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Control your Sharp Aquos television, remotely, via TCP/IP

Note: This project is not affiliated with Sharp Inc.

List of contents


You may want to use this feature for:

  • home automation
  • external action triggering
  • as an alternative to the phisical IR remote through a vocal, textual, touch and other types of interfaces
  • etc...


  • Protocol is simple


  • Connection to and from the tv is not encrypted.
  • It is unclear which models are supported and what commands each of them supports.

Quick start

To enable the remote control you must follow the next steps in sequential order.

Enable the remote control

The first thing to do is to connect your television to your LAN. Then:

  1. MENU -> Initial Setup -> AQUOS Remote Control
  2. Enable
  3. Set the login and password


  1. MENU -> Settings -> Network settings -> Ip Control Settings
  2. Enable
  3. Set the login and password


Make sure the television is turned on and connected to the local network.

Run the following command:


where REMOTE_CONTROL_PORT is by default 10002, unless you've changed it before. You should get:

Connected to IP_ADDRESS_OF_THE_TV.
Escape character is '^]'.

Now type in POWR0 (That is POWR0 followed by 3 spaces and the return key). The TV should turn off and you should read


in your terminal.

Available APIs

There are a series of APIs, each one of them in a different stage of development

Programming language Library
C aquosctl
Go go-sharptv, aquostv
Groovy device-sharp-aquos
Java Aquarium
Javascript sharp-aquos-remote-control
Python sharp_aquos_rc, aquos-module-Python
Ruby sharp_aquos_control


Link Page(s)
sharp user manual 1 8-3 (101) -> 8-8 (106)
sharp user manual 2 58 -> 59
sharp user manual 3 57 -> 58

Table of models and firmwares

Model Firmware version IP protocol version Supported List of available commands
LC-40LE830E 208E1204111 yes
LC-70C6400U 222U1302091 yes
LC-43LE653U SW 2.13.1 partial

Notes for the LC-43LE653U model

Quoted from the go-proveSharpAPI repository

Only what I call "one-way" commands are implemented in the new TV. These are sufficient to duplicate the functionality of a handheld remote control, but insufficient for automation.

The more useful commands for automation that are able to directly set a value are NOT working.


  • Directly set the input to input #4 without sending the input key four times.
    (i.e. "IAVD4")
  • Directly set the volume level to 25 without sending the volume up keypress 25 times. (i.e. "VOLM25")

Moreover, a second class of useful commands also does NOT work. These are the commands that return information when called.

Examples of useful status commands that do NOT work:

  • Get the current power state on/off state (i.e. "POWR?")
  • Get the current volume level (i.e. "VOLM?")
  • Get the current input source (i.e. "IAVD?")

How to check model name and firmware version

  • Model name: Check on the back of your tv for a label.

  • Firmare version:


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