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2022-09-18 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Add IOCTL_STORAGE_PROTOCOL_COMMAND for NVMe self-tests.
Add NVMe self-test support to smartctl (#894).
Supported options: '-l selftest', '-t short', '-t long' and '-X'.
2022-08-15 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print error count even if error log index is invalid.
2022-08-07 Christian Franke <>
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: J&A LEVEN JS600 more sizes (#1603),
Mushkin MKNSSDTR*-3DL (#1596), TEAMGROUP CX2, Transcend 452K
(#1391), Transcent 830S, Transcend MTS400I (#1588),
UMAX 2242 (#1564).
- Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: GUDGA GIM, KingFast
(#1532, GH pull/109), ORTIAL, RX7 (#1494), T-FORCE (#1536),
Verbatim Vi550 S3 (#1629).
2022-08-06 Christian Franke <>
examplescripts/Example8: Use 'command -v' builtin instead of 'which'.
Detect accidental use of smartd_warning script in '-M exec'.
smartd.cpp: Set SMARTD_SUBJECT to empty., os_win32/smartd_warning.cmd: Abort if
SMARTD_SUBJECT is already nonempty.
smartd.cpp, popen_as_ugid.cpp: Don't use 'getdtablesize()'.
This function is declared 'legacy' since SUS 1997 and no longer part
of POSIX since 2004. Use 'sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX)' instead.
This fixes build on android (GH issues/142).
2022-08-06 themylogin <>
smartd.cpp: Also prevent systemd unit startup timeout in
`CheckDevicesOnce` (GH pull/141).
2022-08-06 Christian Franke <>
- Samsung based SSDs: SM843TN *960HCGP (#1624), PM881
(GH/pull 119), more PM893 variants (#1616), PM897 (#1559).
- USB: Genesys Logic: Merge entries, add 0x05e3:0x2013.
- USB: ADATA SD600 (0x125f:0xa68a).
2022-07-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
some spelling fixes with the help of the codespell utility
2022-06-24 Douglas Gilbert <>
- WDC WUH722020BLE6L4
2022-06-07 themylogin <>
smartd.cpp: Prevent systemd unit startup timeout when registering
many devices (GH pull/138).
2022-05-30 Douglas Gilbert <>
[SCSI]: rework scsiGetIEString() so it should now output
all asc=0xb||0x5d strings defined in spc6r06.pdf . These
are the strings associated with "Informational Exceptions".
This should address ticket #1614 .
2022-05-28 Douglas Gilbert <>
[SCSI]: more work for calling REPORT SUPPORTED OPERATION
CODES [RSOC] command.
2022-05-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
CODES [RSOC] command (and several others that use an
additional "service action" code to identify them). For
SCSI devices >= SPC-4 plan to call the RSOC command and
cache its result. Use that cache to determine if
commands like GET PHYSICAL ELEMENT STATUS are supported.
2022-05-26 Christian Franke <>
INSTALL: Update ./configure description and Windows info.
Drop legacy ATA support for Solaris SPARC. Fail if '--with-solaris-sparc-ata' is specified. Remove os_solaris_ata.s and os_solaris.h.
os_solaris.cpp: Remove WITH_SOLARIS_SPARC_ATA sections.
os_solaris_ata.s, os_solaris.h: Remove files.
INSTALL: Update documentation.
2022-05-22 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston RBU-SNSx180S3 (#1335, #1389)
- Phison Driven OEM SSDs: SPCC Solid State Disk/SBFD00.3
- USB: Samsung Portable SSD T7 (0x04e8:0x4001) (GH pull/102)
- USB: Intrinsix (0x0578:0x0578)
- USB: Logitec LGB-4BNHUC (0x0789:0x0296) (GH pull/123)
- USB: Apricorn EZ-UP3 (0x0984:0x0320) (#1565)
- USB: ADATA ED600 (0x125f:0xa76a) (#1613)
- USB: ICY BOX IB-256WP (0x1e1d:0x20a0)
- USB: VIA VL700 (0x2109:0x0700)
ataprint.cpp: Print Master Password ID if set to non-default value.
2022-05-22 Eaton Zveare <>
ataprint.cpp: Add master_password_id to ata_security json output
(GH pull/134).
2022-05-08 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: TS32GMSM360 (#1579)
- Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD: ST4000NM0245-1Z2107
(#1592) Patch by Conrad Kostecki
2022-05-08 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Crucial/Micron Client SSDs: CT4000MX500SSD1 (#1610)
- Western Digital Gold: WDC WD161KRYZ-01AGBB0 (#1608) New family
variant 'CMR' dropped, entry moved to 'Western Digital Gold' and
patterns from file product-brief-wd-gold-hdd.pdf also added there.
2022-05-02 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Western Digital Ultrastar (He10/12): WDC WD120EDAZ-11F3RA0 (#1409)
- Western Digital Ultrastar (He10/12): WDC WD80EDAZ-11TA3A0 (#1455)
- Western Digital Gold (CMR): WDC WD161KRYZ-01AGBB0 (#1570)
2022-05-01 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: TS128GMSA370I (#1554)
- Western Digital Red: WDC WD160EMFZ-11AFXA0(#1469)
- Western Digital Red: WDC WD140EFFX-68VBXN0 (#1477)
2022-05-01 Christian Franke <> Suppress getpw*Called, getgr*Called, remove ftimeCalled.
Add *_RELEASE_* defines to silence ConfigurationNotChecked. Add URL to AC_INIT, remove PACKAGE_HOMEPAGE.
Require autoconf >= 2.64.
Replace PACKAGE_HOMEPAGE with PACKAGE_URL in all files.
2022-04-30 Christian Franke <>
INSTALL: Update info about MSVC builds.
os_win32/vc14, os_win32/vc15: Drop project files for MSVC14/15. Update config-vc and *clean-vc targets for MSVC16/17.
os_win32/vc17: Copy from vc16 and change for MSVC17 (VS2022).
os_win32/vc16/*: Add configurations Debug-static and Release-static. Windows: Ensure that advapi32 is linked before kernel32.
This keeps backward compatibility with old versions of Windows if
recent versions of MinGW-w64 are used. config-vc: Remove HAVE___INT128 from generated config.h. Support 'svnversion' with CR/LF instead of LF output.
dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Enhance LBA range from 33-62 to 1-255 (#1594). Update related documentation.
2022-04-27 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Western Digital Ultrastar He10/12: WDC WD140EDGZ-11B2DA2,
WDC WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0 (#1585)
- Western Digital Purple (Pro): WDC WD121PURP-85B5SY0 (#1587)
2022-04-26 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Samsung based SSDs: SAMSUNG MZ7L33T8HBLT-00A07 (#1563)
- Samsung based SSDs: SAMSUNG MZ7L3240HCHQ-00A07 (#1555)
- WD Blue / Red / Green SSDs: WDC WDS400T1R0A-68A4W0 (#1601)
2022-04-25 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Western Digital Black: WDC WD4005FZBX-00K5WB0 (#1582)
- Western Digital Red: WDC WD40EFZX-68AWUN0 (#1583)
- Western Digital Red: WDC WD20EFZX-68AWUN0 (#1589)
2022-04-24 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Innodisk 1IE3/3IE3/3ME3/3IE4/3ME4 SSDs: Ensure that
opening and closing brackets are in the same line (#1495). Unify syntax of command substitutions. Don't use 'let' which is bash specific. Don't use semicolon in sed scripts.
This also fixes a syntax error if sed requires ';' before '}'.
2022-04-23 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Western Digital Gold: WDC WD1005VBYZ-02RRWB2, WDC WD2005VBYZ-02RRWB2 (#938)
- Western Digital Gold: WDC WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0 (#1394)
2022-04-22 Gabriele Pohl <>
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: SanDisk SDSSDH3 1T00 (#1590)
- Merge two entries into new group 'Seagate IronWolf (Pro) 125 SSDs'
2022-04-22 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp: Add 'smartctl.pre_release' boolean to JSON output.
