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CHANGELOG for smartmontools 5.0 to 6.0
Maintainers / Developers Key (alphabetic order):
[AS] Alex Samorukov
[BA] Bruce Allen
[OB] Oliver Bock
[EB] Erik Inge Bolsø
[SB] Stanislav Brabec
[PC] Peter Cassidy
[MC] Matthieu Castet
[YD] Yuri Dario
[CD] Casper Dik
[CF] Christian Franke
[GF] Guilhem Frézou
[DG] Douglas Gilbert
[GG] Guido Guenther
[JPH] Jordan Powell Hargrave
[JH] Joerg Hering
[GK] Geoff Keating
[DK] Dr. David Kirkby
[DL] Dan Lukes
[KM] Kai Mäkisara
[EM] Eduard Martinescu
[FM] Frédéric L. W. Meunier
[GP] Gabriele Pohl
[AR] Adam Radford
[KS] Keiji Sawada
[MS] Manfred Schwarb
[TS] Tomas Smetana
[DS] David Snyder
[SS] Sergey Svishchev
[PW] Phil Williams
[LW] Leon Woestenberg
[SZ] Shengfeng Zhou
[RZ] Richard Zybert
smartmontools 6.0 2012-10-10
[CF] do_release: Fix for minor rev number 0.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Corsair Force 115GB
- Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 and 7200.7 Plus: IBM OEM variants
- Western Digital Caviar Black (AF)
[CF] man pages: Update introduction. Update ATA standards.
Remove some outdated info.
[CF] man pages: Unify license headers.
[CF] smartctl: Do not abort SCT status output on unknown temperature
history format version.
[CF] smartctl: Remove duplicate note about selective self-test log
[CF] smartctl: Add '-l devstat' to '-x, --xall' output.
[CF] smartctl: Rework ATA error messages and 'not supported' messages.
Avoid misleading warnings on unsupported features (ticket #182).
Avoid duplicate error messages.
[CF] atacmds.h: Remove nonexistent functions.
[CF] Windows installer: Add support for /S(ilent) install/uninstall.
[CF] Windows installer: Update examples. Remove some doc shortcuts.
[CF] Prepare release 6.0. Change Copyright output line.
Change AUTHORS sections on man pages.
[CF] smartctl: Rework "ATA Version" output. Print major and minor
revision in one output line. Remove "ATA Standard" line.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Add firmware warnings for various Seagate series (ticket #239):
DiamondMax 23, Barracuda 7200.12, 7200.14 (AF), LP, Green (AF)
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (AF): 2.5TB
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: SanDisk Extreme
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ-VERTEX4,
fix Attribute 232
- STEC Mach2 CompactFlash Cards
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..55GSX: *55GSXF variants
- Western Digital VelociRaptor (AF)
[CF] Windows: Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for 64-bit version.
[CF] automake 1.11.6 and 1.12.3 are OK.
[CF] smartctl: Fix '--identify' for big-endian CPUs.
[CF] ataidentify.cpp: Document some older (now obsolete) features.
[CF] ataidentify.cpp: Add some recent ACS-3 features.
[CF] smartctl: Support '-l sataphy' also for Packet interface devices.
[CF] atacmds.cpp: Add new ATA ACS-3 minor revision.
[CF] smartctl: Print SATA version and speed in '-i' output.
[CF] drivedb.h: Minor reordering of Seagate entries.
[CF] drivedb.h: Use "AF" for Advanced Format (4KiB LPS).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Barracuda SpinPoint F3
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 RE
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12: ST3750525AS
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 (AF): change name, add -v options
- Western Digital Red (AF)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0xa013) (ticket #235)
- USB: Seagate Backup Plus Desktop USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0xa0a4)
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Add support for SAS disks behind Areca SAS
controllers. This includes SAS/SATA autodetection.
Patch was provided by Hank Wu from Areca.
[CF] ataidentify.cpp: Add some recent SATA features.
[CF] smartctl: Add '--identify[=wnvb]' option.
Add new source files ataidentify.h/cpp.
[CF] Reformat lists of sources.
[CF] Do not print HDD/SSD specific default attribute names if identify
data reports SSD/HDD device.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Intel 320 and 710 Series SSDs: Set '-F nologdir'
- Seagate Barracuda ES.2: Set '-F xerrorlba'
[CF] Create branches RELEASE_5_4[0-3]_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 5.4[0-3].
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M40/60/80: HM120IC
- USB: Oxford (0x0928:0x0010)
- USB: Seagate External Drive/Cypress (0x0bc2:0x0503)
- USB: 0x1f75:0x0888 is Innostor IS888
[CF] smartctl: Print nominal media rotation rate in '-i' output (ATA).
[CF] knowndrives.cpp: Fix missing '-F xerrorlba' in '-P show' output.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Use WMI to get serial number if
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Remove more Win9x/ME/NT4 specific code: ATA drive
number, GetDevicePowerState() handling.
[CF] Add '-F xerrorlba' option/directive.
[CF] Rework '-F' option handling. Add support for multiple '-F' options
and directives.
[CF] smartd.cpp: MailWarning(): Move variable declarations, use sizeof()
instead of numbers.
[CF] smartd.cpp: Rework dnsname(). Print "[None]" instead of "[Unknown]"
if domain is not set. Print NIS domain only if supported.
[CF] Windows smartd: Use gethostname/gethostbyname() from winsock.
Remove os_win32/hostname_win32.*.
[CF] smartd: Include device identify info in warning emails (ticket #185).
Add SMARTD_DEVICEINFO environment variable.
[CF] Add '-F nologdir' option/directive.
Prevents freeze of some Intel SSDs (ticket #214).
[CF] smartd: Don't log ignored -W directive as critical.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Smart Storage Systems Xcel-10 SSDs: Move entry, change name
- Samsung: Remove very old and already commented out entries
- Seagate Momentus XT (Adv. Format)
- WD My Passport: 3 -> 2 entries, add 2TB
- USB: Imation (0x0718:0x1000) (ticket #231)
- USB: Initio (0x13fd:0x1040): unsupported
- USB: ASMedia USB 3.0 (0x174c:0x55aa): unsupported -> -d sat
- USB: PQI H560 (0x3538:0x0902) (ticket #232)
[CF] smartctl: Override SMART disabled state with '-T permissive'.
[CF] os_win32/daemon_win32.cpp: Drop remaining WinNT4 compatibility.
[CF] Windows smartd: Add smartd.conf directives '-m console',
'-m active', '-m connected'. Send warning messages via
WTSSendMessage(). Remove use of MessageBox() which does no
longer work for services since Vista/2008.
[CF] Fix 'smartctl -P show'. Regression from r3249.
[CF] smartd.cpp: Fix setting of temporary environment in MailWarning().
Stack space was passed to putenv() but variable was not unset
before return. Very old bug introduced 2003 in r1114.
[CF] smartd.cpp: Add fflush() to support redirection of debug output
(Debian bug 681349).
[CF] os_generic.cpp: Add missing int64.h (Debian bug 619208)
This obsoletes Debian patch fix-generic.diff.
[CF] cciss.cpp: Fix build on GNU/kFreeBSD (Debian bug 676142).
This obsoletes Debian kfreebsd.patch.
[CF] Windows: Drop backward compatibility with WinNT4.
[CF] Windows: Drop backward compatibility with Win9x/ME.
smartmontools 5.43 2012-06-30
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Toshiba Canvio Basics (0x0480:0xa006)
- A-DATA DashDrive (0x125f:0xa94a)
[CF] drivedb.h: Hitachi Travelstar 7K500: *A362/3 variants
[CF] Windows: Add Windows Server 2012 to get_os_version_str().
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: OWC Mercury Electra 3/6G SSD
- Seagate Momentus SpinPoint M8
- Hitachi Deskstar 5K4000
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..61GSYN
- Seagate Barracuda (SATA 3Gb/s, 4K Sectors): 1TB, *DM003-* variant
[CF] Note performance impact of self-tests.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Add support for older Areca drivers which used a
different target id. Patch was provided by Hank Wu from Areca.
[CF] Add info about HP Smart Array controllers.
Original patch was provided by Don Brace from HP.
[CF] os_freebsd.cpp: add SAT autodetection to '-d cciss,N' device type
(ticket #202).
Add missing freebsd_areca_device::m_encnum (regression from r3542).
Patch was provided by Don Brace from HP.
[CF] os_linux.cpp: add SAT autodetection to '-d cciss,N' device type
(ticket #202).
[CF] FIXHTML modified for newer man2html versions.
[CF] automake 1.11.5 is OK.
[CF] man pages: Minor updates and syntax fixes.
[CF] Add ExecReload and StandardOutput.
Make EnvironmentFile optional (ticket #194).
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- HP Desktop HD BD07 (0x03f0:0xbd07)
- Iomega Prestige Desktop USB 3.0 (0x059b:0x0070)
- Prolific PL2507 (0x067b:0x2507): unsupported -> -d usbjmicron,0
- WD My Passport USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x0748)
- WD My Book Essential USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x1140)
- Sharkoon SATA QuickDeck Pro (0x1f75:0x0888): unsupported
- Hitachi Touro Desk (0x4971:0x1015)
[CF] Move function str_starts_with() to utility.h.
[CF], Note required Areca SAS firmware version.
[CF] INSTALL, Announce OS X SAT SMART Driver (ticket #25).
[CF] Add smart_device::is_syscall_unsup().
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Avoid ENOTSUP which is not provided by some versions
of MinGW.
[DG] os_linux.cpp: Fix scsi pass-through SG_INFO_CHECK mask logic
(ticket #225)
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: OCZ-NOCTI
- Intel 330 Series SSDs (ticket #227)
[CF], Document '-d areca N[/E]' support
for Windows.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Add help text and error messages for '-d areca,N[/E]'.
[CF] os_win32.cpp win_areca_device: Disable full 48-bit ATA support.
Add missing set_err() calls. Remove unused function and parameter.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Add support for SATA disks behind Areca SATA and SAS
controllers. Requires '-d areca,N[/E]' as type and '[/dev/]arcmsrX'
as device name.
Patch was provided by Hank Wu from Areca.
[CF] Windows installer: Make name of checksum file 32-/64-bit specific.
[CF] Windows installer: Add support for combined 32-/64-bit installer.
[CF] Windows installer: Drop support for UBCD4Win.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: sync Areca code with linux version by adding optional
enclosure number.
[CF], Add brief doc for '-d areca N/E'.
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Add optional enclosure number to '-d areca' option.
This adds support for SATA disks behind Areca SAS controllers.
Patch was provided by Hank Wu from Areca.
[CF] smartctl: Add log addresses and statistics value from ACS-3 revision 2.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/C400/m4: m4 512GB
- Indilinx Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ-PETROL
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F4 EG (AFT): Fix link
- Seagate Momentus 4200.2: ST960812A
- Seagate Momentus 5400.2: ST960821A (from 4200.2)
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12: ST3500413AS
- Western Digital RE3 Serial ATA: WD7502ABYS
- Western Digital AV-GP: WD....AV[CD]S, split entry
- Western Digital AV-GP (Adv. Format): WD10EU[CR]X
[CF] Set svn:eol-style=LF to be compatible with Cygwin bash.
[CF] automake 1.11.3 is OK.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: Smart Storage Systems XceedSTOR,
XceedIOPS2, Xcel-200
- Smart Storage Systems XceedSecure2 SSDs
- Smart Storage Systems XceedUltraX/Adtron A25FBX SSDs
- Smart Storage Systems Adtron A25FB 2xN SSDs
- Smart Storage Systems Adtron A25FB 3xN SSDs
Original patch was provided by Rusty Carruth
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Remove outdated IBM links
- Update all links to Seagate Knowledge Base
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.D
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3332) (ticket #223)
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Samsung Story Station (0x04e8:0x5f05)
- Toshiba STOR.E (0x0930:0x0b1b)
[CF] smartctl: Add options '-f hex' and '-f hex,[id|val]' to print
attribute IDs and/or values as hex.
[CF] Fix signal name (Debian bug 661801).
[CF] Add 'raw56', 'hex56', 'raw24(raw8)' attribute print formats.
Change default for Power_On_Hours to 'raw24(raw8)'.
This provides more reasonable output for SandForce based devices
missing in drivedb.h.
[CF], Support new SVN 1.7 working copy format.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Intel 520 Series SSDs: Add units to attributes 241, 242, 249.
[AS] drivedb.h: fixed identifier for Seagate SV35 series.
[CF] Print command duration in ATA debug output.
Add smart_interface::get_timer_usec().
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: G.SKILL Phoenix Pro
- Intel 520 Series SSDs
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F4 EG: Update firmware download link
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Add comment with default settings.
- Samsung based SSDs: Fix attribute 240
[CF] Windows: Add Win8 to get_os_version_str().
[CF] Windows: Remove MSVC specific pragma, disable warning in project file.
[CF] Add '-d sat,auto[,N]' option for controller independent SAT detection.
[CF] dev_interface.h: Replace this_is_ata/scsi(*) by hide_ata/scsi(bool).
[CF] smartctl: Allow '-d test' in conjunction with other '-d TYPE' options.
[AS] FreeBSD: sync init script with one from ports repository.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: ADATA S510
- JMicron based SSDs: Toshiba THNSNC128GMLJ
- Samsung based SSDs: 830 Series
- Hitachi Deskstar E7K1000
- Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000: Fix name, allow trailing characters
- Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000: Remove duplicate entry
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..55GSX
- Western Digital AV-GP: WD..EURS variants
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Buffalo MiniStation HD-PCTU2 (0x0411:0x01d9) (ticket #211)
- Philips SDE3273VC/97 (0x0471:0x2021) (ticket #212)
- Samsung M2 Portable 3.0 (0x04e8:0x60c5)
- Iomega GDHDU2 (0x059b:0x0475)
- LaCie minimus USB 3.0 (0x059f:0x104a)
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0x50a5)
- Maxtor BlackArmor Portable (0x0d49:0x7550)
- WD My Passport Essential SE USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x0742)
- Initio (0x13fd:0x1e40)
- Verbatim External Hard Drive 2TB (0x18a5:0x022a)
- Hitachi Touro Desk (0x4971:0x1011)
[CF] smartd: Add smartd.conf directive '-e' to set ATA settings on
startup: aam, apm, lookahead, security-freeze, standby, wcache.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Corsair Force GT
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Corsair Nova
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M8
- Seagate SV35.5
[CF] smartctl: Change short option for '--set' from '-e' to '-s'.
Keep backward compatibility with short option for '--smart'.
[CF] smartctl: Print description of APM level.
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-e standby,[N|off|now]' to set standby timer
or standby mode.
[CF] smartctl: Add options '-g security' and '-e security-freeze' to
get/freeze ATA security settings.
[CF] smartctl: Add options '-g/e lookahead' and '-g/e wcache' to get/set
read look-ahead and write cache feature.
[CF] smartctl: Add options '-g aam' and '-e aam,[N|off]' to get/set
ATA Automatic Acoustic Management feature. Add '-g all'.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Prevent warnings from gcc option -Wformat-security.
[CF] smartctl: Add options '-g, --get apm' and '-e, --set apm,[N|off]'
to get/set ATA Advanced Power Management feature.
Original patch was provided by Marcus Sorensen.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp - do not skip ATA devices from cam list. Starting from
FreeBSD 9.0 such devices are exported ONLY as camdev`s, so DEVICESCAN
was broken. Its possible to get duplicates now on some old systems.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ Solid 3, OCZ Deneva 2 C/R
- Seagate Momentus 5400.7
[CF] Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add Patriot Pyro
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: Fix 40GB
- Seagate Barracuda XT: Add 4TB
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add Corsair Force 3
- Hitachi Travelstar 5K320: Add SA00 and SA02 models
- Western Digital Caviar SE SATA: Add 300GB
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Remove SIGQUIT workaround, no longer needed with
current Cygwin tty emulation.
[CF] smartd: Disable auto standby also after start of scheduled
[CF] smartd: Add smartd.conf DEFAULT directive. Allows one to set default
settings for multiple devices.
[CF] smartd: Re-enable auto standby if smartd.conf is re-read.
[AS] drivedb.h update: Seagate Barracuda (SATA 3Gb/s, 4K Sectors)
[AS] drivedb.h update: Seagate Constellation ES.2 (SATA 6Gb/s)
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS (ticket #209)
- Seagate ST1.2 CompactFlash (found in ticket #125)
[CF] Fix GPL version reported by '-V' option.
Now reports GPLv2+ which is consistent with file headers.
