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This website is also available on tor: usggwz6vwth276fdyccskoba5u2jis5ugv2ew2fy2blowgf2dv73axad.onion


This blog tells my experiences with free software, free hardware, computing, "hacks", technology and whatever comes to my mind I want to share.

I hope this turns out to be a useful blog for anyone who encounters similar computer science problems.


Comment rules

Every post (and some other pages like this one) contains a comment section which is just a mailto link to one of my emails.

When you send me an email I will report certain elements verbatim, such as:

  • the subject
  • the sending date
  • your name, if present, or your email if you request so in the comment. If none is available I will simply use anonymous in this field.
  • the content which can be written in markdown


You will find me on my master repositories, GitHub, Codeberg, mail one, mail two, and other undisclosed web locations.

You won't find me on social networks.

If you want to see a similar blog to which I seldom contribute as a co-author have a look at Linux Difficile.

My PGP public key

[PGP public key]({{ site.baseurl }}/pubkeys/pgp_pubkey_2020.txt)


See the [software]({{ site.baseurl }}/software/) page.