- Phison Driven SSDs: PNY ELITE (#1573)
- USB: PNY (0x154b:0xf009) (#1573)
2022-04-22 Felix Buehl <>
- Seagate IronWolf 125 SSDs (#1584) (GH pull/131)
2022-04-17 Gabriele Pohl <>
- USB: Buffalo MiniStation Cobalt drive (0x0411:0x0157) (#1597)
- Phison Driven SSDs: KINGSTON SM2280S3G2120G (#989)
2022-03-28 Douglas Gilbert <>
os_linux.cpp [Linux only]: remove support from generic part
for the SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND ioctl. Default to the SG_IO_V3
interface which is now (lk 5.17, 2022) much more widely
supported. The SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND ioctl is still in
the Linux kernel but has been deprecated for a long time.
Some old vendor specific code still uses that ioctl, two
instances: m_escalade_type==AMCC_3WARE_678K and -d marvell
2022-03-04 Christian Franke <> Add "pre-" also on man pages. Attribute logs use local time since smartmontools 7.1.,,
Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features added before 7.2.
2022-03-02 Christian Franke <>
do_release: Add '--nocheck' option.
Changes build command from 'make distcheck' to 'make dist'.
do_release: Add '--checkout' option.
Checks out a new working copy suitable for releases.
2022-03-01 Christian Franke <>
do_release: Comment out release timestamp in
immediately after release.
Rework increase of release number. Remove usage of perl.
Ensure that only the number in the AC_INIT line is changed. Comment out release timestamp.
Set related environment vars only if timestamp is set.
utility.cpp: Add "pre-" or "pre-release" if release
timestamp is not set. Don't print empty timestamp.
2022-02-28 Douglas Gilbert <>
utility.cpp: the previous patch bumped the version number
to 7.4 which probably won't be released for another
10 to 12 months. Alter the product strings to add either
"pre-release" or just "pre-" in front of release to help
stop users thinking they are using (released) version 7.4
until it actually is released.
N.B. When the release actually is performed, this patch
should be reversed (and then put back in after the release,
for the next cycle).
2022-02-28 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.3
2022-02-27 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.cpp scsiprint.cpp and others: route all SCSI pass
through calls in scsicmds.cpp via the renamed function:
scsi_pass_through_yield_sense() which will absorb up to
three pending Unit Attentions [see ticket 179]. Use
aggregate initialization (e.g. 'uint8_t b[32] = {};') to
bypass the need for many memset() calls.
2022-02-26 Douglas Gilbert <>
ataprint.cpp: add suggestion when 'Read Device Identity
failed: xxx' error generated to look at
--device-type=TYPE variants. May help with USB-C connected
NVMe enclosures (e.g. with M-2 modules inside)
2022-02-26 Christian Franke <> Print 'deprecated' warning for '--with-signal-func'.
2022-02-25 Douglas Gilbert <>
NEWS: update for changes in previous commit
2022-02-25 Douglas Gilbert <>
smartctl.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: extend --log=defects option so it
works for the SCSI Pending Defects log page (similar to ATA log
page of same name). Add --log=envrep option to output
Environmental Reporting log page (e.g. temperature(s) and
relative humidiy). Add: --log=zdevstat option to output Zone
block device statistics log page. Updated for the
above changes. Ran 'spellintian * | grep -v duplica' on source
using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with Canadian English as the locale.
Fixed reported spelling errors.
2022-02-23 Christian Franke <>, update-smart-drivedb.*: Use RELEASE_7_3_DRIVEDB for
drivedb.h updates.
Create new branch RELEASE_7_3_DRIVEDB.
2022-02-22 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/ Set console encoding.
Otherwise redirection to gpg occasionally starts with a BOM.
os_win32/ Unify path syntax.
do_release: Update code signing key id.
smartd.cpp: Ensure that '--warn-as-user=restricted' failure is
visible in syslog.
smartd.cpp: Add '-q *nodev0*' option variants.
These change the exit status to 0 if there are no devices
to monitor. Document new functionality.
2022-02-20 Douglas Gilbert <>
smartctl.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: implement the change to
TapeAlert handling documented in the previous commit.
Add --log=tapealert option to explicitly fetch the
Tape Alert log page. Tweak some tape-specific formatting.
2022-02-19 Douglas Gilbert <> proposed change to TapeAlert handling. No code
has changed, just the smartctl manpage. Please review. If
rejected just reverse this commit.
2022-02-19 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven (OEM) SSDs: Remove duplicate options.
- SK hynix SATA SSDs: S31 (#1517), SC210 *3AMNB*, SC300 *32MND*,
SC313 HFS*, SC401, SH920.
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530: WUH721414ALE604 (#1458).
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC550: More variants (#1547).
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC560 (#1548).
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC650 (#1549).
- Western Digital Red Pro: WD102KFBX (#1543).
- Western Digital Gold: WD141KRYZ (#1433, #1470).
2022-02-18 Christian Franke <>
Allow one to specify a separate install location for drivedb.h.
This prevents that update-smart-drivedb overwrites the package
installed file (Debian Bug 976696, Ubuntu Bug 1893202)., Add '--with-drivedbinstdir' option. Add '--install' option. Document new functionality., Adjust path names.
2022-02-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
smartctl.cpp: add new --log=tapedevstat to print out SCSI
Tape (SSC) Device Statistics log page. '-a' does not include
this log page, but '-x' does. May add new --log= option
soon (probably 'tapealert' which must be invoked explicitly);
manpage needs updating
2022-02-09 Alex Samorukov <>
Remove cppcheck 2.7 warning as we are using it now on our CI builds
2022-02-02 Christian Franke <> Fix regexp quoting.
os_linux.cpp: Enhance device scan range to '/dev/sdzz'. Update related documentation.
2022-02-01 Christian Franke <> automake 1.16.3-5 work.
os_win32/update-smart-drivedb.nsi: Remove, no longer used. Remove related targets.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Install update-smart-drivedb.ps1.
Delete update-smart-drivedb.exe. Remove outdated delete commands.
os_win32/ New drivedb.h update script.
It verifies the downloaded drive database with GnuPG (#752). Add new file.
2022-01-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: fix issue with Zoned block device
statistics lpage specific to the WDC DC HC650
SAS ZBC disk. Visible with smartctl -x
2022-01-28 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsicmds.cpp,scsiprint.cpp: the "Long (extended)
Self-test duration" at the end of smartctl -a output
comes from a 16 bit field holding seconds. If the
value is 0xffff the spec now says to consult the
Extended Inquiry VPD page which has a similar field
but the unit is minutes. Tweak the output if the
duration exceeds 14400 seconds: calculate hours
in brackets [normally minutes]. Reason: my 20 TB
disk reports 38.7 hours to do a long self-test!
2022-01-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: my tape drive gives a nuisance TapeAlert
warning after each power cycle. With '-xj' output this
leads a JSON array with a lot of 'null' entries. Change
the JSON indexing so it is compact and add a
'descriptor_idx' attribute if the position is important
to the end user. In the case of TapeAlert the relative
position is the degree of seriousness. Change TapeAlert
'code' name to 'parameter_code'.
2022-01-16 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: small cleanup on (tape) device
statistics lpage (plain and json)
2022-01-09 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp, add smartctl -x output (plain+json) for
the (tape) device statistics lpage and the Zoned block
device statistics lpage. Listed under -l background
option (may need new option(s)).