Patch was provided by Stanislav Brabec.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Sandforce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ Deneva 2 Async variant, 60GB, 480GB
- Indilinx Martini based SSDs: OCZ VERTEX-PLUS only
[CF] smartd: Add '-l offlinests,ns' and '-l selfteststs,ns' directives.
dev_interface: Add smart_interface::disable_system_auto_standby().
os_win32.cpp: Implement disable_system_auto_standby().
[CF] dev_interface: Let smart_interface::set_err() return false.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M8U (USB)
- Toshiba 3.5" HDD MKx002TSKB: Fix typo
[CF] smartctl: Print average temperature from SCT status only if
value is reasonable. Field is not part of ATA-8.
[CF] smartd: Report ignored '-r' and '-R' directives.
[CF] smartctl: Use 16-bit value (ATA-8) for extended self-test polling
time if 8-bit value is 0xff (ticket #207).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ-REVODRIVE3, OCZ Z-DRIVE R4
- Hitachi Travelstar Z7K320
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..56GSY
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MKx002TSKB
- Seagate U9
- Seagate U*: sort entries, unify names, remove duplicate
- Seagate Constellation ES (SATA 6Gb/s)
- Seagate DB35
- Seagate DB35.2
- Western Digital Scorpio Black: Add 500GB
- Western Digital Scorpio Black (Adv. Format)
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Samsung S2 (0x04e8:0x1f05)
- Toshiba Stor.E (0x0939:0x0b16) (ticket #206)
- Seagate FreeAgent (0x0bc2:0x5040)
- Initio/Thermaltake BlacX (0x13fd:0x0840)
[DG] [SCSI] smartd: skip non-storage devices (e.g. SES devices)
[AS] drivedb.h updates: Added Seagate SV35 Series
[CF] smartctl: Don't start ATA self-test if another test is already
running (ticket #40). Add option '-t force' to allow override.
[CF] atacmds.h: Remove bogus ataSmart*Test*() prototypes.
[CF] Define __attribute_format_printf() for functions with printf() style
arguments. Allow MinGW build with __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO enabled.
[CF] Replace sed compound command in MAN_FILTER.
This fixes build on Solaris (ticket #203).
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: Dereference symlinks before guess of device type
(problem reported by email).
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- LG Mini HXD5 (0x043e:0x70f1)
- Freecom/Intel (0x07ab:0xfc8e)
- Dura Micro (0x0c0b:0xb001) (Debian bug 643928)
- Initio 6Y120L0 (0x13fd:0x1150): unsupported
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0x50a1):
Revert to -d sat,12 (ticket #151).
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp - fixed crash on FreeBSD9-RC1 caused by r225950
[AS] smartctl.8 - added information about -d areca on FreeBSD
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: backport quirks for the LSI controllers with SATA
disks to the FreeBSD. Tested with DELL Perc/6i controller.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: disable SAT autodetection on megaraid controllers
[AS] drivedb.h update:
- Hitachi Ultrastar 7K2000
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Seagate Momentus XT: Add bug warning for firmware SD24 and SD25
[CF] Don't include pkg-config macros in aclocal.m4, copy to m4/pkg.m4
instead. Allow builds from SVN without pkg-config installed
but prevent 'make dist' when pkg-config support is missing.
[CF] Move automake --foreign option from to
This fixes autoreconf support.
[CF] Replace COPYING file with current (2010-03-24) version from
smartmontools 5.42 2011-10-20
[CF] Windows installer: Add install dir to PATH in CMD shortcut.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint MP5
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.11: Change warning text, Seagate
apparently released fixed firmware without changing version
number (Debian bug 632758)
- Western Digital RE4 GP
- Western Digital VelociRaptor: Add 150GB, 300GB LHX variants
- Western Digital Scorpio Blue Serial ATA (Adv. Format):
Add 1TB JPVT variant
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- WD Elements SE USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x1042)
[CF] Windows installer: Rework to support UAC.
Replace *-run.bat files by runcmd?.exe wrappers.
Run drive menu entries elevated (ticket #173).
[CF] Add example script which prints all status bits
(ticket #191).
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Remove '--service' option, update man page.
[CF] smartd: Require absolute path name also for '-p' option.
Allow relative path names for '-A', '-s', '-p' in Windows
version only.
[CF] smartd: Log model family from drive database if known.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SMART Xcel-10 2.5 SATA SSD: Shorten names,
document supported default attributes.
[CF] smartctl -P showall: Report error if attribute name is too long.
[AS] freebsd: use system ciss header if available, it is added
to the base system by recent commit.
[CF] Update Windows 'msgbox' info.
Add missing IF/ENDIF for Solaris and Windows.
[CF] man pages: Remove reference to T13 web site. It does no
longer provide links to the ATA documents.
[CF] smartctl: Replace '-t scttempint,N[,p]' option
by '-l scttempint,N[,p]'.
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Oxford (0x0928:0x0000): unsupported, see
[CF] Minor cleanup to prevent warnings from new gcc 4.6 options
[CF] Windows smartd: Fix format string for 64-bit version.
[CF] Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features already present in 5.40.
[CF] smartctl: Add new log addresses from ACS-3 revision 1.
[CF] smartctl: Print ATA ACS-x versions properly (ticket #183).
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-l devstat[,PAGE]',
print ATA Device Statistics log pages (ticket #106).
Thanks to David Boreham for providing access to a machine for testing.
[AS] man pages: trivial man page syntax fixes (ticket #199)
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SMART Xcel-10 2.5 SATA SSD: Fix syntax error (ticket #200)
[AS] drivedb.h update:
- SMART Xcel-10 2.5 SATA SSD
[DG] [SCSI] document 'ssd' list option in man page and smartctl usage.
[CF] Windows: Fix device type detection for Intel ICHxR RAID Volumes.
[CF] smartd: Resend warning emails if problem reappears (ticket #167).
[CF] smartd: Add separate directives '-l offlinests' and '-l selfteststs'
to enable tracking of status changes. Disable '-l offlinests' by
default to avoid misleading messages (see Debian bug 636078).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/C400: Add m4 series (ticket #192)
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ-AGILITY3
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Add RENICE Z2
- Intel 710 Series SSDs
[CF] Windows smartd: Fix quoting of service command line.
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Remove FreeConsole() after fork().
No longer needed for recent versions of Cygwin DLL.
[CF] smartd: Add some sleep() time after machine standby mode.
Some drivers (Intel ICHxR Windows driver) report failures if
pass-through is accessed immediately after wake up.
[AS] -d hpt on linux/freebsd - increased max channel number to 16,
fixed documentation.
[AS] os_linux.cpp - disabling SMART WRITE LOG SECTOR command on
megaraid interface for SATA disks.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: -l scterc was broken on FreeBSD, fixed for atacam and
ata drivers (bug #198).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Crucial/Micron RealSSD C300/C400: Add C400
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add Kingston HyperX,
- Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2 SSDs: Add 120GB
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K200: Match capital letters also
- Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000
- Seagate Barracuda Green: Add ST2000DL001-* (ticket #195)
- WD My Passport Essential SE: Add WD10TMVW-*
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0x5071) (ticket #195)
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Desk USB 3.0 (0x0bc2:0x50a1):
Enable -d sat,16 (ticket #151).
- Oyen Digital MiniPro USB 3.0 (0x0dc4:0x020a) (ticket #193)
- WD My Passport Essential SE USB 3.0 (0x1058:0x0740)
[CF] Windows: Add MSVC10 support, remove MSVC8 project files.
[DG] [SCSI] smartctl output Solid State Media (SSD) percentage used
endurance indicator. Add '-l ssd', useful for SATA SSDs?
[CF] atacmds.cpp: Rework search for temperature min/max values
in attributes 190/194. This fixes temperature tracking
for recent WDC drives.
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- LaCie rikiki USB 3.0 (0x059f:0x1057)
- Freecom Mobile Drive XXS (0x07ab:0xfc88)
- WD Elements SE (0x1058:0x1023)
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Add G.Skill Falcon
- JMicron based SSDs (JMF61x): Add Kingston SSDNow V100 Series
- Transcend CompactFlash Cards: Add 8, 16GB
- Toshiba 1.8" HDD MD..29GSG
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M7U
- Western Digital Caviar Green (Adv. Format): Add SATA 6Gb/s variants
- Western Digital My Passport USB: Shorten names
[DG] [SCSI] smartd initial log entry for each drive now shows INQUIRY
strings and optionally the LU (logical unit) id and capacity
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: fixed return type in autodetect_smart_device.
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- WD My Book Essential (0x1058:0x0910, Debian bug 633724)
- Atech (0x11b0:0x6298)
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Seagate Barracuda ES.2: Add Dell firmware versions (ticket #189)
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 21: Add STM380215AS
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12: Add ST3250312AS, ST31000524AS
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..50GACY
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..76GSX
[AS] smartd.8 - removed configuration file information from this manual,
added reference to smartd.conf.5.
[AS] smartd.conf.5 - added more platform-specific sections, corrected "areca"
device information, corrected sample configuration.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: detecting access to /dev/mfidX devices to show help (#97)
[CF] Update configure options in INSTALL file, remove outdated info.
[CF] int64.h: Remove outdated uint64_to_double() workaround for MSVC6.
[CF] os_win32/update-smart-drivedb.nsi: Add support for /S(ilent) option.
[CF] Don't search for initddir and systemdsystemunitdir
when cross-compiling.
[CF] Use same syntax also for ENABLE_* man page sections.
[CF] Add experimental support for platform-specific man pages.
[CF] Windows: Move '-I os_win32' from to
[CF] Fix check for __attribute__((packed)).
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Verbatim Portable Hard Drive (0x18a5:0x0214)
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OWC Mercury Extreme Pro RE (ticket #168)
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Let MegaRAID autodetect_open() fail for SATA devices.
MegaRAID SAT layer has serious bugs as reported by AS.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: Implement 48bit support for the new "atacam"
interface. Tested on FreeBSD 8.2 and works fine.
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Fix USB ID detection if two devices with the same
name exist (ticket #178).
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: including ciss headers to the base, we can not rely
on the header sources in the build time. Also this file was changed
last time > 2 yrs. ago and it is unlikely that it will be changed in
the feature. This will fix FreeBSD PR 150235.
[AS] drivedb.h update: Added Samsung Story Station 3.0 USB.
[AS] os_linux.cpp: Areca code converted to the new interface.
Patch is based on os_freebsd.cpp patch and is not tested yet.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: Areca code converted to the new interface.
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: Added support for the Areca RAID controllers.
Support is basesd on Linux code, but using IOCTL on areca control
device instead of SCSI commands to talk with the drives. Hardware
access was provided by Andrej Binder.
[CF] Don't use isprint() for ASCII character check as it may be affected
by setlocale().
[AS] os_freebsd.cpp: Remove all referenced to the FreeBSD 5.0.
It is unsupported for a very long time and probably will not compile
and work anyway. Also this will fix bug #154.
smartmontools 5.41 2011-06-09
[MS] drivedb.h: revert attribute 190 to default for Samsung SSD controllers,
some 470 series SSDs seem to have some temperature information at
this location.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
add attribute details for Samsung controllers, centralize entries
[MS] drivedb.h update:
add attribute details for JMicron JMF61x controllers
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ DENEVA
[CF] os_win32.cpp: Ignore vendor ID "ATA" if returned by
[CF] Add ATA NCQ commands to error register decoding.
[CF] Re-enable '--with-initscriptdir=auto' as default.
Change search for initddir and systemdsystemunitdir such that
default ./configure does never overwrite system files.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
disentangle Transcend SSD versions
[MS] drivedb.h update:
add attribute details for Crucial C300
fix for debian, cleanup. Based on patch of CF.
[AS] --with-initscriptdir default changed to "no" from "auto" to avoid
filesystem pollution.
[MS] drivedb.h cleanup:
harmonize family names, add AF information into name
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- OCZ Vertex 3
- Seagate Barracuda Green 1TB variant
[CF] Windows: Avoid '%n' printf format specifier because it is always
disabled in recent versions of msvcrt.dll. This fixes truncation
of smartd warning email (ticket #174).
cleanup, provide targets "reload" and "report" for all platforms
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- JMicron based SSD (JMicron JMF602?): rename from
Kingston SSDNow V Series, move Transcend IDE and SATA
entries to here.
[CF] Support ':BYTEORDER' for all attribute print formats.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Kingston SSDNow V Series SSDs (ticket #171)
[CF] Increase size of drive database option parse buffer
to allow long '-v N,FORMAT:BYTEORDER,NAME' options.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- Western Digital Scorpio Blue Advanced Format variants
[MS] drivedb.h update:
correct typo for Cowon iAudio X5
[MS] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Maxtor OneTouch 200GB (unsupported)
- LaCie Little Disk
[AS] FreeBSD: Added native rc.conf style script to the package.
Modifications to the configure script to use correct template and
[AS] freebsd_os.cpp:
Fix memory leak in the ata detection code (added free())
Using bzero in cam code to clear structure (fixing varnish varning)
[MS] drivedb.h update:
Kingston SSDNow S100 Series
[MS] drivedb.h USB update:
- Samsung S1 Portable
- LaCie rikiki USB 3.0
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex USB 3.0
- Cowon iAudio X5
- Oxford OXU921DS chip (unsupported)
[CF] Windows: Add debug output of SCSI sense data.
[CF] Add 'smartd.service' file for systemd.
Add configure option '--with-systemdsystemunitdir'.
Disable initd script if systemd is used.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- Western Digital AV-25 family
[MS] drivedb.h update:
JMicron based SSDs: Add
Kingston SSDNow V, Kingston SSDNow V+100, TOSHIBA THNS128GG4BBAA,
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Intel 510 Series SSDs (ticket #170)
[CF] smartctl: Don't issue SMART DISABLE command to 3ware controllers
when the port number was not specified (ticket #165).
[CF] Use get_errmsg() from device instead of errno or syserror() for
printing error messages.
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- G.Skill FALCON II SSD (Indilinx)
- HP 250GB SATA disk VB0250EAVER
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M5 HM160HC
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint MT2 HM100UI
- Hitachi Deskstar 5K3000 Series
- Seagate Barracuda Green (Adv. Format)
- Seagate Barracuda XT 3TB variant
- Western Digital RE4 Serial ATA family
- Western Digital Caviar Green WD20EACS
- Western Digital Caviar Black family, SATA 3.0 variants
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add more OCZ SF-1200 and SF-1500 based drives
Thanks to Sudhir Verman from OCZ Technology for providing this info.
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Seagate Expansion External (0x0bc2:0x3300) (Debian bug 621411)
- ASMedia USB 3.0 (0x174c:0x55aa) (unsupported)
[CF] Clarify '-t vendor,N' (ticket #169).
Update Intel info (ticket #168).
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Intel 320 Series SSDs (ticket #168)
[CF] smartctl: Always print sector size in '-i' output (ticket #166).
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Shorten version string.
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-f brief' to select new attribute output
format. This format includes additional attribute flags
(ticket #109) and fits in 80 columns (ticket #158).
This format is now the default for '-x'.
[CF] smartd: Log changes of offline data collection status if
'-l selftest' is specified.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add ADATA S599 64GB,
OWC Mercury Extreme Pro
- Kingston branded X25-V SSDs (ticket #156)
- Transcend SATA Solid State Drive: Truncate attribute name
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- LaCie (0x059f:0x1029) (ticket #153)
- WD My Book Office Edition (0x1058:0x1101)
- JMicron USB 3.0 (0x152d:0x0539)
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Verbatim Pocket Hard Drive (0x18a5:0x0227) (ticket #159)
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint N3U-3 (USB, 4KiB LLS) (ticket #159)
[CF] Add support for ATA Long Logical Sectors (LLS) (ticket #159).
[DG] [SCSI] smartctl: (re-)use capacity formatting in utility.cpp
[CF] Remove '-Wno-format' for MinGW.
Recent MinGW versions support MSVCRT printf format strings.
[CF] Print ATA disk capacity with SI prefix.
Add/move capacity formatting to utility.cpp
[CF] Add error messages if ATA pass-through does not return required
This prevents misleading 'SMART Status command failed' messages
(see ticket #155).
[CF] Fix WWN support check for older ATA-7 disks.
[DG] [SCSI] smartctl: add 'Logical Unit id' from the Device
Identification VPD page (0x83)
[DG] [SCSI] smartctl: add 'User Capacity' (disk size) in human
readable form
[CF] smartctl, smartd: Print World Wide Name (WWN) of ATA device.
[CF] smartctl: Print more specific error message if IDENTIFY DEVICE
failed (ticket #61). Add check for empty IDENTIFY data.
