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An unintrusive frontend of scanimage which acts as a
paper to pdf converter suitable for texts.
## Examples
Remember that the output file supplied in the command line can either be an
empty file or an existing PDF file. In the latter case, newly scanned documents
will be automatically appended to the tail of the file.
- Scan in lineart mode, from the automatic document feeder,
with a resolution of 600 DPI, using Unpaper and with image enhancing options
on the output file `out.pdf`
./specrescan out.pdf
- Same as before but for double sided paper
./spectrscan -o out.pdf
- Scan in colour, with a resolution of 300 DPI, using the flatbed,
on the output file `out.pdf`
./spectrscan -m Color -r 300 -s Flatbed out.pdf
## Help