5044 Commits (master)

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chrfranke 5ce6ff5677 drivedb.h: 5 days ago
chrfranke b03f1a3a02 examplescripts/Example8: Use 'command -v' builtin instead of 'which'. 6 days ago
chrfranke 476ec9db47 Detect accidental use of smartd_warning script in '-M exec'. 6 days ago
chrfranke 3be728ebbc smartd.cpp, popen_as_ugid.cpp: Don't use 'getdtablesize()'. 6 days ago
chrfranke ae0dd4d242 smartd.cpp: Also prevent systemd unit startup timeout in `CheckDevicesOnce`. 6 days ago
chrfranke 9109de790b drivedb.h: 6 days ago
chrfranke 2712c454e8 drivedb.h: 6 days ago
dpgilbert 12be044f36 some spelling fixes with the help of the codespell utility 4 weeks ago
dpgilbert ad50b65f57 drivedb.h for B release of WDC DC HC560 2 months ago
chrfranke 2e5ae37810 smartd.cpp: Prevent systemd unit startup timeout when registering many devices. 2 months ago
dpgilbert fd8ca73689 [SCSI]: rework scsiGetIEString(), this should address ticket #1614 2 months ago
dpgilbert 278dfc922e [SCSI]: more work for calling REPORT SUPPORTED OPERATION CODES [RSOC] command 3 months ago
dpgilbert acf66f25c6 [SCSI]: prepare for calling REPORT SUPPORTED OPERATION CODES command and associated work 3 months ago
chrfranke d2194bcb97 Update NEWS. 3 months ago
chrfranke d6de70bfaa INSTALL: Update ./configure description and Windows info. 3 months ago
chrfranke 34653e284d Drop legacy ATA support for Solaris SPARC. 3 months ago
chrfranke 8bb86612ea drivedb.h: 3 months ago
chrfranke 4bf3f687a8 drivedb.h: VIA VL700 (0x2109:0x0700) requires '-d sat,12'. 3 months ago
chrfranke c0af9d3153 drivedb.h: 3 months ago
chrfranke 61858ff834 ataprint.cpp: Print Master Password ID if set to non-default value. 3 months ago
chrfranke d92d4fd41d ataprint.cpp: Add master_password_id to ata_security json output. 3 months ago
dipohl a56b5ee3f8 drivedb.h: 3 months ago
dipohl 174e7674a3 drivedb.h: 3 months ago
dipohl 533b374cf1 drivedb.h: 3 months ago
dipohl 1b5b9ecaca drivedb.h: 3 months ago
chrfranke ad8a9f5ffa cppcheck.sh: Suppress getpw*Called, getgr*Called, remove ftimeCalled. 3 months ago
chrfranke 5b368a6ef6 configure.ac: Add URL to AC_INIT, remove PACKAGE_HOMEPAGE. 3 months ago
chrfranke 419221d807 INSTALL: Update info about MSVC builds. 3 months ago
chrfranke f9efd20828 os_win32/vc14, os_win32/vc15: Drop project files for MSVC14/15. 3 months ago
chrfranke 26fef0b555 Makefile.am: Update config-vc and *clean-vc targets for MSVC16/17. 3 months ago
chrfranke de9ea91808 os_win32/vc17: Copy from vc16 and change for MSVC17 (VS2022). 3 months ago
chrfranke 8f247e42ac os_win32/vc16/*: Add configurations Debug-static and Release-static. 3 months ago
chrfranke 7525e86611 ChangeLog: Fix last entry. 3 months ago
chrfranke f3c5480c3d Makefile.am: Windows: Ensure that advapi32 is linked before kernel32. 3 months ago
chrfranke 817f7822f7 Makefile.am: config-vc: Remove HAVE___INT128 from generated config.h. 3 months ago
chrfranke 633e96ce58 Makefile.am: Support 'svnversion' with CR/LF instead of LF output. 3 months ago
chrfranke 900a960125 dev_jmb39x_raid.cpp: Enhance LBA range from 33-62 to 1-255 (#1594). 3 months ago
dipohl 049e4adad6 drivedb.h: 4 months ago
dipohl ba1137a643 drivedb.h: 4 months ago
dipohl 2ae369775b drivedb.h: 4 months ago
chrfranke 4ae1147988 drivedb.h: Innodisk 1IE3/3IE3/3ME3/3IE4/3ME4 SSDs: Ensure that 4 months ago
chrfranke 1d2977dc1c update-smart-drivedb.in: Unify syntax of command substitutions. 4 months ago
chrfranke f89ee7ad0f update-smart-drivedb.in: Don't use 'let' which is bash specific. 4 months ago
chrfranke 63b4a5e15e update-smart-drivedb.in: Don't use semicolon in sed scripts. 4 months ago
dipohl adf3c26fa1 drivedb.h: 4 months ago
dipohl 5195ae0af0 drivedb.h: 4 months ago
chrfranke 4517f1cf72 smartctl.cpp: Add 'smartctl.pre_release' boolean to JSON output. 4 months ago
chrfranke ecd6f90165 drivedb.h: 4 months ago
dipohl a6d8ca3bc0 drivedb.h: Seagate IronWolf 125 SSDs (#1584) (GH pull/131) 4 months ago
dipohl 52b2bbe3ef drivedb.h: 4 months ago