[CF] Windows installer: Add help message box.
[CF] Windows installer: Request admin rights, select 'All Users'
section. This fixes shortcut removal under Vista and later.
Add '/SO' option to select components for unattended install.
Patch was provided by József Fejes.
[CF] Windows: Add update-smart-drivedb.nsi NSIS script to build
drivedb.h update tool.
[CF] Windows: Move search for NSIS compiler from to
[CF] Move DRIVEDB_BRANCH name creation
from script to
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Replace printf() by pout(). Disable unused
function dumpdata().
[CF] Windows: Include CSMI (for Intel RAID) in default DEVICESCAN.
[CF] Remove info messages about old defaults.
[CF] drivedb.h: Set unneeded USB bcdDevice patterns to empty.
[CF] Rework USB ID drivedb search. Stop search at first matching
entry with empty bcd_device pattern.
[CF] Move handling of '-F swapid' from formatting to identity read
function. Remove unneeded 'fix_swapped_id' parameters.
[CF] smartd: Log warning from drive database if present.
smartctl: Do not search drive database twice.
[MS] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Samsung S2 Portable variant (0x04e8:0x1f08)
- Lacie rikiki (0x059f:0x102a)
- Toshiba Stor.E Steel series (0x0930:0x0b11)
- Super Top generic enclosure (0x14cd:0x6116)
[CF] Let constructor of regular_expression throw on error by default.
[CF] smartd: Preserve last selective self-test span in '.state' file
and use it if the selective self-test log was cleared (ticket #88).
[CF] smartctl --scan-open: Make output compatible with smartd.conf
(ticket #108). Fix possible crash if autodetect_open() returns
new object.
[CF] do_release: Re-add signing of tarball.
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Change '-d sat' to '-d sat,12' for USB only if
kernel is older than 2.6.29. Add kernel release to version info.
[CF] smartd: Add '-l scterc,READTIME,WRITETIME' directive (ticket #150).
[CF] smartctl: Fix exit status of '-l xerror' and '-l xselftest'
(ticket #144).
[CF] smartd: Use '-M daily' as default if state persistence is enabled.
This avoids that emails are suppressed forever (ticket #35).
[CF] smartd: Log identify information of each ATA device.
[CF] smartd: Disable '-C' and '-U' monitoring if raw values are
very large (ticket #148).
[CF] smartd: Write reserved attribute byte to '.state' file
(ticket #118).
[MS] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Seagate FreeAgent Go Flex Desk USB 3.0
- Toshiba Canvio 500GB
[MS] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Freecom HD 500GB (0x07ab:0xfcda)
- Generic JMicron adapter (0x152d:0x2337)
- RaidSonic ICY BOX IB-110StU3-B (0x1759:0x500[02])
- Connectland BE-USB2-35BP-LCM (0x040d:0x6204)
- Freecom Classic HD 120GB (0x07ab:0xfccd)
- Vantec NST-400MX-SR (0x1a4a:0x1670)
- Intenso Memory Station 2.5" (0x13fd:0x1840)
[CF] Don't report failed self-tests outdated by a newer successful
extended self-test as errors (ticket #147).
This affects smartctl exit status and smartd syslog output and
warning email. Only implemented for ATA.
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Don't use buffer of size PATH_MAX for the result
of realpath(). This also fixes compilation on Debian Lenny.
[CF] smartd man pages: Add some missing [ATA only].
[CF] os_linux.cpp: Dereference symlinks before guess of device type
(ticket #146). Minor rework of autodetect_smart_device().
[CF] smartctl -l scterc: Don't get ERC if only set is requested.
This prevent misleading error messages if ATA output registers
are not supported.
[CF] Windows: Prevent warnings from gcc 4.5.1.
[CF] os_netbsd.cpp, os_openbsd.cpp: Add missing <errno.h>
[CF] os_freebsd.cpp: Add missing <errno.h>
[CF] dev_legacy.cpp: Add missing <errno.h>
[CF] Linux megaraid: Fix pass-through of non-data ATA commands
(ticket #149).
Only reject commands which require ATA output registers.
[CF] Remove '-fno-strict-aliasing' from CXXFLAGS.
This reverts r2992 (see ticket #23).
[CF] Linux megaraid: Avoid strict-aliasing warnings.
Patch was provided by Stanislav Brabec (2009-06-03).
[MS] Make functions without prototypes static.
[MS] Remove unnecessary includes, move inclusion of errno.h from scsicmds.h
to the appropriate *.cpp files. Add cciss.h to cciss.cpp.
[MS] os_linux.cpp: rename variables to please "-Wshadow"
utility.cpp: remove unused variable "start"
os_win32/syslogevt.c: plug resource leak
[CF] Rename variables to prevent warnings if '-Wshadow' is set.
Remove unnecessary includes. Fix some comments.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2 SSDs: Add firmware bug warning
- Samsung SpinPoint M6
- Samsung SpinPoint M7E (AFT)
- Samsung PM800 SSDs
- Samsung PM810 (470 series) SSDs
[CF] Windows: Add experimental CSMI support for disks behind Intel Matrix
RAID driver. Accessed through new device names '/dev/csmi[0-9],N'.
Experimental DEVICESCAN can be enabled by '-d csmi'.
[MS] - ataprint.cpp: adjust print format for insanely large
offline data collection times (e.g. WD drives).
- getopt: change config.h #include format from angle brackets to quotes
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- Fujitsu MJA2 BH series
- Toshiba MK..59GSXP series (Adv. Format)
- Toshiba MK..59GSM series (Adv. Format)
- Western Digital Caviar Blue SATA 3.0 variants
- Seagate Barracuda XT
[CF] smartctl: Print help message if no option is specified (ticket #39).
Don't issue any other ATA command if only '-n POWERMODE' is specified.
[CF] smartd: Output multiple lines via separate syslog(3) calls
(ticket #135).
[CF] smartctl: Add new ATA minor revisions and log addresses from ACS-2
revision 4a. Replace runtime asserts by compile time asserts.
[CF] smartd: Remove "default: /var/log/messages" hint from warning mail.
This obsoletes Debian patch 60_remove-redhatism.diff.
[CF] Windows: Include USB devices in DEVICESCAN (ticket #116).
[CF] Windows: Use direct WMI access to detect USB IDs (ticket #115).
This replaces 'wmic' runs and speeds up USB detection.
[CF] Rework platform-specific settings.
[CF] Remove some no longer used settings:
-lselinux (duplicate), NEED_SOLARIS_ATA_CODE, OS_FREEBSD.
[CF] Remove SUBDIRS. Recursive targets are no longer used.
[CF] Use log directory to check for old error and self-test log
support (ticket #89).
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- WD My Book Essential 3TB USB 3.0
[CF] Fix usb header includes for DragonFly BSD (ticket #141).
[CF] smartctl: Print physical and logical sector sizes (ticket #62).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Fujitsu MHT: Add AC variant
- Fujitsu MHW2 AC
- Samsung SpinPoint T166: Needs '-v 197,increasing'
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.11: Add firmware SD81 as buggy
- WD Scorpio Blue EIDE: Add 320GB
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Samsung S2 Portable (ticket #136)
- Move Verbatim 0x152d:0x2351 to JMicron section
[AS] drivedb.h updates:
- Verbatim Portable Hard Drive eSATA & USB 2.0 Combo 500GB
[CF] Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K3000
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K320: Add ...362 variant
- Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 21: Add STM3250310AS
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..65GSX
- WD Caviar Green (Adv. Format): Add 750GB, 2.5TB, 3TB
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Micron USB SSD (unsupported, ticket #133)
- Samsung G2 Portable (ticket #132)
- Samsung Story Station 3.0 (ticket #130)
- Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex (ticket #131)
[CF] Add workaround for OpenBSD shell bug:
'set -e; if eval false; ...' aborts script (ticket #128).
[CF] Add platform specific download tools:
'fetch' on FreeBSD (ticket #127), 'ftp' on OpenBSD.
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- JMicron 0x152d:0x2509
- WD My Passport 0730
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Samsung SpinPoint F3 EG: Add 2TB
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add ADATA S599, SuperTalent TeraDrive CT
- Seagate Constellation (SATA)
- Seagate Constellation ES (SATA)
- WDC My Passport: Add WD5000BMVW
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Samsung SpinPoint F4 EG: Add 1.5TB, update firmware bug warning.
[DG] [SCSI] Fix log page sanity check problem if the DS bit set
in response. Caused '-l background' to fail.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Samsung SpinPoint F4 EG: Warning about bad blocks
[CF] Replace ERE by BRE. Script does no
longer require GNU sed (Ticket #126).
[DG] In '-r ioctl' show vendor specific SCSI commands as such rather
than 'unknown'.
[CF] Add check for CompactFlash Signature in ATA IDENTIFY data.
This avoids that older CF microdrives are detected as ATAPI
devices (Ticket #125).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Apple SSDs TS*
- Crucial RealSSD C300 Series
- Kingston SSDNow V Series
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Add OCZ-ONYX
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ VERTEX2-PRO
- Transcend CompactFlash Cards: Add TS4GCF133
[CF] Windows installer: Add missing quotes in smartctl-run.bat
and smartd-run.bat (Ticket #124).
[CF] OpenBSD: Fix DEVICESCAN for OpenBSD >= 4.8 (Ticket #123).
[CF] daemon_win32.cpp: Remove duplicate assignment (Ticket #120).
[CF] Do not overwrite existing smartd.conf file
(Ticket #122). If smartd.conf exists and differs from the
default then smartd.conf.sample is installed instead
If smartd.conf.sample exists on uninstall then smartd.conf is
[CF] Linux megaraid: Fix segfault on non-data commands (Ticket #78).
The /dev/megaraid_sas_ioctl_node driver does not allow
sge_count = 1 and sgl[0].iov_len = 0.
[CF] Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features already present
in 5.39.
[CF] Rework '-d TYPE' documentation on man pages.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 21: Add 80GB
- Western Digital Caviar Black: Add 1TB/64MB
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- iRiver iHP-120/140 (Ticket #119)
- ASMedia ASM1051
[CF] Handle examplescripts in main Makefile.
Remove 'examplescripts/'.
[CF] New option '--with-exampledir' allows one to change
path of 'DOCDIR/examplescripts' directory.
(Debian package uses '/usr/share/doc/smartmontools/examples')
[CF] Replace global 'con->dont_print/...' variables by 'printing_is_*'.
Remove global 'con'trol pointer. Remove file 'extern.h'.
[CF] Replace global 'con->reportata/scsiioctl' variables by '*_debugmode'.
[CF] Replace global 'con->conservative/permissive' variables by
'failuretest_*'. Move failuretest() function to smartctl.cpp.
[CF] Remove unused CONTROLLER_* defines.
[CF] Remove unused controller support from dev_legacy adapter module.
[CF] Make 'debugmode' variable local to smartd.cpp.
smartmontools 5.40 2010-10-16
[CF] examplescripts/Example3: Use stdin to pass message to 'wall'
command (ticket #114).
[CF] smartd: Fix setting of SMARTD_DEVICE and SMARTD_DEVICETYPE
environment variables (ticket #113).
Regression was introduced by rework of smartd data structures.
SMARTD_DEVICE is now set to the plain device name.
SMARTD_DEVICETYPE is now set to 'auto' if no '-d' directive is
specified. Smartctl now accepts '-d auto' for this purpose.
[CF] Remove "Lifetime" from Min/Max temperature attribute output
(ticket #111). Interval is device specific.
[CF] Print resource/message compiler info for Windows only.
[CF] FreeBSD: Rework get_dev_names_cam() to support more than 26 devices.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.10: Add 360GB
- USB: Iomega MDHD-UE
Patch provided by Rob Marissen.
[DL] Standby mode not detected properly on FreeBSD (ticket #91).
[MS] os_linux.cpp: fix "gcc -flto" build error by including stddef.h
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Add OCZ-VERTEX 1199 and -TURBO
[CF] TODO file: Move open entries to tickets #106, #107, #108, #109, #110.
Remove outdated entries.
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- SunPlus 0x04fc:0x0c05
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add Corsair Force, fix typo
[CF] Print hex values of unknown self-test type or status.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Fix regex for Unigen UG99SGC
- Seagate Momentus XT series
- Quantum Bigfoot: Add 12.7GB
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add 11 attributes of new FW,
add Unigen UG99PGC
- WD AV ATA family: Add 250GB, 320GB
- WD AV SATA family
[CF] Windows: Build syslogevt.exe with MinGW. Now possible because
binutils provides windmc.
[CF] Remove install message about smartd startup.
It might be misleading because it is not correct for all platforms.
[CF] Minor fix of '--enable-drivedb' new defaults
[CF] Update links, configure and OS info in INSTALL file.
Replace tabs by spaces.
[CF] Fix '--enable-sample' and '--with-selinux'.
Fix obsolete use of AC_DEFINE().
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- IBM Deskstar 60GXP, 40GV & 75GXP: Update link (ticket #99)
- Seagate Barracuda 7200.12: Add ST31000523AS and others
- WD Caviar Black: Add 2TB
- WD VelociRaptor: Add 6 Gb/s models
[CF] Windows installer: Fix smartctl-run.bat for drive menu (ticket #31).
[CF] Windows: Create md5/sha1/sha256 checksums of the binaries.
Add checksums.txt file to binary distribution.
[CF] Windows: Include drivedb.h into binary distribution.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Intel X18-M/X25-M/X25-V G2: Add X25-V 40GB
- Transcend CompactFlash Cards
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Momentus 7200 FDE.2: Add ST9160414ASG
- Seagate Pipeline HD 5900.1 and 5900.2
Based on patch provided by Marcin Falkiewicz.
[CF] Remove unused variable 'reportbug'.
[CF] Make function PrintOut() local to smartd.cpp, remove it from
[CF] Windows: Improve compatibility with MinGW variants.
Add configure check for DDK include files.
Drop support for '-mno-cygwin' from old Cygwin gcc.
[AS] minor update: adding FreeBSD ahci/scsi device hints
[CF] Fix build if SVN Id keywords are not expanded (ticket #94).
[CF] Windows: Remove "." from DLL search path to prevent DLL
preloading attacks.
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- JMicron 0x152d:0x0551 (ticket #95)
Add note about port multipliers to smartctl man page.
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add Unigen drives
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs: Add ASAX Leopard Hunt II
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Intel X18-M/X25-M G2: Add names of timed workload attributes.
Document attribute clear command '-t vendor,0x40' on smartctl
man page.
Thanks to Artem Danielov from Intel for providing the
required information and drives for testing.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs: Add OCZ drives with form factor info.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Intel X25-E, X18-M/X25-M (add X18-M, update attributes)
[CF] '--enable-drivedb' is now the default.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Indilinx Barefoot based SSDs
(combine and update 5 SSD entries using this controller)
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SandForce Driven SSDs (Demo Drive, OCZ-Agility2/Vertex2/Vertex-LE)
Thanks to Jeremy Werner ( from SandForce for
providing the required information and a demo drive for testing.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Add 1.5TB drive to SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 EG series
[CF] Add print formats '-v ID,msec24hour32' and '-v ID,raw24/raw32'.
Used by SSDs with SandForce controller.
[CF] Allow SMART threshold entries at positions different from
attribute table. This fixes attribute output for recent
SSDs with SandForce controller.
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-t vendor,N' to issue ATA
a vendor specific subcommand.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint V80 series (ticket #85)
[CF] Linux: Support SATA drives on LSI 3ware 9750 controllers.
Patch provided by Victor Payno (ticket #86).
Modified to avoid duplicate code.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M7 series
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Buffalo JustStore Portable HD-PVU2
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- Iomega LDHD-UP (ticket #83)
- WD Elements Desktop 2TB
- Maxtor OneTouch (0x0d49:0x7300)
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- Intel X25-M SSD first Generation
- ExcelStor J8160
- OCZ Agility2
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Transcend Solid State Drives (ticket #80)
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- LaCie Rugged Hard Drive
[CF] smartctl: Add options '--scan, --scan-open'.
[CF] Windows: Use also VendorId from IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY.
[CF] smartd: Change defaults of '-C' and '-U' directives to 0 (disabled)
if attribute name is changed by '-v 19[78],...' directive.
[CF] Fix include path for MinGW.
[CF] Move 'posix/reg*' to 'regex/reg*'.
Add configure check for regex.
[MS] cciss.cpp: avoid redefining be32toh
megaraid.h: replace use of undefined preprocessor macro BITS_PER_LONG
by union construct (thanks to [DL]).
