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title: My Python release workflow
tags: [python, git, workflow, aur, arch]
updated: 2020-01-12 23:10
updated: 2020-03-26 19:13
description: A personal reminder with the instructions for releasing new versions of Python packages
@ -29,11 +29,15 @@ in case of a new version release with some of my Python repositories.
3. finish working on the development branch, `${dev_branch}`, and commit
1. if needed, create a new [asciinema]( demo file and upload it
1. `cd ./asciinema`
2. `touch ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}`
3. modify the `${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}` file accordingly
4. `asciinema rec --command=${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH} ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
5. `asciinema play ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
6. `asciinema upload ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
2. if there have been changes from the previous version
1. `touch ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}`
2. modify the `${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}` file accordingly
3. `asciinema rec --command=./${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH} ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
4. `asciinema play ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
5. `asciinema upload ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
3. OTHERWISE, if there have been no significant changes from the previous version
1. `ln -s ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${OLD_MINOR}_${OLD_PATCH} ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}`
2. `ln -s ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${OLD_MINOR}_${OLD_PATCH}.json ${project_name}_asciinema_${MAJOR}_${MINOR}_${PATCH}.json`
2. `git add -A`
3. `git commit -am "${commit_message}"`
4. `git push`