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Python 3 cheatsheet [python3 python cheatsheet] 2021-04-19 00:13 A series of instructions in Python I use frequently on several projects

Table of contents


This is a list of instructions I use frequently in:



Description Code Imports
new file pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).touch(0o700, exist_ok=True) import pathlib, shlex
remove file pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).unlink(missing_ok=True) import pathlib, shlex
new directory pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).mkdir(mode=0o700, parents=True, exist_ok=True) import pathlib, shlex


Description Code Imports
get last path component from url pathlib.Path(urllib.parse.urlsplit(url: str).path).name import pathlib, urllib
get relative path pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).name import pathlib, shlex
get full path str(pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(directory: str), shlex.quote(file: str))) import pathlib, shlex
remove file extension pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).stem import pathlib, shlex
get file extension pathlib.Path(shlex.quote(path: str)).suffix import pathlib, shlex
get the path of a configuration file configuration_file = shlex.quote(sys.argv[1]) import shlex, sys


Description Code Imports
load a YAML file config = yaml.load(open(file: str, 'r'), Loader=yaml.SafeLoader) import yaml