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@ -603,14 +603,20 @@ def pipeline(metadata_file: str,
# Create a temporary directory to store the original XML invoice file.
with tempfile.TemporaryDirectory() as tmpdirname:
# invoice_original_file is the path of the non-signed invoice file. If an invoice file is signed,
# the filename usually ends in '.p7m' so the destination file must end with '.xml'
# to be transformed into an xml file. On the contrary, the filename of non-signed invoice files
# already ends in '.xml'.
if invoice_file_is_not_p7m:
invoice_original_file = invoice_filename
invoice_original_file = invoice_filename + '.xml'
if invoice_file_is_not_p7m:
# There is no signature to extract but we need to copy the file in the temporary store.
shutil.copyfile(invoice_original_file, str(pathlib.Path(tmpdirname, invoice_original_file)))
# Extract the original invoice and copy it in the temporary store.
if not remove_signature_from_invoice_file(invoice_filename,
str(pathlib.Path(tmpdirname, invoice_original_file))):
raise CannotExtractOriginalInvoiceFile