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- [Cookie policy](#cookie-policy)
- [Legal](#legal)
- [Accounts](#accounts)
- [GitHub OAuth2 authentication](#github-oauth2-authentication)
- [Traditional accounts](#traditional-accounts)
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## Accounts
Registration is disabled to avoid spammers,
however if you want an account you can contact me.
To create a new account the only information needed are:
- a username
- an email
- a password which not readable by the administrator in plaintext form
For the moment, repository creation is disabled.
An account gives you the possibility to interact with the issue trackers on
this instance.
### GitHub OAuth2 authentication
You can create an account using GitHub
at https://software.franco.net.eu.org/user/oauth2/software.franco
If you select this type of authentication GitHub
[privacy policy](https://docs.github.com/en/github/site-policy/github-privacy-statement)
Please note that you cannot change the username once the account is created because
this type of authentication is external. To change username you must first delete
your account and then create a new one.
### Traditional accounts
Traditional registration is disabled to avoid spammers,
however if you want an account of this type you can contact me.