atacmds.cpp: Fix error message text for SCT Feature Control command.
2014-03-03 Christian Franke <>,, Remove bashisms from
shell script examples.
2014-03-03 Christian Franke <>, os_win32/smart* Set Copyright year in
Windows VERSIONINFO resource.
2014-03-03 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix glob(3) max path count (ticket #317).
2014-03-03 Christian Franke <>, Add '--with-systemdenvfile=[FILE|no]'
configure option to change or remove (ticket #316) the systemd
EnvironmentFile setting. Add a reference to documentation (ticket #316).
2014-02-18 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: use %lu for iop->resp_sense_len
2014-02-16 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: mass updates, provided by Tijl Coosemans
- Remove some unused private fields from some classes (found by Clang)
- In freebsd_scsi_device::scsi_pass_through:
* Make sure this function returns false on error instead of an error
code that gets converted to true.
* Put printing of the "Incoming data" debug info right after the
cam_send_ccb() call and before the error checking to make debugging
* When copying sense data make sure the fields in the CCB are actually
valid with CAM_AUTOSNS_VALID. Also make sure that the size of the
sense data doesn't overflow max_sense_len. This was the real cause for
the crash in ports/181836.
* Add some debug printing on the sense data.
2014-02-03 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.cpp: Check cmds index before use (ticket #312).
Make cmds array static const.
2014-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2013-12-21 Christian Franke <>
- Intel 525 Series SSDs
- Intel 530 Series SSDs (ticket #308)
2013-12-19 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Samsung Spinpoint F4
- Seagate Desktop SSHD
- Seagate Constellation CS
- Western Digital Red: *JFCX variant
- Western Digital Green Mobile
- Western Digital Elements / My Passport (USB): rename
2013-12-19 Christian Franke <> automake 1.13.3 works.
2013-12-14 Christian Franke <>
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..65GSX: "... H" (USB?) variant
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01UBD... (USB 3.0)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E Slim USB 3.0 (0x0480:0x0100)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E Basics (0x0480:0xa009)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E (0x0939:0x0b15)
- USB: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (0x0bc2:0x5020)
- USB: WD My Passport Ultra (0x1058:0x0741)
- USB: WD Elements (0x1058:0x1048)
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x1640) (ticket #295)
- USB: LucidPORT (0x1759:0x5100)
2013-12-08 Christian Franke <>
- Apacer SDM4: SFDDA01C firmware (ticket #304).
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD m4/C400/P400: M4 SSD1 (ticket #306).
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14: Check part number to avoid bogus
firmware bug warning (ticket #298).
2013-11-23 Christian Franke <>, utility.cpp: Remove __DATE__, __TIME__
This obsoletes OpenSUSE nobuild-date.patch.
Reproducible builds are now supported.
2013-11-15 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Fix crash on FreeBSD 9.2 caused by wrong
SCSI status check condition.
os_freebsd.cpp: Print debug info on errors only if requested.
2013-11-07 Matt Kraai <...>
smartctl.cpp: Add missing stdlib.h.
This fixes build on QNX 6.3.2 (ticket #300).
2013-11-07 Roger Röhrig <...>
drivedb.h: Intel DC S3500 Series SSDs: Add -F xerrorlba.
2013-11-07 Roger Röhrig <...>
atacmds.cpp: Fix Extended Comprehensive Error Log timestamp
byte order on big endian machines.
2013-09-12 Christoph Egger <>
dev_areca.h: Fix build on kFreeBSD (Debian bug 717567).
This obsoletes Debian kfreebsd.patch.
2013-08-17 Christian Franke <>
examplescripts: Add scripts from Debian and Fedora packages.
2013-08-17 Christian Franke <>
Add spaces between string literals and macro identifiers.
This avoids the interpretation as user-defined literals if
C++11 is enabled (g++ -std=gnu++11).
2013-08-15 Dan Lukes <>
drivedb.h: Intel DC S3500 Series SSDs
2013-08-12 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Intel 320 Series SSDs: Add attribute 183 and 199.
2013-08-10 Christian Franke <> automake 1.10.3, 1.12.6, and 1.13.4 work.
The new automake 1.14 is left out for now due to the
'subdir-objects' warning and the new 'compile' script.
Add options '--force' and '--warnings=CATEGORY'.