2022-01-14 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Add xerrorlba flag to the WD Caviar Black (#1558) family
smartd.service: add comment about virtualisation
2022-01-09 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp, scsicmds.h/.cpp: do some preliminary
work to fetch the Zoned block device characteristics
VPD page if it is present
2022-01-08 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: adjust json::str2key() calls as requested
2022-01-08 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: add json for the Start stop cycle counter
log page. Rejig some of the other SCSI json.
2022-01-07 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: remove jsonify_name() and use
json::str2key() where required. No user space
visible changes.
2022-01-07 Alex Samorukov <>
- Add L3 EVO SSD (#1354)
- Add INTEL SSDSCKKF512G8 SATA 512GB (#1244)
- Extend regexp for the Sandisk SD9SB8W series (#1112)
2022-01-06 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp, json.h: Allows one to use any string for object keys.
Convert to final key with new public function 'json::str2key()'.
Rename related variables from 'key' to 'keystr'.
2022-01-06 Alex Samorukov <>
- SanDisk SSD PLUS 2000GB/UP4504RL (#1503)
- Western Digital PiDrive Foundation Edition (#1007)
- Fixed Supermicro SATA DOM (SuperDOM) entry (#1380)
- Extended regexp to support WDC WD40NDZM-59A8KS1 (#1474)
- Seagate FreePlay HDD (#1405)
2022-01-05 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: prefix most SCSI specific JSON
top level names with 'scsi_'. Add SCSI self
test JSON plus a few corrections.
2022-01-05 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add Lexar 128GB SSD (#1529)
2022-01-05 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: first cut at adding json to the
self-test log page.
scsicmds.h/.cpp: add scsi_get_sense_key_str()
helper to fetch SCSI sense key as a C string
2022-01-04 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: printf() spotted in
scsiPrintPendingDefectsLPage() by Yannick Hemery.
Changed to jout().
2022-01-03 Douglas Gilbert <>
utility.h: overload jsonify_name() to take a C
string or a std::string. Use in scsiprint.cpp
to add more json support.
2022-01-03 Christian Franke <>
json.h: Allows one to use std::string for object keys.
2022-01-02 Douglas Gilbert <>
utility.h: add free functions jsonify_name() and
jsonify_name_s() to lessen the repetition of names
that are very similar. May not save code but reduces
the chance of naming errors. Use jsonify_name() in
scsiprint.cpp as use of concept.
2022-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2022-01-01 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: add more json support: SAS transport
settings (partial) and some tape drive. Please review.
2021-12-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: add more json support: logical_unit_id,
protection_type and lb_provisioning
2021-12-29 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: applied patch proposed by Yannick Hemery at:
cf8462bbf395386c239ea587a26777f2de44f8d6 [note: that url has
been line wrapped]. It is to cope with a Samsung SAS SSD that
considers the "Supported log pages" log page [0x0,0x0] and
the "Supported log pages and subpages" log page [0x0,0xff]
as two sub-inventories that must be merged (i.e. a set
union) rather than [0x0,0xff] being a superset of [0x0,0x0].
Samsung seems to be alone in that interpretation.
2021-12-21 Douglas Gilbert <>
experimental: add support for printing the SCSI Environmental
Reporting log (sub)page [0xd,0x1] via the -l scttemp option
and select it when '-x' is given. Also generate json output.
Outputs temperature and relative humidity current values and
various min/max values. Manpage has not been updated as this
may not be the best way to hook this in.
2021-12-21 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: fix listing of subpages as proposed by Yannick
Hemery <> in smt's github pull/122
2021-12-18 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Windows: Add new option '--warn-as-user=restricted'.
If specified, the warning script is run with a restricted access
os_win32/popen_win32.cpp, os_win32/popen.h: Add new functions
'popen_as_restr_user()' and 'popen_as_restr_check()' and a TEST
program. Document new functionality.
2021-12-16 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add new option '--capabilities=mail'.
It initializes the capability bounding set for the exim MTA.
This is based on 'smartmontools-7.2-capnotify.patch' from the
Fedora Package (Red Hat Bugzilla 1954015).
No longer suppress mail notification if '--capabilities' is used.
Log a related hint instead if the warning script fails. Document new functionality.
2021-12-15 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Allow use of '--warn-as-user' with '--capabilities'.
2021-12-13 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add ability to run warning script as non-privileged user.
User could be specified with new option '-u, --warn-as-user'.
popen_as_ugid.cpp, popen_as_ugid.h: New files with popen() wrapper
function. It allows one to change uid/gid and also prevents that
unneeded file descriptors are inherited by the child process., Enable new functionality for all OS with
POSIX API. Document new functionality.
2021-12-12 Christian Franke <> Add usage error messages, add '-h' option.
2021-12-11 Christian Franke <> Allow a directory in the argument of '-t'. Add missing long options. Allow update from local files or other URLs.
Location could be specified with new options '--file' and '--url'
(#1426). Check VERSION information to prevent downgrades.
Allow override with new option '--force'. Document new functionality. Rename some variables.
2021-11-29 Christian Franke <>
smartctl.cpp: Fix possible buffer overflow (#1546).
An overflow of 1-2 bytes occurred only if the '-n' option
was specified with an invalid argument.
2021-11-28 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Fix write of ATA attributes to state files.
Regression from r5256.
2021-11-27 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Don't write 'smartd -D' output to syslog on syntax error.
smartd.cpp: Add ability to specify different check intervals (#336).
The new directive '-c i=N, -c interval=N' overrides the command line
option '-i N, --interval=N' for specific devices., Document new directive.
smartd.cpp: Use some C++11 features.
smartd.cpp: Add missing 'CloseDevice()' after NVMe error.
2021-11-24 Alex Samorukov <>
megaraid (Linux, FreeBSD): relax RAID matching for the LSI PERC RAID
controller. Reported by
drivedb.h: add "PLEXTOR PX-512M8VC +" (GH #108)
2021-11-23 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: extend Intel regexp to support S4520 (GH #112)
2021-11-22 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: initial support of the direct MegaRaid access using
'-d megaraid' option. Code is initially based on Linux version but adopted to
be compatible with FreeBSD IOCTL-s.
2021-11-13 Christian Franke <>, Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features
added before 7.1.
smartd.cpp: Allow one to disable preconfigured state/log files with
'-'. The previous method required to specify the '-s' and '-A' options
with empty strings as arguments. This does not work conjunction with
shell variable expansion (GH issues/115). Document new option argument.
2021-11-08 Yannick Hemery <>
scsicmds.cpp: Retry on UNIT ATTENTION when fetching capacity (#1303).
If a UNIT ATTENTION is raised when READ CAPACITY (16) is called,
smartctl might wrongly assume that the drive only supports READ
CAPACITY (10), and return an invalid drive size / block size as a
2021-11-06 Christian Franke <> Add '-q' option to suppress info messages.
(GH issues/110). Document new option. Stop the gpg-agent started by gpg.
Retry if removal of temp gpg home directory fails.
This prevents dangling agents and temp directories on NFS (#1542).
2021-11-01 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Add missing permission bits to mknod() calls.
This fixes access to '-d aacraid' and '-d megaraid' devices from
smartd if '--capabilities' is used (GH issues/113).
Thanks to Michal Hlavinka for finding the root of the problem.
2021-10-31 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10, 11 and Server 2022 21H2 build
2021-10-23 Christian Franke <>
Don't pass possible command escapes to the 'mail' command (#1535).
The 'mail' command from GNU mailutils < 3.13 processes '~! COMMAND'
even if used non-interactively (
smartd.cpp: Sanitize device identify information which is passed to
SMART_DEVICEINFO environment variable and written to syslog. Abort script if a message line begins with a
possible command escape.
Thanks to 0x3l for reporting this security issue.
2021-09-14 Christian Franke <>
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: Mushkin Source-II (#1509).
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC550 (#1460).
- Toshiba MG08ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD: 14TB.
