Fixed example in readme.

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@ -47,25 +47,25 @@ Python program:
>>> import fattura_elettronica_reader
>>> data = {
'patched': True,
'configuration file': str(),
'write default configuration file': False,
'extract attachments': True,
'metadata file': 'myfile.xml',
'invoice xslt type': 'ordinaria',
'no invoice xml validation': False,
'force invoice schema file download': False,
'generate html output': True,
'invoice filename': str(),
'no checksum check': False,
'force invoice xml stylesheet file download': False,
'ignore attachment extension whitelist': False,
'ignore attachment filetype whitelist': False,
'ignore signature check': False,
'ignore signers certificate check': False,
'force trusted list file download': False,
'keep original file': True,
'ignore assets checksum': False,
'destination directory': '/dev/shm',
'configuration_file': str(),
'write_default_configuration_file': False,
'extract_attachments': True,
'metadata_file': 'myfile.xml',
'invoice_xslt_type': 'ordinaria',
'no_invoice_xml_validation': False,
'force_invoice_schema_file_download': False,
'generate_html_output': True,
'invoice_filename': str(),
'no_checksum_check': False,
'force_invoice_xml_stylesheet_file_download': False,
'ignore_attachment_extension_whitelist': False,
'ignore_attachment_filetype_whitelist': False,
'ignore_signature_check': False,
'ignore_signers_certificate_check': False,
'force_trusted_list_file_download': False,
'keep_original_file': True,
'ignore_assets_checksum': False,
'destination_directory': '/dev/shm/invoices',
>>> fattura_elettronica_reader.assert_data_structure(source='invoice', file_type='p7m', data=data)
>>> fattura_elettronica_reader.pipeline(