2013-07-26 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.2
2013-07-25 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA SP900
- Transcend CompactFlash Cards: *GCF150
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar 5K750: Apple OEM
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z7K500
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar 7K750
- Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000: *BLE630 OEM
- Seagate Constellation ES.3
- Western Digital Caviar Blue (SATA): Rename, add WD1602ABKS
- Western Digital Caviar Blue (SATA 6Gb/s): Rename, add WD10EZEX
- USB: Toshiba Canvio 3.0 Portable Hard Drive (0x0480:0xa007)
- USB: Toshiba Canvio Desktop (0x0480:0xd010)
- USB: Seagate FreeAgent Desk (0x0bc2:0x3008)
- USB: Sharkoon 2-Bay RAID Box (0x6795:0x2756)
2013-07-21 Christian Franke <>
utility.cpp: Add check for empty subexpressions in regular expressions.
2013-07-21 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/M500: Rename, add M500
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston KC300, MS200
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: *A variant
- Intel 330/335 Series SSDs: Rename, add 335 Series
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..46GSX
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..61GSY[N]: Rename, add *GSY variant
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..65GSX: *GSXF variant
- Toshiba 3.5" HDD DT01ACA...
- Seagate Laptop SSHD
- Seagate Constellation ES.2: 2GB
- USB: Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3320)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus Desktop USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0xa0a1)
- USB: WD Elements (0x1058:0x10a2)
2013-07-20 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.cpp: Fix possible segfault on empty port.
2013-07-20 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/daemon_win32.cpp: Do not install the service as interactive.
This is no longer supported since Vista and produces misleading error
messages in event log.
2013-07-20 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Do not print 'SCT Commands not supported' if SCT is
not used (regression from r3825 r3826). Mark '-g/-s wcreorder' as EXPERIMENTAL.
2013-07-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add Win-8.1 and 2012r2 to get_os_version_str(),
remove 9x/ME and NT4.
2013-07-08 Alex Samorukov <>
Add Automake 1.12.2 to the list of supported versions
2013-07-07 Christian Franke <> Support SVN 1.8 working copy format.
2013-07-06 Alex Samorukov <>
smartctl: Added ATA Write Cache Reordering control using "-g wcreorder"
and "-s wcreorder[,on|off]" options (bug #221)
smartctl: minor formatting fixes
2013-07-05 Alex Samorukov <>
HPT RAID support: maximum disk number now is 128 (#281)
2013-06-28 Alex Samorukov <>
- Apacer SDM4 2Gb SSD
2013-06-17 Alex Samorukov <>
scsicmds.cpp: fix build on RedHat 9
os_freebsd.cpp: skip port multipliers on FreeBSD
- OWC Mercury EXTREME Pro 6G SSD (from #277)
- USB: Fujitsu SATA-to-USB3.0 bridge chip (#280)
2013-06-12 Alex Samorukov <>
- JMicron SSD: P400e/P400m series
2013-06-09 Christian Franke <>
2013-06-09 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Using %DATE% in temp file names
breaks the script if localized date contains '/'
(This fix is already included in smartmontools-6.1-2.win32-setup.exe).
2013-06-06 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/update-smart-drivedb.nsi: Use new SVN repository for
2013-06-04 Christian Franke <> Use new sourceforge code browser for
2013-04-20 Christian Franke <>
- InnoDisk InnoLite SATADOM D150QV-L SSDs
- Intel 313 Series SSDs
- Intel 330 Series SSDs: 240GB
- JMicron based SSDs: Kingston V200 (ticket #267)
- Samsung based SSDs: SM843T Series
2013-04-20 Christian Franke <> Linux: Try 'hostname -y' if 'nishostname' is missing.
2013-04-18 Christian Franke <>, Add platform specific commands for
host and domain names.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Use WMI for DNS domain name.
2013-04-18 Christian Franke <>
scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: Silence -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning
(g++ 4.8.0 with -flto).
2013-03-29 Christian Franke <>
os_darwin.cpp: Silence -Wself-assign warning (ticket #266).
os_darwin.cpp, os_netbsd.cpp, os_os2.cpp, os_qnxnto.cpp, os_solaris.cpp:
Remove dummy functions no longer called since r3192.
2013-03-27 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Silence -Wunused-local-typedefs warning.
2013-03-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.cpp: Add casts to silence C++11 -Wnarrowing warning
from g++ 4.8.
2013-03-24 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Compile fixes for 64-bit Cygwin.
