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|license| |pyver| |gitter|
|pypiver| |license| |pyver| |downloads| |gitter| |dependentrepos| |buymeacoffee|
.. |pypiver| image::
:alt: PyPI md-toc version
.. |license| image::
:alt: PyPI - License
@ -10,10 +13,22 @@ fattura-elettronica-reader
.. |pyver| image::
:alt: PyPI - Python Version
.. |downloads| image::
:alt: Downloads
.. |gitter| image::
:alt: Gitter
.. |dependentrepos| image::
:alt: Dependent repos (via
.. |buymeacoffee| image:: assets/buy_me_a_coffee.svg
:alt: Buy me a coffee
Validate, extract, and generate printables of electronic invoice files received
from the "Sistema di Interscambio".

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<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="" width="106" height="20"><linearGradient id="b" x2="0" y2="100%"><stop offset="0" stop-color="#bbb" stop-opacity=".1"/><stop offset="1" stop-opacity=".1"/></linearGradient><clipPath id="a"><rect width="106" height="20" rx="3" fill="#fff"/></clipPath><g clip-path="url(#a)"><path fill="#555555" d="M0 0h31v20H0z"/><path fill="#ff813f" d="M31 0h75v20H31z"/><path fill="url(#b)" d="M0 0h106v20H0z"/></g><g fill="#fff" text-anchor="middle" font-family="DejaVu Sans,Verdana,Geneva,sans-serif" font-size="110"> <text x="165" y="150" fill="#010101" fill-opacity=".3" transform="scale(.1)" textLength="210">buy</text><text x="165" y="140" transform="scale(.1)" textLength="210">buy</text><text x="675" y="150" fill="#010101" fill-opacity=".3" transform="scale(.1)" textLength="650">me a coffee</text><text x="675" y="140" transform="scale(.1)" textLength="650">me a coffee</text></g> </svg>


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