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chrfranke 4c974b3178 Add NVMe self-test support to smartctl (#894). 2 months ago
chrfranke 4517f1cf72 smartctl.cpp: Add 'smartctl.pre_release' boolean to JSON output. 7 months ago
dpgilbert 54408c7912 smartctl.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: extend --log=defects option so it works for the SCSI Pending Defects log page; add --log=envrep option to output Environmental Reporting log page; add: --log=zdevstat option to output Zone block device statistics log page; fix spelling 9 months ago
dpgilbert 7b61731ee9 smartctl.cpp, scsiprint.cpp: implement the change to TapeAlert handling documented in the previous commit 9 months ago
dpgilbert 98b87ae6d2 smartctl.cpp: add new --log=tapedevstat to print out SCSI Tape (SSC) Device Statistics log page 9 months ago
dpgilbert 0a99f99d26 add support for SCSI Environmental Reporting log (sub)page 11 months ago
chrfranke 67fe6ca4fc smartctl.cpp: Fix possible buffer overflow (#1546). 1 year ago
chrfranke 339639dfaf smartctl.cpp: Fix 'optopt' range check (cppcheck 2.3: invalidFunctionArg). 2 years ago
chrfranke 5279a70c52 Always add timestamp to JSON output (#1436). 2 years ago
chrfranke 2535f754ee ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Optionally exit immediately 2 years ago
chrfranke 3e7bb6f257 ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Rework sct_erc variables. 2 years ago
chrfranke ab58013aae smartctl.cpp: Change '-l scterc,r' to '-l scterc,reset'. 2 years ago
chrfranke 8de092293d Add support for SCT Error Recovery Timer features added in ACS-4 (#1427). 2 years ago
dpgilbert 95fc2aa01f smartctl: expand -s option with standby,now and standby,off (or standby,0) to include SCSI 2 years ago
dpgilbert 66267a4ffc initial SCSI commits to support 'smartctl -n' 2 years ago
chrfranke 75b9cb6140 json.cpp, json.h: Add YAML support. 2 years ago
chrfranke 15e1335f08 smartctl.cpp: Set JSON format version to 1.0 (#766). 4 years ago
chrfranke c17df18b55 ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h: Remove request to send '-l defects' output. 4 years ago
chrfranke 457592c356 json.cpp, json.h: Add 'pretty' print option. 4 years ago
chrfranke 5fefe98d0d ataprint.cpp, nvmeprint.cpp, smartctl.cpp: Use const references for json::ref 4 years ago
chrfranke 4275958ca8 json.cpp, json.h: Change handling of unsafe and 128-bit integers: 4 years ago
chrfranke 6207c7e402 smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp, os_linux.cpp, os_solaris.cpp: 4 years ago
chrfranke e391466f18 Add SPDX-License-Identifier to all files with GPL header (#919). 4 years ago
chrfranke cd78662dd8 smartctl.cpp, os_win32/wmiquery.h: Add missing printf() format checks. 4 years ago
chrfranke 85ce484ba3 Remove int64.h, use <inttypes.h> or <stdint.h> instead. 4 years ago
chrfranke c087676946 smartctl.cpp, Rename '--json=a' to '--json=o'. 5 years ago
chrfranke db946c7aed smartctl.cpp: Show command line error messages in JSON output. 5 years ago
chrfranke 12259f8c79 json.cpp, json.h, smartctl.cpp, Add '--json=g' option. 5 years ago
chrfranke 61d0c44a75 json.cpp, json.h, smartctl.cpp, Add '--json=s' option. 5 years ago
chrfranke 47c5d2024a smartctl.cpp: Add JSON support for '--scan'. 5 years ago
chrfranke 61472c13d9 smartctl.cpp: Silence false positive warnings from clang analyzer. 5 years ago
chrfranke 487dcfd905 Add initial support for smartctl JSON output mode (#766): 5 years ago
chrfranke 43186b0d6b smartctl.cpp: Improve help text formatting. 5 years ago
chrfranke cfc32e3dab ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp: Add option '-l defects' to print 5 years ago
chrfranke 3f618c012f smartctl.cpp: Add '-g dsn' to '-x' output. 6 years ago
chrfranke b2062f6f41 Add options to get/set ATA DSN (Device Statistics Notification) 6 years ago
chrfranke 7b3dd3a605 smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp: Fix help text for '-B' option. 6 years ago
chrfranke 79a3acb671 ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp, 6 years ago
chrfranke 4882936d8a smartctl.cpp: Reduce scope of 'persistent' flag (cppcheck: variableScope). 6 years ago
chrfranke fc87f2ef6b ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp, 6 years ago
chrfranke 5d4c2e8551 atacmds.cpp, atacmds.h, ataprint.cpp, ataprint.h, smartctl.cpp, 6 years ago
chrfranke 19476d5f11 nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h, smartctl.cpp, 7 years ago
chrfranke 3c67ac6224 smartctl.cpp: Allow NVMe debug messages during --scan. 7 years ago
chrfranke cb1db81d10 Prevent drive spin up by '-n standby' check on Windows (ticket #677): 7 years ago
chrfranke 891778a289 dev_interface.cpp, dev_interface.h: Add counter for objects derived from 7 years ago
chrfranke 995c075f0b Add support for multiple '-d TYPE' options for device scanning: 7 years ago
chrfranke 046db21f22 Add NVMe DEVICESCAN support for Linux: 7 years ago
chrfranke b9ffd4a78c smartctl.cpp, smartd.cpp, utility.cpp, utility.h: 7 years ago
chrfranke 783922f4b6 nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h, smartctl.cpp: 7 years ago
chrfranke 3c9b455b02 nvmecmds.cpp, nvmecmds.h, nvmeprint.cpp, nvmeprint.h, smartctl.cpp: 7 years ago