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  • Configuration files are imported from ./configs to the chrooted system.


Stage 0 - prepare

NOTE: This stage needs to be done manually from a live ISO or from another system.

  1. Partition the devices
  2. Setup RAID, LVM, encryption(s) or whatever [optional]
  3. Format partitions with filesystems
  4. Make the target directory
  5. Mount

Stage 1 - pre-installation

  1. Download and install dependencies for the extra scripts
  2. Download extra scripts

Stage 2 - installation

  1. Base system installation
  2. Generate fstab
  3. Copy all files
  4. Chroot
  5. Update APT repositories
  6. Timezone
  7. Locales, language, kemap
  8. Install the kernel
  9. Install the bootloader
  10. Root password

Stage 3 - post-installation

Post install commands: extra commands are imported as-is from a shell file. For example installing programs and adding users.

Stage 4 - cleanup

  1. Exit
  2. Sync
  3. Unmount


See the LICENSE file.