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- [Accounts](#accounts)
- [GitHub OAuth2 authentication](#github-oauth2-authentication)
- [Traditional accounts](#traditional-accounts)
- [Notes on email](#notes-on-email)
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Traditional registration is disabled to avoid spammers,
however if you want an account of this type you can contact me.
## Notes on email
This server is hosted on a dynamic IP address. Even though I have set up a
mail server with SPF, DKIM, etc... other email providers mark me as spam
because of that.
As you know, web app git services such as GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, etc... rely
on email for some notifications. If you decide to have an account here then
you have two possibilities:
- expect to have email notifications broken
- ask me to add an email to be used just for this service which you can use
through IMAP and SMTP