- Toshiba N300/MN NAS HDD: Rename, add HDWG480,
- Seagate BarraCuda 3.5 (SMR): Attribute 9.
- Seagate IronWolf: Attribute 240.
MN series (#1510, #1511).
- USB: LaCie d2 PROFESSIONAL (0x059f:0x10b8) (#1502).
- USB: JMicron JMS576 (0x152d:0x0576) (#1428).
2021-09-04 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Disable broken aacraid support until #1515 is fixed.
Print explanatory error message. Add 'force' flag to try anyway.
2021-08-27 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: aacraid: Fix crash on transfer size > 880 bytes (#1515).
2021-08-21 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 21H1 build number. Add '-Werror=return-type' if supported.
G++ >= 8.0 assumes that control never reaches the end of a
non-void function (GCC Bugzilla 96181).
2021-06-26 Christian Franke <>
ataidentify.cpp, ataprint.cpp: ACS-5 enhancements.
ataprint.cpp: Don't set bit 2 of exit status if ATA output registers
are missing but attributes are available (#1441, GH issues/98).
2021-06-06 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron Client SSDs: MTFDDAK256TDL-* (#1490).
- Innodisk 1IE3/3IE3/3ME3/3IE4/3ME4 SSDs: Rename, add 1IE3, 3IE4.
- Samsung based SSDs: 870 EVO, 860 QVO (#1457),
883 DCT 1.92/3.84TB (#1452), CM871 MZ7LF192HCGS (#1475),
PM841 MZMTD128HAFV, PM851 MZNTE512HMJH (GH issues/87).
- SSSTC ER2 GD/CD Series SSDs: *A variant (#1484).
- Xmore Industrial SATA SSDs (based on patch from #1364).
- Toshiba MG09ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD.
2021-06-04 Christian Franke <>
Rework 'get_timer_usec()', use a C++11 clock if possible.
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h, os_win32.cpp: Move function ...
utility.cpp, utility.h: ... to here. Remove related checks.
ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp: Add JSON values 'smart_support.*' to
keep consistency with scsiprint.cpp.
2021-05-02 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: continue JSON work
2021-04-14 Phillip Schichtel <>
os_linux.cpp: Only require '-d cciss,N' if hpsa devices are in
RAID mode.
2021-04-09 Alex Samorukov <>
os_openbsd.cpp: fix SAT autodetection for the sd* devices (#1467)
2021-03-24 Martin Ziemer <>
os_openbsd.cpp: Apply conversion to seconds for timeouts in
scsi_pass_through (#1466).
os_openbsd.cpp: Use correct devicename for autodetection (#1465).
2021-03-08 Christian Franke <>
- Toshiba MG04ACA... Enterprise HDD: Rename, merge entries,
add *NY variant (GH issues/90).
- Toshiba MG05ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD (#1327).
- Toshiba MG08ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD.
- Toshiba N300 NAS HDD (#1143, #1236, #1251, #1323).
- Toshiba P300 (CMR): Rename.
- Toshiba P300 (SMR) (#1430).
- Toshiba X300: HDWF180 (#1277), 10-16TB.
2021-03-02 Christian Franke <> Fix handling of multiple email addresses
in conjunction with plugin scripts (#1454).
Pass modified SMARTD_ADDRESS also to all plugin scripts.
Provide original value as SMARTD_ADDRESS_ORIG.
Exit immediately if a script is missing. Document error handling and SMARTD_ADDRESS_ORIG.
2021-02-14 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp: implement APM set feature, based on hdparm macOS sources
2021-02-09 Christian Franke <> Include required library functions in check for
'-fstack-protector' (#1439).
Print drive database version in smartctl and smartd.
knowndrives.cpp, knowndrives.h: Parse VERSION string.
ataprint.cpp: Print version. Remove '-P showall' help string.
smartd.cpp: Print version.
2021-02-07 Christian Franke <> 'check' target now also checks the built-in database.
smartctl.cpp: Fix 'optopt' range check
(cppcheck 2.3: invalidFunctionArg).
scsiprint.cpp: Silence cppcheck 2.3 'unreadVariable' warning.
scsiata.cpp: Remove unused function 'has_usbcypress_pass_through()'.
Improve reproducibility if SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set (GH pull/89). Define SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH in CPPFLAGS.
utility.cpp: Print SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH value if specified.
Don't include configure arguments then. Silence related 'ConfigurationNotChecked' message.
Always add timestamp to JSON output (#1436).
Move non-JSON timestamp output to common function.
2021-02-01 Christian Franke <>
Silence more cppcheck 2.3 warnings.
Add C++11 'override' specifier where applicable (cppcheck: missingOverride).
os_freebsd.cpp, os_linux.cpp: Replace deprecated bcopy() and bzero()
(cppcheck: bcopyCalled, bzeroCalled). Add '-c' option.
Remove suppress: bcopyCalled, bzeroCalled, missingOverride.
Mark cppcheck 1.86, 2.2 and 2.3 as tested.
json.h: suppress cppcheck: noExplicitConstructor.
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Optionally exit immediately
if '-n POWERMODE' option is not supported (#1381). Document new STATUS2 Parameter for '-n POWERMODE'.
2021-01-27 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp, json.h: Add support for nested braced-init-lists.
json.cpp, json.h: Use some C++11 features. Align output functions.
2021-01-24 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.h, nvmeprint.h, scsiprint.h: Use C++11 in-class member
Drop C++98 restriction, allow C++11. Enable C++11. Fail if no option found.
Disable C++14 if possible. Warn if no C++14 option found. Remove defunct '--with-working-snprintf'.
scsiprint.cpp: Reduce scope of 'powerlimit'
(cppcheck 1.85: variableScope).
2021-01-24 Simon Fairweather <>
scsiprint.cpp: Move VPD page process to after new powermode processing
added in r5131 to resolve #1413 of Seagate drives spinning up when
-n standby is selected. Simplify code for VPD pages.
2021-01-23 Christian Franke <> Enhance config-vc and *clean-vc targets for MSVC15/16.
os_win32/vc16: Copy from vc15 and change for MSVC16 (VS2019).
os_win32/vc15: Copy from vc14 and change for MSVC15 (VS2017).
os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add missing files.
Suppress warnings for regex/regex.c.
2021-01-20 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Rework sct_erc variables.
Fix handling of '-l scterc*,p' if both get and set are used.
smartctl.cpp: Change '-l scterc,r' to '-l scterc,reset'.
Make ',p' case sensitive. Simplify parsing of 'scterc...'. Change documentation accordingly.
2021-01-17 Christian Franke <>
- Bump branch VERSION to 7.3.
- USB: Realtek RTL9211 (0x0bda:0x9211, 0x2eb9:0x9211).
- USB: ASMedia ASM2362 (0x174c:0x2362).
scsinvme.cpp: Add '-d sntasmedia' device type for ASMedia ASM2362
USB to NVMe bridges (#1221).
dev_interface.cpp: Update help text., Document new option.
Thanks to Demian from Sabrent.
2021-01-15 Christian Franke <> Add EXPERIMENTAL note for new '-l scterc' variants.
2021-01-15 Jeremy Bauer <>
Add support for SCT Error Recovery Timer features added in ACS-4
'-l scterc[,R,W],p' option gets/sets the persistent power-on values.
'-l scterc,r' option restores to the manufacturer's default values.
2021-01-15 Zhenwei Pi <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Add bit 5 of SMART/Health 'Critical Warning' byte
(NVMe 1.4).
2021-01-10 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Add VERSION information to trunk and all branches (#1424).
2021-01-06 Christian Franke <>
- Seagate BarraCuda 3.5: Split into ...(CMR) and ...(SMR).
- Seagate Exos 7E8 (#1415).