Add assert for sizeof(ptr_t) == 8 (thanks to [CF]).
[CF] Add os_qnxnto.* to EXTRA_smart*_SOURCES.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB variant (USB interface)
[CF] Use getopt_long() from getopt/getopt* if necessary.
Add missing cast to os_qnxnto.cpp.
This fixes build on QNX (ticket #1).
Thanks to Stefan (stevestereo) for testing.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- WD Caviar Green (Adv. Format) family
[CF] drivedb.h USB update:
- Verbatim External Hard Drive 47519
[DL] Fix regression in smartctl option '-t select,M-N' which prevents
that more than one test span can be specified (ticket #75).
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Add raw64 attributes 1, 210-213 to all SSD drives with
64-bit attribute format.
[CF] Support smartd '-l xerror' also for disks which use reserved
byte as log index.
[CF] Fix initialization of values missing in smartd '.state' files.
[CF] Add smartd directive '-l xerror' to check error count from
the Extended Comprehensive SMART Error Log (ticket #34).
[CF] Fix max number of cciss devices, 128 devices are supported
again (ticket #49). Regression was introduced during migration
to new interface.
[CF] Update man pages (include Debian patch
60_remove-redhatism.diff and Debian Bug 570892).
[CF] Add SVN revision number to man pages.
[CF] Windows: Read default drivedb.h and smartd.conf from exe
directory instead of current directory.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M series
[CF] Replace runtime check of byte ordering by compile time check.
[CF] drivedb.h USB updates:
- ALi M5621 (unsupported)
- LaCie with JMicron (ticket #69)
- JMicron (0x2352)
- Enable 48-bit commands for Hitachi drive
[CF] Read USB ID info from drivedb.h (ticket #44).
[CF] Create branch RELEASE_5_39_DRIVEDB with last drivedb.h file
compatible with smartmontools 5.39[.1].
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- WD Raptor 80GB variant
- correct Regex for some WD AV-GP variants
- Hitachi Ultrastar A7K2000
- Hitachi Travelstar 5K500.B
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C
- adjust naming of Hitachi Travelstar and Deskstar drives
[CF] Move 'posix/getopt*' to 'getopt/getopt*'. Can be used for
platforms with regex() but without getopt_long() (QNX, ticket #1).
[CF] smartd '-l selftest' directive: Print info if error count
decreased. Avoid misleading warning if error count decreased
to zero (ticket #67).
[CF] smartctl: Rework ataPrintMain(). Issue ATA SMART commands only if
necessary. Improve handling of SMART STATUS command failure when
ATA output registers are missing (ticket #27).
[CF] USB ID updates:
- Hitachi/SimpleTech 1TB
[CF] Print configuration summary.
[CF] smartctl -l xselftest,selftest: Print old log if extended self-test
log index is out of range. Workaround for bad log data from Intel
X25-M G2 (ticket #66).
[CF] USB ID updates:
- LaCie Desktop Hard Drive
- Prolific PL2507 (unsupported)
- Seagate FreeAgent Go FW
- WD My Book Essential
[CF] Linux: Add '/dev/sd[a-c][a-z]' to smartd DEVICESCAN.
[CF] smartd: Other config entries may precede DEVICESCAN.
Very first step towards a more flexible device scanning.
[CF] Windows: Use '.win64' in names of 64-bit binary packages.
Use correct 'strip' program when cross-compiling.
[CF] Add update script to make targets 'dist' and 'clean',
set +x permission, update svn:ignore.
[CF] Add 'update-smart-drivedb' script (ticket #59).
The script updates the drive database from SVN.
It is installed if '--enable-drivedb' is configured.
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- Seagate Medalist 1720
- SuperTalent UltraDrive GX SSD
- Intel X25-M SSD
[CF] Fix unix2dos and makensis parameters to allow
one to build the Windows installer on Linux also.
[CF] Use a separate build rule for each man page to
avoid compatibility problems with BSD make.
[AS] drivedb.h updates:
- Fujitsu MHZ2 BK series
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 series
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F3 EG series
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M5 series
- Western Digital Caviar Green 6400AADS
- more Western Digital VelociRaptor variants
[AS] FreeBSD: disable 48-bit commands in the ata_pass_through interface,
there is no 48-bit support in the IOCATAREQUEST ioctl.
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-l scterc[,READTIME,WRITETIME]' to get/set
the SCT Error Recovery Control time limit (ticket #50).
Patch was provided by Richard Gregory:
Modified for new ata_pass_through() interface.
Linux HPT fixes omitted for now.
[CF] Fix SCT temperature table commands on big endian CPUs.
[MS] drivedb.h updates:
- more Seagate Momentus 5400.6 drives
- HP 500GB drive MM0500EANCR
[CF] Windows: Cleanup I/O-control declarations, rely on include
files if possible.
[CF] Windows: Compile fixes for 64-bit exe (EXPERIMENTAL).
Update build info in INSTALL file.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Patriot Torqx SSD (patch provided by Gianpaolo Cugola)
[CF] Avoid duplication of man page filter script.
[CF] smartd: Add option '-C, --capabilities' if libcap-ng is available
(ticket #45).
Support is added if libcap-ng is found during build. This can
be overridden by configure option '--with-libcap-ng=[auto|yes|no]'.
Based on Debian patch:
Modified to fix regression (ticket #41, Debian bug 564876).
[CF] Bugfix release 5.39.1.
[CF] Linux: Fix spin-up of SATA drive if '-n standby' is used
(ticket #37). For some reason, this happens if the SCSI/SAT
device is opened with O_RDWR instead of O_RDONLY.
[CF] Windows: Fix parsing of 'tw_cli' output for 3ware 9.5.x release
(ticket #43).
[CF] Add USB IDs of Seagate FreeAgent Go, Seagate Expansion Portable
and WD My Passport (IDE).
[CF] Fix version regexp, allow automake 1.11.1.
[CF] Linux: Allow smartd 'DEVICESCAN -d sat' (ticket #13).
Detects (S)ATA devices behind a standard SAT layer
(Vendor ID: "ATA "), but not USB bridges with SAT support.
Only added for backward compatibility with 5.38.
No longer needed as 'DEVICESCAN' without '-d' includes these devices.
[CF] Add USB ID of Seagate FreeAgent Desktop.
[CF] smartd: Fix directive '-l selftest' (ticket #36)
Regression was introduced with r2773.
[CF] smartd: Don't disable attribute tracking if read thresholds fails.
Windows: Don't return dummy thresholds if IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY
or 3ware CLI is used to read SMART data.
[CF] Windows: Print warning if admin rights are missing.
[CF] Replace some 'EXIT(status)' calls by 'return status'.
Remove unnecessary casts from 'nonempty()' calls.
[CF] Windows: Set ata_device::ata_identify_is_cached() return value
according to I/O-control actually used.
[CF] Print ATA output registers if SMART status command returns bogus
register values.
[CF] Windows: Don't return false ATA version info if IDENTIFY data
is build from IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY result or from 3ware CLI
smartctl: Handle missing info about ATA version in '-i' output.
[CF] smartctl: Don't print log directory if '-q errorsonly' is specified.
[CF] smartctl: Fix option '-q, --quietmode' (ticket #11).
Regression was introduced with r2807.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint F2 EG series
[CF] Add USB ID of Samsung Story Station.
[MS] drivedb.h update:
- Hitachi Travelstar 5K320: some EA models miss last 2 "0"
in model string
- Seagate Barracuda LP series
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- Crucial M225 SSD
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- WDC Scorpio Blue Serial ATA (640GB, 750GB, 1TB)
- WDC My Passport Essential SE
[CF] Add USB ID of Toshiba PX1270E-1G16.
[CF] Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
[CF] drivedb.h update:
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint M40/60/80 series
[CF] Add direct access to 48-bit LBA register in 'ata_in/out_regs_48bit'.
[DL] drivedb.h updates:
- WDC My Passport Essential/USB (capacity 250GB, 400GB & 500GB)
[DL] -r ataioctl,2: print text representation of data also (ticket #32)
[DL] FreeBSD: freebsd_ata_device::ata_pass_through implemented (part of ticket #18)
[CF] drivedb.h updates:
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K320 (ticket #28)
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K500
[DL] -l gpllog,...: print text representation of data also (ticket #30)
[DL] FreeBSD: check reallocf() result for failures
[AS] FreeBSD: fixing crash on kFreeBSD (#29), patch provided by Petr Salinger
[CF] 'make check' now tests the syntax of drivedb.h.
[CF] Cygwin: Open drive database files in text mode.
[CF] Cygwin: Check for 'syslogd' and 'syslog-ng' in initd script.
[CF] Windows: Disable Win9x/ME specific code if no longer supported
by compiler.
[CF] Add '-v ID,FORMAT:BYTEORDER[,NAME]' to specify byte order
of attribute raw value.
[CF] Change --with-docdir default from
'PREFIX/share/doc/smartmontools-VERSION' to
'DATADIR/doc/smartmontools' to make it consistent with
--docdir option added in autoconf 2.6x (ticket #24).
Autoconf 2.5x is still supported.
[CF] Move drive database entries from 'knowndrives.cpp' to new file
'drivedb.h'. This allows one to update the drive database from SVN
if installation was configured with '--enable-drivedb'.
Remove the Makefile target to create 'drivedb.h'.
[CF] do_release: Add support to release from a dir below 'branches'.
Accept partial checkouts.
smartmontools 5.39.1 2010-01-28
[CF] Linux: Fix spin-up of SATA drive if '-n standby' is used
(ticket #37). For some reason, this happens if the SCSI/SAT
device is opened with O_RDWR instead of O_RDONLY.
[CF] Windows: Fix parsing of 'tw_cli' output for 3ware 9.5.x release
(ticket #43).
[CF] Linux: Allow smartd 'DEVICESCAN -d sat' (ticket #13).
Detects (S)ATA devices behind a standard SAT layer
(Vendor ID: "ATA "), but not USB bridges with SAT support.
Only added for backward compatibility with 5.38.
No longer needed as 'DEVICESCAN' without '-d' includes these devices.
[CF] smartd: Fix directive '-l selftest' (ticket #36)
Regression was introduced with r2773.
[CF] smartctl: Don't print log directory if '-q errorsonly' is specified.
[CF] smartctl: Fix option '-q, --quietmode' (ticket #11).
Regression was introduced with r2807.
[CF] Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
[DL] FreeBSD: check reallocf() result for failures
[AS] FreeBSD: fixing crash on kFreeBSD (#29), patch provided by Petr Salinger
[CF] do_release: Add support to release from a dir below 'branches'.
Accept partial checkouts.
smartmontools 5.39 2009-12-09
[CF] do_release: Commit CHANGELOG and NEWS also. Allows one to review changes.
[CF] Linux: Add workaround for Adaptec series 2, 5 and 5Z controllers
with firmware >= 17380. Patch was provided by Phil Wilson, see:
[CF] Add '-fno-strict-aliasing' to CXXFLAGS if supported.
This suppresses gcc 4.4.1 warnings on Linux and avoids possible
unsafe optimizations (ticket #23).
Patch was provided by Manfred Schwarb.
[CF] Avoid truncation of configure arguments in '-V' output.
[AS] Added USB IDs of WD Passport USB Portable
[CF] Linux: Fix segfault in 3ware interface (ticket #22).
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000
- Seagate Momentus 7200 FDE.2 series
[CF] Add USB ID of WD My Passport 070A.
knowndrives.cpp update:
- WD My Passport hard drive (USB interface)
[CF] smartd: Write 'worst' attribute value to '.state' file also.
This allows one to use state persistence with 'raw64' attributes.
[CF] Rework ATA SMART attribute check in smartctl and smartd.
smartd: Ignore normalized attribute value and threshold
if 'raw64' or 'hex64' format is selected.
[CF] Add USB IDs of Iomega LPHD080-0, 2 Genesys Logic bridges and
Initio 316000.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update: Hitachi Travelstar 5K320 series
[CF] smartctl: Ignore normalized attribute value and threshold
if 'raw64' or 'hex64' format is selected.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- add OCZ-Vertex raw64 attributes
- add OCZ-Agility
Thanks to Marcin Marszalek for the patch.
[CF] Add '-v ID,hex*' print formats. Fix '-v N,FORMAT,NAME' parsing.
[CF] Add '-v ID,raw64[,...]' print format based on a patch provided
by Marcin Marszalek.
[CF] Add '-v ID,RAW_FORMAT[,ATTR_NAME]' option. This allows one to add new
attributes without the need to enhance the '-v' option.
Rework attribute name and raw value formatting.
[CF] Fix auto_ptr initialization in linux_scsi_device::autodetect_open().
[CF] Remove duplicate function smart_device_list::add().
Replace calls with push_back().
[MS] attribute update:
trim attribute names to 23 chars
[CF] Add smart pointer class template to manage device object pointers.
Remove related 'delete' calls and 'try/catch' blocks.
[CF] do_release: Replace generation of '*.asc' by '*.md5' and '*.sha1'.
[MS] attribute updates:
- change attributes 202,204,205 to the meanings as found in wdidle3.exe
retain old entries as comments (possible Fujitsu use)
- add attribute 240 as found in Fujitsu MHY2xxxBH
[MS] attributes updates:
- attributes 225, 232 and 233 for Intel X25-E SSD
- non-conflicting attributes extracted from wdidle3.exe
(thanks to Franc Zabkar and Dan Lukes)
[CF] Update Windows and ./configure info in INSTALL file.
[CF] Update 'do_release' script for SVN.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Western Digital MyPassport Essential hard drive (USB interface)
- Seagate Momentus 7200.4 series
- Western Digital Raptor X
- Intel X25-E SSD
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- New Seagate 7200.11 firmware version
- Update IBM link
[CF] smartctl: Use printf() instead of pout() for exception error
messages to avoid access to bogus 'con->dont_print'.
[CF] smartd: Add missing help texts for '-A', '-B' and '-s'.
[CF] Add missing check for log page 0x11 support to smartctl
'-l sataphy' option.
[CF] Add USB ID of Freecom Hard Drive XS.
[AS] Linux: Autodetect DELL PERC and MegaRAID controllers.
Hiding debug messages coming from megaraid code.
[AS] Linux: Fixed SATA drives support on megaraid device (see ticket #15).
[AS] FreeBSD: Removed all old detection code, moving everything to
the objects. Now we are using CAM/ATA enumerators to guess device
[AS] FreeBSD: Added autodetection for the ada disks (untested).
Code for USB device detection refactored.
[AS] FreeBSD: cam_get_umassno rewritten using XPT_PATH_INQ
[AS] FreeBSD: do not open/close cam device on every request for SCSI
disks. Use com->camdev both for SCSI and ATAPICAM.
[AS] FreeBSD: added support for the ada disks, based on agapon patch
[CF] Add names for attributes 184 and 188, see ticket #17.
[CF] Change configure date syntax.
Add message to '-mno-cygwin' option check.
[GK] Add names for some attributes used in MLC flash drives:
175, 176, 177, 181, 182
[CF] Windows: Check support of gcc '-mno-cygwin' option in configure.
This option has been removed in Cygwin gcc 4.x. Update INSTALL
instructions accordingly.
[CF] Increase SCSI_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT from 6 to 20 seconds to avoid
timeouts when a disk spins up from standby mode.
[CF] Add USB ID of AcomData 504 (OnSpec USB bridge).
[AS] Correcting manual pages (FreeBSD related)
[AS] FreeBSD: fix FTBFS on GNU/kFreeBSD (reported by derevko).
[AS] FreeBSD: Add USB autodetection to smartd DEVICESCAN directive.
[CF] Add USB ID of Myson Century CS8818, add some comments.
[CF] Return info strings from 'smart_interface::get_*()' functions as
'std::string' instead of 'const char *'. Static buffers are no
longer needed.
[SZ] FreeBSD: Fix highpoint type detection and ioctl failed for parameter
[CF] Linux: Add USB autodetection to smartd DEVICESCAN directive.
[CF] Add USB IDs of Maxtor Basics Desktop and ISD-300A1.
[AS] Use malloc() to ensure that the read buffer lands on a single
page. This avoids some bugs seen on LSI controllers under
[CF] Add missing help text for '-d usb*' options.
[CF] Linux: Dereference '/dev/disk/by-*/*' symlink before device type
[AS] FreeBSD: Support SATA disks attached to a SAS controller (based on
patch from freebsd ports tree).
[AS] FreeBSD: Added FreeBSD 8 libusb2 device autodetecion, new
configure check for -lusb.
