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This website serve as the main source of my repositories.

Privacy policy

IP addresses are collected by an Apache HTTP server which acts as reverse proxy and stored in a log file in this form:

${IP} - - [${dd}/${mm}/${yyyy}:${hh}:${mm}:${ss} ${timezone}] "${http_operation} ${resource} " ${HTTP_code} ${other}

Variables are marked with ${}.

These logs are rotated daily and kept for 7 days.

I have NO interest in:

  • selling this information
  • tracking users
  • etc...


To protect your privacy, as an alternative, an onion address is available for this instance: http://jb2xdimn4cuoty3igqh3qknyt7ls6hwswzwl7xmieheemsjuirvqcaad.onion Bare in mind that git cloning over HTTP has been disabled for the moment because my instance of Fail2Ban is configured to ignore localhost. All traffic from TOR is infact marked as coming from localhost by Apache and Gitea, for example: - - [08/Mar/2021:10:03:02 +0100] "GET /user/avatar/frnmst/290 HTTP/1.1" 302 64

If you want to clone repositories through TOR it is sufficient to use torsocks. For example

torsocks git clone


Registration is disabled to avoid spammers, however if you want an account you can contact me.