- Western Digital Blue (SMR): 4TB.
- USB: ADATA HV610 (0x125f:0xa21a) (#1417).
2021-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2020-12-30 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.2
2020-12-30 Christian Franke <>, Use RELEASE_7_2_DRIVEDB for
drivedb.h updates.
Create new branch RELEASE_7_2_DRIVEDB.
2020-12-29 Christian Franke <>
- Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: 5300HC.
- Samsung based SSDs: PM871 MZY* (#1384), 870 QVO (#1388).
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: ADATA IMSS332 (#1399),
ADATA SU650NS38 (#1386), JAJS600M1TB (#1414), NFN025SA31T.
- Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: Dogfish,
Intenso portable (GH issues/81, GH pull/82),
Intenso Sata III (#1412), KingDian S280 (#1402).
- SK hynix SATA SSDs: SC300 (#1407).
- Hitachi Travelstar 5K500.B: *SA02 (#1408).
- Fix '-v' comments. Remove trailing whitespace.
scsinvme.cpp: Realtek: Limit NVMe log transfer size to 512 bytes.
2020-12-21 Christian Franke <> Add EXPERIMENTAL notes for SCSI variants of
'-n POWERMODE' and '-s standby,...'. Fix syntax. Add 'Accept-Encoding' HTTP header when
curl is used. This avoids caching problems with svn URL. Print output of 'gpg --import' if '-v' is
specified. Extend expiration year of current database
signing key from 2020 to 2025 (#1278).
2020-12-20 Christian Franke <> Use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS instead of obsolete
AC_CONFIG_HEADER. This silences a warning from new autoconf 2.70.
Print 'deprecated' warning for '--with-solaris-sparc-ata'.
- Intel X25-E SSDs: IBM OEM (#1401).
- Seagate BarraCuda 3.5: 12TB
- Seagate Exos X16: 10TB (#1406, GH issues/63), 12TB.
- Seagate Archive HDD: Rename to ...(SMR) (#1392).
- Seagate BarraCuda, Enterprise Capacity, Exos, IronWolf:
Add attributes 18, 200.
- Seagate IronWolf Pro 125 SSDs (#1396).
- Unify indentation.
2020-12-15 Douglas Gilbert <>
smartctl: expand -s option with standby,now and standby,off (or
standby,0) to include SCSI. Modified code from Simon Fairweather
found in github pull #72. As per my 20201205 patch, this
area (i.e. SCSI power conditions including START and STOP) needs
to be revisited; leave that until after the 7.2 release.
2020-12-14 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: add Sony HD-E1B (#1410)
2020-12-12 Alex Samorukov <>
Add automake 1.16.2 to the list of tested versions
os_freebsd.cpp: number of minor patches from Christian Franke
2020-12-05 Douglas Gilbert <>
smartctl: expand -n option to include SCSI. Code from Simon
Fairweather. Still thinking about how to handle SCSI "stopped"
state which requires the user to send a SCSI command to restart.
2020-12-04 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Print Log Page Attributes. Print NVMe 1.4 features.
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp: Fix check for LPO support.
2020-12-03 Christian Franke <>
nvmeprint.cpp: Print NVMe version.
nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp: Limit NVMe log transfer size
to one page. This should fix device or kernel crashes on '-l error'
if log has more than 64 entries (#1404, Debian Bug 947803).
nvmeprint.cpp: Read only requested number of entries from NVMe
Error Information Log.
2020-11-23 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Allow one to specify a delay limit for staggered
self-tests. Document new functionality.
2020-11-21 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Add staggered self-tests (#310). Document new functionality.
2020-11-17 Dmitriy Potapov <>
smartd.cpp: Don't write attrlog when device is skipped due to idle or
standby mode, or if attributes were not read for any other reason
(GH pull/75).
2020-11-09 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Resolve symlinks before device names are checked for
duplicates (#1390).
dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add 'get_unique_dev_name()'
and 'is_raid_dev_type()' to support platform specific modifications. Document new functionality.
2020-11-07 Christian Franke <>
json.cpp, json.h: Add YAML support.
smartctl.cpp: Add '--json=y' option. Document new option., Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for
features added before 7.0. Add missing EXPERIMENTAL note.
2020-11-01 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven SSDs: KINGSTON OM4P0S3* (#1374), OMSP0S3* (#1375).
- InnoDisk iCF 9000 / 1SE2 Cards: Rename entry. Add 1SE2 H (#1351).
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: 2TB SDSSDH3 (GH issues/67, GH pull/69),
WD Blue SSD WDS100T2B0A (#1378).
- SanDisk based SSDs: SDSA6GM*.
- Toshiba 2.5" HDD MK..76GSX/GS001A (GH pull/58).
- Toshiba L200 (CMR), Toshiba L200 (SMR) (#1228, patch from #1377).
- Western Digital Blue: Apple OEM (#1385).
- Western Digital Scorpio Blue Serial ATA: 320 GB (patch from #888).
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 20H2 and Server 2004, 20H2
build numbers.
2020-10-29 Alex Samorukov <>
os_freebsd.cpp: skip SCSI subenclosure devices on scan (#1299)
2020-10-24 Christian Franke <>
- HGST Travelstar Z5K1000: *B*610 variant.
- Hitachi Travelstar 7K320: HITACHI*SA60 variant (#983).
- Hitachi/HGST Deskstar 5K4000: Rename entry. Add HGST (#1060).
- HGST Deskstar NAS: 8TB.
- Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 5K3000 (#1055).
- Hitachi Ultrastar 7K3000: Variant without vendor name (#1361).
- Hitachi/HGST Ultrastar 7K4000: Variant without vendor name (#1361).
- HGST Ultrastar HC310/320 (#1157, #1365).
2020-10-19 Christian Franke <>
- ATP SATA III aMLC M.2 2242 SSD (based on patch from #1366).
- Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: TCSUNBOW X3 (#1349),
KingDian S370 (#1350), LDLC (#1353), Lenovo.
- SSSTC ER2 GD/CD Series SSDs (based on patch from #1376).
2020-10-15 Christian Franke <>
- Apacer SSDs (based on patch from #1202).
- Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs (FW <= M3CR032): Remove entry (#1227).
- Crucial/Micron Client SSDs: Rename entry. Fix name of attribute 127.
This prevents false 'Currently unreadable (pending) sectors' warnings
from smartd (#1227, #1294, #1311, #1336).
- Intel 730 and DC S35x0/3610/3700 Series SSDs: *H* variant (#1363).
- Samsung based SSDs: 883 DCT (#1373).
os_win32.cpp: Fix removal of trailing blanks.
Silence misleading -Wstring-compare warning from g++ 10.2.0
(GCC Bugzilla 97336).
2020-10-09 Christian Franke <>
scsiprint.cpp: Don't print 'Accumulated power on time' if no
option is specified (GH issues/65, regression from r5075).
Fix setting of 'any_output' (regression from r4188).
Based on patch from GH pull/66.
2020-10-06 Christian Franke <>
Remove all occurrences of the throw() specifier.
This specifier is deprecated since C++11.
2020-09-27 Christian Franke <> Add '--branch' option.
Select signing key accordingly. Document new option.
2020-09-20 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 11/1300 SSDs: BX500 2TB,
1100 with version suffix (#1178), 1300 without prefix (#1369).
- Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: Add attribute 246.
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston A400 M.2 (#1362),
Kingston OCP0S3* (#1370), Kingston OM8P0* (#1371).
- Kingston SSDNow UV400/500: UV500 M.2 (#1347).
- SAMSUNG SpinPoint N3U-3 (USB): Rename.
- USB: Samsung S1 Mini (0x04e8:0x2f06) (Debian Bug 964032).
2020-09-19 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Report unavailable TRIM command only for SSDs.
