Python Module to control Sharp Aquos Smart TVs over the Network
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Control Sharp Aquos SmartTVs with Python

Quick start

Before installing this API, follow the instructions reported at

Installation and basic instructions

Installation via pip:

pip install sharp_aquos_rc

Command profiles

Depending on the country of purchase of the television you must choose between one of the available profiles or command maps (see the ./sharp_aquos_rc/commands directory):

  • cn
  • eu
  • jp
  • us

The us profile is used by default, so to choose another one simply pass it as an option to the class constructor. For example:

>>> tv = sharp_aquos_rc.TV('', 10002, 'admin', 'password', command_map='eu')


>>> import sharp_aquos_rc
>>> tv = sharp_aquos_rc.TV('', 10002, 'admin', 'password')
>>> tv.power() # Returns 1 if TV is on and 0 if TV is off
>>> tv.power(0) # Turn the TV off
>>> tv.input('HDMI 2') # Set the TV to HDMI Input 2


Full Documentation is available through pydoc

pydoc sharp_aquos_rc


Contributions and Pull Requests always welcome.

Currently on the TODO list:

  • Unit Tests
  • Error Checking and Input Validation
  • Better timeouts for sequential operations so that the sent commands don't get ignored.
  • Documentation.