[AS] FreeBSD: Added USB device autodetection and fixed -d switch behavior.
[AS] FreeBSD: Migrate os_freebsd.cpp to new interface.
[CF] Fix max number of 3ware devices, 128 devices are supported again.
Regression was introduced during migration to new interface.
Thanks to Michael Holweg for the problem report.
[CF] Windows installer: Add 'DisplayVersion' to uninstall registry key.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Marvell SSD SD88SA024BA0
- Fujitsu MHZ2 BH series
- Fujitsu MHZ2 BJ series
- Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 23
- WD Caviar Green: Add some 32MB cache variants
- relax OCZ-Vertex pattern
[CF] Add USB ID of Verbatim FW/USB160.
[CF] Fix data type bug in checksum test for multi sector logs.
[CF] Add USB ID of Seagate FreeAgent Go.
[MS] Add experimental feature to log attribute values at each check
cycle (ATA only), activated with the smartd option
"-A PREFIX" / "--attributelog=PREFIX".
Introduce configure options "--enable-attributelog" and
"--with-attributelog=PREFIX" to enable feature by default.
[DG] [SAT] Heads up about a non backwardly compatible change
introduced in draft SAT-2 (sat2r8b.pdf) that will break our
existing SAT processing code. Action needed if change stands.
[MS] smartd.cpp: Adjust umask
[CF] Remove 'uninstall-docsDATA' target to fix
'make distcheck' with automake 1.11. The 'make uninstall'
of examplescripts fails if docdir does no longer exist.
[CF] Remove 'scsiata.h'. The 'scsiata.cpp' module now implements
parts of 'dev_interface.h'.
[CF] smartctl: Don't report an attribute as failed if threshold is 0.
[CF] Print only one warning on checksum errors in multi sector log.
Remove casts from calls of checksum().
[DG] minor changes to SCSI background scan strings
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Fujitsu MHW2 BJ series
- WD Caviar Black family
[MS] Make creation of svnversion.h independent of
locale settings
[CF] Require to specify PORT parameter of '-d usbjmicron' if two disks
are connected.
[CF] smartctl: Limit default number of printed entries for
'-l xerror' to 8, for '-l xselftest' to 25.
[CF] smartctl: Fix number of entries in '-l xselftest' output.
[CF] Add USB IDs of a SunplusIT bridge, three WD drives, and an
unsupported Iomega drive.
[CF] Use 'svnversion' instead of 'svn info' to get
the revision number. This also checks for mixed and modified
working copies.
[CF] Remove CVS Id strings from '-V, --version' output.
[CF] Update CONTRIBUTORS section on man pages.
[CF] 'make maintainer-clean' now removes also files
generated by './'.
[CF] Invalidate 'do_release' script, it needs some rework for SVN.
[CF] Update documentation files for SVN.
[CF] Rename trunk/sm5 to trunk/smartmontools.
[CF] Print SVN revision number instead of time in version info line.
Get SVN revision number from svn (if available) or guess from
Id strings. Rename generated file to svnversion.h.
[CF] Modify generation of cvsversion.h for SVN.
[GP] Convert CVS repository to SVN.
[CF] smartd: Fix size of monitor flag array from previous commit.
[CF] Add missing 'megaraid.h'.
[CF] smartd: Add '!' flag to '-r' and '-R' directives. If specified,
message is logged as LOG_CRIT and warning mail is sent if
attribute normalized or raw value changes.
[CF] Replace global 'con->...' variables used for selective self-tests
by local variables.
[GK] Add names for some attributes used in Samsung MLC drives:
178-180 & 183
[CF] smartctl: Add option '-x, --xall' to print all info including
extended SMART logs and non-SMART info.
[CF] smartctl: Add '-l xerror,error' and '-l xselftest,selftest' to print
the old logs if the extended logs are not supported.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Western Digital AV-GP series
- Transcend Solid-State Drive and Transcend Solid-State Drive V series
- Seagate Momentus 5400.5 series
[CF] Disable 48-bit ATA commands for JMicron USB bridges by default
because these commands do not work with all devices.
Add '-d usbjmicron,x' to enable 48-bit commands.
Thanks to Alexander Shaduri for the problem report.
[CF] smartd: Don't ignore the '-n' directive when a self-test is
scheduled. Start the self-test later when the disk is active
[DG] SCSI (SAS): implement '-l sasphy,reset' (reset part was stub
prior to this)
[DG] add 'ATA, SCSI command sets and SAT' section to smartctl.8 .
[SCSI] add 'number of background medium scans' field
[DG] SCSI (SAS): add '-l sasphy' and '-l sasphy,reset' into smartctl
to output SAS device phy information (from the Protocol specific
log page)
[CF] Remove 'CYGWIN=check_case:strict', this does no
longer work on Cygwin 1.7. Print warning if Automake version
cannot handle case insensitive filesystems.
[CF] Remove '#define TRUE/FALSE', use 'bool' and 'true/false'.
[CF] Add 'options' parameter to SCSI printing routine. Move global
'con->...' smartctl variables to 'options' parameters of
printing routines.
[CF] Windows: Remove outdated entry about undocumented system calls
from WARNINGS file.
[CF] Print General Purpose Logs even if GPL feature bit is missing.
Needed for some older disks which implement READ LOG EXT but
do not report the GPL feature set.
Change order of the extended log outputs ('-l xerror',
'-l xselftest', '-l sataphy'). Extended logs are now printed
before their old versions.
[CF] automake 1.10.2 and 1.11 are OK.
[CF] Fix syntax error in prototype of 'safe_snprintf()'.
Thanks to Alexander Shaduri for bug report and patch.
[DG] SCSI: Fetch load-unload cycle counts.
[CF] Windows: Add Win-7 and Win2008 to get_os_version_str().
[CF] smartd: Fix '-M test' directive in conjunction with '-s' option.
Thanks to Matthias Becher for the problem report.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Add Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 series
- Add Seagate Momentus 5400.4 series
- Add Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.B series
- Add Transcend SSD TS32GSSD25-M
- Add OCZ Vertex 1199
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates:
Add Samsung S250 series.
Add '-v 198,increasing' to Samsung P80.
Replace '#if/#endif' by comment to fix configure option
[CF] knowndrives.cpp update:
Add Seagate 7200.11 with 'CC' firmware which is unaffected
by the bug. Thanks to Bas Mevissen for the patch.
[CF] Replace global 'con->...' variables used for drive presets
by local variables.
[CF] Simplify '-v' vendor attribute option parsing.
Add '-v 197,increasing' and '-v 198,increasing' options
to specify that an uncorrectable count is never reset.
This modifies the printed attribute names and smartd's
default setting of '-C' and '-U' directives.
Both '-v' options can also be preset in the drive database.
[CF] Add '+' modifier to smartd '-C' and '-U' directives.
If specified, a warning is only printed if the raw value
[CF] Add smartctl option '-l xselftest[,NUM]' to print
ATA SMART Extended Self-test Log (GP Log 0x07).
[CF] Add experimental option '-d usbsunplus' for drives behind
SunplusIT USB bridges. Tested on WinXP with SPIF215(?) in
TrekStor DataStation maxi m.u.. Many thanks to SunplusIT
tech support for providing the required information.
[CF] Windows: Provide a non-console version of smartctl.exe
as smartctl-nc.exe. This prevents that a new console is
opened when smartctl is run from a GUI program with
stdio redirected.
Used by GSmartControl (
[CF] Remove support for platforms without getopt_long() in
smartctl.cpp and smartd.cpp. If getopt_long() is missing,
./configure aborts with an explanatory message.
For now, short option help texts are only removed from
os_linux.cpp and os_win32.cpp. HAVE_GETOPT_LONG is still
defined in config.h.
[CF] Add smartctl '-d test' option to print the result of the
device type detection.
[CF] Enhance USB device type autodetection, use bcdDevice if known.
Add Cypress CY7C68300B/C (AT2LP) to the table.
[CF] Linux: Add experimental USB device type autodetection.
Uses USB ID info found through symlink "/sys/block/sdX/device".
[CF] Windows: Add experimental USB device type autodetection.
Uses WMI command line tool 'wmic' to query USB ID.
[CF] Add function smart_interface::get_usb_dev_type_by_id() to map
USB vendor:product IDs to '-d type' names. Can be used by
platform dependent layer to autodetect USB devices if ID of
USB bridge is known.
[CF] smartd: Log changes of self-test execution status if
'-l selftest'is specified.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp update:
Samsung SpinPoint F1 RE series
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
Seagate Momentus 5400.6 series
[CF] Add forgotten SCSI sense checks to class usbjmicron_device.
[CF] Add new SMART STATUS check command for JMicron USB bridges.
Should support also older chip versions and prevents a race
[CF] Windows: Fix win_scsi_device::scsi_pass_through() for single byte
data transfers. Required for JMicron SMART STATUS check.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
Add Hitachi Travelstar C4K60 family (1.8" slim drives)
[MS] Workaround for huge raw values of attribute 9, needed
for Hitachi Travelstar C4K60. For the Power_On_Minutes case,
clip the display to 4 bytes and show the remaining part,
if existent, in parens.
[CF] Add experimental option '-d usbjmicron[,PORT]' for drives
behind JMicron USB bridges. Tested on WinXP with JM20336 in
AixCase AIX-ESU35CD. Many thanks to JMicron tech support
for providing the required information.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
Add WD Caviar Green 8MB and 32MB cache variants, stretch to 2TB.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates: Add more entries for Samsung P80 disks
with old and unknown firmware. Remove old entries which would
match any new Samsung model reusing old firmware version number.
[CF] Windows: Add a workaround for missing multi-sector support
for ATA READ LOG EXT command.
[CF] Fix Extended Comprehensive Error Log index base.
Add workaround for Samsung disks using reserved byte as index.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates: Update bug warnings for
Seagate 7200.11, ES.2 and DiamondMax 22. Add new entries
for fixed firmware versions.
[CF] Add smartctl option '-l xerror[,NUM]' to print
ATA SMART Extended Comprehensive Error Log (GP Log 0x03).
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
Added remaining WD Scorpio Blue SATA II drives
[CF] Minor fix to remove ID 0 from 'smartctl -l sataphy ...' output.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates: Add warnings about possible firmware
bugs to Seagate 7200.11, ES.2 and DiamondMax 22 entries.
[CF] knowndrives.cpp updates: Add Samsung SpinPoint F1 series.
[CF] Windows: Fix return value of scsi_pass_through(). Regression
was introduced during migration to new interface. SAT over USB
now works on XP (both '-d sat,12' and '-d sat,16').
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Western Digital RE2-GP family
- Added Hitachi Travelstar E5K160 family
- Allow uppercase variants of Hitachi 5K160 drives
[CF] Fix smartctl crash on '-l directory,[gs]'. Allows one to override
missing GPL feature bit or missing log dir entry with
'-T permissive' option.
[SZ] os_freebsd.cpp, os_freebsd.h updates:
Support HighPoint RocketRAID controller under FreeBSD
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Western Digital RE3 32MB cache variants
- Added WD Caviar Green 32MB cache variant (WD10EADS)
- Added WD Scorpio Black family
[DG] Accept half healthy (and half unhealthy) indication from the
SMART RETURN STATUS. This makes allowance for SAT implementations
(e.g. via USB) that truncate the SCSI sense buffer to 18 bytes.
This truncation causes the SMART RETURN STATUS indication to be
half health or unhealthy. If the half indication is used, then
warn if '-r ioctl' is given.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Apple SSD
- Added Seagate U8 family
[DL] os_freebsd.cpp:
Added support for CHECK_POWER_MODE and WRITE_LOG commands
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
There seem to exist WD Raptors with SATA II interface, add them.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added remaining Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drives
- Added HP 1TB SATA disk
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Maxtor 92040U6 (DiamondMax Plus 6800)
- Added Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 21 500GB version
- Added QUANTUM FIREBALLlct15 22
- Added SUN branded Toshiba MK4019GAX
- Added TOSHIBA MK1016GAP and relatives: MK1[05]1[67]GAP
- Added Western Digital WD800AB and WD2500AB
- Some Hitachi 7K160 drives have garbage at end of name: permit it
[CF] Add smartd '-n powermode,N' directive parameter to limit the
number of skipped checks. Thanks to Michal Hlavinka for the patch.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Hitachi Endurastar J4K30/N4K30
- Added Hitachi Travelstar 4K120 series
- Some Hitachi 7K80 drives have garbage at end of name: permit it
- IBM Travelstar 6GN series
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Quantum Fireball ST4300A
- Added Asus-Phison SSD (solid state disk)
- Added Seagate DB35.3 Series
- Added remaining disks of the Seagate SV35.2 Series
[MS] Fix trivial compile error with "-pedantic"
[MS] Workaround for huge raw values of Reallocated_Sector_Ct and
Reallocated_Event_Ct for newer Fujitsu disks (only the lower
16 bits seem to be meaningful). Clip the display to 16 bits
and show the remaining part, if existent, in parens. Patch by [CF].
[CF] smartd DEVICESCAN: Fix autodetection of SAT devices.
Thanks to Stanislav Brabec for bug report and testing.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update:
Convert file to full string regex: remove "^$" from pattern
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added Seagate Momentus 5400 PSD series (hybrid drives)
- Added Seagate Momentus 7200.3 series
- Added Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 (SUN branded)
- There are Hitachi Travelstar 5K250 drives with capital "HITACHI"
- Correct regex for Maxtor VL 30 drives
[CF] Add configure options '--enable-savestates' and
'--with-savestates=PREFIX' to enable smartd persistence
('-s' option) by default.
[CF] smartd: Add '-s ([cnr]/../.././..)' directive to run scheduled
selective self-tests. Useful to perform full tests of large disks
not running 24x7.
[CF] Allows one to read local drive database entries from optional file
Add configure options '--enable-drivedb' and '--with-drivedbdir=DIR'.
If specified, drive database is read from '${drivedbdir}/drivedb.h'.
(default '${prefix}/share/smartmontools/drivedb.h'). This file
is build from knowndrives.cpp.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates:
- Added 640GB variants of Western Digital AAKS and AACS drives
- Added Western Digital AV ATA family
- Added 160GB variant of Hitachi P7K500
- Added 500GB variant of Hitachi 7K1000
- Some cleanup for Quantum disks
- Added Seagate Maxtor DiamondMax 22 family
[CF] Use full string match for regexp in drive database.
[CF] Add option '-d sat+TYPE' to use SAT with controllers which
require option '-d TYPE'. Should work with '-d sat+megaraid,N'.
As a side effect, '-d usbcypress+TYPE' is also supported.
[CF] Add parser to read drive database from a file. Add '-B' option
to smartctl and smartd to specify database file name. File syntax
is identical to the C/C++ syntax used to inialize the internal
database array.
[CF] New syntax for drive database: Specify presets by strings
with '-v' and '-F' options. Use empty strings instead of NULL.
[JPH] Added Linux support for viewing disks behind MegaRAID
[CF] smartd: Improve min/max temperature recording in conjunction
with '-s' option.
[CF] Add a wrapper class for FILE *.
[CF] smartd: Add experimental support for state persistence (ATA only).
Add option '-s' to specify path prefix for state files.
Rework scheduled self-test detection to support persistence.
If any test schedules are within downtime, the highest priority
test is run after next startup.
[CF] Remove casts from 'format_ata_string()' calls.
[CF] Minor changes to fix errors and warnings from Cygwin gcc 4.3.0.
[CF] smartd: Remove SCSITIMEOUT code. According to smartd.h 1.54 CVS log
from 2003-10-27, it did never work.
[CF] Remove dependencies ataprint.cpp and scsiprint.cpp from smartd.
Move common ATA functions from ataprint.cpp to atacmds.cpp.
Module scsiprint.cpp was apparently never used in smartd.
[CF] Move smartd local declarations from smartd.h and utility.h to
smartd.cpp. Remove smartd.h.
[CF] Fixed extra '\n' in "Offline data collection status" output.
Thanks to Alexander Shaduri for the patch.
[CF] smartd: Separate device configuration data from device state data.
Use references instead of pointers for configuration and state data.
[CF] Add const-correctness and static to ATA support functions.
[CF] Add a wrapper class for regex.
[CF] Simplify 'create_vendor_attribute_arg_list()'.
[CF] smartd: Rework of main data structures. Remove explicit memory
allocations, use STL containers and structs with value semantics
instead. Remove old malloc/free based memory management helper
functions unless old interface is still in use.
[CF] Linux: Cleanup device scan, remove name list, create objects directly.
[CF] Linux: Cleanup smart_device::open(), type strings are no longer used.