2020-08-23 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: DEFAULT entry: Limit attribute 231 (Temperature_Celsius)
to HDDs. Various SSDs use this attribute for a different purpose.
- Micron 5100 Pro / 52x0 / 5300 SSDs: Rename, add 5210 (#1356),
5300 *TDT variant (#1355)
- Phison Driven SSDs: SSD Smartbuy 64GB and other sizes (#1359)
- Indilinx Barefoot_2/Everest/Martini based SSDs: OCZ-OCTANE (#1360)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Ultra 3D 4TB (#1358)
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: ACPI SED2QII-LP, Transcend 230
- Western Digital Gold: WD102KRYZ (#1357)
2020-08-22 Christian Franke <> Don't start smartd in virtualized environments
(GH issues/62).
2020-08-22 Marko Hauptvogel <> Remove obsolete 'StandardOutput=syslog'.
2020-07-11 Christian Franke <>
scsiprint.cpp: Add JSON values 'power_on_time.{hours,minutes}' to
'smartctl -a' output. Add missing pout() -> jout() replacements.
2020-07-10 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: Add "Accumulated power on time" entry to
'smartctl -a' output. Previously this was only output
when the '-x' option was given, together with other
fields in the Background scan results log page. Now
with the '-a' option "Accumulated power on time" is
printed just before the "Manufactured in week ..." line.
2020-07-06 Douglas Gilbert <>
scsiprint.cpp: Attempted fix to tickets 1272, 1331 and 1346
The difficulty is handling SCSI log _sub_-pages that hold
info about SSDs and newer hard drives, against older
devices (20 year old disks?) that do many and varied
things when asked to list supported sub-pages. Add a
heuristic and change some naming.
2020-06-24 Alex Samorukov <>
os_darwin.cpp: Fix NVMe log support, handle error codes,
remove SMARTReadData call
os_darwin.h: Cleanup, remove all private functions
2020-06-23 Harry Mallon <>
os_darwin.cpp, os_darwin.h: Add support for NVMe logs. Update related documentation.
2020-06-20 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 11/1300 SSDs: Rename,
add 1300
- Plextor M3/M5/M6/M7 Series SSDs: Rename, *M6G variant, *M7CV (#991)
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: ADATA SU650 (#1243), ADATA SU655
- Seagate IronWolf Pro: 16TB (#1341)
- USB: Toshiba (0x0930:0xa002)
- USB: ADATA HD330 (0x125f:0xa83a)
- USB: AkiTio NT2 (0x2ce5:0x0014)
os_solaris.cpp: Suggest '-d sat' if '-d ata' is specified.
2020-06-18 Christian Franke <>
scsiprint.cpp: Fix JSON value 'scsi_grown_defect_list'.
Thanks to Ryan Allgaier for the bug report.
2020-06-05 Alex Samorukov <>
os_netbsd.cpp: fix timeout handling
os_openbsd.cpp (based on Marek Benc GH request):
- Migrate to the new API (#102)
- Fix for the ATA registries on the BE arc (GH PR #56)
- Fix timeout handling (GH PR #56)
2020-06-01 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs: Detect firmware <= M3CR032 (#1336)
- Micron 5100 Pro / 5200 / 5300 SSDs: Rename, add 5300 (#1326)
- Phison Driven SSDs: Corsair Force LE200
- JMicron/Maxiotek based SSDs: Rename, add KingSpec NT
- Plextor M3/M5/M6 Series SSDs: *M6V variant
- Seagate IronWolf: *VN001 variant (GH pull/55)
- WD Blue / Red / Green SSDs: Rename, add WD Red SA500 (#1321)
- Western Digital Blue Mobile: re-add WD10JPZX (removed in r5054)
- USB: OWC Mercury Elite Pro Quad (0x1e91:0xa4a7) (patch from #1337)
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 2004 build number.
2020-05-25 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Print TRIM Command support info.
Print Zoned Device Capabilities if reported.
May also be useful to detect SMR HDDs (#1313).
2020-05-24 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven SSDs: GIGABYTE GP-GSTFS31,
KINGSTON DC450R/DC500M/DC500R 7.68TB (#1329), PNY CS900 (#1281)
- Intel 320 Series SSDs: HP OEM (#1332)
- JMicron based SSDs: ADATA SP600NS34 (GH pull/53),
ADATA OEM IM2S3138E* (#1298)
- Plextor M3/M5/M6 Series SSDs: allow extra space (#1293)
- Samsung based SSDs: 860 EVO 4TB, 850/860 PRO 2/4TB (#1316)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: SDSSDA-*
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: Corsair Force LX (#1320)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: WDBNCE* (#1129)
drivedb.h: Add separate entries for WDC SMR drives (#1313).
- Western Digital Blue (SMR)
- Western Digital Black (SMR)
- Western Digital Red: Move WD60EFAX to ...
- Western Digital Red (SMR): ... here, add 2TB, 3TB, 4TB
- Western Digital Blue Mobile: Move WD[12]0SPZX to ...
- Western Digital Blue Mobile (SMR): ... here
2020-04-23 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: USB: Realtek RTL9210 (0x0bda:0x9210)
scsinvme.cpp: Add '-d sntrealtek' device type for Realtek RTL9210
USB to NVMe bridges (#1315).
dev_interface.cpp: Update help text., Document new option.
Thanks to Plugable Support for providing a NVMe enclosure.
2020-04-05 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs: Detect also older firmware (#1311)
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: Add attributes 159 and 231 (#1304)
- Seagate BarraCuda 3.5: Rename, merge entries,
add ST2000DM008 (#1179, #1252, #1286), ST10000DM0004
- Seagate Exos X14: ST12000NM0538 (#1256)
- Seagate Exos X16 (#1291, #1301)
- Seagate Skyhawk (#1039)
2020-04-04 Christian Franke <>
dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Add '-d jms56x,...' device type for protocol
variant used by JMS562 USB to SATA RAID bridges (#1314).
dev_interface.cpp: Parse '-d jms56x*[+TYPE]' option, update help text., Document new option.
2020-03-29 Christian Franke <>
- Western Digital Ultrastar He10/12: Rename, add He12
(#1308, GH issues/51)
- Western Digital Ultrastar DC HC530 (#1257)
- Western Digital Green: WD5000AZRX (#1072)
- Western Digital Red: WD120EMFZ (GH issues/49)
- Western Digital Purple: WD*PURZ, WD80PUZX (#1057)
- Western Digital Gold: WD6003FRYZ
- Western Digital Blue Mobile: Rename, re-add WD10JPVX
(removed in r4991)
- Western Digital Elements / My Passport (USB, AF):
WD10SMZW (#1088), WD50NDZW
2020-03-28 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron BX/MX1/2/3/500, M5/600, 1100 SSDs: CT1000BX500SSD1,
MTFDDAK* (#1276)
- Kingston SSDNow UV400/500: Rename, add UV500 (#1126)
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: KingDian S100/200, Kingdian S280 1TB,
Kingston KC600 (#1304), Transcend MTS420S (#1280),
Transcend 360S (#1282)
- Seagate IronWolf Pro: ST4000NE001
- Western Digital RE3 Serial ATA: WD*BYS-* variant
- Western Digital Gold: WD4003FRYZ (#1289), WD8004FRYZ (#1287)
- USB: 0x0860:0x0001 (#1295)
- USB: JMicron (0x152d:0x1337) (#1296)
- USB: Corsair SSD & HDD Cloning Kit (0x0984:0x0301) (#1307)
2020-03-25 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Set 'SMARTD_DEVICETYPE=auto' if DEVICESCAN is used
without '-d TYPE' directive (GH issues/52).
