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title: About
permalink: /about/
## Important
This website is also available on tor: [usggwz6vwth276fdyccskoba5u2jis5ugv2ew2fy2blowgf2dv73axad.onion](http://usggwz6vwth276fdyccskoba5u2jis5ugv2ew2fy2blowgf2dv73axad.onion)
## Presentation
This blog tells my experiences with [free software](,
[free hardware](, computing, "hacks",
technology and whatever comes to my mind I want to share.
I hope this turns out to be a useful blog for anyone who encounters
similar computer science problems.
## Comment rules
1 year ago
Every post (and some other pages like this one) contains a comment section which
is just a `mailto` link to one of my emails.
When you send me an email I will report certain elements
verbatim, such as:
- the subject
- the sending date
- your name, if present, or your email if you request so in the comment. If
none is available I will simply use `anonymous` in this field.
- the content which can be written in markdown
## Contacts
You will find me on:
- [canonical repositories](
- [GitHub](
- [Codeberg](
- [mail one](mailto://
- [mail two](mailto://
- [ORCID iD](
and other less relevant web locations.
1 year ago
You won't find me on social networks.
3 years ago
## My PGP public key
[PGP public key]({{ site.baseurl }}/pubkeys/pgp_pubkey_since_2019.txt)
## Software
See the [software]({{ site.baseurl }}/software/) page.