[CF] Remove CONTROLLER_* defines and variables unless old interface
is still in use.
[CF] Linux: Migrate 3ware interface to 'ata_pass_through()'.
Multi-sector support is not complete yet. 48-bit commands
possibly work.
WARNING: Not tested, please review code before first test!
[CF] Linux: Migrate os_linux.cpp to new interface.
[CF] Add direct access to 16-bit registers in 'ata_in/out_regs_48bit'.
[CF] Add 'ata_cmd_is_ok()' parameter check,
remove 'ata_pass_through_28/48bit()' functions.
[CF] Add CVS date/time from cvsversion.h to man pages also.
[CF] Add configure option '--with-os-deps='os_module.o ...' to specify
alternate OS interface modules. Useful for testing during migration.
[CF] Remove declarations of 'optarg', 'optind', ..., include <unistd.h>
instead. This fixes 'auto-importing' linker warnings on Cygwin.
[CF] Add '-l sataphy[,reset]' to print SATA Phy Event Counters.
[CF] Add '-l gplog,ADDR[,FIRST[-LAST|+SIZE]]' and '-l smartlog,...'
to dump any log page accessible via GP or SMART read log commands.
[CF] Enhance '-l directory' to print both GP and SMART Log directories.
Add '-l directory[,gs]' modifiers to select GP or SMART log.
Enhance 'ata_cmd_in' parameter struct for 48-bit commands.
[CF] Windows: Add full ATA pass through support including 48-bit commands.
[CF] Windows: Migrate os_win32.cpp to new interface.
[CF] SAT: Add full ATA pass through support including 48-bit commands.
[MS] knowndrives.cpp update
- Added FUJITSU MHZ2250BS G2 and family
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates
- Added Maxtor DiamondMax 60 94098H6
- Added Maxtor DiamondMax 1280 84000A6 and family
- Added Maxtor DiamondMax VL 30 31536H2 (ATA100) and family
- Some Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 have garbage at end of name: permit it
- Added Seagate Barracuda ATA ST320430A and family
- Regression from previous checkin: add WD RE2 WD...0ABYS again
- Added WD RE3 WD5002ABYS and family
- Added Quantum Fireball CR13.0A
- Added Hitachi Travelstar 5K250 HTS542525K9SA00 and family
- Added WD AC420400D and add whole range of AC.... which
have 5400rpm or higher (i.e. PIO-only drives omitted)
[MS] knowndrives.cpp updates
- WD: Separated entries for EIDE and SATA
- WD: Separated entries for Caviar SE, SE16, RE, RE2
- WD Named: WD Caviar AC series
- WD Renamed: WD Caviar RE/RE2 -> WD RE/RE2
- WD Renamed: WD Caviar SE/SE16 WD....AA[A-Z][A-Z] -> WD Caviar Blue
- WD Renamed: WD Scorpio WD....BEV[A-Z] -> WD Scorpio Blue
- Added WD Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVT
- Added WD RE2 WD5001ABYS and family
- Added WD Caviar Green WD5000AACS and family
- Added WD VelociRaptor WD3000GLFS and family
- Added Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000340NS and family
- Added Samsung SP80A4H
- Added Maxtor DiamondMax 21 STM3160215AS and STM3320620AS
- Added Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 ST380819AS
- Added Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6B100P0
- Added Seagate SV35.2 Series
- Added Fujitsu MHY2120BH and family
- Added Fujitsu MHW2080BH PL (PL variant)
- Added Toshiba MK3252GSX and family
[BA] Fix smartctl bug: when running in silent mode '-q errorsonly'
do not print the Selective Self-test log. Any errors will
ALREADY appear in the SMART Self-test log.
[CF] Add missing 'const' and other minor fixes to prevent gcc warnings.
[OB] Added information message about supported Areca firmware versions.
It's displayed in case the ATA device identification fails.
[CF] Add configuration file for Doxygen.
[CF] Add new object oriented interface to access ATA and SCSI devices.
smartctl and smartd are modified to use the new classes in
'dev_interface.{h,cpp}'. The template class in 'dev_tunnelled.h'
is used in 'scsiata.cpp'. The code in 'dev_ata_cmd_set.{h,cpp}'
supports migration from old function 'ata_command_interface()'.
All existing 'os_*.cpp' modules should still work without any changes.
The required adapter classes from 'dev_legacy.cpp' are automatically
added by configure if necessary.
[BA] Updated smartd and smartctl and smartd.conf man-page documentation
to reflect support for Areca SATA RAID controller cards.
[OB] Added support for Areca controllers to smartd. Extensive tests
as well as documentation are still pending however.
[OB] Implemented device locking for Areca controllers in smartctl
[BA] Fixed selective self-test code. Data structure revision number
may be != 1 if no selective self-test has ever been run. Host
MUST set this value (at least at the first selective self-test
instance). Thanks to Curtis Stevens of WDC for clarification.
[MC] usbcypress autodetection
[BA] Starting to commit Areca code. For now just smartctl.
More changes and documentation coming soon.
Need Areca firmware version 1.45 dated 10 June 2008 or later.
May need changes in opening /dev/sg and file locking.
Many thanks to Hank Wu!
[CF] smartd: Fix too small name buffer for 3ware with >100 devices.
[JH] now C++ Support for QNX Target
already tested for QNX 6.3.2 on x86 and armle target
[CF] Allows one to set BUILD_INFO from make command line.
[CF] Windows: Add MSVC8 support, remove MSVC6 project files.
[MC] Add usbcypress device support for smartd.
[CF] Add output of latest CVS date/time stamp to version info.
New file cvsversion.h is generated by Makefile.
Move formatting of version info to utility.cpp.
[AR] Fix bug in 3ware node creation where nodes would be created
then deleted, then recreated.
[BA] Add missing CCISS cvs version tags to '-V' printouts.
[TS] Linux: Ensure the 3ware device nodes are created with a correct
SELinux security context.
[AR] Add support for up to 128 devices on 3ware controllers.
[CF] C++: Added new main() with exception handlers, replaced
exit(x) with throw(x), removed global variable 'exitstatus'.
Necessary for future changes, because exit() does not call
any destructors.
[SS] FreeBSD: plug file descriptor leak in smartd (only happens with
CISS devices). Reported by Vadim Ostranitsyn.
[SS] FreeBSD: allow smartctl to interact with SCSI /dev/pass devices,
thus enabling it to work with RAID controllers that expose disks
via these devices. From scottl@ via FreeBSD ports.
[MC] Add usbcypress device support for smartctl.
[KS] INSTALL on Solaris: updated description to use C++ compiler.
[KS] on Solaris: added options for Sun's compiler to
suppress trivial warnings.
[KS] on Solaris: added direction to search suitable
libraries for getaddrinfo().
[TS] smartd on Linux: remove forgotten return from deviceopen();
SCSI device descriptors had the FD_CLOEXEC flag unset.
[CF] Added 'const' to avoid warning on depreciated string constant
to 'char *' conversion.
[CF] automake 1.10.1 is OK. Updated message texts.
[BA] removed smartmontools.spec file (now in CVS Attic). This
was not being used by RH or FC anyhow, and was out of
date and not maintained.
[BA] smartd on Linux: sets FD_CLOEXEC on the opened device file
descriptor. The descriptor is otherwise leaked to other
applications (mail sender) which may be considered a security
risk and may result in AVC messages on SELinux-enabled systems.
Thanks to: Tomá Smetana" <>.
[BA] smartd: when sending email, to gather information about the
host for the body of the email, eliminate gethostbyname()
in favor of the IPv6-friendly function getaddrinfo() if the
latter is available. Info may be found here
and here
Thanks to: Tomá Smetana" <>.
Smartmontools developers: please check that smartd still LINKS
properly on your systems.
[BA] Fix ugly syntax bug in os_freebsd.cpp. How did this go
undetected for so long??
[KS] Solaris/x86: modified for Sun's compiler.
[BA] addition from Erwan Velu <>
[BA] smartd fixes:
- On Linux, DEVICESCAN now automatically recognizes SATA devices
behind libata, and SATA devices behind the Marvell driver, and
treats them correctly.
- On Linux, a '-d sat' or '-d marvell' is automatically added
if libata or the marvell driver are recognized behind a SCSI
device type
[SS] (Maybe) fix attribute autosave in FreeBSD.
[SS] Major NetBSD-specific bugfixes:
- handle actual SCSI and ATA errors and not only ioctl() errors;
- set up I/O request properly for AUTO_OFFLINE and AUTOSAVE commands (inspired by
similar change in os_freebsd.cpp);
- handle AUTO_OFFLINE and AUTOSAVE like STATUS_CHECK (like os_linux.cpp does).
[GG] add kfreebsd gnu support to
[BA] Fix auto-offline support in FreeBSD. Thanks to
Cyrus Rahman <> for the patch, and
Eduard Martinescu for blessing it.
[DG] smartd re-opens "SCSI" devices as ATA devices if a SAT layer is
detected (smartd bug IMO). In Linux this upsets scsi generic
device nodes (e.g. /dev/sg0). Detect the re-open in os_linux.cpp
and set the O_RDWR flag (ATA uses the O_RDONLY flag).
[CF] Drive database: Added Fujitsu MHW2 BH, Maxtor DiamondMax 17, 20, 21,
Hitachi Travelstar 4K40, 5K120, 7K200, Deskstar 7K160, T7K500,
T7K1000, Toshiba 1.8", Seagate Momentus 5400.3, 5400.3 ED, 7200.2,
Barracuda 7200.11 and ES.
Updated Toshiba 2.5", Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 and 7200.10.
Added missing "(Hitachi )?" to Travelstar entries.
[CF] Drive database: Added several Western Digital Caviar and Scorpio
drives, added Caviar RE EIDE family.
[CF] Drive database: Added Samsung P80 series with *-25 firmware.
[CF] Replaced 'head [-n] -1' by 'sed 1...' in to avoid
portability issues.
[BA] Fixed script so that it uses 'grep -n 1' if 'grep -1'
fails. Needed for Mac OS X 10.4. Uck.
[CF] Windows: Added IOCTL_STORAGE_PREDICT_FAILURE. This allows access
to ATA SMART status and data if other calls do not work.
Thanks to Jaroslaw Kowalski for pointing this out.
Added support to use this function without admin rights.
[CF] Added ATA-8 revision 4c message text.
[CF] Added compiler.h to cciss_ioctl.h header check to prevent
configure warning.
[SS] DragonFly support added (using os_freebsd code; untested).
[CF] smartctl: Fixed ATA identify byte swapping issue on big-endian
platforms. This regression was introduced by the change for
'-F swapid'. Thanks to Matthew Butch for bug report and testing.
[DG] SAT/SCSI: Improve SAT error processing code. Aborted commands from
ATA devices (typically because SMART was disabled) were not being
properly detected.
[GG] smartd: wait for the pid file to show up, return an error if it doesn't
[JH] fix bad return code (get STATUS) for QNX Part
[JH] initial porting to QNX Neutrino 6.3.2
need at this time a prerelease devb-eide driver and
only tested for X86 Target, but devb-eide and available for X86/ARM
the officional driver coming soon with the next QNX release
create two new source files os_qnxnto.[c..h]
[CF] smartd: Added option '-n, --no-fork' so that smartd works
better with modern init methods. Thanks to Enrico Scholz
for the patch from 2005-12-24.
[CF] Windows: Improved ATA/SCSI device type detection and
DEVICESCAN. This also fixes a regression in 3ware DEVICESCAN.
[CF] smartd: Don't start self tests in first pass to avoid
performance problems during boot.
[CF] Fixed regression in SMART STATUS command on Win9x/ME.
[BA] Fixed 3ware issue with new controllers. Documentation said
that one could address up to 24 disks on a single controller,
but in fact one was limited to 16 disks. This is now fixed:
up to 32 disks can be addressed. Thanks to Adam Radford.
NOTE1: I have patched the Linux and FreeBSD code but not
modified the Win32 code (it already supports up to 32 disks).
NOTE2: NOT TESTED ON LINUX. Do not use this on a production box!
I will remove this NOTE2 as soon as some positive test
reports are received.
NOTE3: NOT TESTED ON FREEBSD. Do not use this on a production box!
I will remove this NOTE3 as soon as some positive test
reports are received.
[CF] Windows installer: Added explorer drive menu, CMD window,
UBCD4Win plugin, smartd service update and other minor
[CF] Windows: Modified drive letter handling for explorer drive
context menu: try SCSI if type is unknown, allow 'X:\.' syntax.
[CF] Windows: Added automatic ATA/SCSI device type detection and
SCSI device scanning. The device names '/dev/sdX' and
'/dev/pd<n>' now work for both ATA and SCSI disks.
[CF] smartctl: Added ability to parse '-r ataioctl,2' output from
stdin ('-') and simulate the ATA commands for testing purposes.
[BA] SMART Attributes: added 187, 189, more accurate name for 190.
[CF] Windows: Added drive letters 'X:' as alternate disk device names.
[CF] smartctl: Added '-F swapid' to fix ATA identify string byte
ordering. Added '-q noserial' to suppress serial number output.
[CF] Windows: Added '/dev/n?st<n>' as alternate device names for SCSI
tapes. These names are also used by Cygwin's /dev emulation layer.
Thanks to Corinna Vinschen (Cygwin project lead) for pointing this
[CF] Windows: Added IOCTL_SCSI_MINIPORT_*SMART* for commands not handled
properly by SMART_IOCTL in disk class driver. This allows one to use
READ_LOG, WRITE_LOG and ABORT_SELFTEST even if the driver does not
[CF] Added ATA-8 revision 4, fixed WRITE LOG '-r ioctl' output.
[BA] Updated smartctl and smartd so that they can be used with the latest
3ware controllers which have 24 ports. Also updated docs.
Thanks to Tim Bell at CERN.
[GG] bit 4 in smartctl's return code might be set even when the dist check
didn't return "DISK OK"
[CF] Drive database: added '-F samsung3' for Samsung P80 firmware
[SS] Applied patch from Dean Bennett to fix scheduled tests on
Highpoint RAID controllers.
[BA] Added patch from Tejun Heo
to fix broken auto-offline and auto-save via libata. Very clean fix: does it
"the right way". Thanks Tejun!
[CF] Added message text for ATA-7 self-test execution status 8
("... handling damage").
[GG] cciss: support more than 16 disks (patch taken from
and adjusted for smartd)
[DG] Solaris: [SCSI] add USCSI_RQENABLE flag to uscsi pass-through so
sense buffer is made available. Expand reporting at this level.
[GK] Darwin: Improve handling of powered-down drives.
[SS] CCISS physical drive enumeration method changed (incompatibly).
[CF] Fixed smartd crash on missing '-s' directive argument.
[SS] Support CCISS on FreeBSD (kernel source is required until FreeBSD PR 109813
is fixed).
[DG] SCSI/TAPE: some IBM tape drives don't react properly to a LOG
SENSE with an allocation length of 4; work around for that case.
[CF] Applied Guido's patch to fix CCISS LUN array bounds check
(openSUSE bug #239956) and remove trailing spaces in
[CF] Fixed 64-bit compilation issue in SCT status struct.
[DG] SAT/SCSI: make real SCSI disks visible to DEVICESCAN in
smartd again.
[CF] Fixed check of SCT temperature table size.
[CF] Added ATA-8 draft revisions, added SCT status format 3.
[CF] Drive database: added Samsung T166 series.
[CF] ATA: Added ',p' option for '-t scttempint,N' to make
setting persistent.
[CF] ATA: Added '-t scttempint,N' option to set SCT temperature
logging interval.
[CF] ATA: Added '-l scttemp[sts,hist]' options to print disk
temperature information and history table provided by
SMART Command Transport (SCT) Feature Set.
[CF] ATA: Added '-t selective,{redo,next,cont}' commands to
perform tests based on the last ranges still stored on
disk. Added 'N+SIZE' and 'N-max' format for LBA range
[CF] Added Min/Max Temperature format used in attribute 190 of
recent Maxtor disks (DiamondMax 20).
[CF] Linux: Added check for <linux/cciss_ioctl.h> to allow build
(without CCISS support) also when this file is missing.
[CF] Added -F samsung3 option to correct firmware bug reporting
completed self-tests as still in progress. Thanks to Manfred
Schwarb for the patch.
[CF] Added missing const specifiers (undetected by gcc 3.4 and 4.X)
to fix compilation with gcc 2.X.