2020-03-05 Christian Franke <>
Silence some cppcheck 1.85 warnings.
nvmeprint.cpp, smartd.cpp: knownConditionTrueFalse.
scsicmds.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: variableScope.
scsicmds.h: Remove unused function supported_vpd_pages::num_pages(). Remove no longer used HAVE_*NTDDDISK_H defines.
2020-03-01 Christian Franke <>
dev_intelliprop.cpp, dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Move option
parsing to get_intelliprop_device(). Move this function to class
dev_intelliprop.h: Remove file., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Remove old file. Fail if '--without-working-snprintf' is specified.
utility.cpp, utility.h: Remove support for pre-C99 snprintf().
os_win32.cpp: Remove backward compatibility fixes for include files
of very old versions of Cygwin, MinGW and MSVC., Remove check for DDK include files.
2020-02-25 Christian Franke <>
Silence some warnings from g++ 9.2:
atacmds.cpp: -Waddress-of-packed-member.
os_win32.cpp: -Wcast-function-type.
smartd.cpp: -Wformat-truncation.
2020-02-25 Fabrice Fontaine <> fix stack-protector detection.
Use AC_LINK_IFELSE instead of AC_COMPILE_IFELSE to check for
stack-protector availability as some compilers could missed the
needed library (-lssp or -lssp_nonshared) at linking step.
2020-01-11 Christian Franke <>
dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Add '-d jmb39x-q,...' device type for JMB39x
protocol variant used by QNAP-TR004 NAS (#1283).
dev_interface.cpp: Update help text., Document '-q' suffix.
2020-01-02 Christian Franke <> Use 'uname -n' if 'hostname' is not available
(GH PR 44). Remove check for SVN < 1.7.
2020-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2019-12-30 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.1
2019-12-29 Christian Franke <> Add info about AMD Windows RAID driver.
Fix some font changes.
os_win32/installer.nsi: Delete old ChangeLog-5.0-6.0 on update
installs. Remove outdated delete commands.
scsicmds.cpp: Remove never needed include of atacmds.h.
ataprint.cpp, smartd.cpp: Silence 'multiplication overflow' warning
from lgtm.
ataprint.cpp: Fix size of Device Statistics value.
os_win32.cpp: CSMI: Detect missing ATA output registers.
2019-12-28 Christian Franke <>
- Crucial/Micron MX500 SSDs: New entry to handle bogus
attribute 197 (#1227)
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston DC450R (#1249),
Patriot Flare, Blast, Blaze (#830), Burst (#1182)
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: Patriot P200, TC-Sunbow X3 (#1261),
Team Group L5Lite 3D T253TD variant
- Seagate IronWolf: ST6000VN0033 (#1273)
- Western Digital Red: WD60EFAX (#1274)
- USB: Samsung (0x04e8:0x8003)
- USB: JMicron JMS561 (0x152d:0xa561)
do_release: Update code signing key id.
2019-12-13 Christian Franke <> Fix very old comment about man2html bug.,,
Remove EXPERIMENTAL notes for features added before 6.6.
Fix typos. If signature verification fails, always
print GPG error message regardless of '-v' option.
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1909 and Server 1909 build number.
Fix IRST version in comment.
2019-12-10 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: Fix SanDisk SSD Plus matching pattern (GH PR 43)
2019-12-06 Christian Franke <>
- Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000: HITACHI* variant (#1255)
- Seagate IronWolf: *0008 variant (#1262)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: *2G* variant, allow extra space
- USB: Unknown (0x0850:0x0031)
- USB: ADATA (0x125f:0xa37a) (#1264)
2019-12-06 Alex Samorukov <>
- Extend Micron 5100 attributes (#1270)
2019-12-05 Alex Samorukov <>
- Add Toshiba MQ04UBD200 (#1106)
- Add LITEON LCH SSD (#1124)
2019-12-04 Alex Samorukov <>
- hynix SC311 SSD (#1267)
- Seagate Mobile HDD (#1118)
- Kingston SSDNow UV400 (#848, GH: 7)
- Add another PM841 definition (GH: 30)
- Add Seagate Barracuda Pro Compute family
- Extend WD Blue regexp
- Extend Seagate Mobile HDD regexp
- Add Seagate Exos X14
2019-11-24 Christian Franke <>
Add '-d jmb39x,N[,sLBA][,force][+TYPE]' device type for SATA drives
behind a JMicron JMB39x RAID port multiplier (#705).
dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: New file, based on JMraidcon by Werner Johansson.
dev_interface.cpp: Parse '-d jmb39x*[+TYPE]' option.
dev_interface.h: Add get_jmb39x_device()., Document new option., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new file.
Thanks to Karl McMurdo for providing access to a machine for testing.
2019-11-22 Christian Franke <>
atacmds.cpp: Fix bogus errno message in debug output.
also fails.
cciss.cpp: Fix segfault on transfer size > 512 bytes.
Replace printf() and fprintf() with pout().
2019-10-19 Christian Franke <>
scsiprint.cpp: Silence 'value never read' warning from clang
Avoid usage of asctime(), ctime(), gmtime(), and localtime().
Use thread-safe *_r() or *_s() variants instead.
utility.cpp, utility.h: Add wrapper function for localtime_*().
smartd.cpp: Attribute logs now use local time instead of UTC.
2019-10-16 Alex Samorukov <>
drivedb.h: improve Innodisk 3TG6 record (patch by GH user Shaing)
2019-10-15 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: CSMI: Add workaround for AMD RAID drivers which return
incomplete and incorrect drive information in CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO
(GH issues/39).
Thanks to GH user 'Shine-' for original patch and testing.
2019-10-05 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Set JSON value 'power_on_time.hours' if raw value
also contains milliseconds (#1165).
2019-10-04 Christian Franke <> Don't check for _FORTIFY_SOURCE if it is a
compiler preset.
2019-10-03 Christian Franke <> Define _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 if supported.
2019-10-01 Douglas Gilbert <>
- in scsiGetSupportedLogPages() the code assumes if the
device supports the "Supported Log pages and subpages"
log page then that will supersede the "Supported Log
pages" log page. However in tickets #1225 and #1239
different Samsung SAS SSDs seem to have a dummy
response to the '... and subpages' variant log page
and a correct response to the shorter (and older)
variant. Change code so the '... and subpages'
variant is ignored if its response is shorter than
the other variant's response. This code change needs to
be tested on real Samsung SAS SSDs, preferably by the
reporters of tickets #1225 and #1239 .
2019-09-30 Douglas Gilbert <>
- in scsiPrintGrownDefectListLen() change to silently bypass
if defect list type is 6 since it means "vendor specific".
On recent SAS SSDs it seems to mean: we (the manufacturer)
are not going to give you any more information about this
SSD's internal format.
2019-09-28 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven SSDs: Goodram CX400, Goodram Iridium Pro,
Goodram IRIDM (#1136, #1212), MyDigital BP4, PS3110-S10C (#1075),
- Phison Driven OEM SSDs: Intenso SATA III, Silicon Power A55
- Silicon Motion based SSDs: Rename, sort, add Cervoz M305 (#1097),
Drevo X1 (#949), Drevo X1 Pro (#936), J&A LEVEN JS500 (#998),
KingDian S280, OWC Envoy Pro (#1168), Ramsta S800 (#1158),
TC-Sunbow M3, Zheino M3
- Silicon Motion based OEM SSDs: New entry with FW detection:
Intenso SSD, Intenso SATA III High (#1005), KingFast F6M (#968),
Silicon Power M.2 2280 M55 (#978), SuperMicro DM032-SMCMVN1 (#1172),
- USB: OWC Envoy Pro (0x1e91:0xa2a5) (#1168)
2019-09-27 Christian Franke <>
- Phison Driven OEM SSDs: Hoodisk (#1231)
- Innodisk 3IE2/3ME2/3MG2/3SE2/3TG6 SSDs: Rename,
add 3TG6 (GH pull/40)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: X600, Ultra 3D 1024G,
Plus (#1120, #1160)
- USB: LaCie P9230 (0x059f:0x1053) (#1235)
- USB: Toshiba Stor.E D10 (0x0939:0x0b13)
- USB: Atech (0x1234:0x5678) (#1234)
os_win32.cpp: Enhance CSMI_SAS_PHY_INFO debug output.