It uses LP64 model instead of LLP64 (64-bit MSVC, MinGW).
2013-03-16 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 6.1
2013-03-15 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Support device names /dev/sd[a-z][a-z] (ticket #240).
Enhance DEVICESCAN to 128 drives. Add '-d [TYPE,]pd' option., Document these enhancements.
2013-03-14 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14: Fix regex for new firmware version.
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
- USB: Prolific PL3507 (0x067b:0x3507): works with '-d usbjmicron,p'
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
Create branch RELEASE_6_0_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 6.0.
2013-03-13 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Fix format of attribute 198 (ticket #258).
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Corsair Force GS
- Indilinx Barefoot_2/Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX PLUS R2
- Samsung/Seagate SpinPoint M8: 320GB, 640GB
- Seagate Momentus Thin
- Quantum Fireball EX: 10.2GB
2013-03-07 Christian Franke <>
ataidentify.cpp, ataprint.cpp: ACS-3 updates.
ataprint.cpp: Improve device statistics error messages.
2013-03-06 Christian Franke <> Support BSD variant of 'hostname' command
which prints FQDN. Add Windows domain name (Cygwin).
2013-03-01 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp:
- for SCSI disks prefer READ DEFECT(12) for finding the
grown defect list length (previously used READ DEFECT(10)
2013-03-01 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Transcend SSD320
- Intel 520 Series SSDs: OEM variant
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend SSD25 IDE
- HGST Travelstar 7K1000
- Seagate Desktop HDD.15
- Seagate LD25.2
- Western Digital RE4 (SATA 6Gb/s)
- USB: Fujitsu/Zalman ZM-VE300 (0x04c5:0x2028)
2013-02-23 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300: Remove bogus trailing '|' from
regex (Regression from r3772).
2013-02-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.h, scsiprint.cpp:
- for SCSI disks, in 'smartctl --info' report physical
block size and lowest LBA alignment (if PB size
different from LB size); logical block provisioning
status (if any); and disk protection (a.k.a. DIF) type
2013-02-19 Alex Samorukov <>
atacmds.cpp: fixed scttemphist on LE machines, including PPC. Patch
and report provided by Roger Roehrig.
2013-02-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.h, scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.h, scsiprint.cpp:
- SCSI VPD work; improve rotation rate reporting and add form factor
2013-02-14 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Kingston V+ 200, Mushkin Chronos deluxe,
OCZ Talos 2
- Plextor M3 (Pro) Series SSDs
2013-02-13 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300: new separate entry
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD m4/C400: firmware bug warning
2013-02-10 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: adding device type fix for devices on MPT controllers.
2013-02-06 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate Samsung SpinPoint M8U (USB)
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar Z5K500
- Hitachi/HGST Travelstar 5K750
- Hitachi/HGST Deskstar 7K4000
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..37GSX
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..65GSX: GSXN variant
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MQ01ABD...
- Seagate Momentus 7200.5
- Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s): 2TB
- USB: Samsung M3 Portable USB 3.0 (0x04e8:0x61b6)
- USB: LaCie Rugged Mini USB 3.0 (0x059f:0x1051)
- Change short attribute names required before r3343.
2013-02-05 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Fix allocation of buffer passed to putenv().
Using putenv("NAME") to unset NAME is not portable.
2013-02-05 Christian Franke <>
do_release: New Signing Key.
2013-01-31 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.h: Use the C++ way to specify unused arguments.
This silences -Wself-assign warning from clang++.
2013-01-30 Christian Franke <> Use AC_CHECK_TOOL for winmc and windres.
2013-01-30 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Install service with delayed auto start enabled.
2013-01-26 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Add eventlog MESSAGETABLE resource.
Install/remove smartd.exe as event message file.
Remove syslogevt.exe tool.
2013-01-26 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add required string CompanyName to VERSIONINFO.
2013-01-23 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add VERSIONINFO resource to exe files.
2013-01-23 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/C400/m4: m4 mSATA variant
- Indilinx Barefoot 3 based SSDs
- Intel DC S3700 Series SSDs
- Samsung based SSD: Samsung SSD 840 Series
2013-01-18 Christian Franke <>
AUTHORS: Convert to UTF-8. Sort names. Replace tabs.
2013-01-18 Christian Franke <>
Rename to to silence warning from
new automake. automake 1.12.5 is OK.
