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A precompiled version of rserve-sandbox.


The Makefile in this branch is not intendended to be run manually.

Post installation and remove hooks are needed before you can actually run this.

What is this about

This is an alternative method to install rserve-sandbox

The advantage of using this method is that no building or dependency downloading is required, meaning that there is supposedly no risk of failure during the setup phase. The download time is however much longer.

This image was obtained with

$ sudo -u rsd docker save rserve > rserve.tar

using the AUR package of rserve-sandbox.


You need to install and enable the Docker service.

Makefile targets

  • load

    • Loads the Docker image rserve available in this repository.
  • remove

    • Removes the current image.
  • run

    • Starts the Rserve container. This creates a Unix domain socket /home/rserve/socket that allows contacting the R server.
  • stop

    • Stops and removes the current container.


Copyright (c) 2017, Franco Masotti. 2-Clause BSD (aka FreeBSD).