Print all nonempty entries.
2019-08-20 Christian Franke <>
- SiliconMotion based SSDs: ADATA SU800 (#954, #1214), SU900 (#996),
Transcend 430S (#1229)
- USB: JMicron JMS576 (0x152d:0x1576)
- USB: PNY (0x154b:0x5678)
2019-08-13 Christian Franke <>
drivedb.h: Phison Driven SSDs: Fix typo, add DC500 attributes (#1176)
2019-08-12 Christian Franke <>
ataprint.cpp: Add ACS-5 major version and latest ACS-4 minor version.
- Apacer AS340 (based on patch from #1209)
- Phison Driven SSDs: Kingston DC500R/M (#1176)
- USB: Unknown (0x0850:0x0003)
2019-08-08 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Add more debug output to 'get_usb_id()'.
json.cpp, json.h: Make 'json::ref::~ref()' non-inline to decrease
code size. Remove some extra ';'.
os_win32/wtssendmsg.c: Fix parsing of numeric options.
Fix reading message from stdin pipe or console.
2019-08-07 Christian Franke <>
os_win32/wtssendmsg.c: Don't convert '\r\n' in message read from
stdin as it is also written to event log. Add '-t' and '-w' option.
smartd.cpp: Increase size of email message buffer to avoid truncation
if device name is very long (#1217).
2019-08-04 Christian Franke <>
examplescripts/Example8: Try mail and mailx first, then fall back to
examplescripts/README: Update documentation.
json.cpp, json.h: Suppress extra spaces in '--json=cg' output.
linux_nvme_ioctl.h: Replace with current version from Linux kernel
sources (include/uapi/linux/nvme_ioctl.h fadccd8 2019-02-20).
This version adds Linux-syscall-note to its GPL-2.0 (only) license.
This should fix the GPL-2.0-or-later licensing problem (#1226).
2019-07-01 Christian Franke <>
Replace all ASSERT_*() macros with STATIC_ASSERT().
static_assert.h: New file with STATIC_ASSERT() macro using C++11
static_assert() if available., os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add new file.
os_win32/vc14/smart*.vcxproj*: Add missing scsinvme.cpp.
2019-06-28 Christian Franke <>
smartd.cpp: Reset scheduled_test_next_check time if system clock
has been adjusted to the past.
Use LOG_INFO instead of LOG_CRIT for related message.
examplescripts/Example6: Update from Fedora package 7.0-5.fc31.
examplescripts/Example[78]: New scripts using /usr/sbin/sendmail
to send email (Ubuntu Bug 1833331)., examplescripts/README: Add new scripts.
2019-06-19 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Decode Windows 10 1903 and Server 1903 build number.
Allow drive letters as device names for Windows 10 NVMe driver.
Check for unsupported nonzero NVMe CDW11..15. Fix typo introduced 15 years ago in r1789.
- Unify some 'Host_Reads/Writes_*' attribute names
- JMicron based SSDs: Transcend SSD340K, SSD740
- Samsung based SSDs: PM863a Dell OEM (#1200)
- Toshiba MG06ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD (#1023, #1099)
- Toshiba MG07ACA... Enterprise Capacity HDD (#1023, #1175)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: Variants without trailing -* (#1198)
- USB: JMicron JMS583 [NVMe] (0x152d:0x0583): Remove '#please_try'
- USB: Transcend (0x8564:0x7000) (GH issues/32)
2019-06-17 Christian Franke <>
os_win32.cpp: Clear ProtocolDataRequestSubValue for NVMe Get Log Page
commands because newer drivers pass this value as CDW12 (LPOL) to the
drive. This fixes log page access for NVMe 1.2.1+ drives (#1201).
Thanks to Vikram Manja for bug report and testing.
2019-06-12 Christian Franke <>
os_netbsd.cpp: Fix device scan crash on empty name list.
Fix a memory leak introduced 15 years ago in r1434.
Thanks to Alexander Nasonov for bug report and testing.
2019-05-21 Christian Franke <> Update list of directives which affect '-m'.
This also fixes a typo introduced 15 years ago in r1658
(GH issues/24).
- Intel 53x and Pro 1500/2500 Series SSDs: Rename, add Pro 1500 *A4H
variant (#1194)
- Western Digital Red: WD100EFAX (#986, #1029)
- Western Digital Red Pro: *003* and *FFBX variants (#1085, #1192),
WD101KFBX (#1030, #1189)
2019-05-21 Erwan Velu <>
drivedb.h: Intel DC S3110 Series SSDs (GH pull/35)
2019-04-30 Christian Franke <>
os_linux.cpp: Fix '/dev/megaraid_sas_ioctl_node' open check
(cppcheck 1.85: resourceLeak).
Reduce variable scope (cppcheck 1.85: variableScope).
Remove unused variable (cppcheck 1.85: unreadVariable). New script to run cppcheck with predefined settings. Add new script to tarball. Add 'cppcheck' target.
2019-04-22 Christian Franke <>
- Apacer SDM... Series SSD Module: Rename, split into separate entries
for SDM4 and SMD5*, add SMD5A-M variant (based on patch from #1183)
- Intel 545s Series SSDs: *2KW* variant (#1185)
- SK hynix SATA SSDs: *G39MND* variant, *G39TND* variant (#1146),
*G3[2E]FEH* variant (based on patch from #1181)
- USB: JMicron JMS578 (0x0080:0x0578)
- USB: Unknown (0x0080:0xa0001) (#852)
2019-03-31 Christian Franke <>
- Swissbit X-600m Series Industrial mSATA SSD (patch from #1177)
- Samsung based SSDs: SM863a *JP variant (#1105), SM863a Dell OEM (#1151)
- Marvell based SanDisk SSDs: Ultra 3D (#1091, #1166, #1173)
- WDC HGST Ultrastar He10: WD100EMAZ (#1152)
- WD Blue and Green SSDs: Blue 3D NAND (#1162, #1169)
- USB: VIA VL716 (0x2109:0x0716)
2019-03-18 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Intel 545s Series SSDs (PR #26)
2019-03-13 Alex Samorukov <>
- add Seagate Nytro SATA SSD and Seagate IronWolf 110 SATA SSD (PR #25)
2019-03-10 Christian Franke <> Pass '-pie' option directly to MinGW linker.
This adds relocation info which is needed for ASLR (#1170).
Document ASLR related issues of MinGW-w64 toolchain. Remove 'Type=notify' from smartd.service if
libsystemd-dev is not available.
2019-01-11 Christian Franke <> Add missing definition of '.Sp' macro.
json.cpp, json.h: Add extra setter for char pointers.
Prevent nullptr exceptions if JSON mode is not enabled.
ataprint.cpp: Fix bogus exception on unknown form factor value
(#1154, regression from r4640).
2019-01-01 Alex Samorukov <>
FreeBSD: use "fetch" as default download tool
os_freebsd.cpp: fix build on FreeBSD 12, fix nvme on Big Endian hosts
(patch from the bugtracker)
2019-01-01 Christian Franke <>
Happy New Year! Update copyright year in version info.
2018-12-30 Christian Franke <>
Rename old ChangeLog to ChangeLog-6.0-7.0.
Remove ChangeLog-5.0-6.0 from DOCDIR but keep in tarball.
Start new ChangeLog.
2018-12-30 Christian Franke <>
smartmontools 7.0