[CF] Linux: compile fix for SuSE, config.h must be included first.
smartmontools 5.37 Experimental Release
[CF] Windows: Added alternate method for (limited) monitoring of
3ware controllers by parsing the output of CLI or 3DM.
Either "tw_cli" can be run internally ("/dev/tw_cli/cx/py"),
or data can be read from standard input ("/dev/tw_cli/stdin")
or clipboard ("/dev/tw_cli/clip").
[DG] Remove linux specific libata detect code; rely on general SAT
code. smartd should now generate a sensible log message for
ATA devices behind a SAT layer on all architectures.
[BA] Increased max line length MAXLINELEN for /etc/smartd.conf from
128 to 256 characters to handle long strings in
/dev/disk/by-id. Thanks to Martin Krafft.
[PW] Drive database: added missing drives from Seagate Momentus 5400.2
[BA] Finished Christian's fix (next item below) by removing
LINUX_86_64 hack from
[CF] Fixed inclusion of PRI?64 macros from inttypes.h.
[CF] Windows: Added WRITE LOG to support selective self tests.
[CF] Fix selective self test log revision number if '-T permissive'
is specified (Tested with Samsung HD401LJ).
[CF] Windows: Fixed int64 printf format for MinGW runtime.
[PW] Drive database: added Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 family, Seagate
Momentus 42 family, Maxtor DiamondMax 60 ATA 66 family, Maxtor
DiamondMax 60 ATA 100 family, and Western Digital Caviar Serial
ATA family
[PW] Drive database: added missing drives from Seagate Barracuda
7200.9 family, Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 family, Seagate Momentus
7200.1 family, Toshiba 2.5" HDD family (80 GB and above), Western
Digital Caviar RE Serial ATA family, Hitachi Deskstar 7K80 family,
and Maxtor DiamondMax 4320 Ultra ATA family
[BA] Linux: compile fix for SuSE. Check for existence
of linux/compiler.h and include in os_linux.h if
present. Thanks to SB.
[BA] smartd: DEVICESCAN will now pick up SATA/SAT devices
attached to a SCSI device tree via SAT translation.
Note: this is a bit of a hack. I will document it once
I know if this needs to be Linux only or can have more
general application.
[BA] Added a couple SATA commands to the tables -- thanks DG!
Phil -- how about going through and systematically adding
these new commands to atacmdnames.cpp?
[BA] Linux s86_64: get rid of some compiler warnings on
x86_64 Linux systems.
[CF] Windows: Added missing support for READ_LOG, ABORT_SELFTEST
and CHECK_POWER_STATE for 3ware 9000 controllers. Thanks to
Greg de Valois for implementing this new ioctl in the driver.
[PW] Drive database: added Seagate NL35 SATA family. Thanks to Kai
Harrekilde-Petersen for providing a patch.
[DG] [SCSI, Windows] add SPT interface for NT and later. New device
names are "pd<n>", "sd<l>" and "tape<n>".
[PW] Drive database: added Western Digital Scorpio family, Fujitsu MHV
family, Maxtor MaXLine Pro 500 family, and Maxtor DiamondMax 11
[PW] Drive database: added missing drives from Toshiba 2.5" HDD
(30-60 GB) family, Maxtor DiamondMax 10 family, Seagate Barracuda
7200.8 family, Fujitsu MHT family, and Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 8
[SB] Added examplescripts/Example4 using powersave-notify.
[SB] More temperature monitoring examples in smartd.conf with DEVICESCAN.
[SB] Minor improvements of SuSE part of init script.
[CF] Drive database: added Samsung P80 series, P120 series, SP8004H
and T series.
[GG] Add CCISS (Compaq Smart Array Controller) support with contributions
from Praveen Chidambaram, Douglas Gilbert, Guido Guenther and Frédéric
[PW] Drive database: added Hitachi Deskstar T7K250 and Hitachi
Deskstar 7K500 series. Thanks to L. J. Wu for providing a
[PW] Drive database: added Maxtor MaXLine III family, Seagate U7
family, Seagate ST34321A, FUJITSU MHM2060AT, FUJITSU MHT2040AS,
Western Digital Caviar SE16 family, IBM Travelstar 4GT family,
[PW] Drive database: added missing drives from Western Digital Caviar
SE (Serial ATA) and WD Raptor families
[CF] Windows: Added support for 3ware 9000 controllers using extended
SMART functionality in new 3ware driver. This includes DEVICESCAN
support for at most 2 controllers. Thanks to Greg de Valois from
AMCC/3ware for new driver features, development support and
hardware for testing.
[SZ] smartd: Support HighPoint RocketRAID controller under GNU/linux
[DG] [SCSI] First cut for '-l background' to show background scan
results log
[SZ] smartctl: Support HighPoint RocketRAID controller under GNU/linux
[KS] C++ compile fixes for Solaris with a few cleanups.
[BA] C++ compile fixes for Darwin (thanks to CF)
[CF] Removed old *.c files (now in CVS Attic).
[CF] Added changes for C++ to platform independent and Windows
related files.
[BA] Tagged last .c Version with PRE_MOVE_TO_CPP. Copied *.c,v
to *.cpp,v in CVS repository to preserve history of source
files. Removed sm5_Darwin repository.
[CF] smartctl: Added -n option to skip checks when disk is in
low-power mode.
[CF] Windows: Added alternate system call for power state check
because the PASS THROUGH calls may spin up the disk.
[CF] smartd: Modified power state logging to report state changes
instead of standby condition.
[CF] smartd: Ignore -n directive on scheduled self tests.
[DG] [SCSI] Make start stop cycle counter log page decoding
more robust
[DG] Modify smartctl (but not smartd) to detect probable ATA
devices behind a SAT layer. In the absence of an explicit
device type, change to device type 'sat'.
[DG] Add indication that controller (device) type has been
explicitly set. Preparation for automatic detection of
'sat' device type unless user specifies a device type.
[SS] NetBSD: Deliver strings from ata_identify_device properly
on little- and big-endian platforms.
[BA] Added published ANSI ATA-7 spec to list of recognized ATA
[BA] Code janitor: added missing header strings for '-V' option.
[DG] [SATA] Extend 'sat' device type to allow either 12 or 16 byte
variant of the SAT ATA PASS THROUGH SCSI command. Syntax is
'-d sat,<n>' where <n> can be 0, 12 or 16 . The ',<n>' part
is optional. Currently defaults to 16 byte variant but that
could be made platform or even device dependent.
[DG] [SATA] Add new 'sat' device type for SATA disks behind a
SCSI to ATA Translation (SAT) Layer (SATL). Uses the ATA
PASS THROUGH (16) SCSI command thence the generic SCSI
passthrough for each platform.
[CF] Windows: Added script and make targets to create installer
with NSIS (
[CF] Updated hostname and links for new SourceForge CVS service.
[CF] smartd: Added '-W' directive to track temperature changes
and warn if temperature limits are reached.
[CF] Windows: Added IOCTL_ATA_PASS_THROUGH (Win2003, XP SP2)
for commands unsupported by SMART_IOCTL. Added device
specific options to select subset and ordering of the ATA
IOCTLs actually used. These options are specified as
modifiers of the device name (/dev/hd[a-j]:[saic]+)
[CF] Windows: Added support for drives 4-7 (/dev/hd[e-h]) via
SMARTVSE.VXD on Win9x/ME. Thanks to Dariusz Rzonca for
patch and testing.
[DG] [SCSI/SATA linux] from lk 2.6.17 SATA disk identification in
libata will change. Expand LibAta detection to see old
identifier and new variant (VPD page 0x83).
[BA] Identified Attribute 190 for Western Digital disks. This
stores temperature in Celsius, just like Attribute 194.
But it has a failure threshold set to correspond to the
maximum design operating temperature of the disk, which
is 55 Celsius on the WD800JD drives that I studied.
So if this Attribute has 'failed
in the past' this means that the maximum disk operating
temperature has been exceeded.
[GK] Darwin: Add support for AHCI drivers found in Intel-based Macs.
smartmontools 5.36 Stable Release
[BA] Linux: smartd/smartctl issue syntax hints to user if 3ware
disk controller present with EITHER 3ware OR AMCC vendor
name, and user syntax incorrect.
[BA] Update copyright dates to 2006.
[DG] [SCSI] Loosen sanity check on Seagate/Hitachi factory information
log page so it is not skipped on recent Seagate SCSI disks.
[CF] Added command 'smartd -q showtests' to list test schedules.
[CF] Added command 'smartctl -P showall MODEL [FIRMWARE]' to list
database entries for specific drives and firmware.
[PW] Automatically set -v 9,minutes and -v 194,unknown for Maxtor
DiamondMax D540X-4G drives.
[DG] [SCSI] suppress various outputs when data fails sanity checks.
Correct 'last n error events' log page indexing.
[DG] [SCSI] changed smartctl exit status to reflect any problems in
the most recent 20 self test logs [Leandro Santi]
[DG] [SCSI] Fix process return value when scsiGetSmartData() fails
in smartctl [Leandro Santi]
[BA] Updated docs and error message to reflect Linux libata
support for smartmontools starting with the 2.6.15 kernel
series. Also init script support for the 'tinysofa' release.
[DG] [SCSI] Mask dpofua bit when changing mode pages. Fix failure
of 'smartctl -l error'.
[EM] Fixed a problem with FreeBSD and 3Ware 'twe' devices
[CF] Fixed a regexp in knowndrives table, added regexp syntax check
via 'smartctl -P showall'.
[CF] Cygwin & Windows: Fixed memory leak in function calling
IOCTL_IDE_PASS_THROUGH. Thanks to Fred Schmidt for the problem
[CF] Cygwin: added cygrunsrv support and commands "install", "remove"
and "status" to smartd.initd.
[SS] Fix runtime problems on big-engian NetBSD platforms (patch provided
by Martin Husemann)
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Open smartd.conf in textmode to allow use of
Windows editors.
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Added option '--service' to allow smartd running
as windows service via cygrunsrv. Useful in conjunction with new
syslogd support added in Cygwin 1.5.15.
[CF] Windows: Added patch to avoid output of non-ascii timezone names.
[EM] Incorporate various patches to provide TWE support and support for
multiple 3Ware cards, Power Check Support, and FreeBSD 6.x support.
Thanks to Rudolf Cejka, Frank Behrens, and Jung-uk Kim.
[DG] Silence gcc 4.0.1 compile warning concerning the difference in
"signedness" in pointer assignments. Changes to SCSI code
and os_linux.c .
[PW] Additions to knowndrives table: added missing drive from Quantum
Fireball Plus LM series, added QUANTUM BIGFOOT TS10.0A, added
ExcelStor J680 and J880, added Western Digital Caviar RE Serial ATA
series, added missing drives from Western Digital Caviar SE series,
added Seagate Momentus 4200.2 series, added missing drives from
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 series, added Fujitsu MHG and MHH series, and
added Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 series.
[PW] Additions to knowndrives table: added Fujitsu MHU2100AT, added
Fujitsu M1623TAU, added missing drives from Seagate Barracuda
7200.8 series, added Seagate Momentus 5400.2 series, and added
[PW] Additions to knowndrives table: added missing drive from Maxtor
MaxLine II series, added Maxtor DiamondMax 2880 Ultra ATA series,
added Maxtor DiamondMax 17 VL series, added Hitachi Deskstar 7K80
series, and added Hitachi Deskstar 7K400 series.
[CF] Windows: Fixed unsupported 'smartctl -X' on Win2000/XP by using
smartmontools 5.34 Stable Release [NOTE: never officially released]
[CF] Cygwin & Windows smartd: Increased SCSI DEVICESCAN range
from ASPI adapter 0-3 to 0-9. Added diagnostic messages.
[CF] Windows smartd: Added ability to run .bat files via '-M exec'
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Added FreeConsole() after fork() to avoid hang
of terminated shell console window.
[DG] [SCSI] Add code so 'smartctl -A' outputs the number of elements
in the grown defect list. When this number is increasing a
disk has problems. N.B. Similar logic should be added to smartd.
[CF] Windows smartd: Fixed event handling to allow start of another
smartd process when service is already running. Useful for testing
service configuration changes in debug mode.
[PW] Added following drives to knowndrives table: Western Digital Raptor
family, Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 family, Maxtor DiamondMax 2160
Ultra ATA and DiamondMax 10 families, Hitachi Travelstar E7K60
family, Seagate Medalist 17240, 13030, 10231, 8420, and 4310,
TOSHIBA MK4018GAP and MK6022GAX, ExcelStor Technology J360, and
Western Digital Caviar AC14300.
[PW] Added missing Fujitsu MHTxxxxAT and Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drives
to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added QUANTUM FIREBALLP LM10.2 to knowndrives table. Thanks to
Mike Fleetwood for submitting the patch.
[KS] Solaris/SPARC: fixed not to disable automatic offline test and
automatic save attributes incorrectly. Thanks to Roy Badami.
[BA] Linux: smartd init script now recognizes 'trustix' distro.
[DG] [SCSI] Medium and hardware errors were slipping through
unreported. Fix linux SCSI sense reporting via SG_IO ioctl.
[DG] [SCSI] Change lba of first failure in selftest output to
decimal (was hex) to conform with ATA output.
[GK] smartd: Detect most self-test failures even if the hour counter
has wrapped.
[BA] smartctl: list 'marvell' as option if user give invalid
-d argument
[CF] Windows: fixed SCSI timeout handling to allow long timeouts
for selftests.
[CF] Fixed buffer overflow issues in printone() and safe_vsnprintf()
which results in crash on -V option (at least on Windows).
[DG] [SCSI] Add explicit timeouts to INQUIRY and REQUEST SENSE (that
were missed in an earlier patch). Could have impacted freebsd.
[DG] When linux detects a sata_via_libata disk suggest that user try
'-d ata' (rather then '-d libata). Anticipate kernel change.
[YD] Added OS/2 and eComStation platform support.
[PW] Added Seagate U4 family, Fujitsu MHJ and MHK families, Seagate
and ExcelStor J340 to knowndrives table.
[DG] [SCSI] After report of Hitachi IC35L073UCDY10 disks locking up
on log page 0x7 (last n error events), check log page (and some
others) is supported (via log page 0x0) before probing.
[CF] Added safe_v?snprintf() for platforms using v?snprintf()
with non standard behaviour on overflow (Windows, old Linux)
[CF] smartd: Added message if check power mode spins up disk.
[CF] Windows: Added support for READ_LOG on WinNT4 using undocumented
pseudo SCSI command via IOCTL_SCSI_PASS_THROUGH.
[CF] smartd: Added ',q' option for '-n' directive to suppress 'skipping
checks' log message. This prevents a laptop disk from spinning up
due to this message. Thanks to Rob MacLachlan and Manfred Schwarb
for pointing out problem & solution.
[CF] Windows: Added function get_os_version_str() to show OS flavor in
copyright message.
[CF] Windows: Added function ata_identify_is_cached() to check for outdated
SMART enabled bit in identify data.
[CF] Windows: Added fix to prevent linkage of smartd specific win32 modules
to smartctl.
[PW] Added Fujitsu MPG3153AH, Hitachi Endurastar J4K20/N4K20 (formerly
DK23FA-20J), Seagate Momentus family, and Maxtor Fireball 3 family
to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added missing Maxtor DiamondMax 16, Seagate Barracuda ATA IV, and
Western Digital Caviar WDxxxAA/WDxxxBA drives to knowndrives table.
[CF] Windows: Added ATA check power mode for smartd -n directive.
[CF] Windows: Fixed use of new service status flag which causes hang
of smartd service on WinNT4.
[CF] Windows: Fixed error checking of IOCTL_IDE_PASS_THROUGH (used
for READ_LOG on 2000/XP). Added some diagnostic messages on
-r ataioctl[,2]. Thanks to Manfred Schwarb for bug report and testing.
[BA] Fixed code bug that made it impossible to enable SMART on
disks with failing health status. This would happen if the
os_*.c author made STATUS and STATUS_CHECK work the same way.
I have corrected this at a higher level; we now handle the
case where STATUS and STATUS_CHECK are identical without
[LW] Make os_linux.c/marvell_command_interface() always return 0 on STATUS.
Needed for a disk having bad SMART status.
[CF] smartctl: Added drive family printing.
[CF] Allow automake 1.9, added message if automake
version is unknown.
[BA] smartctl: use locale-specific separators for printing disk
capacity. Also use AC_CHECK_HEADERS not AC_CHECK_HEADER in
[BA] clean-up of #include structure so that -V options to smartd
and smartctl work correctly. Please, don't #include header
files into other header files.
smartmontools 5.33 Experimental Release
[BA] smartctl: ATA disks, if SMART ATTRIBUTE THRESHOLDS page has ID
errors with some Attributes having NULL IDs, print Attribute
info anyway (but issuing a warning to the user).