2013-01-16 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Fix assignment of BYTEORDER from -v option
(Regression from r3719).
2013-01-13 Ole Jørgen Legård <>
os_qnxnto.cpp: Fix include of errno.h.
2013-01-12 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Mushkin Callisto deluxe, SuperSSpeed S301
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: 'B' (7mm) variant (ticket #257)
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F1 EG
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint P80: SP0401N/TJ100-30
- Western Digital Caviar Black: 4TB
- Western Digital Caviar Black (AF): Remove non-AF models
- Western Digital My Passport (USB, AF): 5000L, 10J variants
- USB: WD My Passport USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x07a8)
- USB: WD My Book Studio II (0x1058:0x1105)
2013-01-02 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA S396, Kingston 3K, V+
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX PLUS
- Samsung based SSD: Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series
2013-01-02 Christian Franke <>
Add '-d usbjmicron,p' device type for Prolific USB bridges.
Based on patch provided by Edward Sheldrake.
2013-01-01 Christian Franke <>
smartd: Use Attribute 190 for temperature (-W) if 194 is not present.
2013-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2012-12-16 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: WRITE LOG on LSI/Megaraid should work fine, disable
check, problem was linux related.
os_linux.cpp: Implemented autoscan for the megaraid SAS controolers.
os_linux.cpp: fix WRITE LOG command in SAT layer for -d megaraid.
Reason was direction flag always set to READ.
os_linux.cpp: unblock autodetection for the SAT drives in -d megaraid.
2012-12-14 Christian Franke <>
man pages: Fix usage of Hyphen (-) and Minus sign (\-).
2012-12-13 Christian Franke <>
man pages: Update EXPERIMENTAL notes.
Fix spelling (Red Hat Bugzilla 665028).
2012-12-13 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print Additional Product Identifier (OEM Id).
2012-12-13 Stanislav Brabec <>
Update FSF postal address in all files.
2012-12-12 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp: Remove include <new> for QNXNTO.
Should only be needed if placement new is used.
smartd.cpp: Remove very old _GNU_SOURCE define.
It was added 10 years ago in r147. It is not (or no longer) needed
and has an unwanted side effect (__USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO) on MinGW.
2012-12-11 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add '-w PATH, --warnexec=PATH' option. Document this option.
2012-12-11 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add '-d ignore' directive. Document '-d ignore'. Add DEVICESCAN example.
Remove duplicate and outdated info about device scanning. Add notes about RAID controllers to device scanning info.
2012-12-11 Stanislav Brabec <>
* SUSE: Added sysconfig options to disable
persistent state writes, attribute log and set arbitrary smartd
2012-12-03 Christian Franke <>
Avoid usage of strcpy(), strcat(), sprintf().
Use snprintf() instead or change type to std::string.
Use array references instead of char pointers for parameters.
2012-12-03 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Ignore a device from DEVICESCAN if a preceding smartd.conf
entry for the same device exists.
2012-11-28 Christian Franke <> Document scripts and
the new environment variables. Replace smartd_warning.* paths on man pages.
Reformat long sed commands.
2012-11-27 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Remove trailing newlines from some MailWarning() strings.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Fix SMARTD_MESSAGE with parentheses.
2012-11-25 Alex Samorukov <>
OpenBSD: remove dummy functions
2012-11-24 Christian Franke <>
Windows: Add tool wtssendmsg.exe based on no longer
used module os_win32/wtssendmsg.cpp.
os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Fix wtssendmsg call.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Install smartd_warning.cmd
and wtssendmsg.exe. Fix uninstall of old ChangeLog.
2012-11-23 Christian Franke <>
Move MSVC10 project files to new directory os_win32/vc10.
2012-11-22 Christian Franke <>
smartd: Move warning message formatting and mailer/command
startup to new script SYSCONFDIR/
(Windows: smartd_warning.cmd).
Add environment variables SMARTD_PREVCNT and SMARTD_NEXTDAYS.
Remove host/domainname related code from smartd.cpp
2012-11-22 Alex Samorukov <>
smartctl: implemented support for -g/-s rcache and -g/-s wcache for
SCSI devices to control read/write device cache.
