Common instructions for my Python projects so I need to manage only one documentation.
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Contributing [common]

Git branches

What follows is a table of the git branches used in the repositories following fpydocs' specifications.


Open pull requests on the dev target branch. Use bugfix-${fix_name} or newfeature-${new_feature_name} as names.

Branch Description Update schedule
master the main branch every new release
dev recent changes are merged here before a new release at will
bugfix-${fix_name} a generic bug fix -
newfeature-${new_feature_name} a generic new feature -

Development environment

  1. install Pipenv

  2. run the following to install the development environment


    make install-dev
  3. you can use pipenv run to run the program in the development environment

  4. if you have changed parts of the source code you must take care of adding the corresponding unit tests if applicable.

  5. run the tests with:


    make test
  6. to install the program for the running user run:


    make install


    don't forget to add ~/.local/bin to PATH.

  7. to rebuild the documentation run


    make doc


Go in the repository's root and then:

$ grep -e TODO -e FIXME -n */*.py

Contribution Steps

  1. clone the repository
  2. install the requirements
  3. write code
  4. write unit tests
  5. run tests
  6. update relevant documentation, if necessary
  7. pull request