[DG] [SCSI] Decode Last n error events log page; decode track following
and positioning errors [Hitachi]
[EM] FreeBSD: another tweak, __packed__ introduced in Version 5.0040
[EM] Cleaner tweak of fixes for FreeBSD 4.x.
[EM] Fix compilation errors under FreeBSD 4.x, as it is still using
and old GCC
[EM] Remove 3ware/FreeBSD specific files and just include pieces we need
[DG] Add logic in smartd to detect 3ware, Marvell controllers and SATA
disks behind an ATA-SCSI simulator (in Linux). If specific device
types are not given and they are picked in a general SCSI device
scan then warn and skip.
[GG] insert correct path to smartd into smartd's init script
[BA] Changed all default paths in documentation to reflect /usr/local as
default path prefix. This affects on-line man pages, primarily.
[DS] Added support for OpenBSD
[BA] Added another environment variable SMART_FULLMESSAGE set by
the smartd mailing feature, and modified examplescripts/Example1
to illustrate it.
[BA] Fixed potentially misleading messages of the form:
XXX failed: success
[DG] emit warning if SATA disk detected using libata in Linux; then exit
[PW] Added Seagate U10 family, Hitachi Travelstar 7K60, Fujitsu MHR2020AT,
and QUANTUM FIREBALLP AS20.5 to knowndrives table.
[DG] Detect 3ware and Marvell controllers from SCSI INQUIRY vendor string
and suggest usage of appropriate '-d' argument in smartctl.
[LW] Tested the RELEASE_5_33_WITH_MARVELL_SUPPORT branch on
actual Marvell 88SX5041 hardware, with success.
Merged into HEAD.
[BA] Fixed nasty DEVICESCAN bug
[BA] Checked in RELEASE_5_33_WITH_MARVELL_SUPPORT branch with
some Marvell support.
[BA] Additional modifications of Ed's controller scheme. Fixed
broken 3ware support under linux, problems with scanning
devices in smartd, and other small problems.
[CF] Added make targets to build formatted man pages (htmlman, txtman),
Windows distribution (dist-win32) and MSVC6 config.h (config-vc6).
[EM] Minor change to FreeBSD inclusion of 'twe' include files. Add
code to check if they existing in /usr/include/sys to use those
in preference to ones added here
[EM] Very preliminary support attempt for 3Ware controllers under
FreeBSD. Also, switched 'escalade_type/escalade_port' to
'controler_type/controller_port' and moved away from
'tryata/tryscsi' to using new 'controller*' variables to
determine which controller type (ATA/SCSI/3Ware) to use.
[GK] Added initscript support for Darwin.
[CF] Windows smartd: Added ability to run smartd as a windows service,
including new commands "smartd install ..." and "smartd remove"
to install and remove the service registry entry.
[BA] smartd: warn user if -s regexp regular expression contains
characters other than 0123456789.*()|+?[-]{}:=SLCO since such
characters are 'suspicous' and may indicate a poorly formed
regexp. Extended regular expression gurus: can this list be
reduced somewhat?
[CF] Fixed bug in Windows smartd: Missing close of config file when
configuration is reloaded by smartd daemon.
[CF] Windows smartd: Added mail warning feature using the "Blat"
( mailer as a default.
[PW] Added Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 5120 Ultra ATA 33 series and TOSHIBA
MK3017GAP to knowndrives table.
[CF] Added fixes to build smartmontools on old Linux systems
(libc < 6, Kernel 2.0.x).
[BA] Added ATA minor version identity strings for latest ATA specification
updates: ATA/ATAPI-7 T13 1532D revision 4a and ATA/ATAPI-6 published,
ANSI INCITS 361-2002
[PW] Added Hitachi Travelstar 5K80 family and Fujitsu MHTxxxxAH family to
knowndrives table.
[EM] Fix up compilation under FreeBSD < 5.x
[PW] Added QUANTUM FIREBALL EX3.2A and missing Western Digital Caviar SE
drives to knowndrives table.
[BA] Modified Hitachi Travelstar 80GN family regexp in drive database.
Thanks to [GK/CF] for problem & solution.
[GK] Added os_darwin.[ch]
[PW] Added the following drives to the knowndrives table: IBM Travelstar
48GH, 30GN, and 15GN family; IBM Deskstar 37GP and 34GXP family;
Western Digital WDC WD272AA; Maxtor DiamondMax D540X-4D family;
TOSHIBA MK2016GAP, MK2018GAP, MK2018GAS, MK2023GAS; and
[BA] smartd/smarctl now print build HOST/OS information as part
of startup slogan. This should make it slightly easier to
read bug reports from users.
[RZ] Fixed the DEVICESCAN to do what it was supposed to do - give
error message unless scanning is in progress.
[BA] Update documentation to describe 3ware character devices. Better
error detection for missing/malfunctioning devices behind 3ware
controllers. Now pack 3ware ioctl structures explicitly.
[BA] For ATA devices that support LBA mode, print capacity as part
of smartctl --info
[RZ] Made DEVICESCAN quiet about non-existing devices unless debug
is on.
[DG] treat "unit attention" SCSI warning as try again in some contexts
(test unit ready and mode sense)
[BA] on drives that store max/min rather than min/max, get order
correct in printing temp.
[BA] fixed typo in 'smartctl -h' output. Thanks to Gabor Z. Papp.
[BA] linux: clean-up to 3ware/AMCC support; dynamically create
or fix /dev/tw[ae][0-15] device node entries if they don't
exist or are incorrect. One can now use the character devices
/dev/twe[0-15] OR /dev/sd? for 3ware 6000/7000/8000 series
cards. One must use /dev/twa[0-15] for 3ware 9000 series cards.
Note that selective self-tests now work via /dev/tw[ae] devices.
Next step: documentation.
[BA] linux: experimental "support" for 3ware/AMCC 9000 series
controllers that use the 3w-9xxx driver. This will be in a
state of flux for a few days. Note that this requires the
character interface /dev/twa[0-15].
[DG] linux: extend general SCSI OS interface to use the SG_IO ioctl. If
not available, use the older SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND ioctl.
[KS] Solaris/x86: fixed system identification problem in configure
script. Thanks to Stuart Swales.
smartmontools 5.32
[BA] Update link to revised/updated IBM Deskstar Firmware
[CF] Cygwin & Windows: Added missing ASPI manager initialization
with GetASPI32SupportInfo(). Thanks to Nikolai SAOUKH for pointing
this out and providing a patch.
[BA] modified smartd init script to work on whitebox (thanks to
Michael Falzon)
[BA] removed (reverted) additional Attribute definitions from All (or most?) of these
appear to be return code values for the WD Digital Life Guard Utility.
[PW] Added Seagate Medalist 17242, 13032, 10232, 8422, and 4312 to
knowndrives table. Added missing Seagate U Series 5 drives.
[PW] Added the following QUANTUM models to knowndrives table:
[PW] Added missing Western Digital Protege drives to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added Maxtor DiamondMax 40 ATA 66 series and DiamondMax 40 VL Ultra
ATA 100 series to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added the following Hitachi/IBM drives to knowndrives table:
HITACHI_DK14FA-20B, Travelstar 40GNX series, Travelstar 4LP series,
and Travelstar DK23XXB series. Added the missing Travelstar 80GN
[PW] Added Fujitsu MPB series and MPG series to knowndrives table. Added
the missing Fujitsu MHSxxxxAT drives.
[KS] Solaris: added workaround for dynamic change of time-zone.
[KS] Solaris: fixed problem that cannot detect absence of
auto* tools.
[BA] smartd: added time-zone bug information to man page.
Reverted CF code for _WIN32 case.
[CF] Cygwin & Windows: Added better error messages on IDE/ATA device
open error.
[BA] added additional Attribute definitions from
[BA] smartd: reworked TimeZone bug workaround so it is only invoked
for glibc. Note: this might not be right -- a similar bug may
exist in other platform's libcs.
[DG] SCSI smartmontools documentation updated [2004/5/6]. See:
[CF] Windows: Fixed reset of TZ=GMT in glibc timezone bug workaround.
smartmontools 5.31
[DG] move SCSI device temperature and start-stop log page output
(smartctl) into --attributes section (was in --info section).
[GG] change default installation location to /usr/local
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Fixed crash on access of SCSI devices after fork().
[PW] Added TOSHIBA MK4018GAS and the following Maxtor drive families
to knowndrives table: DiamondMax D540X-4G, Fireball 541DX,
DiamondMax 3400 Ultra ATA, DiamondMax Plus 6800 Ultra ATA 66.
[PW] Added missing Maxtor DiamondMax 16, DiamondMax D540X-4K, and
DiamondMax Plus 45 Ulta ATA 100 drives to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added ExcelStor J240, Hitachi Travelstar 80GN family, Fujitsu
MHTxxxxAT family, and IBM Deskstar 25GP and 22GXP families to
knowndrives table.
[CF] Cygwin smartd: Added workaround for missing SIGQUIT via keyboard:
To exit smartd in debug mode, type CONTROL-C twice.
[BA] smartctl: printing of the selective self-test log is now
controlled by a new option: -l selective
[BA] Added entries for Samsung firmware versions -25 to -39 based
on latest info about firmware bug fixes.
[PW] Added Seagate U Series X family, Seagate U8 family, and Seagate
Medalist 8641 family to knowndrives table.
[CF] smartd: Added exit values 5/6 for missing/unreadable config file.
[BA] smartd: now monitor the Current Pending Sector count (Attribute 197)
and the Offline Pending Sector Count (Attribute 198). Log a
warning (and send an email, if so configured) if the raw count
is nonzero. These are controlled by new Directives: -C and -U.
Currently they are enabled by default.
[CF] Added option -c FILE, --configfile=FILE to smartd to specify
an alternate configuration FILE or '-' for standard input.
[KS] now searches for -lnsl and -lsocket for Solaris.
[CF] Win32/native smartd: Added thread to combine several syslog output
lines into one single event log entry.
[CF] Win32 smartd: Added DEVICESCAN for SCSI/ASPI devices.
[GG] Use gethostbyname() the get the DNS domain since getdomainname()
returns the NIS domain when sending mails from smartd.
[GG] pass smartd_opts to smartd on startup, read distribution
specific configuration files if found
[SS] smartctl: added NetBSD support for Selective Self-tests.
[BA] smartd.conf example configuration file now has all examples
commented out except for 'DEVICESCAN'.
[CF] Win32/native smartd: Added ability to display warning "emails"
as message box by "-m msgbox" directive. With "-m sysmsgbox",
a system modal (always on top) message box is shown.
[BA] smartctl: printing of self-test log for disks that support
Selective self-testing now shows the status of the (optional)
read-scan after the selective self test. Also, changed format
in printing self-test log to print failing LBA in base 10 not
base 16 (more compatible with kernel error messages). Also,
in printing SMART error log, print timestamps in format
[CF] Win32 smartd: Added ability to log to stdout/stderr
(-l local1/2). Toggling debug console still works
if stdout is redirected.
[BA] smartctl: selective self-test log, print current status
in a more detailed way. Allow writing of selective self-test
log provided that no other self-test is underway.
[BA] Linux: eliminated dependency on kernel tree hdreg.h.
[BA] smartctl: -l selftest option now prints Selective self-test
log in addition to the normal self-test log.
Added additional options (-t pending, -t afterselect) to
control remaining Selective Self-test capabilities. Tested
with several Maxtor disks. Modified error message printing
so that munged option messages print at the end not the
start of output.
[CF] Added daemon support to Win32 native version of smartd.
The daemon can be controlled by commands similar to initd
scripts: "smartd status|stop|reload|restart|sigusr1|sigusr2".
[CF] Added minor support for option "-l local[0-7]" to Win32 native
(not Cygwin) version of smartd. If specified, the log output
is written to file "./smartd[1-7]?.log" instead of event log.
[BA] Added Selective Self-test to smartctl (-t selective,M-N).
Currently only supported under Linux; Solaris, NetBSD, FreeBSD
and Windows developers must add WRITE LOG functionality to
[BA] Added workaround for an annoying glibc bug: if you change
timezones, (eg, flying with a laptop from USA to Europe)
localtime() does not notice this in a running
executable, so time that appears in the system log (syslog!)
will be incorrect. See
for additional examples of this bug.
[DG] Set explicit timeouts for SCSI commands (most default to 6 seconds).
Previously a 0 second timeout was meant to be interpreted as a
default timeout but the FreeBSD port had a problem in this area.
[CF] Fixed un-thread-safe exit signal handler for Win32
[BA] Fixed un-thread-safe exit signal handler pointed out
by CF.
[BA] Changed configure script to eliminate warnings under
Solaris from sys/int_type.h conflicts with int64.h
Added header files for umask to smartd.c.
[BA] Man page format change from Werner LEMBERG. " " changed to \&
[CF] Added os_win32/syslogevt.* event message file tool for Win32
smartd (native+cygwin). May also be useful for other cygwin
programs writing to syslog().
[CF] Added Win32 version of smartd
[BA] Made some changes to man page markup suggested by
Richard Verhoeven to work around bugs in man2html.
Tested not to break anything under Linux and Solaris.
[CF] Moved PrintOut() from utility.c to smart{ctl,d}.c to avoid
syslog() output of smartctl.
[BA] Grew worried that some time-zone names could be very long (eg,
Mitteleuropaische Zeit) and put date string lengths into a
single macro in utility.c
[EM] Updated os_freebsd.c to handle older versions of FreeBSD in a
more appropriate/obvious fashion.
[EM] Modified as FreeBSD installs automake 1.7 as
'automake17' and NOT 'automake-1.7'
smartmontools 5.30
[PW] Added QUANTUM FIREBALLlct15 30, QUANTUM FIREBALLlct20 40, and
Maxtor 6Y060P0 (DiamondMax Plus 9 60GB) to knowndrives table.
[PW] Added Maxtor MaXLine II family to knowndrives table (thanks to
Brett Russ for submitting the patch).
[BA] Added remaining read/write commands to detailed list of
error log commands that have text descriptions of problem
printed. For commands that support it, print number of failed
sectors at problem LBA.
[BA] Made SuSE section of smartd init script more SuSE 9 compatible.
Thanks to Hans-Peter Jansen.
[CF] Windows smartd: Added IDE/ATA device scan
Added windows device names to,
[BA] smartctl/smartd: user-provided '-F samsung' and '-F samsung2'
command line options/Directives did NOT over-ride preset values
unless user specified '-P ignore'. Now they will always over-ride
preset values from the database.
[BA] Added error decoding for a few more READ and WRITE commands.
[PW] Added Maxtor MaXLine Plus II, Western Digital Caviar SE (Serial ATA)
series, Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 series, and Ultra ATA 66 models of
the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 series to knowndrives table.
[BA] Added Maxtor Diamondmax 250 GB drives to database. Note that
these model numbers are not listed in Maxtor documentation, but
they exist.
[BA] Removed the 'contact developers' phrase from the Samsung disk
warning messages.
[PW] Added TOSHIBA MK2017GAP, IBM Deskstar 14GXP and 16GP series,
Fujitsu MPC series, Seagate Barracuda ATA III family, and missing
Seagate Barracuda U Series drives to knowndrives table
[BA] smartd: wrong loglevel for message: Configuration file
/etc/smartd.conf parsed. Changed to LOG_INFO from LOG_CRIT.
Thanks to Emmanuel CHANTREAU for the report.
[CF] Checked in development version of windows code base.
smartmontools 5.29 (note: there was NO 5.28 release)
[BA] smartd: configure script did not set correct directory to search for
smartd.conf based on --prefix argument to ./configure. Thanks to
GG for identifying the problem and fix.
[BA] make clean now removes man pages (generated from *.in) files as well
as object files.
[EM] Correct copying of sense data in FreeBSD SCSI implementation. Thanks
to Sergey Svishchev for noticing the bug.
[BA] On solaris, wrong warning message if no ATA support. Warning message
concerns 3ware controller, not ATA.
[SS] Added SCSI support for NetBSD.
[BA] on big-endian linux machines, fixed interpretation of HDIO_GET_IDENTITY
to correctly identify ATAPI bit (was byte swapped). This should
eliminate some SYSLOG noise if user queries a packet device (eg, CD
ROM or DVD reader).
[PW] Removed warning for IBM Deskstar 40GV & 75GXP series drives with
A5AA/A6AA firmware. Thanks to Gerald Schnabel.