2012-11-19 Alex Samorukov <>
smartctl: supports progress indicator on selftests
smartctl: prints rotation speed for SCSI drives, if supported
smartctl: add headers to SCSI output, fix data blocks formatting,
trim identification data
os_linux.cpp: add autodetection for PERC H700 array
smartd: trim SCSI vendor/model/serial before creating state files
2012-11-18 Alex Samorukov <>
smartd.cpp: implement error counters and temperature saving to the
attrlog file for SCSI devices.
smartd.cpp: added reset_warning_mail() if device is working for SCSI
2012-11-18 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Western Digital Caviar Green: Add -F xerrorlba
2012-11-17 Alex Samorukov <>
smartd.cpp: print lu_id for SPC devices, it is supported by standard
smartd.cpp: added initial state file support for the SCSI devices
smartd.cpp: add S/N to SCSI device identifier, lu_id is not available
on some drives.
smartd.cpp: fix warning for SCSI drives with self test in progress (#249)
drivedb.h: added -F xerrorlba flag Seagate Barracuda LP/CC32
2012-11-09 Christian Franke <>
Windows smartd: Allow quoting of '-M exec' argument
to support path names with spaces.
2012-11-09 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Rework smartctl -l directory output.
Add R/W, R/O info. Report identical logs in one line.
2012-11-09 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: adding handling of SCSI devices exported with mfip
driver. FreeBSD changing PDT code to 0x1f and we are changing it back
to 0x00 (direct-access block device).
os_freebsd.cpp: improved error handling for the ATA devices
2012-11-04 Christian Franke <>
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Mushkin Chronos
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ AGILITY4
- Intel 710 Series SSDs: Add attribute 174
- JMicron based SSDs: KINGSTON SSDNOW 30GB
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C: *CLA330
- Seagate DiamondMax 23, Barracuda 7200.12, 7200.14 (AF),
LP, Green (AF): no warnings for newer firmware versions
- Western Digital Caviar Green (AF, SATA 6Gb/s): rename, add 1TB
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E (0x0930:0x0b1[9a])
- USB: Verbatim Store'n'Go (0x18a5:0x022b)
2012-11-02 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: disabling 48bit commands on legacy ATA controllers
in ATACAM mode because of kernel bug.
2012-10-31 Christian Franke <>
atacmdnames.cpp: Update for ATA-8-ACS, ACS-2, ACS-3.
ataidentify.cpp: Mark retired/obsolete values.
ataprint.cpp: Add new ACS-3 logs, mark obsolete logs.
2012-10-27 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: Have smartd prefer real device names over passN.
Patch provided by dnelson, see ticket #21
os_freebsd.cpp: fix 48-bit support for ATA legacy controllers in
ATACAM mode, patch provided by Alexander Motin
2012-10-25 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Return error for get SCT ERC if ATA registers are
unchanged after SMART_WRITE_LOG command (see ticket #245).
2012-10-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_areca.cpp: Add missing parameter check to ata_pass_through().
Update Areca info on man pages.
2012-10-24 Christian Franke <>
dev_interface: Rework ATA parameter checks, use new flags
ata_device::supports_* for new ata_cmd_is_supported().
Replace ata_cmd_is_ok() by ata_cmd_is_supported() in scsiata.cpp
and os_win32.cpp.
2012-10-19 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp - fixed 3ware twe controller support broken
by inerface migration.
2012-10-18 Christian Franke <>
utility.cpp: Add missing errno clear in split_selective_arg()
(Debian bug 690108).
Remove unused function split_report_arg2().
2012-10-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: define _WIN32. This fixes build on
Cygwin with new w32api-headers.
2012-10-18 Alex Samorukov <>
Compile fixes for Areca patch on FreeBSD.
Added support for the /dev/twsX (3ware 9750) controller on FreeBSD.
Manual pages updated with /dev/twsX device
FreeBSD: Migrate 3ware interface to ata_pass_through()
FreeBSD: fix missing drives detection on -d 3ware
FreeBSD: 3ware - do not pass buffers direcly, use memcpy() instead
FreeBSD: improved detection of 3ware/LSI controllers
2012-10-16 Christian Franke <>
Compile fixes for Areca patch:
Add missing includes. Add GPL header.
Add dev_areca.* to and
2012-10-16 Hank Wu <>
Move common Areca code from os_freebsd.cpp, os_linux.cpp, os_win32.cpp
to new files dev_areca.h, dev_areca.cpp.
Add SAS support for FreeBSD and Linux.
2012-10-10 Christian Franke <>
Rename old CHANGELOG to ChangeLog-5.0-6.0.