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## Presentation
The main purpose of this theme is to be as simple as it could be, so you can focus on writing your stuffs. This is your About page. You may describe about yourself here; who you are, what are you currently doing, share some of your projects, your social links and how people can contact you, etc.
Hello web world.
**Just write things that matter...**
This blog tells my experiences with software, computing, "hacks",
hardware, technology and whatever comes to my mind I want to share.
Usually, when I talk about software I mean
[free software]( This means
that most probably I won't talk about proprietary software and operating
systems like Windows, MacOs, etc... but only about GNU/Linux, GNU/Linux-libre
distributions or whatever fully free computing environments will come up. Who
knows what the future will hold us...
At the moment I am a proud [Parabola GNU/Linux-libre](
user running a very lightweight desktop environment like
[spectrwm]( after going through years of
[OpenBox]( I have used
[Replicant]( for the mobile phone but in the end I
settled for a plain Lineage OS because of the amount of problems that
surfaced up.
I hope that this turns out to be a useful blog for anyone that encouters
similar problems I have solved.
P.S: I also hope my use of english is correct. If that is not the case don't
hesitate to mail me.
## Comment rules
Every post (and some other pages like this one) contain a comment section which
is just a `mailto` link to my private mail containing an id to that post or
comment. You can just click or copy that link and send me an email.
When you send me an email I will moderate it. By default I will report
- the subject
- the sending date
- your name, if present, or your email if you request so in the comment. If
none is available I will simply use `anonymous` in this field.
- the content which can be written in krmarkdown (the one used on GitHub and
## Contacts
You will find me on [GitHub](,
[GitLab](, [GNU Social](,
[mail one](mailto://,
[mail two](mailto://,
[XMPP](xmpp:// and other
less relevant web locations.
You won't find me on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, and similar.
If you want to see another similar blog wich I co-autor have a
look at [Linux Difficile](