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`Contributing [common] <>`_ version `0.0.1 <>`_
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Git branches
What follows is a table of the git branches used in this repository.
.. important:: Open pull requests on the ``dev`` target branch.
Use ``bugfix-${fix_name}`` or ``newfeature-${new_feature_name}`` as names.
===================================== ==================================================== ==============================
Branch Description Update schedule
===================================== ==================================================== ==============================
``master`` the main branch every new release
``dev`` recent changes are merged here before a new release at will
``gh-pages`` contains the built documentation only every new release
``bugfix-${fix_name}`` a generic bug fix
``newfeature-${new_feature_name}`` a generic new feature
===================================== ==================================================== ==============================
First of all install `pipenv <>`_ and then
install the software requirements from the Pipfile in the repository's root:
$ make install-dev
.. note:: don't forget to add ``~/.local/bin`` to ``PATH``.
Unit tests
If you have changed parts of the source code you MUST take care of adding
the corresponding unit tests. Once you have done that run the following command
in a terminal:
$ make test
You can also add this command before every git commit as by running:
$ make githook
Python PEP compliancy
To be able to lint and test for PEP compliancy you need to run:
$ make pep
You can edit and rebuild all this documentation with:
$ make doc
Go in the repository's root and then:
grep -e TODO -e FIXME -n */*.py
Important stuff
- unit tests: I guess we should use the examples from the government's website,
if the license permits it.
- GUI: for example
- i18n (both CLI and GUI):
Contribution Steps
1. clone the repository
2. install the requirements
3. write code
4. write unit tests
5. run tests
6. run PEP linter and check
7. update relevant documentation, if necessary
8. pull request
.. note:: Have a look at `this post <>`_ as well.

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`Workflow [common] <>`_ version `0.0.1 <>`_