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software_release true release none fpyutils fpyutils 2.1.0 000002.000001.000000 2021-11-26 22:55:22 true true pgp_pubkey_since_2019.txt


  • New pre-commit hooks.


  • The filelines.insert_string_at_line function now uses the newline argument. This means that an input file is entirly re-written with the selected newline instead of using the pre-exsising one for the non-inserted lines. This prevents files from having mixed newlines.
  • The filelines.insert_string_at_line function now uses os.linesep instead of \n as newline.


  • Passing the newline argument to the atomicwrites method in filelines.insert_string_at_line function fixes md-toc issue #33.
  • Imported fixes from fpydocs
  • Fixed email, URLs and copyright headers